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  1. As much as it pains me to admit it, Matt is consistent and treats all the sides of the political spectrum the same. I have made snide comments in the past about the board moderators. Some are suspect but Matt is fair.
  2. Any word if the firefighter will lose his job? I know he was suspended without pay upon his arrest. He did get a PBJ.
  3. I did not report it but it was a personal attack.
  4. Both Artscape and the NAACP are good for the local economy.
  5. These agitators will go to OCMD to be confrontational, but then will decry law enforcement attempts to shut them down.
  6. You people prefer meaningless symbols because you have no solutions to real problems. Keep up your white hatred and continue voting Democrat.
  7. If only meaningless things like removal of symbols saved a single life, brought a family out of poverty, etc..
  8. Keeping left-wing activist Garland away from the SCOTUS is one of the few thing Republicans have done right. Regardless Democrats aren't exactly in the drivers seat. John Tester, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly and Claire McCaskill will soon have to separate from their party some in advance of the 2018 elections. They may be loyal to Obama, but the citizens of their respective states don't share their admiration of the man. In fairness McCaskill would have been gone already had the GOP not nominated such a nut to run against her in 2012.
  9. If it needs overhauling, how about knocking it down and starting over. Right now Democrats are in "save Barack's legacy" mode. Superficial crap like that is a big impediment for Democrats who have to recognize that we need a better policy.
  10. It was a sick article and a despicable thing to retweet it.
  11. Complete and total class by the former president. I wish Senator McCain well. I pray he does not suffer.
  12. Many of you people use abortion for convenience or birth control. That makes you evil people.
  13. Yes. Don't pretend to be offended when you are comfortable slaughtering healthy babies.
  14. A lot of people connected to exposing the Clintons supposedly kill themselves. Real life is stranger than fiction sometimes. Leftists will predictably respond with a yawn.
  15. You are talking with a guy that would walk around wearing a vagina hat.
  16. You people deflect your love of abortion by attacking me. I seriously don't know how people could support abortion at-will. I do make exceptions for heath of mother, health of baby, rape and incest.
  17. Don't pretend like you are offended by an increased number of abortions. That is equivalent to a religious sacrament with you people.
  18. And you people are Heartless, unlike the babies you so desperately want exterminated.
  19. Why do you people celebrate abortion like it's such a great thing?
  20. But Democrats will forever credit Obama as paving the way. Single payer is inevitable once Democrats are in power. I will credit Democrats on one thing; they will sacrifice political capital to get what they want. Republicans essentially play prevent defense when in power. It keeps them in power slightly longer, but they eventually lose power because their base gets tired of their empty rhetoric.
  21. I don't favor GOP Bill whatsoever. Repeal Obamacare first. Then work with other side on a replacement. Once their hero's law is history, Democrats can stop focusing on saving his reputation and work on fixing this issue.
  22. What good is access to healthcare if you can't afford the premiums and/or the deductibles? Obama promised a massive cost savings. The opposite happened. I know some of you people want to have some achievements for history to judge him on. You have to remember though, media doesn't have the influence it had in generations past. Despite the biased and one-sided coverage, people recognize Obamacare as a sham and something that wasn't as advertised. History won't be kind in judging it. The media and academics will fawn over it, but the real world will remain disgusted by it.