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  1. Stay angry my friend!
  2. Now that we have been given the boot, I want to apologize to all I offended over the years.
  3. Is this cute? You people now want to listen to the Bush family. I know George wasn’t nearly as bad as Obama but he still sucked big time!
  4. I am surprised. I figured they loved her race baiting.
  5. I thought he lived in Florida.
  6. You too need to accept the terrible atrocities committed by the political party which you claim affiliation.
  7. You need to study the deplorable racial history of the Democrat Party. And there was no “Big” switch. The number changing political parties was statistically insignificant.
  8. An armed black populace would not have stood for oppression caused them by Democrats.
  9. Nothing worse than a white guy acting like an expert The party synonymous with slavery, Jim Crow and segregation is desperately trying to convince law abiding African Americans not to exercise their 2A rights. Not surprising considering the history of Democrats.
  10. What’s odd on Twitter is seeing how many young white people declaring they hate whites. I am sure a lot of that stems from college professors teaching them to self-loathe. Mostly it’s people that look socially awkward, so there may be deeper issues.
  11. Type “hate white people” into a twitter search. Mostly young people seem to have an irrational hatred toward Caucasians, particularly white males. Bigotry is not confined to white people. Sadly I have been called derogatory names by both white and black persons. It happens a lot less in adulthood.
  12. It is indeed disgusting and deplorable but, seriously you have no credibility lecturing any of us about racial hatred.
  13. 😴 is what Nick Mosby must be doing when the Ways and Means committee meets. I went down one day in support of a friend who was testifying on behalf of his business. Nick was MIA. I understand that’s not unusual for him. Yes, I dislike the Mosby family. Regardless, for States Attorney, Mr. Bates is clearly more qualified and definitely has the better temperament for office. And when it comes to ethical standards, I trust Bates over her any day.
  14. I get what you are saying and its relevance to hst’s support. That said, local offices aren’t going to be dealing with issues such as abortion and gun control. Even if I agree with their stance on those issues, if a county commissioner or county executive candidate sends a mailer promising to fight for them, I refuse to vote for them because they are lying. There is no ability to address those issues in the office they’re seeking.
  15. He is a socialist. He has big ideas for other people’s money.
  16. Johnny O is going full Bernie Sanders by promising all this “free” stuff. Jealous and O appear to love redistribution of wealth. They are no longer the future of the Democratic Party. Rather, this is the Democrat ideology of today.
  17. She got the all important Elijah Cummings endorsement. Look how much his representation has benefited Baltimore during his 20+ years in office.
  18. I am trying to play nicer with other posters. Nothing formal spawned this. I am just better than that.
  19. Thanks for understanding.
  20. Pickle and I were hashing out something.
  21. Shouldn’t you be sign waving or door knocking or are those activities too dangerous in Sandtown?
  22. I see she’s now brought out Elijah Cummings in her commercials. He needs to be retired as well.