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  1. I did read it man. I am just saying how atheist and agnostic individuals seem to walk on eggshells when it comes to Islam. I am talking in general.
  2. But you people laugh as Christians getting offended but go out of your way to endure Muslims aren’t offended. Islam: the preferred religion of the secular left.
  3. This past week, two of the most visible Democrats were Bernie Sanders and John Lewis. They will be 79 and 80 respectively come 2020. Of course, Joe Biden made a joke about running. That spring chicken will only be 77 on Election Day 2020. If they go for youth, a 71 year old Elizabeth Warren is waiting in the wings. Democrats, this is your future.
  4. I don’t want conflict in the Middle East. If someone get passed constitutionally, why is it okay to circumvent our founding document? Right now I am focusing solely on procedure.
  5. Let’s go on procedure first. Why wasn’t a 2/3 Senate approval needed for ratification? 1/3 approval with a Presidential veto if it got less is blasphemous to the Constitution.
  6. Corker allowed his legacy to be Iran getting generous sanctions relief and path to a nuke. I hope he’s proud. I am surprised Democrats haven’t convinced him and Flake to switch yet. May be a real possibility if Jones wins in Alabama.
  7. Corker thought he could dupe Republican voters. The MSM tried to help him, but in this day and age there are too many other mediums for information.
  8. Obama really helped mainstream LGBT issues in the African American community. There used to great disdain of gays by blacks. Now there’s mutual respect. Even the bathroom bill is a uniting issue among the groups.
  9. Maybe so, but Corker can’t be gone soon enough. He helped build the framework for America to sign onto the Iran nuclear deal. He thought we would be too stupid to see his okey doke. I hope he feels it was worth his Senate seat.
  10. The nursing homes will be excited to know one of their peers is still a likely Democrat front runner.
  11. We know you wish she was President. It haunts you every day.
  12. I can tell you’re upset. You seem pained he hasn’t gotten that opportunity. But you are right. His girlfriend messed up.
  13. Wow. Mark this date and time!
  14. Good call! I may seek your advice about my parlay bets next weekend.
  15. Keep telling yourself that.
  16. They both should resign. The idea of a Pence presidency is appealing to me.
  17. It Does not sound good. I pray he pulls through this.
  18. I don’t click random links provided by you people.
  19. And you would vote for a self-described Communist if she or he had a D next to their name. In fact you would probably be more excited than normal about the candidacy.
  20. Neither. Vote Libertarian.
  21. You vote for anti-gun Democrats so I figured you were anti-gun yourself.