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  1. To be honest, I’m not sure what the answers are. To be able to get a grip on crime in Baltimore would require violation of citizen’s civil liberties. That’s wholly unacceptable in my book. Many of my friends on the right don’t seem as passionate about the 4th Amendment as they should be.
  2. Mr Green’s message will probably resonate in Englewood and Garfield Park.
  3. Although Chicago’s mayoral races are technically non-partisan, there’s little doubt Mr. Green affiliates with the political party synonymous with slavery, segregation and Jim Crow.
  4. ^^^someone foolish enough to believe consent decrees and removal of statues would help quell violence.
  5. That, the consent decree and the removal of statues should have ended this violence.
  6. The Washington Times has as much a right wing bias as NY Times has to the left. In a scale of 1-10, with 1 and 10 representing the extremes, the Washington Post comes in at a solid 3.
  7. Again, you people live in a bizarro world.
  8. It’s honest journalism only among those who live in a world where gender is more so a mindset than a biological characteristic.
  9. I think this is finally the scandal that will bring down the Trump presidency.
  10. I would have booed him too. I understand the political move, but he likely lost the respect of the rank and file, even the good ones.
  11. I could be wrong, but I don’t think inmates can operate in such a capacity. My friend is Correctional Officer. I will ask him. Truthfully that’s the best way Dance can repay his so-called debt to society.
  12. The Washington Post is an extension of the DNC.
  13. I try to never link that outfit. For what reason, even if an OP cites another source, you routinely link the Sun’s version of the same local stories. My comment was wondering out loud if you would do it this time. Chill brother. It’s some good natured ribbing.
  14. What a group of misfits and deviants. I wonder if Mr. Gamble posts in Internet forums? ( Cue Matt to post the Baltimore Sun link to the same story in 3, 2, 1)
  15. Peter Angelos owns the Davis signing. He was convinced Davis was the modern day Barry Bonds.
  16. These sports writers are dangerously obsessed with Kaepernick.I never seen such advocacy journalism in sports. And their rhetoric is getting increasingly hostile towards those who want nothing to do with this backup quarterback.
  17. The liberal white men who pen articles like this also deny the connection to declining attendance. Much to the chagrin of liberals, Americans are not as supportive of this distasteful display as them. The fake news world convinced the NFL that the fan reactions to the protests were generally positive.
  18. It’s no secret that many of you people want socialism. Millennials prefer socialism to communism. An unapologetic socialist needed DNC intervention to 🛑 him from winning your nomination.
  19. Yes I do. Why don’t you want it? Do you believe in open borders? Are you most excited that those from third world countries would like to bring socialism here?
  20. My guess is she already has her mind firmly wrapped up.
  21. Never, which is exactly why I no longer affiliate with that party.
  22. Because Congressional Republicans don’t want a wall. They say so, but when push comes to shove, they lack the political courage to follow through.
  23. Also worth noting that she was a former public defender. Sometimes that’s meaningless. But it may be beneficial to Dance.
  24. I am expecting about 6 months in county jail or even house arrest. I have looked up Judge Cox. She seems to be independent. I found a website that reviews judges. Granted it only shows a very small sample, but it reflects favorably on her.