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  1. The weather has been nothing short of perfect. That has helped bring in an even larger crowd. The vendors this year are excellent as well. A lot of good artwork.
  2. Are you denying Dems lost these seats?
  3. I went to Sunfest in Ocean City.
  4. Laugh all you want. His cable show got ratings that MSNBC & CNN could only dream of.
  5. Democrats gave been promising to address the same social ills for the past 60 years. When do they plan on starting the process?
  6. Republicans ran on little else from 2009 on and gained 1,000 federal, state and local seats.
  7. Unlike many of you people, I don't affiliate with either party. The Democrats cannot deny their racist history. Their bigotry continues by only giving lip service to African Americans.
  8. Obamacare is extremely unpopular. It always has been. The media and the Democrats want it saved solely because of the President who signed it. Now it's become a sacred cow for Republicans like Juan McCain and Susan Collins.
  9. That's the history of your party.
  10. You really want to call him something else. Because he's conservative, white liberals feel justified in showing open hostility towards Dr Carson. He didn't wait for the party of Jim Crow to make good on hollow promises.
  11. Democrats, the party of Jim Crow and segregation, want to keep African Americans in impoverished communities, where they are dependent on government. Democrats have promised the moon but have yet delivered even a flash of lightning. As for gay rights, marriage equality was the right thing to do. Democrats did punt to the courts on that one. Now as For restrooms, government shouldn't be allowing individuals to use the one that someone wants to be on a given day.
  12. By women's rights, leftists like you mean uninterrupted access to abortion, any time and in any circumstance. That's a sick "right"
  13. I find it interesting that the Chicago Superintendent associated with the same company was charged federally and got 54 months. Dance is being looked at by the state. I wonder if the Feds felt they got their pound of flesh in Chicago and moved on or his involvement wasn't as bad to justify federal charges?
  14. Socialism and Communism have no place in society. They are failed ideologies.
  15. I agree, but same goes for whatever democrat runs against the winner.
  16. Like many of you people, he believes in some of their principles, yes.
  17. Many of these posts are further confirmation that today's Democrats are open to socialist, and even communist, principles.
  18. Perriman is a bust
  19. So, if you divide 875, 000 by 75, that comes out to $11,666 to train each principal. What does the training entail at such an enormous cost?
  20. Fair enough. Likewise for me. I barely have enough time to post under my one and only handle. I have just over 6000 posts in 10 years. Some guys log 6000 posts in a month
  21. They chose not to.
  22. A vote for Luther Strange is a vote for Mitch McConnell and the useless GOP establishment.
  23. They flat-out deleted it without explanation. I will retract blaming you. I was under the impression you were one of the many alties used by another poster here. Another poster I trust gave me insight of who you are, but you're not who I thought.