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  1. The question is will he? Often a coach cannot tighten the reigns once he has relaxed the rules.
  2. Some of the minority owners want Tomlin out. I think that would be a mistake, but as a Ravens fan, I would selfishly love to see it. I think he is a good coach. From the outside, it looks like he is pulling a Brian Billick though. Players essentially run the show. They don’t have a boss. They have a buddy. In the long run, it will blow up in his face.
  3. Keith Butler must have incriminating photos on Coach Tomlin.
  4. Not really because Baltimore gave them 2 Officers whom they are paying for.
  5. I am trying to figure the bigger idiot between Democrat hopefuls: Kamenetz or Richard Maldanado?
  6. To their credit, the Trump Justice Department asked a judge to nullify the agreement. The Democrat judge said no, even though the Justice Department was the plaintiff in the case. It’s odd a judge would, in essence, assume the role of plaintiff himself.
  7. It’s a 2 for 1 swap. Apparently AA County still pays $91000 towards his salary.
  8. And if caught, they won’t do more than 90 days in jail. Baltimore has never been worse. I thought liberal feel good programs and the consent decree were supposed to contain violent tendencies among these predators.
  9. Baltimore got destroyed because a State’s Attorney wanted her 15 minutes of fame. Now, even full time race hustlers shun her. And, with the consent decree, officers are just there to respond to calls. The days of proactive policing are over in Baltimore.
  10. 77-66 win over Minnesota. With this team, I will take it.
  11. Here is link.
  12. I saw on social media today that the idiot County Executive from Baltimore County said Baltimore didn’t get Amazon because Governor Hogan scrapped the red line.
  13. You people indeed have different categories for white men. You people will accept ones that put their tail between their legs and decry so-called white privilege.
  14. Leftists routinely rail against old white men. Now they can back it up by casting one aside in the primary, in favor of a transgendered candidate. This seems like a no brainer for those who are openly tired of being governed by old white men.
  15. He will vote Democrat. He will find an excuse to vote against Hogan. I did vote for Hogan in 2014 because Brown wanted to be MOM JR. I only expected him to hold the line on taxes. He has exceeded my expectations. Unless he goes full liberal, I will likely vote for him again.
  16. Educate yourself about the so-called big switch, namely how few legislators switched political parties. Also, for the 1000th time, I am not a Republican. I wad and then I became a Libertarian. I voted for the Constitution Party candidate for President in 2016.
  17. Goldstein, learn the history of your political party.
  18. The Democrats history of racism and segregation. Don’t even quote the Big Switch myth. 14 people is nominal, at best.
  19. Liberals are adverse to advertising such things.
  20. Forget that. Watching them condemn racism is unbelievable considering their despicable history.
  21. I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched that show. I occasionally flipped to it to look at Juliette Huddy. I don’t even think she is involved with them people any longer.
  22. ^ coming from someone who doesn’t recognize the historical failures of socialism.
  23. Should she join the party of Jim Crow and segregation?
  24. There is a political party that made Jim Crow and segregation part of its platform. Now they wish to lecture others about racism. Comical.