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  1. Wow. I am not even going to try and have a rational discussion with someone who questions a High School kid's IQ in a public forum. That is pathetic.
  2. What do you do during Calvert Hall's bye week? Kick your dog? Really, you get so much joy out of Calvert Hall losing. So, show us your coaching resume, so we can see how you coached well.
  3. Mike Campbell drives Calvert Hall down deep but the game ends on an end zone int. as time ran out. Good effort by both teams. Final Gilman 35 - Calvert Hall 28.
  4. Gilman scores with 34.8 seconds left in regulation. 35-28.
  5. 3rd and 17, Calvert Hall 25 yard run, Sean Tucker, 28-28. Booker is great, but since CH has started running to the left, they are having success.
  6. CH 13, yard TD, 28-21 Gilman, 3:26 left in the 3rd quarter.
  7. I am guessing on Greyhound TV, but I don't have a link.
  8. Kind of makes you wonder how they didn't score more in their other games.
  9. Madison scores with 1:01 left in first half. 21-14 Gilman.
  10. So much for a defensive game. After an Isaiah Watson interception Calvert Hall scores on a run by Sean Tucker. It's now 14-14.
  11. I was hoping that someone else would be posting the scores today since I have to give updates for people that can't make it. I don't know if people are just caught in traffic or what but it is now 7 to 7 with 9 minutes left in the 1st half. Gilman's defense is playing well against the run but they don't seem able to stop the pass. Calvert Hall scored around 35 yd touchdown pass from Campbell to Chris Cooper #1. As I am writing Gilman scores on a long screen pass, 14-7
  12. You have no idea of who I am, or if I have any connection to the football program. I feel sorry for people like you and certain others that post here with the attitude of if you don't win the championship, you are worthless, or mediocre. Do you even realize what it takes to compete at the MIAA A Conference level? You are probably better than 90% of the schools in the state (I am sure DW will correct me). There is more to being part of a team than winning every game by 50 points. Do I want Calvert Hall to win every game? Yes, but if you have to sell your soul to do it, I hope they don't. How are things now at Loyola now that they don't have a winning football team? Have the other aspects of the school suffered? Academics, other activities? No they haven't. If you think the way to run a football team is the way Biff does it then you are going to have kids who don't want to play, knowing that all their hard effort can be for naught when another kid transfers in. I would be much happier rooting for an 0-10 Calvert Hall team than the mercenaries at St.Frances, especially knowing that the standard of offering an education to area disadvantaged kids will suffer when seats in the classroom are replaced with kids who are on their 3rd school in 4 years.