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  1. Media "walk-of-shame" now decades old: incessant promotion of two wealthy, white celebrities (Clinton, Trump) for Pres. That NBC "The Apprentice" program was basically a 10-yr prezzie campaign orgy for Trump; despite it being painfully evident since 1990 & probably a decade before that he was no businessman, deal maker, or negotiator. Meanwhile, school shootings get the same tiresome bromides in reply: gun control, mental illness. Our disloyal press, so accustomed to tagging after more wealthy, white folk as they cruise the planet, usually on taxpayer $$, holds fast to the aphorism, "If you have to ask how much, you can't afford it"; & so never inquire how these shooters of no visible means of support (sole exception: guy in Vegas) always have a stock of wildly expensive ammo, body armor, guns. If I blew my paycheck on that stuff, I couldn't afford food or mortgage. By limiting press shame to love of Demos., the anti-media tripe comes off as it's doubtless meant to: pro-media "love-that-white-folk" marketing. #UnimpressedWithMediaEpiphanies &Website "American Greatness" just screams "cheap s.o.b.s" (but, please: donate!): altho, these days, a la the Pres., whimpering, whining = "great!"
  2. Y'know, I s'pose if some posters here looked @more than agreeable blogs & US of A's insanely reactionary news outlets (yes, you, CNN, FoxNews et al.!), they'd see that PM Netanyahu is in hotter water there over in Israel than our Pres. is here; if that's possible. In so much trouble, in fact, that PM's Likud Party has been forcing legislation thru the Knesset that makes it illegal to charge PM (evidently, JUST this PM) w/ a crime; any crime. Apparently, some nasty competition-conspiracy to see who out-corrupts whom: Netanyahu or Trump. Plus: good deal of whining over there in some just-barely opposition press about 1) Israel, apartheid state; 2) mass deportations of Eritriean, Sudanese refugees; 3) moving Gaza Palestinians to some Med. island. In any case "Holy Land" holy only to that vast population of dizzy romantic idealists we have stateside. Oh, & desperate defense of formerly uniformed political hacks like Flynn, Kelly shows only complete disdain for armed forces. Good job, kids!
  3. What I recall from Speer's book was how fake those newsreeled rallies were: the Nuremberg stadium was reproduced in a film studio; the crowds & cheers were edited in. Today's newscasts are peripheral versions of that: like the repeated stock footage of ISIS parades that accompany every report on ISIS: the ancient clips, soundbytes. The lovely media-created slogan "reality TV," which, thankfully, everyone repeats as if it were true. I'd wager that even the milestone-obsessed press won't celebrate 100 yr of 1930s-Germany propaganda influence on our, ha ha, liberal media.
  4. Decades ago, Geo. Carlin was a guest on American Bandstand. D. Clark asked him, "What would you like people to say about you 100 years from now?" Carlin replied, "I'd like them to say he's 139 years old!" I've never forgotten that one!
  5. JFK also the first & only Pres. to visit the Marine Barracks (July 1962) in Wash., DC, & attend a Barracks evening parade. Did so at the invitation of outgoing CMC Gen. Shoup (a.k.a. "Kennedy's general"), who had found that no Pres. had ever set foot on Barracks grounds, if only to see that his predecessor's (Jefferson's) orders (to his SECNAV) had been carried out (to build the Barracks). As for Einstein & genius, someone asked Einstein the difference betw. genius & stupidity; Einstein's reply, "Genius has limits."
  6. NYT editorial perspective has also changed during past decades: published piecemeal Pentagon Papers in 1971; but by August 1985 alerted the W.H. that it was about to print an Iran-Contra tale. NYT editor Abe Rosenthal was a hardy Reagan supporter; W.H. asked NYT to sit on the story. Then it was only late 1986, with the capture of Hasenfus by Nicaraguan rebels, that Iran-Contra went public domain. By the early 1990s, NYT taking heat from property mogul Trump for printing tales of his failed business ventures. Don't know what it printed about Hi-C.'s failed public office ventures.
  7. Forty-plus years ago, I roomed w/ a guy in Hamburg, W. Germany, who had this Jimi Hendrix recording of just him playing guitar. I think it was called London Sessions or some such, recorded c. 1966. I don't recall hearing any backing band. The roommate had stolen the record, which is what he was wont to do, to sell for drug money but then decided to keep it. I've never seen an Am. version of it (it had a green cover, with an illustration of Jimi): it may've even been a bootleg of sorts. I don't remember any songs, per se, just Jimi strumming R&B style. I remember only that it was very different from the stuff that made Jimi popular.
  8. Because he couldn't get it himself?: "Duh-huh, daddy, wha' doo I doo?" All the proof I ever needed that the whole family's ignorant, incompetent, ... & proud of it! After that, any collusion is anti-climactic.
  9. Pentagon has a senior auditor post: don't know whether it's currently vacant, if it was even eliminated, or re-branded "comptroller." Back during the Bush I years, the senior auditor was one Sean O'Keefe, who was plying his legerdemain to keep the old A-12 program alive; even while a normally bellicose cuss like SECDEF Cheney was trying to kill it. Later, during the Clinton years, O'Keefe went on work his magic as NASA chief administrator. As for spec ops, Pentagon 1) gets 70% of all discretionary funds appropriated by Congress & 2) takes freely from other Cabinet dept. discretionary funds. Which seems to contravene the whole idea of a Pentagon audit.
  10. & He really doesn't know much about himself, considering he insisted (& which the press thruout the election campaign repeated) he built a company & that he's a bizman, deal maker, negotiator. According to him, Trump casinos, Trump Shuttle, Trump U. were all rousing successes, altho by the time he sold Trump Shuttle for $100mil less than he paid for it, on Wall St. he was known merely as some clown prince of corporate raiders & had begun to take a dim view of media that dared report his failures after a dozen years of reporting his successes, which in the main were purchases (Plaza Hotel) that quickly or very soon turned sour. His ignorance of & sloganeering on every topic resonate w/ a cadre of folks that believe not that ignorance is bliss but an inalienable right, bolstered by a sidearm or two & a variety of symbolic flags. All that conceals the sad fact that any Trump admin. policy (no domestic policy, same ol' ferrin policy) differs not at all from the 3 preceding prez admins. (which convinced major media that superficiality was the Am. dream): the travel ban, the Jerusalem proclamation are the application of his love of ostentation to national & world politics.
  11. When I spent some time in the early 1970s in Hamburg, there were Roxy Music concert posters everywhere & posters of their album covers in the windows of record stores. Then in late 70s one night I heard some song on I think old Georgetown U. FM station. I knew it was Bryan Ferry but had no idea name of song or album: just remembered the tune, which sounded like 3 or 4 different tunes. Years later, on a hunch, I bought "In Your Mind": the song Love Me Madly Again (w/ some incredible searing guitar by Chris Spedding) was the one I'd heard, but there wasn't a clunker on the album. Still eminently listenable today: I got some of his other stuff, but I don't think he ever matched "In Your Mind."
  12. Or ... maybe none of the above? For Marines, advancement to E-2 to E-6 in part predicated on improved skills in any number of forn. languages: Arabic, Pashto, Urdu among them. Program now 7 or 8 yr old. As long as that program in vogue---I'd wager Army has the same sorta thing---, troops ain't ever leaving any of those countries.
  13. Trump was vastly unpopular w/ corporations when he was pretending to be a bizman back in NYC. Altho corps. will be happy to take advantage of whatever goofy tax plan he signs, I doubt that the Am. biz community will have any greater opinion of him. I'm convinced he ran in earnest in 2016 to endear himself to big biz & Wall St. (where he was long thought to be some clown prince of corporate raiders). Strange that he should endear himself to the very people for which big biz & Wall St. are anathema. But this was a tale too complicated for major media, which were consigned to dissecting the "Make America Great Again" slogan & reiterating the bizman, deal maker, negotiator labels.
  14. Sorry: I misread the thread title. I thought it said, "Trump backs into Moore." Makes sense to me.
  15. American presidents have been touring autocrat nations for decades & spouting their paternalist lectures on human rights abuses. Now here's the first President the autocrats've seen for whom human rights abuses are a symbol of power & prestige. I'm not so sure he's "being played"; after all, didn't Candidate Trump threaten to bring back waterboarding? Certainly he admires the bait-&-switch rulers, wants to be one himself, & so hopes his admiration for latter-day duces & fuehrers is reciprocated.