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  1. Trump was vastly unpopular w/ corporations when he was pretending to be a bizman back in NYC. Altho corps. will be happy to take advantage of whatever goofy tax plan he signs, I doubt that the Am. biz community will have any greater opinion of him. I'm convinced he ran in earnest in 2016 to endear himself to big biz & Wall St. (where he was long thought to be some clown prince of corporate raiders). Strange that he should endear himself to the very people for which big biz & Wall St. are anathema. But this was a tale too complicated for major media, which were consigned to dissecting the "Make America Great Again" slogan & reiterating the bizman, deal maker, negotiator labels.
  2. Sorry: I misread the thread title. I thought it said, "Trump backs into Moore." Makes sense to me.
  3. American presidents have been touring autocrat nations for decades & spouting their paternalist lectures on human rights abuses. Now here's the first President the autocrats've seen for whom human rights abuses are a symbol of power & prestige. I'm not so sure he's "being played"; after all, didn't Candidate Trump threaten to bring back waterboarding? Certainly he admires the bait-&-switch rulers, wants to be one himself, & so hopes his admiration for latter-day duces & fuehrers is reciprocated.
  4. >>>... moron Hillary who was always pointing out the sins of others while ignoring those of her husband and attacking his accusers and his intern/girlfriend even though Donna Brazile thought she should be dumped for Biden. Attacking candidates for their religion and using a test of their religious beliefs ...<<< Didn't defend MLK, Jr.; however, were he as awful as Trump he could be elected Pres. Not sins of others but a pattern dating back to Bush I. As for religious beliefs tests, "moron Hillary" passed hers long ago: her long-time friendship w/ Rev. Billy Graham was why he read the invocation at W.J.'s first inaugural. He did not know Bill. Which likely was a relief to him later, since he forever felt betrayed by "friend" Nixon.
  5. I decline to agree with any Bible dweller that cannot spell "Exodus." Sorry, Charlie.
  6. Well, Trump WAS everything & more when major media outlets began campaigning for him back in the 80s. As for "the reverend," I guess all this means HE could be elected Pres. these days. Except he wasn't a business charlatan ..., er, -man. Odd how the only defense of Trump comes via pointing out sins of others. Sorry: no help at all.
  7. "... we just have to make sure that members of Congress do their jobs and hold the president accountable." She's a tough'n, alright! Reminds me of what humorist Mort Sahl wrote about doing a TV show decades ago in LA: "[My] producers wanted tough people, people who wrote books. I wanted to do a tough show." These days, it's a bit more complicated: tough people are the ones that get books published under their names. What they write is something less stunning: their names, as they, as Sahl wrote of radicals like Mike Nichols, contribute "to all good causes by checkbook."
  8. Pat Buchanan has said that his father thought Barry would be good for what ailed WDC. In any case, this obsession w/ symbolism has been paralyzing the country for some time. & It'll only get worse, now that we have a Pres. completely devoted to symbolism. As for Barry, he made a mess of himself, but I always remember he was shot in the chest (a TV reporter was killed) by one of the Hanafi Musilms that took over a coupla DC buildings in early 1977. Barry I believe was a councilman at the time.
  9. Well, if the election cycles after 2008 are any barometer, not knowing diddlysquat appears to be a preferred qualification for offices of authority, honor, prestige, trust in these United States: we had two 2016 prezzie candidates that met that qual. w/ all burners lit. Also: "he is Secretary of Housing and Urban Develop[e]ment" But no one's asked him to take dictation, so maybe he doesn't know ... old school, y'know?
  10. Nothing shrieks "iiberal" like a guy free to cruise about the country, w/ no evident means of support, to see how "the other half" lives. Dear Ken "How-Many-States-This-Week" Stern: Never bought into the liberal media myth. Media were giddy w/ joy last year when the prezzie candidates were reduced to one degrading & demeaning cuss they called "businessman" & one former but still entitled, self-centered First Lady they called "politician." That says "reactionary" to me. These days, any criticism of either just has to be lame, because the 2016 election was nothing shy of an act of sedition. My guess is you're under the errant impression the the old Southwest ad about being "free to move about country" is either a Commandment or inalienable right. Either way, it's the liberal view. Thanks for nuthin', ace.
  11. Daughter a nurse in FL. Says senior staff pushes patient care nurses to get into mgt.; also senior staff relies on patient surveys to dictate care needs. Apparently if the patient hasn't complained about a lack, then the hospital doesn't need it. When budgets are slashed, aging nurses are forced out, & younger, overworked nurses quit, hospitals haul in visiting nurses from around the country, overpay & "perk"-o-late them. Hospital CEOs, superintendents get hefty bonuses for brilliance. & "The patient" disappears.
  12. Oh, I don't know: don't seem so hypocritical to me. Frauleiter Clinton just has some catching up to do after she passed on the op to be falsely outraged when her ol' party bud Trump's antics leaked from the private domain of incestuous $billionaire autocrats & into the public domain. You know: a little false outrage to go w/ that eternal false optimism they're so fonda peddling during campaign$ & $peaking tours.
  13. Address these issues? Wait! He did that already: his "shoot-someone-in-the-middle-of-5th-Avenue" claim. Maybe that's why I think he's truly giddy w/ joy about the Vegas murders. Just hope he doesn't deck himself out in a 4-star uniform & present Paddock w/ some posthumous civ. award in the W.H.: millionaire marksman of the year?
  14. Someone that knew him well wrote that Hef idolized celebrities & always wanted to be one; appears that whole empire was 2dary to him being a known quantity. Amazing, tho, that he lived into ripe old age, considering that he consumed almost exclusively Heath bars, Pepsis, & speed during his magazine's formative years, producing that Playboy philosophy. I've also read that he contributed lotsa $$ to the restoration of old movies. When he moved to S. California, someone said, "He's gone Hollywood after Hollywood's gone."
  15. I understood that, altho the medical staff was directed by uniform armed services personnel, the hospital ships were crewed by licensed mariners, often even always graduates of maritime academies*, & able-body seamen. Back c. 1988-9, I tried to return to acdu (Navy Lt.) & applied to be assigned to one of the MSC survey ships, e.g., USNS Point Loma; when we were informed that 3/5 or so of the world's coastal waters were either uncharted or charts badly outdated. Seemed like a worthy endeavor at the time, but I believe even then budgets were severely restricted. _________________ *Some years ago, we took a harbor tour on one of those Inner Harbor water taxis: I chatted most of the cruise w/ the pilot, an 18-k ancient mariner, who was wearing a Massachusetts Maritime Academy ring.