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  1. Pres. Trump has nothing significant to say; he just says it crudely & loudly, the press loves crude & loud, & so he gets his free publicity. NATO was obsolete after the USSR, but because lotsa people profit from more US of A overseas, we've kept NATO on life support & even expanded it into old Soviet bloc territory. Our chief NATO ally east of Europe is Turkey, pres. of which only wants to be the next sultan of Ottoman Empire II & which heavily subsidizes fellow caliphatists. Pres. Trump knows nothing about that or pretends he doesn't. So nothing will change, despite the reckless rhetoric: Obama was Bush Lite; Trump is Obama Lite. He'll just keep up the "I'm-a-celebrity" routine, which Ms. Hi-C. would've also. The next admin. will differ only by replacing Pentagon mafioso w/ Hollywood mafioso. Eventually, all that can't afford the best seats @the annual W.H. Corresp. Dinner will be deported or shot dead. Then the press'll have the country it's wanted all along.
  2. I don't think these "they" have a clue about respect. The press now whimpering, whining about "choreographed" photo ops et al., but these folks's lives've been choreographed for the past 40 yr; Ivanka's since she was born. What the press does best is try to convince us plebeians that there're viable human beings beneath the entourages, handlers, & sycophants; & to judge by the 2016 election it succeeded: the parties' seniors & the press conspired to produce 2 semi-human candidates from 2 fecalcephalic celebrity automatons; worse, voters bought into all the imaginary differences betw. the two the press peddled. Not sure I'd credit respect of local traditions to people that can barely wipe themselves; in fact, for the current Prez., his 4 or 5 predecessors & their staffs, inability to perform the latter is the only local tradition: around the globe.
  3. Sorry, Mister Kugel, but complete lack of understanding characterizes U.S. honcho view of Saudi Arabia for these past 40 yr. US of A been locked in battles of duplicity w/ Qatar, S.A., Turkey for decades: we send them $10billions in weps & ancillary products; they send us grief, occasional crude oil but send ISIS, other Sunni-Salafi proselytes more'n enough to keep up the fight. Until the weps shipments are reduced to next to nil, Am. prezzies standing in the vicinity of be-robed sheiks will always look like obsequious oafs. & Lotsa Americans happy w/ that: they call it standing tall, talking tough.
  4. One of the TV newsies implied that the Army now investigating Flynn: whether his affair w/ Russia, Turkey occurred @all while jr. there was acdu. Don't know how accurate that is. In any case, too many Americans in positions of authority, honor, prestige, trust frequently choose those of questionable morality to hold up as paragons of virtue: Spiro Agnew, LtCol. North, RAdm. Poindexter, Gen. Petraeus, LtGen. Flynn. When Americans not in positions of authority & trust insist they don't trust politicians, I'm guessing this is why: they insist we worship scumbags. Too often we accede; which is why no one of the (fairly lame) opposition or of the press suggests that State Dept. revoke TrumpCo.'s travel vouchers & leave his party overseas when its current junket ends. I thought this sorta thing would befit every Pres. since Ford, but evidently leaving the so-called leader of free world (for the past 40+ yr always some slug incapable of even properly wiping his own backside) stranded overseas is the acme of cruel & unusual.
  5. Seeing every inessential difference betw. Obama & Trump as a kinda moral victory for Trumpeteers sounds like desperation cubed to me, but the core of U.S.-Saudi (U.S.-Turkey, -Pakistan) relations for these past 40 yr has been duplicity & Trump et al. are either unaware of or completely satisfied w/ that. Off camera, Mattis, Tillerson, Trump continue the grand Am. tradition in the M.E. of genuflecting, groveling.
  6. I thought he was a deliberate President. Here was a guy w/ very limited support, especially in his hometown, but the son-in-law, daughter, sons, & a few close admirers & associates concluded that D. Trump was the one to get them into the endless profiteering from gov. So they fashioned from an indifferent Hi-C. supporter a darling of the alt-right; if they could just get ol' reckless tongue to spout a few fave slogans of the reactionary fringe. This was the only way to completely separate him from the incipient rightist jingoism of Hi-C. The press did the rest: the incredible but thoroughly digested fallacy of $billionaire NYC property flipper as anti-establishment populist; Hi-C. & Co.'s "extremely reckless" was anti-American, whereas wacky Trump statements were, oh, the "pulse of middle America." The 2016 prezzie campaign was a experimental exercise in sedition: the Pres., his former opponent, the party committees brain trusts should be in jail, awaiting trial for attempted overthrow of the Am. system of gov. Instead, gov. indeed has been overthrown, but press has happily compelled Americans to restrict any politico-social ruminations to how incompetent, illiterate, inarticulate Lower Manhattan Billy Goat Oaf compares w/ press's Incarnate-of-Evil-in-Chief, Nixon.
  7. Sorry, but if you're looking to make a point, you could at least get your "Steins" straight. Altho I realize that, for many Americans, errant facts, lies. misspellings constitute judicious exercise of that 1st Amendment. Just ask Mr. Rosenstein. Or anyone up his chain of command.
  8. What certifiably unhinged leftist would be shocked & humiliated over the (presumably Hi-C.) election loss? The certifiably unhinged leftist would've never even voted; much less voted for either of those two eunuchs from Am. political central casting; much less've been humiliated by the loss of either. Only a Trumpish ignorant, reckless oaf exaggerates the threat of his or her opposition; then reduces its crimes to following the S.O.P. of Am. media.
  9. But were you offered a book deal, a $250K-a-pop speaking tour, & your own talk radio show?
  10. All that even quaternarily compares Trump to Nixon is that Nixon had no "secret plan" to end the war in 'Nam; Trump has no plan of any kind. By the time that Watergate deluge spilled on Nixon, he'd already accomplished a genuine domestic agenda: whether you agree with it, Americans with Disabilities Act, the EPA, war on drugs, the redoubtable Phase IV. (& Quite opposing that war on drugs was Nixon sending W.H. aide Egil Krogh into the DC City Jail to talk to low-level drug offenders.) Trump's accomplished nothing, except to keep all eyes & news on him. Nixon was the President; Trump still thinks he's hosting some bad reality show, on which he happily gets to fire someone each week. BTW, Nixon ordered Atty. Gen. Elliott Richardson to fire Spec. Pros. Cox; Richardson resigned. Nixon then ordered Dep. Atty. Gen. Ruckelshaus to fire Cox; Ruckelshaus resigned. Nixon ordered Dep. Solicitor Gen. Bork to fire Cox; Bork complied. Pres. Trump claims sole responsibility for firing Comey. As for tapes, Trump's issued idle threats for decades; he's blowhard & showboat who got elected because too many Americans consider idle threats & lies the supreme exercise of that First Amendment. OTOH, Trump thinks they're standard business operating procedure. He may be completely unaware of a First Amendment.
  11. Americans just elected a selfish punk president, & he don't seem interested in messages of any kind. The dreamers & the nearly extinct liberals still believe one can "send a message," but the Trumpeteers will start shooting @anyone sending 'em a message. The good news, tho: publicity for the Rev. Cook will likely earn her a commutation from the President & appointment as ambassador to Jack Daniels, because she's a "smart cookie"; a drunk cookie but a smart one. After all, Pres. Trump knows how to win; Rev. Cook knows how to drink; & drink & win both have an "in," so there's a special meaning there that Marblesmouth Spicer will explain @his next press fest.
  12. "the concept of winning" These days, winning is having the most drink- & drug-addled, STD-riddled (conservative, in mediaspeak) white guys on your side. That'd mean that H. Clinton AND D. Trump are both WINNING! Oo-rah!
  13. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Donna Brazile, J. Podesta: "Do you promise to act & talk as effin' stupid as Mr. Trump if you are elected President!? This is what we want: rich & stupid! It's what real Americans want! Will you be rich & stupid!?" H. Clinton: "I thought I was rich & stupid; when I declared responsibility for that g.d. Benghahhh---!" Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Donna Brazile, J. Podesta: "Stop! We've heard enough! It's real obvious, Hillary, that you just don't got what it takes to be rich & stupid ALL THE TIME!! You still too often wanna be this 70s social activist!! Sorry; we're throwing the election to Trump & his hermaphrodites of the Hamptons! Goodbye! S'been real!"
  14. "It's simply incredible that Americans could elect such an imbecile" It's not as if they hadda choice; his opponent was some smarty-pants Demo. pretender whose ego was so enormous that she publicly took responsibility for that Benghazi debacle, something about which she know absolutely nothing: then whimpered & whined when she got into trouble. When she made that fecalcephalic remark about wiping her server "with a cloth," someone shoulda crushed her lil' blond head into the floor; instead the press asked, "yes: rough cloth or soft," & dopey Americans just grinned & nodded. All the complaining about Trump's stupidity (this comes as no surprise to me, because I watched lotsa Apprentice episodes, waiting for him to exhibit some a'that business acumen) evades the topic of the seditionist campaigns that Clinton & Trump ran. The American sys. of gov. was dissolved on Election Day 2016, but the press reports business as usual, so it has the leisure time to dress up for that W.H. Corresp. Orgy ..., er, Dinner & rub crotches & share dildos w/ those elitists it can only pretend to despise.
  15. "he always has the ol' Budd Dwyer to resort to" I dunno: I'd wager he'd just shoot everyone else in the room; or force 'em out onto 5th Av., where'd he'd do very well in the polls ...? I believe that Mr. Trump believes that the world cannot do w/o him. & He's managed to surround himself w/ almost everyone that believes the same.