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  1. I am not watching, because I think I've read & seen enough about Vietnam; but as for parallels, there was a 2003 cartoon that I cannot find online just now showing some general giving a press briefing & stating emphatically that Iraq will not become another Vietnam. Behind him a map of Iraq morphs into a map of ... Northern Ireland, which of course is where British troops maintained a constabulary force for decades. American troops in 'Nam were, as far as I know, never a constabulary force, but for the most part that's exactly what they were & have been in Iraq & Afghanistan; what they were in Iraq after the first month, when elections were postponed & the Bremer edicts were enforced. But the sad fact is that even during the Reagan years the armed forces became the front line of forn. policy & diplomacy acquired a residual status---"Iran-Contra" was the final by-product of a forn. policy run almost exclusively out of the NSC during that period. Subsequent pres. admins. have followed that path, which is why were now hearing so much about war w/ N. Korea. Diplomacy? We don't even have an ambassador to S. Korea.
  2. I can only wish there was more BS liberal ideology ... or even BS convo ideology. Evidently, any brief flirtation w/ what was once called good intentions (a.k.a. political correctness) passes for ideology, especially in the profoundly ahistorical press, where w/ every headline life begins anew. Maybe one a'these expert-textperts'll grow a pair some day & recap our 3 generations of political eunuchs, beginning w/ the fine appointment of Ford to the Pres'y. But good move in labeling these doofuses social justice warriors: possible only if you don't know what any of those 3 words mean. "But go ahead," to cite Huck Finn's Ben Rogers, "I hain't got nothing to say."
  3. "In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes," usually attributed to Andy Warhol; today he might add, "for misbehaving." Maybe members tryna emulate their fave celebs, discussion subjects. In any case, welcome Alpref. To quote the last line of Barthelme's interior monologue, "See the Moon?," "we hope you'll be very happy here."
  4. "Tell it to stop, why don'tcha. If it doesn't stop, shoot at it with your gun!" ---Humphrey Bogart character Frank McCloud to Edw. G. Robinson character Johnny Rocco in "Key Largo" (1948).
  5. "Trump truly is something new—the first president whose entire political existence hinges on the fact of a black president." Well, un-hinges, really, but that "entire political existence" grounded in cynicism & disdain for everything w/o his name on it. Trump was condemning the US of A as "laughing stock" & "weak" (1987) when Reagan was Pres.
  6. Yes to Wahlberg's "Shooter; Downey, Jr., in "True Believer" (1989); Cruise in "Mission Impossible" (enjoyed latter's "Jerry McGuire" then, but it's aged terribly; unwatchable now). Haven't seen a complete movie of the others, & the Indian actors I've never heard of. & Cruise still among top-paid actors? Now that's "Mission Impossible!" Last movie seen in a theater: because mom-in-law loves "going to the movies," "Maudie," w/ Ethan Hawke; in role seemingly written originally, I'll bet, for Nick Nolte.
  7. As usual, there's a bit more involved than simply selecting your fave villain. N.K. (under current leader's old man) acceded to old nuke non-prolif. treaty in 1985 but never abode by it. During the 1st Clinton admin., Sens. Helms & McConnell worked like the dickens to preclude any U.S. accession to dumping nukes; Clinton acceded to get Helms, McConnell to permit passage of a chem. weps. bill. During his 2d admin., Clinton also went soft on Pakistan nuke program & continued dumping $billions in aid & weps. into Pakistan, hoping it would salvage the Afghanistan conundrum. For decades the US of Aers have acceded to demands of nuke nations to avoid scrapping our own programs. Did not begin w/ Clinton, nor did it end w/ Obama. The notion of a limited nuke war, so finely articulated by Pres. Reagan, really begin in earnest during the few years of Ford, w/ Cheney & Rumsfeld @his side.
  8. Oh, but the media have had both & for many years. They peddled Trump as Messiah since the early 1980s ("Would you like to be President?"); now they're hurt because he's turned out to be the ingrate he always was. This has been the method of our fed. & its propaganda apparatus, the media, for decades: boost people & projects designed to fail; then implicate the citizenry in their failure. Media in recent years have sought to evade blame by choosing sides. So we have conservative & liberal media outlets, but they appear to have the same romantic idealism in common. Disparate figures such as Eisenhower & Marx would've been depressed by by the whole, sordid affair.
  9. Sorry to interfere w/ the wayback machine exchanges, but the McCain was rammed in the port side, which means @at some point it was to the right of the Alnic MC; which means under intl. rules of the road (assuming they apply in the Strait of Malacca) the Alnic shoulda been coming astern of the McCain, whether latter had steering failures or cyber attack. Unlike Navy vessels, these commercial ships (freighters, tankers) have minimal crews: 18-22 men (yes; men!). Latter are also commanded by masters, licensed mariners, whereas Navy vessels are not; meaning that in every case Navy COs are @fault in intl. waters (high seas) collisions w/ commercial vessels. Investigations can assess blame, but the Navy's always @fault, which is why so many Navy types are sh!tc@nned in the aftermath.
  10. Maybe some think Uhura was mayor of Balto.?
  11. OK, so he's not politician; but then, contrary to media propaganda, he's not a businessman either. Media also mistake ignorance of his selected topics & oratorical recklessness for "frankness" or even "ridiculousness." In fact, our Pres. has a 3-decades history of being contrarian & dismal: in 1988, he inaugurated his short-lived Trump Shuttle not w/ the cheery advantages of his new toy but w/ a reckless condemnation of rival Pan Am Shuttle's safety record; to which many frequent shuttle flyers'd already fled during the old Eastern Shuttle strikes & labor ills. He's seen no difference in the 2 political parties or their leaders, so-called, & not because they're "politicians": he launched his awkward, stumbling political career in 1987; calling the US of A a laughing stock & weak. There was then one year of Pres. Reagan to go. The "Make America Great Again" was a lie; not because he couldn't but because he's never thought America was great. The media, in its inimitable fashion, daily debated the pros & cons of a slogan, never once pondering Trump's 30 yr of jaundiced pessimism.
  12. "Selective memories" may wind up being better'n no memories at all, which seems to be the way we're headed. These flags were flown & these statues were erected by people to which these all meant something; something lots different than what they mean to some today. If were gonna trash all these statues of people some find so offensive, then maybe we need to change that part of the revered Pledge to "one nation, highly divisible."
  13. Oh, but he is a liberal: he's devoted the past 30 yr to liberally tooting his own horn AND steadfastly denigrating the US of A.
  14. Don't know whether the Pres. really has G.-P.M.U. (v. G.-P.F.U.?) in any digs, but I know the W.H. has plenty of marble countertops, which is what DJT sought for lavatory sinks on his Trump Shuttle fleet; rare levelheads cautioned against those & Dr. Ostentation settled for ... faux marble. Who knew one day he'd & we'd settle for a faux Presy.!
  15. I am an idiot: what's "mainstream" about Fox News? What's "mainstream" about any of the media outlets where immaculately tailored, inarticulate, stereotyping oafs offer their opinions? "Mainstream media" = overpaid, oversurgeried gals & guys anticipating book deals, speaking tours, & maybe mercifully brief W.H. posts as they wade thru headlines. How deeply's Megan Kelly been buried @NBC since her short, unhappy bout w/ fame & sympathy @Fox News?