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  1. Time, place mean nothing to Pres. Trump. Back in 1988, when he was about to vastly overpay for Eastern Airlines Shuttle & make it Trump Shuttle, he swept into a meeting where the efficacy of buying more planes for that service was the topic & announced that 1) he wanted to buy the New Jersey Nets & 2) the "T" on the Trump Shuttle tail should be bigger. Trump is nothing if not diversionary.
  2. Those titles certainly imply public service; trouble is that Hi-C. did nothing w/ those titles but further her name recognition. The last SecyState of any genuine diplomatic skills was Bush I's James Baker, who already had his name recognition when named to that post. But the press has been very generous in equating Hi-C.'s abuse of titles w/ public service; it was also generous in equating Trump's career of ostentation w/ business.
  3. "Trump’s ‘bizarre, volatile behavior’ could be from untreated syphilis" Well, then, it's untreated for >30 yr: he's acted like that his entire semi-adult life.
  4. Careful: Huckabee Sanders may have copyrighted those words.
  5. I always thought Clinton & Trump were sides of the same coin; after all, weren't they best buds until Trump announced candidacy? Bernie was a pleasant diversion, altho I thought Marco Rubio was the sanest in those fabulously commercial debates; @least he seemed to eschew the standard bellicosity when talking forn. policy. But the party stalwarts were intent on running celebrities & ran 2 self-absorbed, spoiled brats. But thank Heaven the press worked relentlessly to turn them into viable candidates: there was no talk of "fake news" when Clinton was "politician" & Trump was "businessman," altho these labels were erroneous.
  6. Of course, I'd question whether "MSM" is "mainstream" at all. Upper 1/10 of 1% IS NOT mainstream (neither is Ted Turner); however much the other 99% might imagine they even occasionally speak for them. But whimpering, whining about Trump media lies day late, dollar short. No one, absolutely no one, squeaked a nanowhimper about the "anti-establishment," "businessman," "populist" labels when Buzzardnutz there was running for prez. Even Candidate Trump got into the act, wailing that his opponent, Gauleiterin Clinton, had a poor record of public service, when in fact she had NO record of public service, except being a public figure (which IS NOT the same thing.) The two parties ran two celebrity clowns for prez. The election was an act of sedition, & the whole Trump lies campaign just another establishment diversion. Good luck w/ rescuing your country from stupidity.
  7. No; I think she's mad Donald isn't the man others thought she was. But in keeping w/ media star (Clinton, Gingrich, Trump et al.) S.O.P., you take out your rage on a completely peripheral object. It's called making America grate again.
  8. Well, maybe they firmly believe that being contentious is the best way to prove they're anti-press, that they're playing to their "base." (Altho I doubt any of 'em've given much thought to the base since last Nov.) In Nixon's, Reagan's, Clinton's darkest days, they didn't turn the cameras off, even if they were defending their imperial presidencies & genuine criminal activities. But if you are remotely familiar w/ Trump thru the decades, you know he's a cynic, pessimist (condemning US of A as a weak laughing stock in the waning days of Reagan!) thru & thru; & a reckless pessimist @that. Staffer marching orders, I suspect, are to present that pessimism to the public.
  9. Volunteered for the memoryectomy, eh? More than once? Road exaggerage? Fortunately, Trumpalia can be reduced to a line from Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band's Intro & Outro: "Lord Snooty and his pals/Tap dancing ..."
  10. Nor w/o Am. media, which during these past 30 yr have all but anointed Trump the New Messiah: businessman, negotiator, player, wheeler-dealer; anti-establishment, populist. Neither whimperer nor whiner complained about fake news then. Pretty disingenuous of people to rail about bad press: the press (in the US of A, w/ minimum exception, fiercely reactionary-right wing) has always campaigned for a blue-eyed, blonde Stalin & hagiographized the few (Cintons, Kennedys, Kissinger, Trump), before performing one'a those lame, limp-wristed hatchet jobs that stir the blood of the one-note wonders (oh, Donna Brazile, Wayne LaPierre), just to show they're "fair & balanced." & All those ferriners on the other side of the world patiently await the day when "America" finally has that genuine autocrat experience. & Laugh uproariously when we think it's Trump.
  11. They could 40 yr ago. I enlisted w/ a colleague from work; both on delayed-entry. She chose not to go before she commenced basic. This was 1977. Don't know whether protocols have changed.
  12. You should be commended just for knowing these languages exist. I didn't know until a year ago that Tagalog was a Filipino dialect. Marine (I know that USMC has this program; reviewing it has been one of my projects) recruits are assigned a language to learn; their promotions now in part depend on their gradual mastery of their assigned language.
  13. Pres. Trump's career standard fee to go away is about $250 mil. No need for impeachment, 25th: in its grand tradition of wasting money, Congress'll appropriate the Pres. his price; & the press'll make up some tale about the gout, HBP, or STD.
  14. So ... lame, limp-wristed, & lost. A concise description of the Trump admin.; including those tough-guy ret. generals he co-opted: lame, limp-wristed, lost. I truly believe that Americans, even Trump "supporters," will gladly approve of the $250mil. Congress will grant him to leave office. This is how Trump's always made money---someone's paid him handsomely to go away---, & that's what he expects of this pres'y.
  15. If Pres. Trump has any agenda at all, it's to be fronted by the most argumentative, complaining, disagreeable, noxious, self-serving band of buffoons he & associates can find. As for fake news, you'll notice they never mention the press for decades celebrating Trump as the New Messiah: anti-establishment, businessman, populist. & Huckabee Sanders has all the interpersonal skills of the badger.