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  1. There's actually a word for that: logorrheic.
  2. I think typical Trump-style hyperbole: few in the US of A have been tried for treason; even fewer executed. If "exercise in futility" were the same as exercise at the gym, pastor, Trump would be in outstanding shape. More nonsense from people that get a good deal of public mileage from nonsense. But then I think the entire 2016 election was a coordinated act of sedition & that Clinton, Trump, the RNC, the DNC ought to've been arrested & tried for sedition. It was an active effort to overthrow the government of the US of A, which succeeded. Only incessant pop media efforts to fashion boastful oaf Trump into a "President" & their hagiomania toward the detritus help us avoid reality.
  3. Just like he always focused on what impacted his businesses, so-called. Advisers need to talk to boss about massive debt, interest due, failing airline? Bound into room & announce you're buying the N.J. Generals. Want Frank Sinatra to open your gaudy new Taj Mahal? Then renege on contract your (late) hotel mgr. negotiated; demean Sinatra associates ("Who are Steve & Edyie?"). Oh: & remain nonresponsive when Sinatra's agent tries to strangle you. (Sinatra's reply to Trump? "Go %$#* yourself!" I'd wager that only master boaster Trump would try to make that a physical reality. Now that's anti-establishment!)
  4. Unfortunately, the thread topic once again shows how desperate not just the press but everybody is to fashion one fine elected dullard into a President. Trump is no more a President than he was a businessman. The story goes (now; not when the press could've helped) that even his own associates didn't want him at the negotiating table; as long ago as 1988, business & market watchers were attributing to Trump not any "leadership" but only that "he tends to get the pot stirred up." Evidently, during the preceding decades, lots of people have confused gaudy Trump publicity stunts w/ business acumen. It appears the same occurs now that Trump is in the W.H.: the political "fixing" that's gone on in WDC since it became the Capital & publicized mostly when it cost an elected official or a lobbyist a position of authority or trust is now the primary work product of this admin. Trump "promised" (& never met a promise worth keeping) to "drain the swamp." Apparently, he meant drain it into all aspects of Am. life & fortify all remaining associates' forn. bank accounts in the process. Gossip, intrigue, scandal now the essential features of democratic gov.: that trinity worshiped by Trump since he was a tot; & if foreign "leaders" show our Chief Executive any deference, it's to take full advantage of this travesty of a parody wrapped around a burlesque.
  5. Say what? NBC has nothing but credibility for the pro-Trump gaggle; after all, it was NBC that bought into The Apprentice concept--even after Fox declined--& boosted the stock of the failed, miserable property mogul & market speculator. W/o NBC, there'd be no Pres. Trump. Just because the Pres. is a chronic ingrate is no reason to demean NBC. Trumpsters should be shouting "NBC" from the rooftops: its Joy Reid a pleasant Trumpian diversion from anything that matters; its evening news a collage of Trumpesque alarmism, scandals, & YouTube videos.
  6. OTOH, maybe even a self-absorbed chump like Kim realized that empty suit Pompeo diffident to offers, counteroffers; ditto Trump.. N.K., S.K. going about settling the matter bc US of A now recognized as a complete nonentity in world affairs: "Come back when you have a diplomat or two." (Which hasn't been the U.S. case since, oh, 1991.) ALCON will be happy to let Trump take credit, as this his comic M.O. for decades. Our media, of course, desperately try to fashion Trump into something resembling a Pres.; to mask worshipful devotion to gossip, intrigue, scandal. Am. Executive Branch trad. bellicosity now reduced to parody. Kim realizes Trump completely ignorant of USS Pueblo (SECDEF will find that too tiresome to explain) & so won't bother about that room-filling elephant. Intl. community see Trump abrogation of all treaties an impulsive, reckless assembly line process, quite unlike the selective (tho equally bellicose) withdrawal from treaties of Bush I & II, Clinton, Obama. New world motto: "Skip USA; cut to chase."
  7. But I wonder who's paying Carrie or even her posse. She's still rattling around w/ Saul & peddling her influence & talent, but, really, she's unemployed.
  8. You are most likely correct. Evidently, to Trump, "emptying" & "filling" are synonymous.
  9. "North Korea Ready To Discuss Denuclearization With US" Makes sense to me: two of the nations that declined to partake in the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Kim likely knows this; Trump has no idea there even was such a treaty. Sounds like the basis of a beautiful friendship: out w/ the "rocket man"; in w/ the "smart cookie," eh?
  10. Exactly! The Hillarys et al. don't just wander onto campuses & into investment offices & demand a fee (altho I suspect that they do harbor that fantasy). Someone desperately wants them to speak & peddle the two-party line. The same set of people has been carrying the false left/right messages for 30+ yr. All those folks that appear on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. Considering the US of A's position in the world now & its own domestic disturbances of late, I'd hardly call their ideology campaigns successes. One of 'em is ex-CIA Dir. Woolsey. He gets lotsa air time here & there. But Pres. Clinton canned him as CIA dir. after less than a year, when Woolsey failed to hold any seniors accountable after the Aldrich Ames scandal. Then during the Bush II first admin. he was a purveyor of doctored WMD intell. while he sat pretty on that grossly mislabeled Defense Policy Board. Still, he's a media hero & a go-to guy for minimizing pending disasters.
  11. NSC chair (national security adviser) an appointed, civilian post, but it's been filled by acdu: RADM Poindexter in the mid-1980s; LtGen. McMaster. However, acdu NSC appointees outside their career paths. NSC acdu members take a civ. salary for the duration. LtCol. Oliver North served as political officer (a GS-13 post) on NSC staff during some Reagan years. Late David Hackworth wrote in early 1990s that, in 1984, CMC Gen. Kelley petitioned W.H. to release North from NSC duties; return him to USMC career path. North apparently wanted to stay & asked CIA Dir. Casey to intercede. At that time, Reagan had insisted that CIA dir. be part of the Cabinet (as is NSC chair); Casey & North, according to North's testimony after that Iran-Contra caper, worked very closely. North remained until 1986, when Reagan canned him & Poindexter, after that scandal broke.
  12. I wager that "gets ratings nowadays" has replaced "gets something done?" American deceptionalism @its finest. IAC, Trump always reminds me of what Mort Sahl wrote about Hugh Hefner: he always enjoyed rubbing elbows with celebrities & more than anything else wanted to be one. That's Trump: wanted to be a celebrity, even if he (& proselytes in the press) had to convince people to vote for him for President. Plus, there's no more liberal "star" than he is: seething to comment on anything that doesn't matter; like "the Oscars."
  13. "President Donald Trump says he thinks it's great that China's president now holds that office for life" Sadly, proof of the Prez's ignorance of the rest of the world (along w/ media ignorance) can rest on that fact that his pal Putin did this in 2012: ran for & won a 3d term, despite Russian constitutional limit of 2 terms. & Before that, Putin was P.M. under Pres. Medvedev. The joke in Russia since 2012 is that Putin wants to be Pres. for life.
  14. This is "excellent news" only after the standard for "excellent" has been marinated in Clorox for the past 30 yr. As for "no political experience," it's not as if he wasn't encouraged to have some over the years, with card-carrying members of that liberal establishment like Barbara Walters & Oprah Winfrey all but pushing him thru the W.H. front door. "Reaganesque Trump juggernaut": not fair to jack us up with a phrase the Pres. himself would go dizzy reading after two syllables. I s'pose the best that can be said about virulent Trump acolytes is that they can say (or post) nothing that the Pres. wouldn't vehemently oppose, if only bc he didn't Tweet it first.
  15. Media "walk-of-shame" now decades old: incessant promotion of two wealthy, white celebrities (Clinton, Trump) for Pres. That NBC "The Apprentice" program was basically a 10-yr prezzie campaign orgy for Trump; despite it being painfully evident since 1990 & probably a decade before that he was no businessman, deal maker, or negotiator. Meanwhile, school shootings get the same tiresome bromides in reply: gun control, mental illness. Our disloyal press, so accustomed to tagging after more wealthy, white folk as they cruise the planet, usually on taxpayer $$, holds fast to the aphorism, "If you have to ask how much, you can't afford it"; & so never inquire how these shooters of no visible means of support (sole exception: guy in Vegas) always have a stock of wildly expensive ammo, body armor, guns. If I blew my paycheck on that stuff, I couldn't afford food or mortgage. By limiting press shame to love of Demos., the anti-media tripe comes off as it's doubtless meant to: pro-media "love-that-white-folk" marketing. #UnimpressedWithMediaEpiphanies &Website "American Greatness" just screams "cheap s.o.b.s" (but, please: donate!): altho, these days, a la the Pres., whimpering, whining = "great!"