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  1. The treatment centers get paid by insurance and government money. Wonder how big their building is on K Street. This problem has been around for decades. This is surely a problem that needs to be addressed. Rehab centers are a better solution than prison. The stupid war on drugs should be ended, massive epic failure. But money will drive the politician's solution. Common sense will not be.
  2. Well, I would hope that with you. Odds of it happening? None. People are the problem.
  3. Had Scalise not been there, this could have been a massacre.
  4. I too have taken a hiatus for the same reasons. I could not agree more, those spewing partisan horse [manure] should be extremely ashamed of themselves.
  5. Another option would be, keep the local precinct network offline, connect when voting is ready to begin, download the registration data for the precinct, then take them back offline until voting is complete. When voting closes, tally the votes, reconnect, upload the results and then take them offline, which keeps the local copy of the results secure.
  6. Seems fairly straight forward, why wouldn't it be for a lot of other people?
  7. If it isn't collapsing, how come insurers keep pulling out of the marketplace. How many counties will only offer Medicaid? The CBO is one of them that tries to project costs ten years out. Didn't the ACA start out with ten years of revenue coming in and providing coverage for 6 years. Look where it stands now. Not that the Rs have done any better. I don't see selling across state lines, tort reform etc.. anywhere to be found either. We're all just plain screwed.
  8. This stuff is laughable. Projecting what will happen or where we will be in 10 years. These days everything is measured over whats going to happen in 10 years. We can't figure what will happen in the next year or two, and everyone tries to project out ten years just so they can use really big numbers to scare the hell out of people.
  9. The ACA has been collapsing under its own weight.
  10. I'm not sure Pro-Sports teams value all the same attributes the same. The Browns might be a good example.
  11. Like Jimmy the Greek?
  12. I've massacred a greens in my golfing time. A few fairways and tee boxes as well.
  13. Tell it to the poster that stated the idea was invented by the republicans in the mid-2000s. Maybe they should have just done it then and loaded up the courts with their choices by simple majority.
  14. So it would seem people voted for different policies this election then. Elections and consequences.