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  1. Well, we certainly have gotten the bang for our buck since the dept of education was created. That can go, let the states keep the money sent to that department and run their own.
  2. What's necessary is tax reform. The current code is what, 70k pages long now. That's a lot of loopholes. Any guess how many of those pages do anything for the middle class. Probably 69K pages of it is loopholes for the rich.
  3. I think the boys in Lynyrd Skynyrd were from Florida.
  4. Haven't been around here much lately. Sounds like Flyboy still has yet to respond?? Adding my thoughts and prayers. Check in FB.
  5. Sure, Flacco is being overpaid for his performance now. And he'll never be the kind of leader some other QBs are. But what QB out there could play well with the cast surrounding him. And we go out and draft more D players and sign FAs to bolster the horrible defense we have had lately, especially the DBs and look at how they're playing. Weddle goes for a strip instead of making sure he makes the tackle. We're get running all over. And Joe has people on him before he has the snap in his hands. Yeah, he's made some bone head plays, but look at the cast around him. How many ints get put on Joe that were really the fault of the receiver letting the ball bounce off their hands. And the play calling. Marty aint exactly a bright bulb IMHO.
  6. Kyle Boller anyone?
  7. Absolutely and rightfully so.
  8. There was no alternative. Flacco gambled he would have a good season and get a better contract if he did. He didn't play great during the season, we sacked of OC near the end of the regular season. But he did play great during the playoffs and SB. To me, the team hasn't been the same since Ray retired and Harbaugh started his purge of "cocky" players. Ray provided leadership and made the people around him better with his personality. We haven't been the same since he left, IMHO. And we need to remember the QB carousel the preceded Joe. Had he signed elsewhere, would we have been back to that situation?
  9. My group figured there were about 20k empty seats. Never seen it like that. My son and I left with 5 minutes left in the game and we never leave early. A lot of people were pouring out when we left. I wouldn't be surprised if there were that many no shows tomorrow night.
  10. The treatment centers get paid by insurance and government money. Wonder how big their building is on K Street. This problem has been around for decades. This is surely a problem that needs to be addressed. Rehab centers are a better solution than prison. The stupid war on drugs should be ended, massive epic failure. But money will drive the politician's solution. Common sense will not be.
  11. Well, I would hope that with you. Odds of it happening? None. People are the problem.
  12. Had Scalise not been there, this could have been a massacre.
  13. I too have taken a hiatus for the same reasons. I could not agree more, those spewing partisan horse [manure] should be extremely ashamed of themselves.
  14. Another option would be, keep the local precinct network offline, connect when voting is ready to begin, download the registration data for the precinct, then take them back offline until voting is complete. When voting closes, tally the votes, reconnect, upload the results and then take them offline, which keeps the local copy of the results secure.
  15. Seems fairly straight forward, why wouldn't it be for a lot of other people?