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  1. I hope this goes to the courts. This is of course a fantasy, but it would be fantastic if judges had the guts to say that the Feds have no right to regulate MJ as long as it is grown & consumed within the borders of a single state.
  2. I couldn't believe that redistricting passed by such a wide margin. Apparently Marylanders like gerrymandering
  3. 56 tickets! How in the world is it possible to drive that badly? I've been driving in Maryland for eight years and have gotten a grand total of zero tickets in this state. http://www.baltimoresun.com/explore/harford/publications/the-aegis/ph-ag-smith-stash-trial-1024-20121022,0,104993.story
  4. Herc and Carver from The Wire
  5. "Pulling out" our "pulling in" is silly. Once you start doing that you're engaging in little more than gambling.
  6. *Yawn* More white-guilt nonsense from Kandace.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Index_Fund I'd suggest that anyone who has illusions about "beating the market" read "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" or any of John Bogle's books.
  8. Do you even know how an index fund works?
  9. Stock picking is a fool's game. Buy an index fund, contribute to it every month and forget about it.
  10. Trying to time the market is a fool's game.
  11. According to MD Judiciary Case Search he weight 280 pounds. Easy target to hit
  12. I hope it hurt.
  13. I'm glad for his sake this happened in the County. Less chance of legal hassles.
  14. Thankfully I haven't had to leave the spot that I labored over, however when I do I intend to leave a couple of chairs out to mark it. I'll vandalize any car that takes my spot, let's face it, this is Baltimore and there's zero chance the cops will catch me if I quickly smash a couple of windows.
  15. Actually it was Texas's attempt to enforce that law which led to Lawrence v. Texas, which in turn struck down all laws against sodomy between consenting adults. In fairness, it was a law that was ignored 99% of the time, but the fact that they hadn't repealed it entirely was a little silly.