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  1. What if it took them two weeks to retract it and some of their pundits kept on?
  2. There are tons of them availible!
  3. I know watergate took longer
  4. The source isn't reputable
  5. Probably the same work ethic went into it as the GOP health plan they promised for 7 years!
  6. Yes and he has countless rolls of tape of him praising Trump. Scott has money which is his big threat.
  7. 1 he should of qualified that. 2 most people kept their doctor 3 most premiums have not gone up at previous rates and in some cases gone down.
  8. Nelson is popular in Florida and has a huge warcheast in an expensive state. His only real threat is Scott who drank the Trump Koolaid.
  9. Remember Hiedikemp is extremely popular along with Tester and Manchin. If the senate swung it would give those states a bigger voice than a double R senate team. The two big worries are Donnoly and McKaskill who are both well liked but won because their opponent opened their mouth about rape and grabbed the third rail with both hands. Equally Heller and Flake are going to have troubles as this election becomes a referendum on Trump in states that are becoming Purple. As well as the guy from wisconson. A one seat net flip to 51 49 gives Murkowski and Collins all the power and that will force the GOP to moderate Long run of it doesn't 2020 looks really bad for them if they don't. The best the dems can get is a 50 50 of course the GOP could PO Collins and Murkowski that they flip.
  10. Again no one is stepping up in ND, MT and WV. Plus the incumbents are well liked
  11. I think he will wait until the end of next term to announce a retirement in 2019.
  12. So far republicans are not stepping up in those states.
  13. No but with Kennedy's seat Collins and Murkowski will be a bit more insisting.