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  1. SCOTUS heard a case with Wisconsin and grabbed the MD, NC and TX case.
  2. Supremes already denied cert in the PA case....twice!
  3. Mostly becuase the SCOTUS recognizes state courts as the final arbiters of thier Constitution. DC not withstanding.
  4. PA was a state Supreme Court case based on thier Constitution. We have a similar piece in our Constitution with an added piece about similar common interests. This clause was used to get us the crazy map we got thus not running afoul of our state Constitution. The Supreme Court will bundle our map with The Wisconsin case along with NC. I suspect they will rule 5-4 or 6-3 against partisan gerrymandering now that Kennedy has his metric to objectively measure it. The solution will likely be states must not do it in 2020.
  5. Not sure but the redistributing map can’t be overridden. It’s not normal legslation.
  6. He is the president. Most get that. The people who don’t are the republicans whining about Clinton a year later!
  7. Not highly successful. He has failed to out preform the stock market. Maybe someone who lost money during Obama in thier 401k might see it that way. how many times did he file bankruptcy?
  8. We don’t know who McCabe voted for. Trumps beef is his wife is a democrat who ran anti trump.
  9. My big issue is this stems from handling of the Clinton emails which Sessions recused himself from. He should have kicked it over to Rothenstien.
  10. But Trump is part of the problem. His Rhetoric sounded outsider but he is beholden to a certain class of people.
  11. It’s a race to see how many ballots Putin’s guys can cast in the time given!
  12. I haven’t seen that in anything I read could you link that?
  13. The individual taxes will go back but the corporate taxes won’t
  14. I am fine with Lee Highway one VA particularly around places he actually lived and had a real connection to. Lee never had a real connection to many of the places that have statues for him etc. For example he was the President of Washington and Lee. He lived in the Custice house in Alexandria/Arlington. The statue in Charlottesville was erected in 1917 to commentate what connection? It is as rediculous as Washington State or a Stonewall Jackson statue in Baltimore!