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  1. I have said multiple times Lincoln went to VA to put down a rebellion by some whom incorrectly believed they could leave this nation!
  2. Hello silence my old friend....
  3. Not always but in this case most of Americans feel he was not sincere! Especially given his reversion back to the old statement the next day!
  4. That is exactly what Texas v White claimed happened upon the adoption of the Constitution and the admission of new states to the Union Perdue the to that. The Articles of confederation created a perpetual bond and the Constitution made that more perfect!
  5. Invaded? They are part of that government. The Supreme Court has determined such. It is their job to determine what the Constitution means. read the Majority opinion from Texas v White!
  6. Yes problem is I don't think Trump meant it.
  7. Which statement was that? The one he took three days to make and than retracted later? I like how he called the counter protestors "anti-police"
  8. He won't be voting for Trump in the next election!
  9. Sounded like they didn't have peaceful assembly in mind!
  10. One? That was not the only violence by the skin heads!
  11. Can you prove that urine was thrown with pics?
  12. What was the caption?
  13. No one suppressed their speech. Simply made it clear they disliked their message of hatred and bigotry!