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  1. SFA

    I agree.
  2. Yea, there are always a few in every league, every year. Still, nothing that will prevent it from being the lowest talent level in the league since at least 2008.
  3. Maybe a 5-way tie at 2-2 and have whoever has the highest point total in losses, and maybe the worst point differential in the league, declared champion. LOL!
  4. 1 team (my guess MSJ) will probably go 3-1, 3 will probably go 2-2, and one 1-3. Nobody really stands out. The talent level in the league is at its lowest point it has been in 10 years.
  5. No, you admitted you were wrong when you said you thought it was based on somebody's rankings. You then said thats what you were told. We've already gone over this. No agenda, just stated the facts.
  6. You say you are a public guy all the time, but all you talk about is SFA, MSJ, Gilman, and the MIAA. You said you coached in the publics, and then admitted you had no idea how teams qualified for the playoffs. The only other public post I remember was that Bresee was going to SFA. To say you couldn't (I assume thats what you meant) care less about Baltimore, would be lying to yourself. You are obsessed with this SFA deal. Nothing ever about public school teams, except to say you are a public guy 15 times, before inevitably talking about everything but. Come on, man. LOL!
  7. No you won't, it goes against the narrative. Unless the narrative changes to 'you can get a bunch of transfers, just not any more or any better than the transfers we bring in'. If that indeed happens, let 'em fire.
  8. From the mouths of clowns.
  9. SFA

    I played 3 sports at Oakland Mills, and you are upset about that? LOL! Or was it the part of shredding private school teams like it was our JV? I only know about 9 of the local recruiters among the top 25 in college football. So, I wouldn't say all, I'd say some. It doesn't hurt that my cousin is on the staff at Notre Dame, or that my good friend is on the staff at LSU, or my nephew was a recruiting coordinator at Ohio State before taking a nice job with the Indianapolis Colts last July. Those connections certainly helped in getting to know the others. But, thanks for inquiring.
  10. SFA

    The 5 remaining underachieving MIAA programs surely have become the laughingstock. You should hear the coaches across the country lambast these quitters. When I said laughingstock the other day, I see that is an understatement today. What a clown show. I shall now refer to this league from this day forward as the 'PTQ'. Pussies That Quit. They'll give new meaning to the old adage, 'If you can't beat 'em, just quit'.
  11. I wouldn't call it a herd, though if I were in the weak position you are in that it could look intimidating. Its really only like 8-1 in favor of it being a ***** move for forfeiting and quitting, when you take in social media,, talk show radio, players and parents of the teams that are quitting, and other coaches I talk to. That staff is getting hammered across the state among its peers. Everybody understands the hypocrisy behind the renegade decisions being made by these three schools. Just about the entire board called Holzer a liar for even mentioning anything about safety. Not a good look. I've asked for months for someone to name a 20 year old or 5th year player on this team. If they have one, sanction them, suspend them, dismiss them. If not, just sit in the corner and STFU. You bring up race, and I guess I'd have to say I agree with you that it may play a role, when you consider this silly "let's kick them out, we'll never win, may not score' argument has devolved into too many recruits, too many good players, a coach's ego, and the funniest of all, talking to public school players. Because everyone knows everyone does that. You feel victimized, its clear. You may want to go search somewhere else for sympathy and pity. This isn't the place for that.
  12. LMAOoooo! What a bunch of ****ing idiots.
  13. Love to hear about all of the recruits and transfers coming in. Nothing like LOTS of good transfers to bolster the ranks.
  14. Thanks!
  15. Never mind, I figured now may be a bad time.