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  1. I appreciate your analysis of this game.
  2. I remember that wild one. That is right, if Douglass had beat Potomac, Douglass was in, GP out. Not sure that Douglass would have gotten in over Calvert, based on a non-forfeit by Gwynn Park.
  3. AJ Hunt. The SMAC had a quartet of nice QB's this year, with Hunt, Jones at North Point, Crounse at Northern, and of course, Boogie at Lackey.
  4. I think its down everywhere, in my opinion. HoCo is one of the top 5 leagues every year, so its relative. The 5-0 playoff record v OOC opponents is impressive. Even more impressive is the 4-0 record on the road. I did have both Atholton and Long Reach as favorites in the first round, despite being on the road, based on HoCo being a stronger league than both Bayside and AACo. Having said that, Howard's win at Paint Branch was impressive, a week after the Lions survived 4 turnovers and still beat Sherwood. Glenelg's win over Thomas Stone, at Thomas Stone, was impressive as well. I do have all 3 HoCo teams losing this week, with Howard and Glenelg as prohibitive underdogs (25-35 points), with Long Reach an underdog as well. Do you think the overall play is up this year?
  5. Yes, thats exactly what happened. Credit to Douglass, who took on Wise and Riverdale Baptist in weeks 1 and 2. Taking on the pair, rather than schedule cupcakes, also cost them a berth in '16, too.
  6. The radio announcers called the 12 man penalty with the flags on the ground, before the zebras picked up the flags.
  7. I thought the same thing when I saw that it happened - Earl Hawkins. He suspended 8 players from Gwynn Park in 2015, so the Yellow Jackets forfeited the following game v Forestville. The Jackets did make the playoffs, losing to Patuxent in the regional final. Douglass, who beat Gwynn Park 37-8 in the regular season, lost a bonus point, missing the playoffs. Not sure if that is the same instance that you are speaking of.
  8. Damascus had 12 men on the field on the Dickens 12 yard game-winning score. Two referees threw flags but waved them off. Video shows a dozen Swarmin' Hornets on the field.
  9. Damascus had 12 men on the field on the Dickens 12 yard score. Two refereee threw flags but waved them off. Video shows a dozen Swarmin' Hornets on the field.
  10. Yea, I saw the 2 point conversion by Middleton was with just 1:29 left. ─╣ooked like a back and forth goodie.
  11. Except Harford Tech, who came back on Kent Island, and Oxon Hill, who handled Northern. And Glenelg-Thomas Stone was a wash. As for Tech, they were untested, and the Bucs were coming off a win over North Caroline. As for Oxon Hill, they had 4 losses. To be fair, the 'Jackets had key injuries, to QB Rollins and wideout Hill, that sidetracked them a bit. At the same time, with Rollins back, Oxon Hill may be the most talented team in 3A, and were the top ranked 3A team in the pre-season.
  12. This is the 9th time HoCo has multiple regional champions in a season (fourth in a row), but first one with 3. '80 - Mt Hebron, Centennial '82 - Oakland Mills (runner-up), Mt Hebron (runner-up) '90 - Wilde Lake (state champions), Oakland Mills '07 - River Hill (state champions), Wilde Lake '08 - River Hill (state champions), Wilde Lake (runner-up) '14 - Howard, Glenelg '15 - Howard (runner-up), Reservoir '16 - Howard, Glenelg '17 - Howard, Long Reach, Glenelg
  13. 1A #9 Fort Hill 21 #20 Allegany 20 #19 Lackey 36 #26 Douglass 28 #21 Dunbar 48 Lewis 0 #44 Havre de Grace 48 Bohemia Manor 14
  14. 2A #2 Damascus 7 #3 Walkersville 3 #12 Gwynn Park 43 Hereford 0 #35 Harford Tech 22 #22 Kent Island 21 #39 Glenelg 27 #38 Thomas Stone 18
  15. 3A #16 Linganore 16 #28 Westminster 14 #31 Oxon Hill 37 #17 Northern 28 #36 Long Reach 37 #37 Atholton 0 #15 Milford Mill v #30 Edgewood Sat.