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  1. His dad was an All-Met at St Albans, 2nd round pick by the New York Jets. Incredible athlete, at 6'3 210, ran a sub 4.5 40. Played all over the field for the Bulldogs, from tackle to quarterback. Left a mark when he hit you. Had an offer from Wisconsin to play basketball.
  2. He was killing them! He was doing what he wanted to. As he just said, he was playing at a high level, as were all of the Retrievers. I was at the first 15 v 2 upset, Richmond over Syracuse, but this is even crazier. Cavs were top seed, overall.
  3. Sure. Unless you want to reference any other posters that haven't been part of this dialogue, for whatever reason, and continue your haphazard approach. More than likely, I'd tell you the same thing again, no matter who it is you'd like to incorporate into this discussion. Getting out to see games doesn't seem to be a big thing for many of the private handles. It is what it is.
  4. GA? Feel bad for me? Your desperation is apparent. I know you love to insert GA into every other thread, for whatever reason, but lets be frank, no one takes GA seriously when it comes to local football. Its not a knock, its just the truth. For years now, he'll be the first to tell you, he doesn't go to games. I think he said he doesn't live in Maryland, which makes sense, based on his self-described limited knowledge on the subject. Anyway, I'm sure he'll appreciate the shout out, as well as acknowledging that at least you find him relevant. For whatever reason your little heart feels the need to do so. Probably beats being looked on as an afterthought.
  5. Please, get out to a game this year. Your daily 10 hour high school version of 'The View' gets old after a while. If you were only as smart as you think you are, you'd be dangerous. Until then, stay in your lane. The lane of second hand gossip and mindless banter. Thanks again for the data I needed earlier. The top 1000 expansion that showed Wise had more players on the list than anyone in the MIAA not named St Frances, and as many as DeMatha and Gonzaga. I was more than positive, but appreciative that you could confirm it after your extensive research. Maybe you can get the top 2,200 to work for you. Just make sure to review your work, first. Sometimes you defeat your own purpose.
  6. Oh, ****. Thats funny. Its a crazy phenomenon that has grown exponentially over the last few years. Don't identify your flaws, or focus on whats in front of you, instead, blame everyone else for your troubles, and spend the rest of the time available worrying about what someone else is doing. Like I said, thats why appreciate the public threads, none of the buffoonery, hate, or excuses you see with the usual suspects that spend countless hours on here, substance be damned. Expressing frustration of a public school team of 10 years ago that won multiple titles on a Friday in March 10 years later is basically par for the course, if not 2-under.
  7. Yea, the hating thing is crazy. Thats why I like the public threads such as the MPSSAA and HoCo threads much more than the private threads. As its been said by others, there is a negative vibe in every private thread. Whether its that its not fair that SJC has so much money, or SFA gets too much talent, or Dom is an ******** and Gilman is great, there is negativity attached to seemingly every post. That doesn't include threads dedicated to the futility seen at schools such as Loyola and Curley. You don't see the hate in the public threads, thank god, whereas there seems to be hate in every private thread, every day. In fact, 99% of the hate on Franklin and Wise come from private followers. Its weird. I also find it strange, as others have pointed out, none of these hate-loving posters ever seem to get out to see any games. Their posts seem to be limited to a 10 hour block, Mondays thru Thursdays, dedicated to hypothetical zip codes, mission statements, rumors and gossip, faux East Baltimore affinities, advantages that private schools have, and generalities like the Under Armour founder is wealthy and went to St Johns. And, of course, as you duly point out, a whole lot of hate.
  8. No one says it. Its a silly imaginary argument these new three dozen worth of handles that have signed on over the last 3 years that debate themselves about some crazy public-private rivalry that champion this cause. It seems to dominate their thought process, and for some, seems to dominate their lives. Its looney. As two private coaches pointed out to me, I probably have seen more private school games than just about everyone on here. The whole, 'you are a public guy' thing is buffoonery at its best. I have as many contacts among coaches in the privates as I do the publics. They've also served me well over a the years, dozens of times, of informing something posted on here wasn't anywhere close to being right, whether it be regarding coaching vacancies, transfers, proposed scheduling issues, what have you. All I can do is laugh. There isn't a kid I've known longer that plays now than 'Lil' Curt at McDonogh, and that includes Devin Dawkins, whom I've known for 70% of his life. Same in basketball, I've known Cameron Watts at Boys Latin longer than anyone playing public school ball, outside, obviously my nephew. There will be no two players I'll cheer more for than those two next year. I'm not one to advise another where they should place their obsessions and/or infatuations, but throwing a kitchen sink full of those two traits at an imaginary public-private fight seems a bit strange to me, but to each his own.
  9. Not interested in your fourth metric, now that the first three didn't work out for you. Not sure if me posting the '19 class has you so upset, or if it was when I pointed out that in that class, Wise has more top 250 players (the metric you used in your initial post of class rankings) than everyone in the MIAA 'A' not named St Frances (also, more than the 'bottom' five combined, with a total of zero), and as many as both DeMatha and Gonzaga. In fact, I thanked you for providing the data to back it up. Again, thank you very much. You saved me some time illustrating my point.
  10. I didn't say it should. I gave background, after someone mentioned his circumstances, without elaborating. I'd imagine if Notre Dame offered him, his grades are fine.
  11. What it settles is that Wise has more than everyone in the MIAA 'A' not named St Frances, and as many as DeMatha and Gonzaga. Thanks, again.
  12. Sorry to upset you so.Top 1000? LMAO!
  13. He moved here from Canada before 9th grade, after living in Ghana, and being born in Taiwan. Adjustments like that, going to high school in another country, may take one an extra year to complete than an American-born student athlete. He'll be 18 in July. As stated, he has enough offers already, from Penn State and Notre Dame, among more than a dozen others.
  14. Yea, crazy. I think if many read the posts on here, they'd think that the WCAC and MIAA 'A' had a lock on 85-90% of the top 20 players in every class, when some of us know that not only is that not true, its not even close. In fact, of those 5 classes, there were more MD top 20 players that didn't play in either the WCAC and MIAA 'A', than did. As far as the team breakdown, you are right, thats crazy, too. One public school, Wise, has more national top 250 players in the '19 class, than the 6 MIAA 'A' schools, combined. Of course, in the '17 class, looking at Potomac and Quince Orchard, at the micro level, they matched the entire 7-team MIAA league, with the Wolverines, Cougars, and the Baltimore top private league, each boasting two top 20 players. Of course, both Potomac and Lackey also had more national top 250 players than the entire MIAA 'A' league, combined. As far as the 5-year sample, its a pretty even split among the 4 entities. Of every four MD players ranked among the top 20 in their class, over the last 5 years, a little less than one-third are public school players, one out of every four play in the WCAC, a little less than one in every four in the MIAA, and just a little more than one in every five somewhere else. Crazy.
  15. Breakdown of Maryland's top 20 players ranked by 247 for the 5 classes from '15-19 (100 players); Publics 31 WCAC 25 MIAA 'A' 23 Others 21
  16. 247 '19 class top 250 Wise Jamal Speaks #153 6'0 185 RB Isaiah Hazel #240 6'1 190 WR DeMatha DeMarcco Hellams #62 6'2 198 ATH Nick Cross #183 6'1 207 S St Frances Shane Lee #59 6'0 240 ILB Rest of the MIAA zero National Christian William Harrod #188 6'5 305 OT St James John Metchie #237 6'0 190 WR
  17. Honorable Mention Jordan Goodwin 6'0 SR (Milford Mill) - Goodwin scored 14 points in the semifinal, 15 in the final, hitting 3 threes. Over the 2 games, Goodwin had 6 rebounds, 4 assists, and 4 steals. Ronald Lucas 6'6 SR (Lake Clifton) - Lucas was intrumental in the Lakers semifinal win over Oakdale, scoring 14 points, getting 13 rebounds, blocked 3 shots, and shot 6 of 7 from the field. Lucas added 5 points and 7 rebounds in the final. Tyler Holley 6'3 SR (Perry Hall) - Holley scored 17 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals in the Gators semifinal win over Gaithersburg. Holley averaged 12.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals, and shot 7-13, over the two games in College Park. Eric Turner 6'5 SR (Milford Mill) - Turner scored 15 points in the second half of the Millers semifinal win over Thomas Johnson, finishing with 20 points and 7 rebounds. Turner averaged 15 points and 6 rebounds in two games, shooting 7-13. Collin Schlee 6'3 JR (Oakdale) - Schlee scored 22 points, grabbed 5 rebounds, and had 4 steals in the Bears loss to the Lakers. Jao Ituku 6'1 FR (Gaithersburg) - Ituku scored 18 points, on 9-14 ashooting, and grabbed 8 rebounds in the Trojans semifinal loss to Perry Hall. Avion Robinson 5'11 JR (Old Mill) - Robinson scored 22 points (10-22) and dished out 4 assists in the Patriots semifinal loss to Bladensburg. Kevon Voyles 6'2 SR (Decatur) - Voyles scored 19 points and added 6 rebounds and 3 steals in the Seahawks semifinal loss to Poly. Jaden Martin 6'1 SR (River Hill) - Martin scored 18 points, grabbed 7 rebounds, and dished out 4 assists in the Hawks semifinal loss to North Caroline. Braxton Foreman 6'4 SR (Thomas Johnson) - Foreman was highly efficient in the Patriots semifinal loss to Milford Mill, shooting 5 of 8 from the field, 2 for 3 from three, and nailing all four foul shots, finishing with 17 points.
  18. 2nd team Justin Lewis 6'7 SO (Poly) - Lewis showed off his talents in the state title game, scoring 20 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. Lewis shot 7-12, and added 2 blocks. In the semifinal, Lewis scored 9 points, registered 12 rebounds, and rejected 5 shots. Over the 2 games, Lewis averaged 14.5 points, 12 rebounds, and 3.5 blocked shots, while shooting 50% for the 3A champs. Darren Lucas-White 6'2 SR (Fairmont Heights) - Lucas-White was the sole bright spot offensively for the Hornets in the title game, scoring 19 points, on 8-18 shooting, adding 5 rebounds and 2 steals. Lucas-White, who recorded four triple-doubles this season, scored 14 points and had 6 rebounds and 5 assists in the Hornets semifinal victory. Lucas-White shot 50% over the two games. Jamal West 6'5 SO (Dunbar) - West played the role of chairman of the board in College Park, taking in 33 rebounds in the pair of Poets wins. West scored 15 points and had 14 rebounds in the final, including 7 on the offensive end. West grabbed 19 rebounds, 9 offensive, in the semifinal win, adding 8 points. Over the two games, West averaged 11.5 points and 16.5 rebounds, 8 on the offensive end. Ben Carter 5'11 SR (Lake Clifton) - Carter was just one of five players to score at least 15 points in 2 games in College Park, joining Adams, Mims, Phillip, and Jordan Goodwin of Milford Mill. Carter scored 15 points and grabbed 8 rebounds in the Lakers come behind win over North Caroline in the final, and scored 19 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in the semifinal, hitting 7 of 8 free throws. Carter played in 63 of a possible 64 minutes. Ugo Obasi 6'4 SR (Milford Mill) - Obasi was the catalyst early in the Millers semifinal win over Thomas Johnson, and finished with 20 points and 7 rebounds, shooting 8-14, hitting 3 threes. In the state final, Obasi was off target from the outside, but still produced 13 points and 9 rebounds. Obasi finished with the sixth most points, and 7th most rebounds in College Park.
  19. themamba's MPSSAA Final 4 All-Tournament Team 1st team La'Quill Hardnett 6'9 SR (Perry Hall) - Hardnett scored 13 straight points for the Gators in the second half that saw the Gators go from 10 down to 3 up. Hardnett scored 31 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, while shooting 13-19, v Bladensburg in the state title game. In the semifinal, Hardnett came within a point and 3 assists of reaching a triple-double, with 9 points, 12 rebounds, and 7 assists. Hardnett recorded 40 points, 24 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 blocks and 3 steals in the two games. Though he was 1-9 from three, he shot 16-20 inside the arc. Da'Shawn Phillip 6'4 SR (Dunbar) - Phillip was arguably the most consistent performer over two games for any of the four state champions. Phillip scored 27 points, on 11-19 shooting, grabbed 13 rebounds (5 offensive), and had 3 steals in the state championship victory over Fairmont Heights. In the state semifinal, Phillip scored 19 points, grabbed 9 rebounds and had 3 steals v Clear Spring. Phillip averaged 23 points and 11 rebounds in the Final 4, shooting 61% from the floor for the state champion Poets. Demetrius Mims 6'6 SR (Poly) - Mims was dominant in the state semifinal matchup with Thomas Johnson, scoring 30 points, on 11-19 shooting, and grabbing 9 rebounds. In the final, Mims scored 17 points and grabbed 4 rebounds for the back-to-back 4A champs. Mims 47 points over the two games ranked 2nd in College Park. Mims shot 52% from the floor, and 15-17 from the line. Daniel Oladapo 6'7 SR (Bladensburg) - Oladapo was a force in the Mustangs upset win over Old Mill, scoring 27 points and hauling in 11 boards. Oladapo played 62 of 64 minutes over the two games. In the final, Oladapo scored 18 points and had 14 rebounds. Over the two games, Oladapo averaged 22.5 points and 12.5 rebounds, getting to the line 28 times. Joey Adams 5'10 SR (North Caroline) - Adams was the leading scorer in College Park, scoring more than 25 points in each game, pouring in 29 points in the semifinal win over River Hill, then draining 26 in the state final loss to Lake Clifton. Adams added 11 rebounds, shot 9-20 from three, added 4 assists and 4 steals. Adams played all 64 minutes of the semifinal and title games.
  20. Thanks, 58. My brackets have been trash the last 3 seasons. I'm dreading doing mine this year. There was a time where I was very successful doing brackets. In fact, I had one on ESPN's front page of leaders 15 years ago, at 46 of 48 going into the second Saturday. Last year, I was in the 43rd percentile. I think my 6 year old granddaughter beat me. Good luck.
  21. Deee-fense! Deee-fense! Deee-fense. Defense was the theme of Title Day Saturday for the victors. The Gators of Perry Hall got a huge day from La'Quill Hardnett (31/12), but it was their defense that won the game. The Gators, down 10 with 3 minutes to go in the third, held the Mustangs to 3-22 shooting the rest of the way, including holding Bladensburg scoreless for six minutes spanning from the end of the third to midway through the third. The Gators had 10 blocked shots, 7 steals, and caused 16 Mustangs turnovers. The Gators overcame shooting 2-16 from three and 8-16 at the line. Poly not only held the Millers to 25 points below their game everage, but didn't allow the Millers to get a possible game-winning or game-tying shot. The Engineers contested threes, as the Millers shot 6-25 from beyond the arc, and held the team in white trimmed with green to 8-29 first half shooting as the built a ten point halftime lead. Lake Clifton cam back to win the 2A title with its defense, holding the Bulldogs to 6 fourth quarter points, and not allow the Dawgs a field goal over the final 4:52 of the game. North Caroline shot 10-22 from the floor in the first half (45%), 7-28 (25%) in the second half. The Lakers only allowed 2 points off of their turnovers. Transition D. The Poets held the Hornets to 25 points below their average too, while causing the Hornets into 24 turnovers. Jamal West prevented transition with 7 offensive rebounds, and on the defensive end, his rebounding limited the Hornets to only 4 second chance points. --------- Dunbar's Cyrus 'Diego' Jones became just the 7th coach in MPSSAA history to win 5 state titles, trailing only Tom Dickman, Ken Freeman, and Larry Gandee. Dickman won 7 at Thomas Johnson, and sits atop the list with Freeman, who also won 7, 6 at Fairmont Heights, 1 at Parkdale. Gandee won 6 at Gwynn Park. Jones joins Valley's John Mayers, Randallstown's Kim Rivers, and his assistant and former Poets coach Eric 'Smiley' Lee, who all have 5. Lake Clifton's Herman 'Tree' Harried became just the 10th coach in MPSSAA history to win 4 state titles, trailing the seven above, and joining Southern's Tom Albright and New Town's Mike Daniel. 'Tree' also became just the 7th coach in MPSSAA history to win 9 regional titles. Nap Town's John Brady has won the most regional titles as coach, with 17. Dickman won 14, and Maryland public school's all-time winningest coach, WiHi's Butch Waller, has won 12. ----------- I have your Monday 3-digit - 771. Following the title games on Saturday, Harried now has a 418-124 record at Lake over 21 seasons, while Jones has a 212-63 record in 11 seasons at Dunbar. Both now sit with a 77.1% winning percentage. ----------- Over the last 10 years, the 3A, 2A, and 1A has produced 30 state champions. Teams from the Baltimore City League have won 19 of them. In 1A, the city league has won 7 of the last 10, in 2A, same, 7 of 10. In 3A, 5 of 10.
  22. DU-NB-AR, Dunbar! DU-NB-AR, Dunbar!