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  1. Can someone explain what Police Commissioner Kevin Davis has to do to get fired? Obviously incompetence, increased crime and poor community relations isn’t enough. There’s not even talk of replacing him. How many compromising pictures of Pugh and council members does he have?
  2. That post almost made sense. Then it didn’t. Then, it started to show promise before [fart noise].
  3. Well she didn’t pay foreign intelligence directly but she paid for their product. So I suppose there was a middle man. She might be safe. Phew.
  4. Because like all good jokes, the speaker says “that was a joke that I just said” right after he punchline. Wait, I just watched it again, and he did NOT say that. You’re right. Wow, obviously wasn’t a joke. Thanks for setting me straight. (That was a joke).
  5. Sorry, but we don’t know anything yet besides digging up dirt. If Papadopoulos flips and reveals improprieties or illegal acts, then you can fist pump. Otherwise, it’s the same as HRC and the DNC paying foreign intelligence to dig dirt on Trump (which I also don’t think is anything unless it reveals illegal acts). So I’m quite consistent. You?
  6. What if the fetus was fine? It’s still the woman’s body, right? She should be able to carve out whatever parts she doesn’t want anymore.
  7. If Russia found the 30,000 emails and said “would you like them?” Should the US say no? His emails comment was a joke. That’s the reality of it. Even if it were not, I’d like to see those emails, regardless of who found them. I understand you would not, because it could be damaging to “her”.
  8. Nothing in the charges deals with impropriety of Trump’s campaign.
  9. Mueller and the left wish they could just repeat: Trump, Russia, Trump, Putin, Polish Sausage, Trump, Interference, Russia, enough times that it would be impeachable. Fortunately, evidence is necessary.
  10. Yeah, that’s what everyone on the right said after Vegas: “it’s cool.” Very genuine, this one.
  11. And as soon as there is evidence Trump doing so, then I’m with you. But even the statements of facts (which aren’t facts in and of themselves) in the indictments don’t state that. And can we stop with “not my President” childishness. He may not be “your” President. He’s POTUS.
  12. Excellent post. Both sides have fundamental flaws with their usual arguments
  13. Babies won’t survive on their own. If you mean capable of breathing on one’s own is where you draw the line between human and non-human, then that is surely an odd definition of a human. Supreme Court agrees with you. But still odd to me.
  14. So viability is the essence of humanness. Got it. I don’t agree, but at least you have an ethos.