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  1. It doesn't matter which camp I lean towards. The point is, and only relevant point to the entire abortion debate, is when does life begin? "Choice", the Bible, consequences, politics, none of that matters. That is, the pro-life argument goes astray when they start talking about the Bible and hell, etc. it's dumb. Not everyone believes that stuff. The pro-choice argument goes astray when they start arguing that it's "her body" and leaving it at that. Misses the point and doesn't address the pro-life argument that it's a new life inside her body.
  2. So based upon your first sentence, causing a brain, spine and heartbeat to cease functioning is ending a life; otherwise known as murder. That's the point I'm making -- with your definition of life.
  3. Why does what she says literally create life? If she didn't say that, then it's not life? The whole point of the pro-life argument is that the cells are a person, so it is the pro-lifers business to protect them. Just like it's your business to attempt to protect DACA recipients.
  4. So it was a baby at the time she made the decision? What science supports that?
  5. So if a person considers any certain cells within their body as "her child", does that demarcate "personhood"? And why or why not?
  6. What about at 36 weeks (in utero)? Still her decision? If not, why not?
  7. Influence isn't the real charge. Democrats are saying that Russians interfered with the election. The former (influence) has only rumors comprised of Facebook stories. The latter (interfere) has absolutely nothing to support it.
  8. Not really. Both parties preach family values.
  9. She wasn't very bright. Refusing chemo and accepting a certain death, just so some cells in her uterus could be unharmed. Such a waste.
  10. I thought it was also intended to reduce 495 traffic. Or maybe an incidental effect.
  11. Following above posts, has anybody figured out whether this project has been worth it (i.e. reduced traffic and commute times)? Also, isn't it privately owned? I am not a fan of "pay to drive" roads, including EZ Pass express lanes. Shameful money grab and waste of resources. If the lanes are there, and they are public roads, they should not be only for those who wish to pay a and additional fee to travel on them. When it's unused and there is traffic, it's a huge waste. That is, I understand bridge tolls, because everyone has to pay to maintain the bridge (allegedly) which everyone travels, but this makes no sense and is unfair. Like a public speakeasy, but for rich people.
  12. Literally nothing but theories. It's like saying Russians were "proactive" with social media, and were "outside the box" with themes for Trump to win. Cliche'd gobbledygook and nothing to indicate "interference" with an election.
  13. Borrrrrrrr-rrrrrrrringggg Still, to date, nobody has given proof let alone - defined - what is meant by Russian interference with our election.
  14. The demographic we have been referring to is obviously Asian Americans. And that's a HUGE gap from Centennial to Marriotts Ridge, per ratio, between Asians at each school. It makes a difference. And Marriotts Ridge also has segment of kids that play football and not soccer from early on (western HoCo). Centennial is literally in the middle of soccer in Columbia. Maybe the numbers you are showing actually support the notion that River Hill is declining in football. Virtually nobody cares enough, even top shelf Howard public HS's like Howard, about recruiting. Recruiting is so difficult to do at the public school level in HoCo it is basically null. The optimal athletes will get snared by the private schools anyway. There is no old boys network in HoCo public school football that I'm aware of. Even places like Gilman which have bona fide programs didn't aim to have as such (it didn't come from the administration from what I know), Gilman just lucked out with a coach that decided to go to the next level for recruiting which happened to line up with the school's student body makeup goals.
  15. It's demographics why the numbers for football are so low at Centennial. It is pretty obvious. Football is different from basketball because one needs a core of at least 15-20 boys per class who are committed to have a competitive team. Whereas one can have a great basketball team - even competing for a state title - with 4-5 very good players. There's nothing wrong with a particular demographic not being interested in a sport. It's not something that needs to be "fixed".