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  1. The Nats probably had someone look at film to figure out what works, and what doesn’t. Roger McDowell is like “I don’t understand what that means. You mean like watch movies?” But Roger is a fun, wacky baseball guy so...let him continue to be terrible at coaching.
  2. This is starting to look more like a reality. Every single day we lose value. How can someone not drill that fact into DD (or Brady)’s brain? Duquette gonna spin it like “we weren’t getting the value in offers for Manny,”. He’s such a moron, he should go out pound the pavement for trades. Duquette is the antithesis of Ozzie Newsome.
  3. Ok, I’m back. What’d I miss? Brightside is that ERA is sub-8. That’s less than run per inning. So all the offense has to do is score a run every inning and we’ll be juuuuuust fine.
  4. Tragic for the officer and her family. but I don’t see the tidal wave of change regarding juveniles coming, or it being necessary the bad guys are caught. Put the driver away for 40 years (some consideration of his age), and 20 years for others. Done.
  5. This was a classic Oriole fraudulent injury. Last night, Tillman sat forward in the dugout for awhile after he was relieved. He showed no signs of injury, and then...he has an MRI? No way is that legitimate. And if severe enough to notice muscle or ligamental damage on an MRI, then he would have been in pain, or showing pretty bad discomfort, and already back with the trainer after he was removed from the game. The O’s better be careful or they might start paying fines, losing draft picks, etc. if MLB started snooping around.
  6. Well, the O’s went with “lower back sprain” for Tillman as the fake reason for his DL trip today. Boy, did his back look sprained when he was leaning forward in the dugout after he was pulled in the second inning. Ouch. I’m switching my answer for Bundy’s forthcoming fake DL trip (which would be Monday 5/14 if he falters Sunday) to ‘left quad strain’. And I suppose Bundy wouldn’t want whispers about any arm issues.
  7. The sad part is we are gonna lose this game 10-8
  8. I hope if not, then attendance continues to plummet.
  9. Tillman’s ERA is now 10.13 at what ERA does even your family begin to look at you funny?
  10. Somebody get Mike Wright up in the bullpen.
  11. Maybe, but that might require some visible evidence. Don’t know if MLB goes as far as peeling back bandaids from fingers to check, but probably safer for muscle strain. i just hope that Bundy’s head is OK. Worst ever start in MLB history could derail his entire career psychologically-speaking. Seriously, he may never be the same.
  12. The orioles getting violated so badly, they are entering #metoo territory
  13. We all know this is where he’s headed. No way he makes another start after this trifecta. His agent is begging him to go down with an “injury”, I would assume. ...I’m going with bicep strain. What do you think the Orioles will cook up?
  14. He must have pictures of Dan Duquette in compromising positions. No other reason he should be on a ML roster at this point.
  15. This team needs a Jonestown, metaphorically speaking.