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  1. A — not the — reason why people commit these crimes in this day and age, in our country, is because there is much less of a sense of a community than in other places and in our nation’s history. When sick, unstable people feel no sense of belonging, and really no purpose to the community, they want to inflict the pain they feel has been dealt to them (obviously drastically disproportionately so, but they are sick and/or evil so they can not grasp the disproportionality).
  2. The hospital’s investigation should take all of 5 minutes: find out who signed the last document in the discharge papers, and ask them why they improperly put her out in the cold. The delay in the investigation proves that the failure is one of protocol - people did what they were tasked with doing.
  3. That’s part of the reason to wonder. Is there awareness? Nobody ever said Joe was a “cerebral” or smart QB (even before the concussion), but it’s just a pattern of ‘what was he thinking (or was he thinking)!?!” type plays I never had with Boller (who was just untalented/inaccurate) or any other QB with such frequency.
  4. After he threw that incomplete screen pass on the second to last drive, honest to God, the passing thought of Joe having some type of real brain trauma occurred to me. That’s just not something that ANY 10th year QB with an intact brain would do (on top off about 150 other things Flacco has done in retrospect ). Whether the ramifications of the Kiko Alonso hit need to be looked at more closely, or there is something non-head related occurring, based on his display in total, I think it’s fair to wonder about Joe Flacco’s neurological health.
  5. Don’t assign political spectrum tags to people who are insane. Fair?
  6. Just watch out for those extreme lefty ISIS members. They want government to control everything.
  7. Well, at least Wallace admits that Perriman has bad games. Look, nothing has worked for Perriman. Maybe a jolt to a young kid, like “‘wow” I’m getting booed, and that means I’m almost out of the league” will jolt him to working harder. Maybe not. The fact is he is very close to being finished, if it doesn’t jolt him - or it doesn’t affect him — then who cares? At least we tried to warn him
  8. I'm sure Angelos purposefully "leaked" the idea that Manny would be available via trade, but in reality, he's not going to be traded in the off-season. Angelos wanted to appear like he is trying to grow the franchise for years to come, but PA's personal clock is ticking faster and faster on becoming beloved in Baltimore with a WS championship (his goal). This way, DD can say, on behalf of PA (really), that "teams didn't offer anything approaching Manny's value -- we were open to a trade -- didn't you hear the news reports'? Once it becomes apparent that the playoffs are out of reach, in July, they will end up trading Manny for a top prospect and a mid-level prospect just to save face. Whereas, I imagine we could probably get two elite prospects now.
  9. Ok, that's interesting about BLM, if they did cite to it and similar cases. That's a start. But unless BLM starts marching for these cases, which is unlikely, they cannot reasonably complain when someone says "WLM" -- which is currently mocked as illegitimate by the BLM movement. As an aside, I wouldn't say "WLM" because I think it's a dumb and counterproductive exercise.
  10. After the verdict in SC yesterday where the cop got 20 years, Twitter, Facebook, online "community" magazines, etc. were blowing up. Indisputable. That was a HUGE deal social media and news-wise. Cases like this fall by the wayside when it comes to promoting the narrative of racial injustice. It doesn't fit. Both police and racial injustice, can and likely do, exist to some degree. But instances like this point to a straight policing issue as being what should be the predominant complaint, rather than race. But, simple policing brutality issues are just not as exciting as racial policing brutality issues to the media or talking heads/journos/athletes/entertainers, etc. The lack of news about this case, prior to today, is also telling about what the media believe is or is not newsworthy. That is, if you look at his original comments, cases like this are not why Kaepernick knelt.
  11. I've noticed that the African American community is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry silent about this verdict. Wonder why?
  12. Agreed. This stinks really bad. BPD should be asking for FBI's help. That is, if they were really interested in finding out who did this. Think of all the detectives in BPD. Think of all the days and hours they work. Think about the fact that this detective was to testify against other officers the very next day. Think about the fact that this is the only active detective in recent memory who was murdered. His murder could have been a random occurrence. The chances are just infinitesimally small. EDIT: OK, I understand FBI is assisting. Still doesn't change the %'s involved in this being random vs. targeted.
  13. If BPD will murder each other to save themselves (which appears likely at this point), then the worst of the department is worse than I thought. Still good cops there but probably much fewer than anticipated. Davis should resign. If not, I would suspect he has some involvement in the murder cover up. This is as bad as I’ve ever seen.
  14. Can someone explain what Police Commissioner Kevin Davis has to do to get fired? Obviously incompetence, increased crime and poor community relations isn’t enough. There’s not even talk of replacing him. How many compromising pictures of Pugh and council members does he have?