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  1. Gilman leads after Day 1 of the MIAA Championships with 71 pts. LB is in 2nd with 46, MSJ 3rd with 43, CHC with 38, AC with 23 and AS with 5 pts. All totals are unofficial. Gilman won the high jump, 3200, & 4X800. CHC won the 4X200 and Discus. LB won the triple jump. The 110 hurdles, 800, 1600, 4X100, 4X400, 100, 200, 300 hurdles, 400, long jump, pole vault and shot put will be held on Saturday at CHC.
  2. Gilly, I didn’t care to know. Just wanted to get a rise out of GA. Mission accomplished. Like old times. I did know that Gilman is in driver’s seat for today and Saturday’s MIAA championships. Btw, the CHC 4X400 relay won a preliminary heat also at the Penn Relays with a time of 3:26.5 that was better than Gilman’s time. Wow!
  3. That’s funny. C’mon Gilly. You know GA is the “authority” for all things Gilman around these parts. Either he hasn’t seen my post yet or they must not have done anything noteworthy. However, no need for Google when GA can inform us about the Greyhounds’ latest exploits when he gets around to it.
  4. While we’re piling on Gilman, GA can you tell us how Gilman athletes performed at the Penn Relays? Calvert Hall performed well. It’s 4X100 Relay Team set the MIAA record and finished second nationally at the Penn Relays. The team itself finished 4-2 at MIAA meets this season losing to 1st place Gilman & 2nd place MSJ (73-72). How in the world did CHC have such a good sprint performance with all those speedsters over on Roland Avenue? Did Gilman attend the Penn Relays?
  5. Agree with Mamba & Gilly Tech. New handles suck!
  6. You don’t throw for 7,000 yds in two seasons by running as a first option.
  7. You’re incorrect. You don’t throw for 7000 yds and 65 TDs in two yrs by being an average QB. Read the scouting reports. Jackson had better stats than Josh Allen in a tougher league against tougher competition. Men lie. Women lie. Stats don’t lie. Louisville’s system is more of a pro-style offense than Baker Mayfield’s at OU. From Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports: “While Brady and Jackson might be on opposite ends of the athletic spectrum, they share something where it truly counts: Both run a tweaked version of the Erhardt-Perkins offensive system. Former offensive coordinator Charlie Weis introduced the system to the Patriots, and current coordinator Josh McDaniels was groomed inside it – all while the scheme was tailored to fit Brady over the years. Meanwhile, Jackson ran a version of the same pro-style system at Louisville under Bobby Petrino. That gives Jackson familiarity with the formation/personnel/verbiage principles that have defined the New England offense for years. Having an understanding of how the Erhardt-Perkins system works would be a significant bonus for a rookie sharing a classroom with Brady, who is operating the scheme at an elite level.” Jackson is more polished and athletic under the center than Flacco ever could be. Only time will tell if Jackson’s promise of a Super Bowl win will come to fruition. I think the future for the Ravens is trending up.
  8. wrong thread
  9. I hope not. They need a much younger coach to connect with these players today.
  10. I hope either Coach Sheed or Coach Gately get the job.
  11. Agreed.
  12. Well said.
  13. Didn’t say you were racist, SB. However, you might protest too much. You probably don’t see color either and some of your best friends are probably black, correct? Btw, I’m not paranoid. I am well-versed in the racism of Amerikkka. I’ve dealt with it for about 45 of my 51 years.
  14. Go ahead and keep your head in the sand, Ostritch!
  15. As an alumnus and parent of a alumnus at a MIAA school, I argued for years to kick Gilman & McDonogh out of the league for starting the arms race. None of you good ol’ boy MIAA supporters would hear of it. You’re hypocrites now that the prison area school is dominating. Split up the MIAA and the resulting leagues will wither on the vine.