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  1. From the Idaho Statesman: "After redshirting at Boise State in 2014 following one season at Butte (Calif.) College, Stuart appeared in nine games in 2015, attempting 18 passes (one touchdown) and rushing 30 times, scoring three touchdowns. He only played in three games this past season, completing 3-of-5 passes for 50 yards and rushing once for 2 yards." Tommy Stuart was more than capable of being the starting QB at Boise State. According to the "Harsin has good reason to like the state of his quarterback position. Whereas most teams fear their starting quarterback being taken away due to injury, the Broncos appear to have good depth after Friday's showing against the Bengals. Both Stuart and Rypien operated under a sense of calm and poise, never seeming to be in a state of duress. Stuart brings a dual threat in his ability to both throw and run the ball. Rypien on the other hand has a big and accurate arm. This combination of talent should provide for an intriguing offensive showing." in the end, the Broncos' coaches went with Rypien and his prototypical arm instead of Stuart's dual-threat capabilities and leadership skills.
  2. No clue.
  3. Just saw on Twitter that Kai Locksley signed with Marshall University. GA, I bet you think he'll be the next Randy Moss, huh?
  4. They didn't play at GC. Yes, they got better under Williams. Ask your boy, DD.
  5. My issue was with 1012 and his assertion that Williams would not be a good QB coach at SFA. Williams was QB coach for Tommy Stuart, Colar Kuhns and Kenji Bahar, all FBS and FCS QBs. He also worked with Brooks and Avery in individual position drills during practice. IMO, Williams will be in his element as QB coach and make SFA's QBs better.
  6. You ever heard the adage, "you can't make chicken salad out of chicken ****." I complained that they didn't play the correct QB. The Senior was terrible. He struggled against a terrible Bohemia Manor team in his sophomore year. There was no helping him. The sophomore Avery was much better and improved over his freshman JV year. Again, not a QB coaching issue but a OC issue with playing the best player. Politics as usual at CHC.
  7. None. However, CB and Edge rusher were a bigger need.
  8. No such agreement. QB coach and OC are two different animals. You can be good at one and bad at the other. From most accounts, Williams was a better coach than coordinator. Fundamentals vs play calling. Get it?
  9. Sorry, didn't know. Where was the sarcasm emoji. Lol.
  10. Drafting a TE with 5 on the roster would have been overkill for me. I think they picked the wrong CB. I would have drafted Quincy Wilson over Humphrey.
  11. Word is that Williams was a very good QB coach but we all know he sucked as an offensive coordinator. Teaching a kid fundamentals is different from calling an offense that highlights said kid's strengths.
  12. Rob, don't dog HBCUs. I know a lot of Howard, Hampton and Morgan grads who have Master's degrees and PhDs and make good money. Dumb people graduate from Ivy League schools, too. Just look at the current occupant of the Oval Office
  13. SJC "stole" talent from other schools in their failed bid to overtake DeMatha.
  14. IF is a big word. He seems to like weed too much. We'll see.
  15. Me too! I was disgusted this past weekend with that crappy draft. They pay Joe like he's an Elite QB but don't get weapons to help him flourish. This is shaping up to be a rough season.