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  1. MSJ 14-7 in 2nd Q.
  2. 17-8 Patuent.
  3. I was at that game. Dunbar seemed to struggle with their passing attack all game and didn’t put in the starting QB who they had playing WR. Questionable coaching made it a frustrating game to watch.
  4. If we take the CalPreps rankings, the tournament would go like this: Quarterfinals 9/4/17 (1) DeMatha over (8) MSJ (4) OLGC over (5) Spalding (3) McDonogh over (6) CHC (2) SFA over (7) Ryken SemiFinals 9/11/17 (1) DeMatha over (4) OLGC (2) SFA over ((3) McDonogh Championship 9/18/17 SFA over DeMatha 42-35 3OT CHC’s defeat in the 1st round after 3 days rest would give them them a much needed break before Loyola.
  5. SFA’s offense plays to its strengths. I disagree that it’s a rec league offense. Now Gilman, that’s a rec league offense!
  6. Gooch, #24 is a damn good RB but #6 was a starter in the season opener for a reason and he is out with an injury. #1 & #7 (Howard commit) are CHC’s top receivers with #11 sprinkled in. Neither #6 or #7 playing would have mattered last night, though.
  7. Sounds like a 2016 or 2017 Gilman Greyhounds football game.
  8. The MIAA playoff semifinals and finals are being played November 11th and 18th. That is the only reason DD voted yes for this playoff. It doesn’t interfere with the Turkey Bowl. If we used this year’s calendar as a metric, an 8-team statewide private school playoff would have to start Nov. 4th. The semifinals would be held on the 11th and the championship on the 18th giving a CHC or Loyola 4 days to prepare for their Great American rivalry. Any other plan that calls for a playoff game to be played Thanksgiving weekend would be shot down by both CHC & LB. Therefore, both teams would opt out.
  9. This thread is about 3 or 4 years late. You should have posted it the year that SFA beat McDonogh and EI had arguably the best meltdown ever on the HS Sports Forum otherwise known as The Board.
  10. Gilman losing to Calvert Hall has never been because of anything Calvert Hall did as far as you’re concerned. CHC is not a small team by any means. They are a physically tough team with heart and will play every team on their schedule very hard. Their only problem is at QB. At this point, neither kid is capable of beating a more talented team like SFA. The jury is still out on whether #18 or #10 can lead the Cardinals to victory against Spalding or McDonogh.
  11. I saw Patixent beat Dunbar in the playoffs, DW. QB play and the passing game was not a reason why Patuxent won so easily against the Poets from what I remember. What were Crouse’s stats that game? Ive seen some exceptional QB’s at the private and public school level over the last 10 years and Patuxent’s QB wasn’t one.
  12. I heard that they put in the 2nd team against CHC. Bull****! Football is not a game that you can go half ***. SFA was better than CHC. That happens with a team of all-stars. I’m not hating. I’ve seen this before with Gilman &cDonogh after the arms race.
  13. If the state private school playoff occurred Thanksgiving weekend, there is no way CHC and Loyola would participate. Donald Davis wouldn’t have a vote in the matter. You outsiders don’t understand about CHC/Loyola and City/Poly. Nothing compares in the state, not even Gilman/McDonogh.
  14. JMT, if every HS coach entered their QB’s stats on MAXPREPS than Crouse’s ranking might mean something. The proof is in the pudding or the putting. If he goes to the next level then we’ll know the kid is legit and not a product of his competition.