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  1. The difference between football and track when it comes to girls is that at a football game the girls are in the stands while you are on the field with your back to them. At a track meet they are in the stands with you in between events. Did you ever run track or ever attend a meet? Went to my first track meet as a sophomore at WVU. That was a sight to behold.
  2. I didn’t take any glee in McDonogh players being injured. I even posted that I hope both teams are at full strength if they meet in the championship. I just posted a fact. SFA battered and bruised McDonogh and took their heart.
  3. That’s what arrogant good ol’ boys do when confronted with different opinions from their own. You call me pretentious (more like uppity) because I dot my I’s and cross my T’s and you point out the lack of conjugated verbs and declining of nouns to bolster your point. GA & Gooch’s grammar have nothing to do with the points made. Either way your boys got their, not there/they’re, freakin’ asses kicked resulting in several McDonogh players leaving the game with injuries. It was a bloodbath and I hope the two teams meet again in the championship with all hands on deck. I believe the same outcome will be had by the Panthers.
  4. MOP was referencing my post and talking about me. Not GA.
  5. Why am I in a deep rut? My father and uncles have a deep well of knowledge and have forgotten more about football than I’ve ever known. If they all said SFA manhandled McDonogh than I believe them. If you and your other good ol’ boy friends on the board don’t like what I post, block me. Wouldn’t bother me one bit.
  6. No rec coach buddies. Just several family members who have watched hundreds of football games of brothers, sons, grandsons and nephews at the rec, HS and college levels. Plus Greyhound Alum.
  7. I was two seconds from posting the same thing. Lol!
  8. Wrong on every point you made but don’t let that stop you from your fantasies of McDonogh putting up a fight against SFA. I know several football savvy folks who saw the carnage first hand & informed me that SFA beat your son’s team like a runaway slave. My a rented mule! They beat McDonogh so badly that EaglesInsider had his second psychotic break in the last 3 or 4 years.
  9. McDonogh’s speed on defense and beef upfront is the reason why I think CHC’s QB won’t get it done in crunch time. #18’s M.O. is to rack up stats against lesser teams and make crucial mistakes against quality opponents. BTW, I hope those who want to tout #18’s two long TD passes against Spalding read HSFBLover’s post that one of his TDs was on a blown coverage (wide open receiver) and that he threw two INTs, one a pick six. CHC has McDonogh in two weeks according to their website, then Avalon on 11/1/17 and Loyola for the Turkey BowI championship. I don’t think they’ll make the MIAA playoffs and will finish 6-5.
  10. True, don’t forget that McDonogh got destroyed by the Panthers as has every other league team so far.
  11. DeMatha has so dominated the WCAC, they “should absolutely look into changing over to a national schedule. Just like IMG did, Bishop Gorman should do, SJC may do, etc...” See how simple that is. Just apply it evenly to all programs that follow that model. Even your beloved alma mater. Btw, Jim Crow & train tracks have everything to do with it. If you consume any type of media you would know that current events are tricking down into HS sporting events.
  12. Thought you were talking about SFA. Not hiding my liberal views but speaking out in a public forum. A lot of these good ol’ conservative boys are not being their true selves and are passive-aggressively recommending that SFA leaves for greener pastures. Paraphrasing the great Dave Chappelle, “If they got hate in their hearts, they should just let it out!”
  13. I drove past Cumberland a little before 7pm heading back to Bmore from WVU. Thought about stopping to watch the game but figured it was sold out. Congrats to FH on the exciting win.
  14. You know what it means. It’s ok for Catholic (CHC, Loyola, MSJ, DeMatha, Good Counsel) and Blue Blood (Gilman & McDonogh) i.e historically & predominately white institutions to use this model of recruiting predominately black kids to help their football programs dominate locally and regionally. However, when a white benefactor takes his money to poor ol’ St. Frances and the school and Eastside community starts to find gridiron success and publicity then all the naysayers come out the woodwork like roaches and cry foul. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you secretly call Poggi a “negro lover” in your guarded moments. Naw, it wouldn’t surprise me at all with the way the country is slipping slowly back to the days of Jim Crow with the current president & congress. Now back to scores and commentary.
  15. They don’t have dorms, they supposedly have a renovated home or two on the side street next to the school. You could be the new WH Communications Director if you wanted.
  16. Why does DeMatha do it to dominate the WCAC? Oh yeah, SFA is from the wrong side of the tracks. Power to the Panthers!
  17. My question to you is if CHC was doing what Gilman, Loyola and McDonogh was doing is why is the pay for play dynamic only in play with two of the teams today. Loyola had success with Garvin, Kinnard and Harris along with a lot of good players surrounding them. DD brought in players like QB/DB Adrian Amos who was a midget as a freshman, RB Brandon Neverdon who grew to 5’7” 175 lbs as a senior, Daniel Yarborough an undersized but strong nose tackle and a host of dual sport athletes from the lacrosse & baseball teams. Those guys really took off when QB Tommy Stuart transferred in from Good Counsel. Hardly recruiting on the level of Gilman, McDonogh & now SFA. Gilman is no longer in the mix but McDonogh & SFA still are but none of you beyatches wanted McDonogh or Gilman out of the MIAA. I don’t know what team you follow or support but you need to grow a pair and stop crying.
  18. Thanks. Part of it was a dig at EaglesInsider & those posters calling for SFA to be kicked out of MIAA. SFA deserves the attention & accolades after years of being the nappy-headed stepchild in the MIAA “family”. It was good to see the kid win just as Beau English last season.
  19. You sure you didn’t impregnate some woman 23-24 yrs ago and owe some child support. This kid seems like a chip off your own block. An entertaining skull draggin’? GilmanAlum12 gotta be your son!
  20. You know what I meant. I sometimes write too much. Wanted to be brief. Glad you googled it because I didn’t feel the need.
  21. I agree. SB is clueless as Stacy Dash & I’m not talking about the movie character.
  22. Baltimore Sun’s Katherine Dunn retweeted the following link for SFA’s Terrell Smith to get USA Today HS Football Player of the Week: Press view poll and vote for Smith. He’s currently winning. If you’d like to piss off EI, MOP and anybody else badmouthing SFA for only doing what Gilman & McDonogh perfected, vote as much as you can. Btw, every time you vote the players switches spots on the page. Make sure you choose Smith each time. ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿✊🏻✊️
  23. All it took for me to think CHC would beat Gilman this season was to see Calvert Hall beat Silver Oak. Yes, Silver Oak. CHC’s defense showed me that with growth, coaching and a natural progression, the Gilman Greyhounds would lose again to my Cardinals for the second season in a row. Nothing has dissuaded me from that belief. Not the close loss at Wise or the blowout at the hands of the SFA Panthers. If anything, watching Gilman lose on Blue Blood TV to Gonzaga, G-Town Prep and MSJ just cements my belief. I can’t guarantee a victory against Gilman. The kids have to go out and execute but as I told GA during the SFA game, MSJ wouldn’t beat CHC and neither would Gilman. GA, the floor is open for your Trumpian delusions, misstatements and outright lies. Lol!
  24. Bo Jackson didn’t look slow. Jamal Lewis didn’t look slow. I know they were NFLers but you get my point. They were physical freaks. Madison is good enough to play at the next level for free but he will have to do a lot to live up to your analysis.
  25. What Gilman coach told you this? I don’t know what Madison’s 40 time is but I don’t see him as a slot receiver at the next level. He doesn’t seem quick enough. Takes awhile to get up to full speed. Just my opinion. Also, Darius and Cyrus played against better competition and excelled all the way to the NFL. Different level of play these days.