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  1. Just saw Calvert Hall’s 2017-18 varsity basketball schedule for the first time. CHC’s 29 game regular season schedule includes a 11/18/17 home game against WCAC power, St. John’s (DC), a 12/7/17 contest against the Dunbar Poets at Towson U’s SECU Arena, three games at the Benedictine (VA) Capital City Classic in late December & the Cardinals’ normal guantlet in the MIAA & BCL. One game that I expected to see on the schedule is an away game at the Perry Hall Gators. That run and gun affair at CHC Alumni Gymnasium last season between the two teams was a great game. For some reason there won’t be a rematch this season. I’m looking forward to seeing Poly with Justin Lewis, Dulaney with Josh Cornish and SFA with Chapelgate Christian transfer, Jason Murphy. It should be a fun season in the private & public ranks.
  2. Was on my way to Coppin for the three evening games when I checked the Shirts vs Skins website. All games in the evening cancelled due to inclement weather. What a joke! I feel bad for the kids. There were three good matchups that fans didn’t get to see.
  3. Why did Tavon run the NFL Combine 40 yd dash in 4.34 seconds. You’re talking out your *** Dawg!
  4. GA is making stuff up. Tavon ran a 4.5 coming out of his mother’s womb!
  5. Good games today at the Shirts vs Skins Classic today at Coppin State University. The schedule includes: 3:45pm Putnam Science Academy (CT) vs Mt. Zion (MD) 5:30pm Bishop Loughlin (NY) vs John Carroll (MD) 7:00pm Mt. Carmel (MD) vs Dulaney (MD) 8:30am St. Benedict’s (NJ) vs St. Frances Academy (MD) Mt. Zion’s game is interesting because of the Baltimore connection of Jayden Saddler, Tyler Foster and Andre Rafus. I was told that JTIII’s Georgetown coaching staff wanted Foster to complete a postgraduate year to get stronger and improve his game but the 3-star Gilman graduate decommitted in response. I hope Greyhound Alum can confirm or refute this. Rafus decommitted from TCU in March of this year but word is that he didn’t have the grades to attend the Big 12 school. My source stated if Rafus had remained at SFA he would have qualified for TCU. His exact words were, “When has Coach Nick Myles not had a kid qualify for college? Never.” Saddler has offers from Towson, Rider and UNC-Greensboro but the Aberdeen HS grad decided on a year at Mt. Zion to improve his skills and exposure. I’m also looking forward to seeing Dulaney HS and St. Frances Academy for the first time tonight.
  6. John Carroll, led by Montez Mathis’ 19 pts, beat Lake Clifton easily on Thursday night at Coppin State University, 77-54. The second game, between Calvert Hall and Dunbar was much more exciting. The Poets won 69-68 on a last second defense stop at the rim. Brendan Adams led all scorers in the game with 20 pts. Adams was joined in double figures by G Myles Morris with 16 pts and G Logan Curtis who finished with 12 pts. Dunbar’s guards Zephaniah Esguerra and Jamal West each had 16 pts to lead the Poets to the win. According to Varsity Sports Network, Calvert Hall head coach, John Bauersfeld was quoted as saying, “I thought we played a pretty good third quarter but made some defensive mistakes in the fourth quarter. When you’re undersized you almost have to play perfect defensively.” I agree with Coach JB but I think he made a big mistake not playing SO F Montez McNeil late in the game. Dunbar took a late lead in a outback by one of their undersized guards because McNeil was on the bench. IMO, McNeil offers size in the post and may have been able to block out the scorer or at least interfere with the easy go ahead basket. If Coach JB is not very careful, McNeil might be the next Calvert Hall big man in consecutive years, after Justin Lewis, to transfer out due to insufficient playing time. I heard that McNeil’s mother isn’t happy with her son’s playing time thus far this season. CHC has a good rotation going with Adams, Curtis, Morris, Pierce Robinson, Darius Tilghman and McNeil but I think they need to change a few things. I already mentioned McNeil’s playing time but the talented sophomore should play at least 25-30 minutes a game. If he does he’s almost guaranteed a double-double every night. Second, Morris and JR G Terrence Henderson should be the primary ballhandlers, along with Tilghman, in bringing the ball up the court. Adams and Curtis should be in the frontcourt ready to execute the offensive play with more time on the clock. Finally, I’d like to see what 6-6 JR F Michael Wright and JR G Jaylen Raikes could do with even moderate playing time. Wright could provide much-needed height when McNeil is on the bench and Raikes could add an additional scorer when Adams or Curtis need a blow. CHC lost last night to John Carroll, 74-64. Surprisingly close score for the 0-5 Cardinals. I think they’ll get better as a team. The Cardinals have a chance to win 4 out of their next 5 games with Severn School, Glenelg Country, Gilman and Loyola coming up on the schedule before Christmas.
  7. Looking forward to seeing Calvert Hall play the Dunbar Poets for the 1st time I can remember since I was in HS in the early to mid 80s. The game is scheduled for 7pm at Coppin State University. CHC started the season 0-3 losing to St. Maria Goretti, Mount Carmel and John Carroll. The Cardinals could drop to 0-4 tonight against the Poets. Dunbar returns 2nd Team All-Metro SR F DaShawn Phillip who will be a handful for CHC’s frontcourt to contain. Fellow 2nd Team All-Metro SR G Brendan Adams along with FR G Darius Tilghman, JR G Logan Curtis and SO F Montez McNeill have to step up for the Cardinals as they try to win their first game of the young season. Prior to the Cardinals and Poets game, Lake Clifton takes on John Carroll at 5:15pm.
  8. Die Thread, Die!
  9. It’s too much work.
  10. I didn’t see a better HS QB in the area this season.
  11. What? Must’ve been another Fort Hill supporter. Didn’t want to be called out by yourself, huh? If you didn’t give a damn you wouldn’t have responded. Stew in your anger & disappointment for another year, loser! Lol!
  12. Transfers who’ll reclass, probably.
  13. I mentioned that someone asked you the question. No need to add their response. I don’t know if he/she even posts on this board. Just wanted to let people know your true feelings once your inevitable sportsmanlike but fake congratulations to Dunbar was posted.
  14. Is Holzer the new HC at Gilman or what? GA will be happy as a punk in jail if true. Get ready for the Vince Lombardi comparisons.
  15. The recently departed Charles Manson was crazy & some would say passionate. Not a good look for FH fans to seek a legend’s resignation.
  16. From the Internet, “Having bigger fish to fry means that you had better turn your attention to something that is more important.” I’m Joe Citizen like you. I think that Mueller Time has everything under control.
  17. Are you calling me scared? I got bigger fish to fry. I’m literally worn out with our country’s current political state of affairs. I believed Dunbar was the better team and felt no need to respond. They won anyway with more penalty yards. Hope you worry about what’s going on across the country and world as much as you do about a relatively insignificant athletic contest. This wasn’t Texas Western vs Kentucky after all. Dunbar happens to dominate Fort Hill or didn’t you know that?
  18. Nobody bit on it and rightfully so. Real life with our current government weighs people down. No need to bring the divisiveness on the board. Both sides wouldn’t budge off their POV anyway. Dunbar won with more penalty yards. Moot point now.
  19. I’d agree if MMA had pulled it out against Linganore. Smh!
  20. What do you think?
  21. It was a post from last year’s playoffs, DW. Just thought it was interesting due to BJC’s deleted thread topic, lol!
  22. First, I want to congratulate the Poets on a great win! I predicted a 3 win season for Dunbar before the season started. This was my worst prediction ever since I started posting on the board back in 2007. As for this edited thread, I guess nobody wanted to touch BJC’s post with a ten foot pole. Lol! However, on 11/23/16, Fort Hill’s most rabid fan, Waggle Pass, posted on in response to another poster asking if anyone had seen Dunbar. WagglePass responded, “You mean the Baltimore All Stars? Lol. TON of talent, but coaching is questionable. Another ? is whoever officiates the game how much they let Dunbar's OL get away with holding.” This post is the gift that keeps on giving. I’d say that the refs didn’t let Dunbar get away with anything today, huh WagglePass? Coaching also seemed pretty good today, too. Lmao! Congrats again Poets!
  23. The 22nd Annual Bball Academy at Morgan State University Thursday, January 11, 2018 3:00 pm City College vs. New Town (G) 4:15 pm Poly vs. Franklin (G) 5:30 pm Hammond vs. Woodlawn (B) 6:45 pm Dunbar vs. Milford Mill (B) 8:00 pm Patterson vs. St. Maria Goretti (B) Friday, January 12, 2018 3:00 pm Western vs. Mt. Carmel (G) 4:15 pm New Town vs. Hammond (B) 5:30 pm Edmondson vs. Oxon Hill (B) 6:45 pm Woodlawn vs. Old Mill (B) 8:00 pm Lake Clifton vs. Mt. Carmel (B) 9:15 pm Perry Hall vs. Riverdale Baptist (B) presented by Under Armour Saturday, January 13, 2018 10:00am New Town vs. Poly (G) 11:30am Mt. Carmel vs. City College (G) 1:00pm Franklin vs. Western (G) 2:30pm Chapelgate vs. New Town (B) 4:00pm Milford Mill vs. Edmondson (B) 5:30pm Old Mill vs. Dunbar (B) 7:00pm Oxon Hill vs. Lake Clifton (B) 4:00pm Riverdale Baptist vs. Patterson (B) presented by Under Armour 6:00pm McDonogh vs. Perry Hall (B) The Saturday evening schedule seems like it needs to be corrected.
  24. True, your Greyhounds have won 3 out of 11 games vs the Cardinals since the ‘05-‘06 season. That’s a .272 winning percentage for your A-Conference perpetual underachiever Gilman varsity basketball team.
  25. You said that when they had Foster, Duncan & that crew. You said it last year with Rucker and Madison. It won’t happen. Gilman has never been good in the MIAA in A Conference basketball. Go down to the B Conference and you might win some games.