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  1. They’ll change from a personal avatar to a fake one with the quickness.
  2. I’ll be jumping over to your site.
  3. What, no response from Tigger1012 yet?
  4. SFA

    A definition of metaphor: “a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, especially something abstract.” You may have thought that the beat down that punks jump up to is a physical beat down but it was Gooch’s written word response to you that I was referring in my post. It went over your head and that’s why you called me an internet gangster. As if Gooch could jump through the Internet and whip your *** as a result of my post. SMH.
  5. I know a Dundalk faculty member who recently told me that Dundalk graduated most of their talent and is not expected to make any noise this season.
  6. SFA

    Sorry if i’sa bein’ too uppity for you, Boss? You don’t realize that if kids from communities like where SFA stands stop going to the Heartless Five schools, those schools would become irrelevant in football very quickly. YOUR arrogance is predicated on a continued flow of black recruits from the inner city and surrounding metro area to AS, CHC, Gilman, McD & MSJ. The MIAA’s poor handling of this issue could create a backlash from the black community that the MIAA football powers didn’t anticipate. I’d love for those kids to choose metro public schools or SFA in the future. It would serve the MIAA right.
  7. You lost all credibility when you brought CNN into this argument intimating that you are a Faux News man. It makes sense, though. From the beginning I thought that MOST, if not all of the SFA critics, sounded like social conservatives on this topic. You’d think that SFA football was Medicaid, food stamps or Social Security the way y’all wanted SFA football cut off from the rest of the league. I hope that black families in the city and metro areas start sending their kids to City public schools and/or SFA. There are many more avenues to get to college than the Heartless Five.
  8. SFA

    Don’t be scared now. I’d love for the top 1 or 2 players on each MIAA team, that refused to play SFA this season, to transfer to the Panthers at the end of this upcoming season. Next season would be a greater showcase for players on the national level with SFA having the time to compile a better schedule.
  9. SFA

    I was speaking metaphorically, Sorry it went over your head, Try to keep up next time, Dub. Internet ganster. Lol!
  10. SFA

    Punks jump up to get beat down, huh Gooch?🤜🏾💥Lol!
  11. SFA

    Much respect. Biff Poggi has probably done more for disadvantaged youth than all his detractors on this Board put togther. I’ll be donating to SFA in the future through the Maryland Charity campaign instead of my alma mater.
  12. SFA

    You know that cell phones autocorrect when you least expect it. Should’ve proofread.
  13. SFA

    I was being a sarcastic grammar policeman, Gilly. Bully didn’t construct his sentence to well.
  14. SFA

    Gilman and Spalding cheated? Please tell!
  15. SFA

    Where do you think your $400K in tuition goes. Directly to the school like inthe rest of the MIAA. It helps pay teacher and staff salaries, BGE and water bills, etc...So by paying SFA players tuition Poggi is helping the school continue its mission.
  16. SFA

    I am more inclined to think that parents or the kid himself contacted SFA about transferring from Mervo to SFA. These kids all know each other and are continually recruiting their friends to transfer to their respective schools. All parents & kids like winning but today’s parents and kids value it above loyalty and friendships. They have $ signs in their eyes and are chasing a free college education and a chance at a decent life for their children.
  17. SFA

    MIAA apologists keep moving the goalposts in this argument. First it’s upperclass transfers, then dorms, then threat of injury, then unlimited paid tuition. Read the MIAA LAX message board and you’ll posters argue continually about member schools doing many of the same things that SFA is doing. However, MIAA member schools have never thought about dropping BL, St. Paul’s or CHC, for that matter, from their schedules because they are all complicit in the behavior. As for Dunbar basketball, that program’s dominance in the 70s & 80s was built on transfers of major stars from Lake Clifton, Southern, Northern and other schools. Nobody dropped the Poets from their schedules because coaches were tougher and didn’t quit against adversity like this generation of coaches.
  18. SFA

    Calvert Hall gives tuition assistance and has a football foundation that augments the school’s financial aid for incoming football players. If there was a rich Alum that chose to finance more players, CHC would more than likely be doing the same as Gilman in the past and SFA at this time. CHC currently has a campaign for Alum to donate $1K a year for 5 years to help bring in players to insure continuing dominance against Loyola and to win the upcoming 100th Turkey Bowl. Whether it’s one person footing the bill like Poggi or many donors like at CHC, MIAA member schools pay tuition for transfers and recruit all over the region and sometimes nationally, in all sports.
  19. SFA

    SFA's HC & AD on with Rob Long on 105.7 for last 30 minutes or so. The interview is still going on.
  20. Hope he gets wel soon.
  21. SFA

    Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding...🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎
  22. SFA

    Your national election analogy sucks in this instance. The electorate you speak of lost the damn popular vote by over three million votes. Unless you equate the MIAA with the electoral college, your argument holds no water. There are good, full pay parents on the other side, too! As with the national election, the deplorables and the MIAA won out in a shady way.
  23. Lol!
  24. I was told Melvin Kiehn was headed to CHC until Biff stepped in with a last minute financial package that his people couldn’t refuse.