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  1. Freetown was a great community until they built low-income housing and imported Baltimore City thugs.
  2. I'm sure it was voluntary. He just wanted to spend more time with family and explore other opportunities.
  3. The way the system is supposed to work is that the drop box is opened with two people present, one is to be a police department supervisor. The drugs are then counted and manifested. She opened the boxes without the required second party.
  4. She should at least not be employed in any position where she would be in contact with any drugs. If we are to be merciful, give her a job outside of that arena.
  5. So what, it's my property. And, how is the discrimination. I'm not refusing to rent to any particular race or class of people.
  6. The average citizen has until eternity. You can't be forced to give a statement or obtain an attorney. Police can be compelled to give a statement.
  7. Smoke and mirrors designed to look like they are doing something, when they are not. The politically correct society we live in won't allow effective measures to be used. Look at what was successfully done in New York several decades ago. O'malley half @$$ tried the same thing here and it was working. But alas, we don't want the hood rats bothered, so that is off the table. Live with the results SRB and company!!!
  8. So what was the final tally for July?
  9. They developed and produce a product and are entitled to profit. Don't like the price, don't buy it.
  10. Marilyn will likely lose the case against the six officers because of her amateurish work, which will lead to more riots. The blood will be on her hands.
  11. Baltimore has more homicides in a good weekend than the scenarios that you present, nationwide, for an entire year, with a population that is five times greater. Get real.
  12. Is there no end to the government giveaway of tax dollars? This is absolutely ridiculous. Do we need to buy them shovels and liability insurance as well?
  13. Poor misunderstood youth. He was trying to get his life together. He was a good boy.
  14. This is the perfect crime for a sentence of forced sterilization.
  15. I use either a "sneaky Pete" holster that looks like a cell phone belt case or a pocket holster that has the same general size, shape and contour of a wallet. You can't see them, even if I'm wearing my speedos and wife beater shirt.