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  1. Amen! They add fuel the canine bigots.
  2. Slightly off topic... to the brain dead... but here goes. I am a dog owner living in a NC community with an HOA. There is a move afoot to ban dogs completely because of a small minority who refuse to clean up after their dogs. Should I be upset with the bigotted canineophobic association leadership... or the *******s dog owners who refuse to do what is right? Flame NOW!
  3. Thanks President Trump! Just wanted to get that out of the way. Oh wait! This is open mic! Never Mind.
  4. FaceBook post this morning from PP founder. 12 hrs · Baltimore, MD · "Today is one of those days when I truly wish I had the power or at least the resources to end all of the pain and trauma that so many of our young boys are experiencing on a daily basis. During today's session at Project Pneuma I went to the mat with one of the boys to allow him to work off some bottled up pain. It broke my heart to see him hold back tears or allow himself to be vulnerable. Instead he exuded pure rage for over 20 minutes, but I refused to let him go. I just kept talking to him even though he refused to say one word. The session had ended and all the other boys had their snacks and were leaving and he was still hulking out. I had to ask for his mother to come in. He wouldn't even calm down for her. He just stormed out. After I spoke to his mother I could see him standing outside the door. I walked out to talk to him. I simply looked him in his face and told him that I, along with all the other men in Project Pneuma, loved him and wanted the best for him; and if we didn't care we wouldn't say a word about his behavior. I asked him if he believed me and he say yes. So, I asked him again what was wrong. He then proceeded to tell me that he was afraid that we were going to leave him like his father and stepfather. Then he told me some stuff that NO CHILD should ever see or endure at the hands of some of the people that are supposed to love and care for him. He cried and cried and cried; and I just hugged him outside of the Police Academy. And all I could see was the look of surprise on his mother's face as she sat in the truck. I told him that we're not going to leave him, but he has to open up to us and give us the opportunity to help and support him. After that I told him to go apologize to his mother for storming off. As I walked away and got into the van I could see him hugging his mother from my rearview mirror. Now that broke me down. I'm sorry for such a long post with no paragraph breaks, but this is one example of the many boys (and girls) that are experiencing this kind of pain and trauma everyday. So many of our youth have PTSD and don't know how to express the hurt and pain in productive ways so they "act out". This 11 year old boy just wants to be an 11 year boy, but felt like that was being robbed from him. Please please please if you have any spare time and if it's on your heart take some time and invest in the life or lives of some of our young people. They need us. I thank God for my team, BPD and our partners for standing in the gap with us every week to make a difference one life at time. Please help and support programs like Project Pneuma so we can continue helping our youth. " #WeWill #BreatheNewLife in #MyBmore
  5. Just a friendly suggestion.
  6. Aren't the people saying "We don't want to take your guns" the same ones that said" If you like your plan... you can keep your plan"? Author unknown.
  7. You are welcome. Happens many times more than what is the topic of the OP. But what fun is there in reporting those?
  8. Guarda qualcosa oltre a CNN e MSNBC Enjoy your trip.
  9. Tell them they need to watch something other than CeeNN and EmEsNBeCe!