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  1. Now living in NC... I enjoy the looks I get from new neighbors and friends when I say I'm from Baltimore. I do define the area a little bit... after the uncomfortable pause.
  2. Oh to be a fly on the wall in the halls and cubby holes of congress today. The only downsides are what congress may do to put this issue on the back burners.
  3. The time it will take for me to do the research... enslaves children that much longer. Help a guy out here. Send me your list. PM if you want. And thanks in advance.
  4. Plight of African child slaves... at the hands of Africans. I was looking for your list of approved products. Thanks
  5. I'll pm you with it once I have it.
  6. I'm in... send me your list.
  7. Someone is endorsing it. They're buying and selling. Carry On!
  8. Not to butt in on this conversation, but I will agree with you when an assault with a knife, vehicle, club, fists, bats... etc are termed knife violence, vehicle violence, club violence, fist and foot violence and bat violence. Politicizing fire arms is the only reason the term is used.
  9. Never heard of him. The President on the other hand...
  10. Speaking of "pettiness"... "LaVar Ball, who is also the owner of the Big Baller brand, told ESPN that as long his son was home, he was fine, adding that people "try to make a big deal out of nothing." "I'm from L.A.," he said. "I've seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses." Hmmmm.