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  1. Wish I could claim it, but I can't. Came from a local pastor here in NC.
  2. More people would be following Christ... if it weren't for Christians.
  3. A little after my time, but he obviously connected with a generation. Nice comments below the vid.
  4. This includes my 23 year old grand daughter husband and new baby girl who are now looking at houses in the event they aren't required to buy HI. And before I agree the way to get on the "universal health care" bandwagon... I want to see the list of can and cannots the feds will tie to it.
  5. "Another Post veteran told me that Bezos said in a meeting that the company’s annual budget, currently around $500 million, will have to be cut by 50 percent over the next three years. The newspaper denies this, and so does Prakash, who does, however, confirm that Bezos told him, “We can’t be an organization that loses gobs and gobs of money.”
  6. Studying for finals is hard work. Boys will be boys.