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  1. As is liberal approval.
  2. That was on the way. Smart of Sarah to leave.
  3. The irony is thick this afternoon. Yeah... I'm going to eat food prepared by a... hater. LOL
  4. So a policy of "Run Get Shot" makes sense. I like it!
  5. Had you known the policy was "run get shot"... would you have run?
  6. 50 gallons of water can be converted to pounds as.w = 8.33 (50 gallons)= 416.5 lb. x 9000 = 3.744.000 pounds or 1,872 tons of bourbon. Semi... you watching?
  7. I believe Kenect2 was his child. The sentiment he expressed in that post lasted... a day? On the boards as a whole that is.
  8. Your welcome and the best to you as well.
  9. Hard to believe some of the live stuff wasn't scripted, going through his house, but you can see folks with their faces against the stained glass windows trying to see him in the pub. Very cool and I had forgotten about the Let It Be story and his mum. Misted up a bit meself. Watched it twice and sent it to many friends.
  10. Our enemies looove when a plan comes together.
  11. "Nielsen eventually left the restaurant after continued chanting by the activists, who shouted statements such as: “No borders, no walls, sanctuary for all!” So 1990's...
  12. Or maybe they just didn't give a poop! Good Lord!
  13. Took me 3 tries but I was able to remember the password I used. I joined ten years ago. LOL.