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  1. "Teacher Carjacked By A Group Of Girls" "Baltimore County Police are investigating a carjacking at Villa Cresta Elementary School in Parkville after four girls assaulted a teacher and stole her car. The teacher, who is in the early stages of pregnancy, was not injured during the incident but did later respond to a local hospital to be checked by a doctor." "The four girls, believed to be in their teens, were buzzed into the school when they said they were there to inquire about registering a child. After speaking with the office staff, they left the school and were in the parking lot as the teacher was walking out of the school to her car, carrying her purse and cell phone in her hand. The girls approached the teacher and knocked the cell phone out of her hand. The teacher turned to run but fell, dropping her purse. The girls took the phone and the purse, containing the teacher's car keys. Two of the suspects left in the vehicle they'd driven there while the other two left in the teacher's black 2013 Kia Sportage."
  2. Self preservation is an inherent human flaw. Not much can be done about it. A I in robots may be the answer. Check out 60 minutes report on fun and games at MIT.
  3. "The grieving family of an Ohio teen who was crushed to death in a minivan last week stormed out of a meeting with Cincinnati leaders Tuesday, with the boy's uncle scolding a councilmember and angrily shouting the man had "crossed the line." Kyle Plush's family sat in the front row for five hours as city leaders, including law enforcement officials, detailed issues with the 911 center while hearing testimony from current and former employees, according to FOX19." "But it was at the end of the meeting, when Councilman Wendell Young attempted to summarize the hours-long discussion as "everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong," that members of the Plush family erupted. "I suspect that there will be attempts to do what the law allows to be done to try to, in some way, to make up for what happened with you. But there's no amount of money that's going to make you happy," Young said." SMH.
  4. Why do you think they "didn't get out of their car" ?
  5. Because they knew the kid was in the car and didn't care. Paper work and all that! smh
  6. Of course. They knew the kid was in the car and dying, but why take the chance. smh
  7. Interesting. Anyone have a chance to look at the cover of Parade magazine today. It's the "what people earn" issue. What is astonishing is that Kylie Jenner 20 can earn $41M and Sean Hannity only brings in 36M. Doesn't seem fair at all!
  8. I agree completely... and it's going to happen more and more.
  9. You need to get your hearing checked mrsmlh. SMH
  10. That's what will eventually happen. I believe every peace officer today spends an extra minute with their children and spouse before heading to work. Is it worth it? Be prepared.
  11. Sounded like a possible set up for an assassination of police responders. Well it's possible!
  12. "They" Should be fired. I'm certain every job I had... made the company money!
  13. Alleged, unsubstantiated in your dreams "Pee Pee Incident". You guys... LOL
  14. Neither had I...but this has been viewed 1.5B times.
  15. Huh! "With the aggressive increase in the slave trade and the expansion of the city, an official slave market opened in 1711 by the East River on Wall Street between Pearl and Water Streets. By 1730, 42 percent of the population owned slaves, a higher percentage than in any other city in the country except Charleston, South Carolina. The enslaved population—which ranged between 15 and 20 percent of the total—literally built the city and was the engine that made its economy run. The slave market on Wall Street closed in 1762 but men, women, and children continued to be bought and sold throughout the city."
  16. It doesn't take too many of anything or anyone to spoil the public's perception of... anything! Think about it.
  17. Amen! They add fuel the canine bigots.
  18. Slightly off topic... to the brain dead... but here goes. I am a dog owner living in a NC community with an HOA. There is a move afoot to ban dogs completely because of a small minority who refuse to clean up after their dogs. Should I be upset with the bigotted canineophobic association leadership... or the *******s dog owners who refuse to do what is right? Flame NOW!
  19. Thanks President Trump! Just wanted to get that out of the way. Oh wait! This is open mic! Never Mind.