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  1. I have a Free Forum that all are welcome to join.All are welcome to join.Trolls will be weeded out by member vote.I think that would be the fairist way of hndeling trolls. Forum suggestions are also welcome...
  2. Have to disagree with you on that one being in New Jersey they are all over the place and I think they are no better or worse than Subway.I drive about 25 minutes out of my way to go to a Ma and Pa shop in my area not far from Great Adventure.It's called Art and Kathy's kitchen(if that matters lol).It's run by a couple in their 80's and they make a sub that blows Jersey mikes out of the water.
  3. COMING TO A THEATER NEAR YOU!!!!!! The thread that will not die:eek:
  4. Just join me on my board Bro...... It be free...
  5. Judge Roy Bean Blazing Saddles Twelve angry men (original) Hang Em High History of `the world part 1 In The Heat Of The Night Mr.Smith goes to washington Of Mice And Men(original) DR.Strangelove Pink Panther(staring Peter Sellers only) Bill and Teds excellent/bogus adventure Animal House The Blues Brothers A Clockwork Orange (sick and funny)
  6. The Real True Grit with the Duke...
  7. The thread that refuses to die..comeing to a theater near you..
  8. Happy B DAY babylinux
  9. What was the original theme of this post about,I umm forget or something...
  10. This thread needs a bump....:
  11. Bump just for the hell of it...
  12. I bet his bloodline comes from the Balklands as well...But will Mussina call him out on it?
  13. You where probably locked up..aka a scum bag.. What's the matter?, u talk to much trash to a C.O. and he beat your a..?That's what it sounds like to me,sour grapes. You couldn't do the job.I guarantee it. So shut up already,do not speak of things you know nothing about.