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  1. I understand the legal well as the implementation regulations that govern AA programs. Again just concerned about local jurisdictions with hidden agendas retarding the progress that has been made through legit AA provisions. On the college thing....would you not agree that certain Universities do use the various AA regulations and funding associated with those to fill there coffuers on the backs of the few black students that they do admit?
  2. Again not debating need for EEO.....just debating the idea that quotas is the best way to correct that problem. As long as human nature exist we will always be fighting to keep the field level. Problem is I don't want leveling square to be in the hands of someone who can change the rules in mid-game!!!
  3. On the Merit quotient yes!!! And hopefully he is offered the job because the company has made the decision to diversify.....which is different from having it mandated!! You know what is interesting is that you and I having this discussion is along the lines of the Dubois/Washington Great Controversy!!! Problem is that other people not familiar with this internal debate will assume that two blacks are fighting over AA....and not see that we are both seeking the same thing, just through different approaches!!
  4. Monroe what I am saying is that it is a false trap!!!! We don't need their handouts.....we can do it on our own!!! I don't want anything from them other then the opportunity to compete on a level playing field!!! The student that I mentioned in an earlier post will do just fine at A&T and because of his support system will succeed in the engineering field!! And most importantly he got there on his own merit!!
  5. I know of one student whose family after several discussions with me and other like minded educators decided to send their son to NC A&T to study that field. Parents will have to pay almost $8000 out their pockets after receiving scholarships and other support. But they are happy with this decision because their child will be progressing based upon his merit and not some kind of special treatment based upon race!!
  6. Now here is where I draw the line on Affirmative Action!!!! I am aware of how rare a Black Female student interested in that field can be. But as I stated in my blog on another site...until we stop making it finiancially profitable for Institutions to do this it will continue. This is a student who obviously did not need any type of special treatment to get into a good school. These were also the type of parents who should not have been seeking that type of in this case this is affirmative action gone wrong!!! As far as the Naval Academy is concerned.....admissions procedures should be standard and not tampered with for the sake of race....again this is a quota type system and any black worth his salt should be against it!!! And should have no problems condemning it!!! There are a number of very solid and respected HBC's that many of these students would easily gain acceptance into and should be on their list as opposed to accepting some type of special treatment to get into an IVY!! It makes it appear that those who did get in on their merits do not belong there!!!
  7. No just like the government should not get involved in baseball or hockey because the number of blacks is low there!! I thought it was really stupid a few years ago for the Civil Rights movement to get involved with the issues of management in baseball. Owners have a right to hire the best talent available...and this quota system about a certain number of people of color need to be interviewed is stupid!!
  8. Just curious about your neighbors it really her race or her hard work that gives her the advantage?? Just curious??/