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  1. Harambe????? I do agree that there were a lot of people, not just Sanders voters, who did not vote for either. It should be a lesson to both parties, don't ignore the polls that tell you how disliked your candidate is. Doesn't matter how much more experienced someone might be, if they aren't well liked it's going to be a tough sell. Next time nominate someone that actually is respected and liked by more than just the base. You know, the independents and moderates who always swing close elections. Do that and you have a sure path to winning an election. If not, anything is possible. The same theory would have applied to the republican party as well had they lost. They nominated just as unlikable of a candidate. They just happened to have the numbers to win.
  2. There were a lot of people here who didn't think he could make one year...........
  3. I'll take one.
  4. I don't know about horrendous calls. On the one call on Cooks in that final TD drive, the defender had him choked around the neck. You can't be anymore obvious than that. I think everyone that has anointed Jacksonville as this great unstoppable defense was wrong. They gave up 37 points to Tennessee and 44 points to SF during the regular season. In the last two playoff games they gave up over 400 yards passing and 42 points to Pittsburgh, and couldn't stop Brady when it counted. And on the last play, everyone knew it was a run and yet Jacksonville couldn't get to the edge and hold on a 4th and long to get the ball back. I think Jacksonville has a very good young base that will be one of the best defenses in the league for years to come, I just wasn't convinced they were quite there yet this year. They have nothing to be ashamed of, they are one of the up and coming teams that will be around for awhile.
  5. I wasn't surprised when Jacksonville went up 7-3, I was surprised when they stretched it to 14-3. New England was down 7-0 to Tennessee before scoring the next 35 points. It seems like sometimes it takes them a series or two to digest what the other team is doing and then they adjust. But three mistakes by Jacksonville right before halftime have let New England back in the game. The delay of game took away a key first down, and then successive personal foul and PI penalties gift wrapped a TD for New England. New England does as good a job as anyone in the league at making halftime adjustments so it should be an interesting second half.
  6. What I mean by self sufficient is that people can support themselves and their families without outside reliance on government. Not all jobs are automated yet, but it is moving that way and I would guess that ten years from now a lot jobs will be automated. As for chain migration, I would prefer merit based immigration. If the goal of immigration is to help the US increase it's GDP, why wouldn't every immigration case be considered first on merit, and then on whether relations are already here? Chain migration gives preference to people who apply that already have family here. That should be a consideration, but not above others who score higher on the merit based scale. Not unlike a job interview. If you want in, you better bring the skills with you to the interview.
  7. The birthrate may be declining, but robotics are on the rise and simple repetitive jobs are on the decline. What do we do with all of the people we are inviting in as the unskilled job markets dry up? Is it fair to invite more people in to bridge the gap when we know that 10 years down the road many of the jobs we want them to do will be handled by automation? Perhaps before doing that, we need to figure out how to enable our own people to all be self sufficient.
  8. All of that is true, but remember people gave Obama credit for doubling the stock market under his watch. Truth is that wasn't hard to do when it had just been halved in the final years before he became president. Did anyone really believe the market wouldn't seek out that level again? It didn't matter who was president, the stock market was going to rebound after the selling off stabilized. History has shown us that is always the case. Some of the acceleration that has happened in the last year of the market can be linked to Trump talking about cutting corporate taxes from the time he became president. But those giving Trump all of the credit should realize there will be a correction that is coming. Maybe it will come after Trump is voted out of office, but that may be a little optimistic. So if you want to take all the credit, be prepared to take all of the blame. Presidents get too much credit or blame for the economy. There are so many other circumstances on a global scale that affect the economy. Trump might be enjoying the credit for the stock market increases right now, but how will he feel about taking the blame for the inevitable correction? I think we all know the answer to that.
  9. I can't disagree with that. I have often wondered why some of the things that have happened in the middle east have not happened here. But then they really can't. Arab spring happened because the people in the middle east generally live depressed lifestyles compared to the US. It's the bread and circuses theory. There is enough entertainment of a diverse nature to keep people happy. Plus there is no way an uprising could ever work because the military would be able to suppress any uprising with no issues. Government doesn't really have to follow the constitution, not when they could suspend it for the national security. But there is no reason to even go there.......Cable entertainment, movies, sports, music all serve to give the public enough entertainment to distract them from ever believing it would be a good thing to really challenge the government. And even if they wanted to, the two parties have successfully polarized the population to the point that anyone in power knows they will have roughly 40% who back them.
  10. Government is supposed to keep the corporations in line. If the ruling authority is corrupt what are the odds of having ethical corporations? I've worked for corporations and dealt with government agencies and government audits. Corporations are based on profits but at least the ones I worked for also played by the rules. The employees were treated well, but if cost cutting methods were needed then people were laid off, including me. It's simply an unfortunate cost of doing business. The government agencies I dealt with were incompetent and simply imposed audit verdicts because they had the authority to do so. On a side note, I know some bar managers who have skirted rules because of greasing a government inspectors hands. Not federal, but state government. Government is government, and imo, it is all basically corrupt, which probably makes Trump the perfect figurehead for government.
  11. Yes. I've actually played around with it. I've gone out to Amazon and searched for a product that I have no use for, never bought or looked up before. Went back to Facebook and seen the ads for that product and similar displayed immediately. No doubt they use your searches and transmit cookies to your computer. It is part of a targeted campaign. I don't have too much of a problem with that. That's only advertising honing down a group to focus on. I get that we probably don't know much about what corporations know about us. But I am more afraid of government in that respect. Corporations want a competitive edge to make a profit. Government is a bit more underhanded, and has more devious reasons for wanting your information. I don't trust either, but I would take my chances with corporate America over government any day.
  12. Disagree. The government created the technology that enabled the internet, free enterprise created what the internet has become. It is currently a free expression of ideas. Corporations are using that as an advertising tool, no doubt, but that is what keeps most social media sites from being pay for play. You have to unfortunately endure the advertising and information control of the corporations. No different from television or radio. Government interference will not do anything to help, it will only help to stifle the creativity of the medium, as government so often does. Government hates a free expression of ideas, they like to control the expression and tell everyone what they should think, believe, and do.
  13. Personally I feel alternative news is much worse than Facebook. Most Facebook users don't care about the news stories that pop up on their timeline, they are in it to connect with friends. Alternative news pushes their right or left wing agenda. Even when they don't outright lie, they use subtle and subliminal methods to push their agenda. They are much more dangerous than social media sites, imo.
  14. Well lets be honest, what isn't designed to make someone wealthy? Do you think Bill Gates invented the Windows operating system to help mankind? That's why capitalism usually results in the greatest achievements.....the incentive of wealth that pushes people. Facebook drove the alternatives out of business because they did it better. I remember MySpace preceded Facebook, they simply failed to keep up with the internet advancements. I don't know anything about Zuckerberg's ethics so I can't really comment on them. But as for the influence that Facebook has, what should he do about it? Do you censor it, or do you allow it to be open? Is it not on the people who are ingesting what is posted to do some research before believing it? The government probably will get involved in the internet censorship business......that's what they did almost a century ago with television and radio. At one time those two mediums were as open as the internet, and then came the FCC. Eventually government will ruin the internet just as they have ruined everything else in a supposed "free" society.
  15. I get that, he is trying to protect his party. I disagree with it. Call for the vote and anyone not voting to keep the government open has to explain it to the government workers and constituents of their state whether they are republican or democrat.