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  1. First off, I was talking about the partisans in the general public who now are totally concerned about what tax cuts will do to our debt but were strangely quiet for the last eight years as it kept sky rocketing up. But I do remember Obama pledging to cut the deficit in half in his first 3 years and to go "line by line" through the budget to cut the waste. Neither happened, but I will concede your point to the fact that republicans make it a bigger deal and fail to deliver. The problem is that nobody wants to do the dirty work of eliminating federal programs, reducing the footprint of government, and cutting budgets because the reality is that any cut will affect somebody and those somebodies are voters. Those voters who have something they like eliminated will remember it at the polls.
  2. I can't disagree, but from what I have observed your last sentence would be more correct if rephrased as "Most partisans only rail against deficits when the opposition party is in office."
  3. If the democrats are going to run on tying Hogan to Trump then they have lost before the race even begins. Hogan has more support now then he had in 2014 when he won the first time. Democrats are going to have to convince some of those voters that he has not done a good job and that they have better ideas. Hogan's supporters know how many times he has come out against Trump. Trying to tie Trump to Hogan basically says we have nothing and will not convince anyone to change sides.
  4. Yes. I cannot stand the man personally, but I admit it did occur under his watch. He was the beneficiary of a .Com bubble that nobody could have seen coming, but he did preside over the surplus. Actually, when I consider the three stooges that followed him, I wouldn't mind going back to him. Once the midterms slapped him down and took away the one party rule, he actually moved enough to the center to be more of a conservative than Bush was. And probably more than what Trump is going to end up being. Bill had a knack of being very astute politically. I will give him that.
  5. Wallace and Perriman have a combined output of 3 catches for 20 yards in 2 games. That is absolutely horrible. Too early and too small of a sample size to make a final judgement, but there are guys on other teams that had that kind of production in the first quarter of the first game. It flys under the radar because the Raven's are 2-0, but eventually that kind of non-production will kill you. Not sure what the problem is, whether it's lack of separation, drops, or QB. But seriously, both of these guys are getting too much money to turn in 2 game statistics like that, especially against oppostion that isn't exactly top notch.
  6. You can play that game with some, but I know the difference between the deficit and the debt. So he gets a pat on the back for reducing the amount of money above the revenue taken in that is spent. Big deal. That makes him a little better than Bush, but it still kept adding to a massive debt. Until someone reduces the deficit to zero and begins running a surplus from year to year, thereby beginning to pay down the debt, I will continue to yawn at the economic word games both sides like to play.
  7. You are right. The same way those who were gravely concerned about the debt while Bush was blowing it up looked the other way when Obama failed to address it and kept blowing it up even more. I've been saying it for years. I criticized Bush for not paying attention to it as well as Obama. I'm at the point where if you want to give me money in the form of a tax cut, I'm all for it. Don't really care much about the debt anymore. It is nothing but another partisan issue at this point.
  8. I think the Raiders are going to regret that move. Not the owners, they'll be getting their money, but I think the team is going to miss Oakland. Oakland has some rabid blue collar fans. Vegas is going to be the road trip every team's fan base wants to take. Anyone who is even a casual fan and wants to plan a trip to Vegas is going to go when their team plays the Raiders out there. The Raiders are going to end up with the worst home field advantage in the league, imo.
  9. The constant politicizing of these shows is part of it. The shows used to attract large audiences despite the multitude of choices available to people. The organizers and planners need to get the shows back to a celebration of their industry and their craft, and away from commentary on politics.
  10. That's all well and good, but the next presidential election won't be held until 2020. At that point Trump will get credit or blame for where the stock market is. At some point the economic landscape shifts from being Obama's to being Trump's, for good or bad.
  11. But you might be surprised to find out just how many people's lives are tied to the stock market. Anyone with a 401k, or other type of retirement savings plan has a vested interest in the stock market and it's continued success will be a factor in any election. It's not just the wealthy 1%. Much of the middle class watches the market and will tie their vote to who they think might be best for it's success.
  12. And it just so happens that a lot of people don't want the kind of things to get done that Clinton and Pelosi would do. Enough of them were in swing states and that's why Clinton lost.
  13. So you are ready to say that 62 million + people in the US are bad people? I'm not ready to do that. But then you and some others also say that people like me who didn't vote for either essentially voted for Trump, a statement that is totally wrong. I won't refute your list of Trump stupidities, they are all true. But that doesn't mean people who supported him are evil. I could assemble a list of reasons against Hillary Clinton as well. I know some people who supported Trump, and actually quite a few more that supported Clinton. I don't consider any of them bad people. They all had their reasons. I was in disagreement with all of them. That didn't mean they were bad people. From my perspective, anyone who supported either of them simply made a choice from two bad options. But I'm not ready to call 120+ million people bad people. All of the items on your list are behavioral traits and not policies that he supported during his campaign. Trump's behavior with women throughout his life has been quite disgusting to say the least. But then his opponent's husband engaged in that same kind of behavior in the WH and gets defended all of the time. Two peas in a pod, when it comes to that. Unfortunately for the country, while Trump and Bill share a common bond in their lust for women, Trump does come up way short when it comes to political knowledge. And quite honestly, Trump's petulant personality and the need for vengeance is starting to come back and bite conservatives. He looks like he is ready to start siding more with democrats to spite republicans who are bucking him. Another reason why I never trusted him. His viewpoints for his whole life that are on record have been more liberal than conservative. And now that republicans are not backing him up he is starting to reverse course. He never really had any conservative beliefs to begin with. He simply saw an opportunity and ran with it.
  14. Yanda is a huge loss for an offensive line that was patchwork and thin to begin with. I don't know about the replacement, we will see what he has. But at the very least it is another blow to continuity on a line that had little to begin with. I can't believe he is as good as Yanda was. If that were the case I can't see how the Cardinals who lost to Detroit, barely beat an Indy team, and have a QB that might be broken in half if he is hit too hard would have traded him away. Time will tell.
  15. Wow. And that doesn't have a Nazi overtone in it, does it? It sounds a lot like the rhetoric Hitler used against the Jews in Germany. One thing that fascists do is talk in absolutes. Saying there is no such thing as a good person who supports Trump is about as absolute as one can get. I think it is ironic that someone linking Trump and his supporters to the Nazi movement would in fact use Nazi overtones himself to try and prove his point. He says he can't understand how people who voted for Obama could also vote for Trump. Maybe he should go back to work and dig a little harder to find out the answer. Or he could just make the assumption that they are all racist, Nazi imbeciles. I think we see which he would rather do.