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  1. The text I got from CBS Sports at 12:54 today was, "Former first-round pick Breshad Perriman inactive for Ravens after brutal evaluations from coaches." Ouch. Brutal evaluations? I'm not sure much more can be said about that.
  2. Yes, that's my opinion. Franken won, after a recount, by a total of 312 votes out of nearly 3 million votes cast. I believe there is a distinct possibility that the picture might have changed 312 votes. Obviously speculation and opinion. You say there is a reason it was brought up now. Who brought it up? The GOP didn't bring it up, Franken's victim did. Your hatred of the GOP is clouding your objectivity. Is the GOP using it to their advantage? Oh yeah. But they didn't start it, the girl in the picture did. I have no idea what her political affiliation is, but I also have no reason to believe she released this picture as part of a conspiracy plot to help the GOP. I think she simply jumped on the train rolling down hill that rolled over Weinstein, Cosby, Spacey and others. What proof do you have that the GOP had something to do with releasing this picture as part of a plan of distraction?
  3. That's because they finally settled on Trent Dilfer instead of Tony Banks at QB. They had play makers on that team, but Banks couldn't get the job done. Dilfer wasn't an elite QB, but he could do enough to take advantage of the talent they had on offense. The 2017 Ravens are so weak at all of the offensive skill positions that Johnny Unitas would have trouble making this team look good.
  4. Today's games really underscored why the Ravens not only can, but probably should make the playoffs. The AFC is very mediocre. There are only two really good teams, New England and Pittsburgh. There are two, possibly three, other teams that border on good, Kansas City, Jacksonville, and Tennessee. After that the rest of the AFC is fairly pathetic. The Raven's have the benefit of playing Houston, Cleveland, and Indy over the last 6 games. That should easily get them to 8 wins. They may struggle with Detroit and Pittsburgh, but they finish at home with Cincinnati. Amazingly, Cincinnati is still in the mix for a playoff spot at 4-6. In the mediocre AFC, there could be 4 or more teams tied at 8-8 for that last wild card spot. 9-7 probably guarantees a team makes it.
  5. ^This. The defense is certainly good enough to make a deep run in the playoffs, but the offense is way to weak to support that. Even at full strength, with no offensive injuries, they still lack steady play makers at the skill positions. The league has changed quite a bit since the 2000 Ravens. It's just not that easy to to ride only a defense to the super bowl. And quite frankly, the 2000 Ravens offense did have some decent playmakers. Jamal Lewis, Qadry Ismail, Brandon Stokley, and Shannon Sharpe were all on that team. Compared to what the Ravens have now that looks pretty good. A lot is made of how bad the 2000 offense was because they had a three game TD drought. But people forget that they finished by scoring 24 or more points 6 out of the last 7 games. It's hard to see the modern day Raven's offense doing that even with the rules tilted towards the offense the way they are.
  6. Well, let's say you are right. The NFL is made up of 32 owners who participate in a revenue sharing program. It is in everyone's best interest for the NFL brand to be as successful as it can be. The NFL gets over a billion dollars league wide in television revenue each year. The players, by contract, are allocated a share of that money under the salary cap. That cap not only limits teams on how much they can spend on player salaries, there is also a minimum cap amount to prevent teams from simply not paying players to reap a profit. The networks pay that money to the NFL because they know millions of fans will be tuned in for every game. They profit by selling advertising to cover and exceed the money spent on the NFL contract. The advertisers pay the money based on the fact that they know their product commercials will be seen by those millions of fans every week. Anything that hurts the brand and might cause viewership to decline causes advertisers to cut back on their NFL visibility. That in turn causes networks to not want to engage in those billion dollar broadcasting rights. That means less revenue for each team, and less of a cap for salary expenditure. So owners have a right to be concerned about anything that might cause a decline in viewership. If Kapaernick was blackballed, it wasn't because of what he did. It was because what he did resonated with the fans in a negative way. He brought it on himself. He could have been an activist for his cause in a way that wasn't as detrimental to the business of which he was a part. He chose not to and now he faces a landscape that includes 32 owners who are concerned about declining ratings. Actions have consequences. He chose to do what he did, now maybe he is paying for it.
  7. I don't necessarily believe he should resign unless there is a huge movement in Minnesota for him to do so. That's up to the people in that state to decide. As for congress, I doubt there will be a big deal made of it because like you said, there are probably a lot of people from both parties sweating it out that some of there past indiscretions don't see the light of day. I would be very surprised if the great majority of people holding elective office don't have things like this in their past that they want to keep buried. It's what politicians as a whole are these days. If you actually have a clean, honest one, hold on to them. It would be a rarity.
  8. That's ridiculous. Did the GOP put this picture out? If they did, and it was from that long ago, why not bring it up when he ran for senate? As I recall, he won in 2008 by a very slim count. That picture would have probably caused him to lose. Why not use it then? It came out now because the woman in the picture wanted it out. The Franken picture has nothing to do with Roy Moore. His fate will be decided by the voters in Alabama. The Franken picture doesn't in any way excuse Ray Moore for what he did in the past. Franken's fate will be determined by the voters in Minnesota. But I'm not going to feel sorry for Franken on the premise that he was simply called out to take attention away from someone else. The picture is there and he has to answer for it. If the people of Minnesota feel that it doesn't matter to them, so be it.
  9. I don't think Roethlisberger is done, but he clearly can't do what he did 10 years ago. His arm strength and accuracy long range is not what it was. A lot like Tom Brady. Brady can still dissect a defense, but he isn't going to beat you 30 yards down field very often anymore. He gets a lot of YAC. I think the problem with Pittsburgh is more that they really don't seem to know what kind of offense they want to be. One game they will feed the ball to Bell 30 times, the next game Roethlisberger is throwing it 40 times. If I were Todd Haley, I would use the up tempo, no huddle offense to open the game where the plays are already scripted, try and get the early lead, and then use a heavy dose of Bell the rest of the way. Pittsburgh seems to want to be one offensive team in one game, another in the next and I don't think that helps give them any kind of continuity. As for comparing Roethlisberger to Flacco, it's not really fair. Roethlisberger reads through his receiver progressions much quicker than Flacco, he seems to have a knack for finding an open man no matter who it is. That's why Pittsburgh's stat sheet after a game shows a lot of different receivers being targeted and getting catches. Flacco has much better accuracy and arm strength down field. Some of the long passes that Roethlisberger misses on would be TDs if Flacco were throwing them. Where it is unfair is that Roethlisberger has a set of receivers that get separation, and work back to the ball if the play extends. Flacco has nothing like that to work with. His receivers are pathetic at getting open, and once the rout is done they don't give much help. I can't imagine Roethlisberger doing much more with the Raven's than Flacco has. A QB needs the talent around him to be successful. The Raven's simply don't have that. Oh, and by the way, the receivers have to catch the ball also. Look at the last drive Pittsburgh had to win the game last Christmas day. Roethlisberger threw a high pass to Eli Rogers on a crossing route that he went up and came down with. That was mostly Rogers making a play. By comparison Flacco throws passes that hit people like Perriman between the numbers and they end up being dropped or turned into interceptions. Unless the Ravens find a way to bring in some competent play makers I don't know how Flacco will ever look any better than he does now.
  10. Bad joke or not, it is captured on film for everyone to see. I equate this in some ways to the Ray Rice incident. There are plenty of NFL players who have been accused and even charged with domestic violence. Most are still playing in the NFL. Ray Rice apologized, went to counseling, met with the commissioner and admitted what he had done, and he never played again in the NFL. Why? Because he was unfortunate enough to be caught on video tape. Maybe it shouldn't have meant more than what others have done, but it did. The physical evidence was there and it cost him his career.
  11. What things doesn't he stand by? He has been critiqued as one of the most conservative politicians around.
  12. I wouldn't be so sure about that. Pence is a real conservative. Once Trump is out of the picture they would have to make a choice on whether to support someone who might actually know how to get some of the things they wanted Trump to do get done, or sulk because their hero was exposed. In the end it would only make sense to support the guy who might actually be able to do some of the things that were promised.
  13. That's pretty low, even for Daily Kos. I guess not unexpected considering the site. Victim shaming at it's best. They are trying to paint her as some kind of tramp who asked for it. Let's be real here. Franken apologized only because a picture he didn't expect to come out, did in fact come out. He went into immediate CYA damage control mode. If he was really sorry about his actions the letter would have been written years ago. In the end, it's up to the people of Minnesota to decide how to handle this. They can pressure him to resign, or they can wait and vote him out either in the primary or general, or they can accept what he did and re-elect him. It's up to them. I do love the comments on the article. All of the speculation that the original picture is actually photo shopped, even though Franken has admitted that it is real. Once again reaffirms that the extremists on the left are as clueless as the extremists on the right. Anything for the cause!!!
  14. Missed the Thursday night game so I guess everyone gets a mulligan for that one. There's not a whole lot of participation anymore on these threads anyway. But I will continue at least until the end of the season. Baltimore @ Green Bay - This is one of the toughest games on the schedule to figure out. Without Aaron Rogers this game should be a slam dunk. But the Raven's lack of offensive talent makes even this a question mark. And now apparently Ronnie Stanley is out for tomorrow. Danny Woodhead will be active. Green Bay doesn't have a great defense, but the Raven's offensive line problems would seem to dictate that Green Bay should jailbreak Flacco on every possible passing situation. I see a sloppy game from both teams and in the end I think I will take the home field advantage. Green Bay does just enough to win. Green Bay 16 Baltimore 13 Jacksonville @ Cleveland - Cleveland could make this interesting for a while. Jacksonville has won two straight and their defense is top of the line, but their offense is nearly bottom of the line. This could be a situation where a Jacksonville team not really used to winning slips up, but it is the Browns so nah. Jacksonville 28 Cleveland 17 Cincinnati @ Denver - The AFC this year is a top heavy conference with 3 really decent teams and the rest a bunch of mediocre teams. So a win here for Cincinnati would amazingly keep their playoff hopes alive. Denver is reeling. They simply aren't getting any kind of decent play out of their QB. It's tough to play in Denver, but I'm going to say that Cincinnati can spring the upset here. I don't know why, maybe I am just insane. Cincinnati 27 Denver 24
  15. I might be biased because I never liked Franken even back in his SNL days. I'm not painting everyone from Hollywood as being the same, but it sure does seem like a lot of people in the entertainment business and in politics feel like they can engage in questionable behavior and get away with it. I'm pretty sure that if someone had that same picture of me doing that to a co-worker I would be fired, charges brought against me, and have trouble getting another job. Rightfully so. He apologized for it because he went into CYA mode. If he was really sorry that letter and apology would have been delivered years ago. His false sincerity does nothing for me. But ultimately it is up to the people of Minnesota to decide how they feel about him now. I personally hope they sink him. And it could be in a primary challenge. If he loses and the seat stays democrat, I'm fine with that. I don't care if the seat stays democrat, as long as he isn't the democrat. Not sure what you mean by entertained this kind of humor. Maybe in an SNL skit where everyone knew what was happening. Having a picture taken with him doing that to someone who is unaware, especially after the tongue incident during rehearsal, is just creepy, predator behavior. He deserves everything he is getting. Even CNN sees through his attempt to sound apologetic.