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  1. I can't disagree with that. I have often wondered why some of the things that have happened in the middle east have not happened here. But then they really can't. Arab spring happened because the people in the middle east generally live depressed lifestyles compared to the US. It's the bread and circuses theory. There is enough entertainment of a diverse nature to keep people happy. Plus there is no way an uprising could ever work because the military would be able to suppress any uprising with no issues. Government doesn't really have to follow the constitution, not when they could suspend it for the national security. But there is no reason to even go there.......Cable entertainment, movies, sports, music all serve to give the public enough entertainment to distract them from ever believing it would be a good thing to really challenge the government. And even if they wanted to, the two parties have successfully polarized the population to the point that anyone in power knows they will have roughly 40% who back them.
  2. Government is supposed to keep the corporations in line. If the ruling authority is corrupt what are the odds of having ethical corporations? I've worked for corporations and dealt with government agencies and government audits. Corporations are based on profits but at least the ones I worked for also played by the rules. The employees were treated well, but if cost cutting methods were needed then people were laid off, including me. It's simply an unfortunate cost of doing business. The government agencies I dealt with were incompetent and simply imposed audit verdicts because they had the authority to do so. On a side note, I know some bar managers who have skirted rules because of greasing a government inspectors hands. Not federal, but state government. Government is government, and imo, it is all basically corrupt, which probably makes Trump the perfect figurehead for government.
  3. Yes. I've actually played around with it. I've gone out to Amazon and searched for a product that I have no use for, never bought or looked up before. Went back to Facebook and seen the ads for that product and similar displayed immediately. No doubt they use your searches and transmit cookies to your computer. It is part of a targeted campaign. I don't have too much of a problem with that. That's only advertising honing down a group to focus on. I get that we probably don't know much about what corporations know about us. But I am more afraid of government in that respect. Corporations want a competitive edge to make a profit. Government is a bit more underhanded, and has more devious reasons for wanting your information. I don't trust either, but I would take my chances with corporate America over government any day.
  4. Disagree. The government created the technology that enabled the internet, free enterprise created what the internet has become. It is currently a free expression of ideas. Corporations are using that as an advertising tool, no doubt, but that is what keeps most social media sites from being pay for play. You have to unfortunately endure the advertising and information control of the corporations. No different from television or radio. Government interference will not do anything to help, it will only help to stifle the creativity of the medium, as government so often does. Government hates a free expression of ideas, they like to control the expression and tell everyone what they should think, believe, and do.
  5. Personally I feel alternative news is much worse than Facebook. Most Facebook users don't care about the news stories that pop up on their timeline, they are in it to connect with friends. Alternative news pushes their right or left wing agenda. Even when they don't outright lie, they use subtle and subliminal methods to push their agenda. They are much more dangerous than social media sites, imo.
  6. Well lets be honest, what isn't designed to make someone wealthy? Do you think Bill Gates invented the Windows operating system to help mankind? That's why capitalism usually results in the greatest achievements.....the incentive of wealth that pushes people. Facebook drove the alternatives out of business because they did it better. I remember MySpace preceded Facebook, they simply failed to keep up with the internet advancements. I don't know anything about Zuckerberg's ethics so I can't really comment on them. But as for the influence that Facebook has, what should he do about it? Do you censor it, or do you allow it to be open? Is it not on the people who are ingesting what is posted to do some research before believing it? The government probably will get involved in the internet censorship business......that's what they did almost a century ago with television and radio. At one time those two mediums were as open as the internet, and then came the FCC. Eventually government will ruin the internet just as they have ruined everything else in a supposed "free" society.
  7. I get that, he is trying to protect his party. I disagree with it. Call for the vote and anyone not voting to keep the government open has to explain it to the government workers and constituents of their state whether they are republican or democrat.
  8. Typically, that's not how it works. They usually work the crowd to see if they have the votes before calling it. But I do agree with you. You can't vote on something that isn't there. McConnell should call for a vote on the measure and let the chips fall where they may. If it fails, we will see exactly how every senator voted. And it looks like that may happen. Let's see who votes for the government to stay open and who votes against it.
  9. I disagree. I think you are letting your hatred of Facebook color your judgement. I do agree that nobody should get news from Facebook, that wasn't what it was designed for. But it is a good social media way to keep up with family and friends who you don't get to see that often. It's also a good way to network. That's what it's original intent was, and as such it is a good medium for that. On Facebook you choose your friends and who can see your posts or pictures. You make a post and can converse with people within your world which you control. And there is a little button in the right hand corner of every post which allows you to block all future posts from that site. It's a good way to keep your page clean. But it can get people into trouble. Employers monitor these sites so it's not the best idea to go on a rant about your boss on Facebook. The social media site that I consider the worst of the internet era is twitter. I would love to see that crash and burn. Nothing but narcissists who feel what they have to say should be tweeted out to the world. I know of one person exactly like that. But then that could just be my own opinion coloring my judgement. Maybe twitter does have some redeeming value that I just don't see.
  10. Time to put the money where the mouth is. I had 3/4 of the final 4 last year, but totally missed Atlanta as I didn't even have them making the playoffs. I don't know how that will work out again as I have the same 4 teams going to the final 4. I really don't want that, but I don't see where a whole lot has changed in terms of the haves and have nots in the league. New England, Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Seattle still look like the best in the league, while the NY Jets, San Francisco, and Cleveland still look like the worst in the league. This years new entries in the playoffs: Tennessee, Baltimore, and TB. Those falling out: Houston, Miami, and Detroit. AFC East - New England AFC North - Pittsburgh AFC South - Tennessee AFC West - Kansas City WC - Oakland, Baltimore NFC East - NY Giants NFC North - Green Bay NFC South - Atlanta NFC West - Seattle WC - Tampa Bay, Dallas AFCC - NE, Pit NFCC - Green Bay, Sea SB - NE, Sea SB winner NE
  11. It can't happen until they get the 60 votes to start the debate. If the democrats want to lay it all on republicans they should vote to start the debate. Until they do, they are complicit with shutting down the government because they won't vote to start the process.
  12. The house has passed a bill to keep the government running. It is the senate dems that are blocking the CR from going through. The dems have assumed the position as the party of no that the republicans recently had. Proving again that the two parties are much more alike than they are different.
  13. I will agree that our opinions vary. For the record I did not compare the BBC with FOX. What I did was say that the article presented by the BBC was something I would expect from FOX news. And I stand by that. The article presented a 5 question multiple choice test that it declared to be similar to the MoCA. The inference was that it was the test that Trump was given. I do not know exactly what Trump was given. But the piece in question infers that the MoCA is similar to what they presented, and that is totally untrue. It was a terrible piece of journalism and anyone with any experience with the MoCA would attest to that. The MoCA is a test that has had very good results in determining early onset of dementia. The 5 question test the BBC article presented was not even close. Anyone who understands what dementia is can also understand that a multiple choice test is not the same as what the MoCA is. You can google it to if you want. The fact is that the BBC article was an irresponsible piece of journalism.
  14. The statistics indicate that all but one of them will probably be dead before the age of 22. I feel compassion for the animal they tortured. I don't feel a bit of compassion for the ones who will end up dead. More power to the karma that will take their useless friends out as well.
  15. Haley was also the guy who was involved in a shouting match with Anquan Boldin on the sideline as the OC of the Arizona Cardinals in the NFCC. I agree that Haley brought some positives to Pittsburgh. But i think the reduction in sacks has been mainly due to Pittsburgh finally upgrading their offensive line. Their line graded out in the bottom third of the league in the late 2000's, now it is generally acknowledged to be one of the top 5. But yeah, some of Haley's decisions were head scratchers for sure. The early line favorite for his replacement is their QB coach who seems to have a very good relationship with Roethlisberger.
  16. True, but during his time in Pittsburgh there were always complaints about the Steeler's red zone offense. Plus his failure to call a QB sneak on either of the 4th and 1 calls that failed pretty much sealed his fate.
  17. Todd Haley always starts off well but ends up wearing out his welcome. He was the OC in Arizona when they played Pittsburgh in the SB. He and Anquan Boldin were caught in a shouting match during the NFCC. Haley just seems to be somewhat of a jerk. Not sure they are going to want to go down that road again.
  18. it is honest journalism which shows something of how the MoCA test works It shows nothing of how the MoCA test works. A multiple choice test is nothing like what the MoCA does. It also says the test is similar to the test given to Trump. I have no idea what Trump took, but if the inference is that the multiple choice questions were similar to the questions asked by the MoCA, then it is poor journalism. Picking the correct answer from a 4 answer multiple choice is much easier than answering a question with no examples that requires reasoning and mental ability. Saying this stupid quiz example is based upon the MoCA is about the same as saying my hamburger is based upon a filet mignon steak. I would have expected better from the BBC. Now I know.
  19. No. There are several sections to the test and you get points based on your answers. You are asked to draw a clock face with a certain time set. You get 1 point for drawing the round outline, 1 point for the numbers around the clock in correct order, and 1 point for the hands in the right place. Someone with dementia might be able to look at a clock face and identify the time immediately. But asking them to draw it from memory is totally different. In another section, the administer of the test says 5 words. The patient is asked to repeat those five words back. Five minutes later, after going through another section of the test or two, they are asked to repeat those words again. They are given a point for each word they get correct. The last section of the test asks the patient to identify today's date and the city they are in. Most dementia patients have little concept of time or place. There are other sections as well. The whole test usually only takes 30 minutes or less. A normal person can complete the screening in 15 minutes or less.
  20. Yes, I would agree that he has personality disorders. Those aren't mental issues as much as they are a product of his upbringing and reflective of the fact that he has always done business exactly the way he is treating the presidency. It was just never on display as boldly as it is now. My argument with the piece by the BBC is that they totally misrepresented what the test is really about. The test is actually a good indicator for early onset of dementia/Alzheimer. The article made it look more like something you would find in a Flinstone's coloring book in a Pediatric doctor's office.
  21. Um, No it is not. That's a pretty bad piece of journalism because that is not a good example of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test. First of all, the MoCA is not multiple choice. There are several sections of the test that are designed to test different areas of memory. A person is asked to count backwards from 100, subtracting 7 from every number. They are not given a multiple choice selection which is obviously much easier to figure out. The person is asked to draw a clock with the time ten minutes after eleven, not pick what time the clock has from 4 choices. They are also told 5 words, and asked to repeat them in order. They then move on to the next parts of the test. After 5 minutes they are asked to repeat those words again. Even people with mild dementia tend not to be able to repeat the words after 5 minutes. The test might seem easy to normal people. I took it and got 30/30. But it is very good at identifying those with even mild dementia. Those with more severe dementia score well lower. I know this because I have a family member who suffers from moderate dementia. That's how I ended up taking the test. The Geriatric doctor wanted me to take it so I could see first hand how dementia affects the brain. It was astonishing to see how poorly someone with moderate dementia does on this test. I have no idea what Trump was given, or how he did, but if it truly was the actual MoCA than this article is totally misrepresenting what that test actually is. I don't usually follow BBC News, but I was under the impression they were a reputable organization. This is something that might be more in line with FOX news.
  22. Not surprising. I thought one of the all time BS answers came from Tomlin yesterday. NFLN reported that when asked about the relationship between Roethlisberger and Haley, Tomlin said he was in the process of gathering information on that. Really? Haley reports directly to you, and Roethlisberger is the team's star QB. You're with them every day from late July through the end of your season. They are the two most important people in making your offense click. How could you not know exactly what the relationship is? That told me right there that he was just shelving any answer until an announcement was made.
  23. It usually doesn't work that way. Most places are staffed to meet their customer needs. If someone calls out sick, those places usually call somebody already scheduled off for that shift to see if they can pick up the extra shift.
  24. http://marylandreporter.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Gonzales-Maryland-Poll-1-11-2018-HOGAN.pdf Latest Gonzales poll has Hogan's approval rating at 70.8% He leads Baker, 47%-37.1%, 15.9% undecided. He leads Kamenitz 48.1%-33.8%, 18.1% undecided. He leads Jealous 49%-35.8%, 15.2% undecided.
  25. It's kind of hard to argue that, especially on defense. But there was a lot of talk and tweeting going on relating to New England before this game. Despite their problems they should have been able to contain a team that couldn't score more than 10 points the week before at home. The way the Steelers came out, they just looked flat. Almost like they thought it was just going to be a scrimmage. By the time they started turning it up offensively, they were already in a big hole. I said about a month ago I thought all of the AFC North defenses were over rated because of who they played and it looks like I was right. When it came time to step up, the Steelers defense let themselves get pushed up and down the field by a below average QB.