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  1. Well I would think you could see the difference there, most people can. A police force is a government agency and a necessity for keeping order. There are rules, regulations, and discipline in place for those types of incidents. Do mistakes happen? Sure they do....newsflash, humans are not infallible. But that's why they have procedures and training in place, to try and minimize those kind of mistakes. And they have punishment, including loss of job and possibly criminal charges for those who do screw up. Who is the overseer of these idiots who are simply combing social media, finding a near match, and deciding to trash an individual without really having factual proof that he was in fact who their blood thirsty lust thought he was. How would you feel if an angry mob showed up at your doorstep cursing you and threatening your family when the only "crime" you committed was looking similar to someone in a white supremacists march photo? Or perhaps you think we should all just take justice into our own hands. It is cyber vigilantism. These cretins are calling out people without having any proof of what they are, what they did, or even if they were present at the event. There may be some recourse for this guy. If he hires an internet security company and a lawyer, and they can determine exactly who fingered him incorrectly, he might have a slander/harassment suit should he choose to pursuit it. I personally hope he does. I would like nothing better than to see this guy take a huge settlement from these a-holes and wreck whatever financial future they may have. But I realize it is unlikely. Most likely this guy just wants to put this behind him and move on from an incident that he didn't ask for and never should have been faced with.
  2. All well and good until they slip up and out the wrong guy, destroying a perfectly innocent person's reputation. These people are every bit as reprehensible as the nazi's they are attempting to go after.
  3. I would certainly tend to believe he could not win re-election, but then I did not believe he would win in the first place. The thing to remember about elections is that they are not simply an up or down vote on one person. If so, Trump would not have won. They are contests and who is up against him mattered, as it will if he is to seek re-election. I would not think democrats could put up another candidate as unappealing as they did in 2016, but you never know until it unfolds. I firmly believe that if Bernie Sanders was Trump's opponent in 2016 we would not be having these discussions. Sanders would have won the swing states that Trump squeaked by in and flipped the electoral map. So as poorly as he is doing now, until his opponent is known I would have to keep the slim possibility that he could be re-elected on the table.
  4. It's impossible to deny that. But the question is what do republicans do? There is no good option except to ride it out and let time take it's course. If they have irrefutable reasons to vote along with democrats to remove him, that is one way, but that's a tough road to go down. It might be better to try and contain him as best they can. It's why the RNC should have overridden the primary votes and removed him as their nominee at the convention. People kept saying it would be an affront to democracy, but there is no constitutional provision that says any party needs to adhere to primary results. Primaries were not even a thing until the 1900's. It would have been very easy to simply denounce Trump as not being someone who they believed carried the party values and installed someone else. But they were worried about voter backlash. And so they would be now. He could have still run for President, just not as the republican party's nominee. It was not a good situation and they chose to go with it figuring he would not win and they could regroup in 2020. Now they are stuck with him for the time being and they just need to figure out how to prevent him from doing too much damage and to try and mute as much of his stupidity as possible.
  5. Totally agree. From what I can tell this is the first time he's ever had a chance to play in pre-season games. He seems like he prepares hard and works hard. I think the Ravens should dump Mallet and keep him. He has a much better work ethic. Truth is, if Flacco misses any good amount of time during the season the Ravens are finished anyway. Might as well keep a younger QB who is cheaper and isn't as much of a head case as Mallet.
  6. And go where? Let's assume this is correct, where should they go? Libertarian party? Maybe that's an option. Form their own party? We all have seen how the two party system and their control of the money has beaten down that idea. Become democrats? Thanks for the laugh, but the democratic policies that conservatives oppose are still there, so no thank you. So where should these republicans go? The truth is it is better to work within the party to change it back to being the party of conservatives. Otherwise get ready for decades of one party rule pushing policies that conservatives don't agree with. Again, no thank you. Rather weather this low point and try to build back up off it than end up submitting to a far left view point.
  7. I agree that they wouldn't, but do you honestly think democrats would ungerrymader their states? I know you hate when people bring up Maryland, but there is a reason for it. Just a few years back when O'Malley was governor they gerrymandered it enough so that long time representative Roscoe Bartlett was defeated. Does anyone believe that Western Maryland has the same interests as Montgomery county? All you have to do is look at the before and after map to see that the geographic tongue that dipped into Montgomery county was intentionally done in order to change a republican representative into a democratic one. They also gerrymandered the Eastern shore district to include much of Harford, Northern Baltimore, and some of Carroll in an attempt to minimize the Baltimore county republican presence. Governor Hogan wanted to turn the drawing of districts up to an independent commission but the democratic GA deferred that for now. My guess is because they want to wait and see if he wins re-election. The next governor will have their say the way O'Malley did when he drew the current ones up. If Hogan wins, watch how quickly they pass a law that gives control to an independent commission. If he loses, they know it will be a democrat drawing the lines up in 2020. They want to keep their options open.
  8. Can't disagree. He isn't what anyone would think about as far as presidential material. But that is the reason why I chose a third party vote for the first time in my life. Expecting someone like him to change is like expecting a shark not to attack something moving in the water. It is rather amazing that he is unable to contain himself on the tweets and stay on message in his press conferences. Or even that any of the people close to him can't convince him of that. But maybe that's because he is used to simply doing what he wants for his whole life and nobody has ever been able to tell him anything. Hard to believe that less than one year into a presidency he has screwed up so badly. And almost all of it is because of his personality and demeanor. Well, at least there is one person who has benefited from the Trump disaster so far. George W. looks a lot better than he did a few years back. Funny thing is that I actually agreed with him when he said that there was a lot of blame for the violence to go around in Charlottesville, but then he followed it up with the comment about a few good people on both sides. How do you figure there are any good people on the side of white supremacists?
  9. Back to the guy who drove his car into the crowd. Virginia has the death penalty, and there is a federal death penalty for these kinds of acts. Let's stop calling for the end of the death penalty and start removing those who kill with no regard from our society. Try him, and if convicted, sentence him to death. Fast track all of his appeals until they are done and give justice to the woman who was killed. Let's stop playing around with these people who are worthless to society and do what is right to those who kill with no regard to others and their families. At some point in time it may be right to remove capital punishment from society, but not until we have a society where the murderers believe the same thing.
  10. I understand what you are saying, but maybe you are 9-6 because one of those games played earlier was Cleveland. If Cleveland had not been one of those games perhaps you would be 8-7 and not in contention. Same goes for Pittsburgh. If they are 9-6 and battling for a spot, perhaps they would be 10-5 and having to play a better team on the final weekend. All I am saying is the wins against weak teams should be there no matter when it is on the schedule. But I do agree with you that the NFL should go to a divisional rotation on the final weekend of the season the way they do with conference divisions.
  11. I made my statement on Perriman simply because during his first season the team kept saying every week that he was only a week or two away, only to have that revised continually. He has also had hamstring issues in the past. I believe he missed the combine because of a hamstring. Some people are injury prone, time will tell if Perriman is one of those. We will see.
  12. I can't disagree with you, but that would assume that NFL cares about fairness of any sort. They don't. If they did, there would be no Thursday night games and no games in other countries. The NFL cares about ratings and filling stadiums. If scheduling Pittsburgh and Cleveland every year on the last weekend helps toward that goal, then that is what they will do. And besides, actually I don't really think it matters that much. The schedules are already balanced for all the division teams. When they play really doesn't matter that much. Pittsburgh having an easy last game means that at some point in the year when Baltimore or Cincinnati is playing Cleveland, Pittsburgh was probably playing someone tougher.
  13. I think the mayor did a great job. She was proactive and didn't wait for the situation to become explosive, as it surely could have. It was inevitable that these statues were going to come down so why wait to have another confrontation between police and the people? She took them out and did so without any coverage and any opportunity for problems. She also did not cave into Brandon Scott's idiotic suggestion that they be destroyed. No matter what they represent, they are still works of art and we are not the Taliban. Send them to a place where someone can figure out what to do with them to preserve the art without offending people in a public place. She showed more leadership last night than SRB, Dixon, or O'Malley did in their entire time in office. Kudos to her for sparing Baltimore another black eye.
  14. I have no problem with the statues being removed. I believe the mayor deserves a lot of credit for acting quickly and getting the job done before something could have escalated into another violent episode for Baltimore. She handled it much better than her predecessors SRB, Dixon, and O'Malley would have done. But when you say "your people" I am assuming that you are black and you mean white people. I think you should realize that there was also a set of "your people" in Africa who had a hand in the entire slavery issue. Sure the white people in America and especially the South were more than willing to accept slaves. It was free labor and it was what enabled the southern states to become economically viable. But it was the African slave traders who were willing to round up their own countrymen and ship them off to other lands that helped fuel the Atlantic slave trade. Africa as a nation engaged in a class system that utilized it's own people for slaves centuries before America ever became an official country. Obviously does not excuse that early Americans were wrong for enslaving people, but it could not have been done without people in Africa willing to profit off of the sale of their own people. Most merchants who came to the coast of Africa back in those days never even ventured into the interior because they were afraid to do so. Most of the Africans that the slave traders rounded up had know idea what was happening. Many had never seen a white man before and believed they were being sent away to be eaten. They believed that white men were cannibals. I can't profess to know what people over 150 years ago were thinking. But it was obviously a number of cultures who helped make slavery. It wasn't only the American settlers who thought it up and made it a reality. It was American, European, and African all together that combined to make this blight on history.
  15. I think the pigeons will probably miss them the most.
  16. Most likely it has more to do with the fact that Pittsburgh/Cleveland is a rivalry that goes way back and guarantees a sellout in both cities no matter what their records are. The Browns have been out of contention every year since the NFL went to an all division schedule on the last weekend and the NFL is looking for a way to maintain interest in Cleveland. Since going to that schedule, the Browns have had only one season where they won more than 5 games. I don't know if any other team has that bad a record of futility. The Cleveland/Pittsburgh game guarantees a lot of travelers from the away city no matter where it is played. Cleveland/Baltimore or Cleveland/Cincinnati just doesn't have the same interest in either of the three cities.
  17. WBAL reported that Stanley has missed three straight practices and Harbaugh said it is something he is working through. The Ravens did not report the nature of his injury. Didn't he miss some games because of injury last year as well? They also reported that Perriman's injury was a little more serious than just a hamstring tweak and that he would likely miss the next couple of weeks. I would label that a concern because we've been down that road before with Perriman regarding injuries that seem to linger and linger.
  18. Actually, we were alerted about it as far back as 2012 from ex-Soviet states. I've said before that we had an exact blueprint on how the Russians would act and we failed to take any measures to counter it. I'm not necessarily pointing the finger at Obama, if the DNC and RNC failed to respond to the propaganda blitz it is on them. I'm not sure what Obama could have done to stop it. The campaigns should have been much more keenly aware of what was coming and taken better measures to get out in front of it. We've engaged in spreading propaganda ourselves so it shouldn't have been a surprise. The Russians simply figured out how to use social media to make their game that much stronger.
  19. You have the right idea. If nobody covered their march, and nobody showed up to oppose them, it would have been a very disappointing day for them. The neo-nazi groups thrive on tensions and coverage. Without it, they would have simply been a group of idiots that showed up and marched through the streets to the tune of nobody cares. Sparking conflict is what they thrive on.
  20. Really? Can you give some examples of how Bernie Sanders employed demagogue tactics in his speeches? Or how his tactics were that much different than Hillary Clinton's, or for that matter Bill Clinton's. I don't agree with Sanders far left policies, but I never found him to be anything other than true to his beliefs. It was his belief in government being the provider for everything under the sun that I disagreed with, not his delivery.
  21. No, this is wrong. We are supposed to be a nation of laws and civility. I personally don't give a damn about civil war monuments. I have never understood the fascination with the civil war. But there are ways to do the work to get them removed. Get enough people who want them gone, and the local politicians will have to cave, or you vote them out, irregardless of party. If there are laws on the books that prevent the removal of the statues, support politicians who will get those laws changed. This kind of destruction of property purely because you don't like something makes us no better than 3rd world countries, or the Taliban. What a sad day. The country can survive a bumbling idiot as president. What it cannot survive is people turning against each other and descending into anarchy, deciding where and what they want to destroy at their own whim. Today it is whatever monument to the south it was in NC. Maybe tomorrow someone blows up the Lincoln memorial. Next up, Mount Rushmore. Sorry, I can't support this. These people are not heroes, they are common vandals who should be identified and charged under the law. Their cause may be a just one, but their methods are no better than the radical extremists we have seen this past weekend.
  22. My post was somewhat facetious because I know it will never be done. But that is what it is coming down to in our society. Don't like something, you can't just ignore it you have to tear it down. So yeah, let's rename it. Is it any different than all of the money spent on monuments that are now being removed? If that's what we have to do to make sure nobody is offended, then I guess that's what we have to do. Ask for volunteers to help. I'm sure all of the offended parties who would love to see Reagan's name off of the airport signs would donate their time. Same way with BWI, all of the street signs, and the monuments. Get all of these groups together to work toward what they want on their time and the taxpayer gets off easy.
  23. Maybe the ideal solution is to take down ALL monuments and rename all public streets, buildings, parks, airports, etc that are named after someone. People can memorialize whomever they want on their own property, in their own homes. But as for the monuments, street names, public buildings named after anyone or after any political cause or movement......take them down and rename the landmarks. Rename so that they are neutral, like after nature or geography. That way nobody will be offended. The only fair way to do it.
  24. Both items of news are troubling. Lewis represented some continuity on an O-line that looks like it will now be no better than last year. With Flacco, I'm starting to wonder if the injury isn't a little worse than the Raven's are letting on. First he was only going to miss a week, now he won't play at all during the pre-season. When will he at least practice? It's also disturbing because he is missing valuable time to be able to build up some timing with Maclin. Right now it looks like the defense will be improved from last year, but the offense looks no better and maybe even a little worse than last year.
  25. The Manziel comment was a joke, obviously. I agree with everyone's assessment of Mallet. I have been critical of him since the Raven's signed him. I said back then I thought it was a waste of money and a mistake. That he was a head case and despite one good showing against Pittsburgh, if anything happened to Flacco he wasn't leading the Ravens anywhere. If you can't keep a job in QB starved Houston, you can't be much good. He isn't. Total waste of money, imo. I would rather keep a rookie and pay a rookie salary than pay him $1 mil, especially when the team is somewhat cap strapped. But I will disagree with everyone on Kapaernick. I just don't think he is very good either. He led SF to the playoffs two seasons, but that was under a system that JIm Harbaugh worked up for him once he decided to replace Alex Smith. Once teams took away his mobility, he started losing his effectiveness. He has a strong arm, but he has a windup you can time with a calendar. Think Byron Leftwhich. Leftwhich had some success with Jacksonville, but as a backup in Pittsburgh, when Roethlisberger missed time, he totally sucked. Kap would mirror him, imo. On top of that you add the controversy he brings to the equation and why would you want to do it? The Ravens have one of the best team/fan base relations in the league. The backlash would threaten that. I don't buy that people would start turning in their tickets, I think that's an empty threat. But I do believe that some would make good on their promise to boo loudly anytime he was on the field. I think signing Kapaernick would fragement the Raven's fan base to a degree. Even if it was only 20% of the stadium, can you imagine the scene if Kapaernick was running the offense to a chorus of boos at home? I just don't think it's worth the risk. Now obviously if he started racking up the wins much of that would go away. But I have a hard time thinking he would do that, especially on a team with a suspect O-line, and an average running game. He isn't leading the Ravens to the playoffs and the controversy would just be a major distraction for the team. Just hope that Flacco's injury isn't any worse than the team is letting on.