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  1. I don't know that I am so quick to give everyone a pass on the injuries. Every team has injuries. Unless the injury is to your franchise QB, you need to adapt. I understand the Ravens have had more than their share of injuries, but the replacements should at least be able to be considered NFL players and the coaching staff should be able to scheme and plan around those injuries. A few years ago the Patriots had more people on IR than any other team, yet they won the SB. Starters will always be better, that's why they are starters, but the teams who build rosters with efficient depth are usually the ones who end up in the playoffs. I don't know if it's the drafting, or the fact that the Raven's annually don't seem to have any cap money, but for some reason the people asked to step up when an injury occurs seem to be a huge step below the guys they are replacing. Injuries are a part of the game and this year it seems like a lot of superstar players are going down all over the league. If your organization is banking it's superbowl run on all of it's starters being healthy all year, it probably isn't going to work out.
  2. Ravens @ Vikings - Who is lining up for the Ravens at WR? Does it even matter? Well, yeah. Minnesota has the #5 defense in the league. They are outperforming the Raven's defense and much of that is because they are the #3 rushing defense giving up less than 80 yards per game. In order to beat them, you have to do it through the air where the Raven's are the #31 ranked passing offense. Only the Jay Cutler led Dolphins are worse. On paper this is a mismatch. I just don't see how the Ravens are going to consistently move the ball. I don't expect a Case Keenum led team to roll offensively, but just do enough to win. With Aaron Rogers injury the Vikings know they have a real shot to win this division. I expect them to do what the Raven's couldn't do last week: Beat a team at home that they should beat. Vikings 23 Ravens 10 Titans @ Browns - With some of the injuries the Titans have, and coming off of a Monday night game, the Browns should have a chance in this game. But it's the Browns. The whole organization just doesn't seem to have a plan. The Titans can win the week AFC South, but they can't do that losing to teams like this. Titans 31 Browns 24 Bengals @ Steelers - Interesting stat I heard yesterday. Since the beginning of 2015, including playoffs, games between the Steelers and Bengals have produced the most after the play is over personal foul flags. The Bengals saved their season before the bye and could really tighten the AFC North up with a win on the road today. But the Steelers got back to doing what they do best last week by relying heavily on Bell and taking some shots down field. With their defense playing as well as it is, when the Steelers use that formula they can play with any team in the league. The Steelers have beaten the Bengals the last 4 times they have met, and 7 of the last 8. That should continue. The last time the Steelers were home they had an awful loss to Jacksonville and they will not want to repeat that for their fans. Steelers 34 Bengals 24
  3. Whether she runs or not is irrelevant. My point is that democrats claimed that Benghazi was a witch hunt, Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong, and republicans were simply trying to dig up dirt that was not there. If Wilson is calling Niger Trump's Benghazi, what does that mean? I think it's fairly clear. If you say Niger is a Benghazi, than you can only mean it was a major screw up by Trump(surprise, surprise), meaning Hillary screwed up on Benghazi and all of the statements about it being nothing were false, or you mean it is really nothing but it will be a witch hunt the same way Benghazi was. I'm not clear on which one she meant.
  4. Your timeline is very intuitive. Of course it is a timeline leading up to the culmination of a super bowl win followed by a purge, but it also coincides with the retirement of Ray Lewis. I have always said the FO should be judged based on two periods; The Ray Lewis years, and post Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis was more than just a physical defensive player, he also was an on the field coach and locker room motivator who made everyone around him play to their maximum capabilities and sometimes above that. I argued during the 2000's that this feeling of "in Ozzie we trust" may have been misguided. He failed big time to draft a QB for nearly a decade while he had a defense that was the best year after year. He has failed to draft a quality receiver in every attempt. He was hailed as a genius for drafting players like Hartwell, Thomas, and Ngata, but once they left Baltimore, they did nothing. Or should I say once they left a defense with Ray Lewis. The post Ray Lewis years have produced only 1 playoff appearance in 4 tries, no division titles. I actually give Harbaugh more of a break than some others. His game time decisions are at time head scratching and his clock management is terrible. But overall he does have his team prepared to play. IMO, the front office bears more of the responsibility for the past 4 years than the coaching staff. And I don't buy the injury excuses. In the year that the Ravens dropped to 5-11, the Patriots had more people on IR than the Raven's did and they made the playoffs.
  5. I don't think he could say anything else at this point. But some of his comments are interesting. I agree with him that judgement on people should be based on long term. But he fails to define what is long term. It certainly isn't 6 games into a season. Is it two seasons, four, eight? What exactly is long term. And the comment as to a lot of went wrong is because of the bounce of the ball is funny. Does that mean the Ravens won a super bowl simply because that season they were on the right side of the bounce of a ball? I would agree that it takes mostly everything going right to win a super bowl, but a lot of everything going right is because of the talent you put on the field. At some point you have to hold your FO and Coaching staff accountable for what is happening on Sunday. It's not all just about the bounce of the ball. That helps. It also helps if you have people in place on the field who can turn that bounce in your favor.
  6. Based on past history I might want to get the money up front, or an agreement in writing from my law firm stating that Trump is the one to be billed for that portion of my legal bills, not me.
  7. Really? The last democrat did nothing to clean up the Bush mess, he added to it. Why would anyone believe another democrat would do any different, or a republican for that matter.
  8. Personally, my opinion is the ability for the executive branch to hand down a pardon of anyone is misguided. The judicial branch should be the branch of government that handles criminal activity. No president should be able to overturn that. A sentence should only be overturned through the proper appeals through the justice system. Every president has pardoned people at the end of their term. End this. People found guilty should either serve their sentence or force a new trial due to new evidence that may exonerate them. Take this power away from the executive branch.
  9. So by calling Niger Trump's Benghazi she is basically admitting everything republicans originally said about Benghazi was right. Or she is too stupid to realize what the comparison she has just made actually indicates. She is grandstanding, but by all means continue down that line of thought.
  10. I would think by now most people know exactly what he is. He won an unpopularity contest between two people that the American people found disgusting. Most people in the US laugh at his antics. I don't know why the UK would listen to him.
  11. I have a hard time believing anyone in the UK is paying attention to what Trump tweets. And if they are, my question is why?
  12. The one thing Andy Reid should be thinking about is how the Raiders decided on 4th down to take a FG to cut the lead to 6 when they were down by 9. He had the same option last week and decided to go on 4th down. If the Raiders go for it and miss, that ending probably never happens. Sometimes you just take the points and hope that it works out. In this case it did for the Raiders. It didn't for Andy Reid last week. As tempting as it is to think you can make it on 4th down, when you are in FG range it is most of the time better to take the points and see what happens. Tonight was a good argument for that.
  13. Won't deny that. Trump will never admit he is wrong. And it won't change because he is incapable of changing.
  14. I agree. Any other politician would have realized what not to say. Trump is simply not at all good at being presidential. He's really not good at much of anything outside of being able to work up the people who support him. The fact that he can't get anything done with a congress of his own party proves that. Although quite honestly I'm not sure his party is behind him either. I think most of them now regret that they didn't push harder for the RNC to deny him the nomination when they had the chance.
  15. I brought them up as examples of persons whose names are plastered on schools, streets, airports, and various other public domains. They may certainly be offensive to some out there. They should all be removed. It would be the best way to insure that we no longer offend people.
  16. I think you are wrong, her actions were politically motivated. Trump's statement included a line that you just can't say to a grieving family. Even though I don't think he meant it the way the press is building it up to be, you just don't even go there. For that he was wrong. Not that he hasn't brought it on himself or deserve it, but she jumped on it for political reasons. It's not surprising that Trump mishandled the entire thing from the beginning, but I have a hard time believing her reaction would have been the same had it been President Obama who made the exact same statement.
  17. I think that's pretty much how everybody who attends or watches sporting events feel. They don't want to see politics infiltrating their 3 hours of entertainment. Save that for other times. It's sad that sporting events are starting to become as divisive as the political arena is. Leave that out. Let people have their escape.
  18. That's the point. The article talks about the drop in turnout in Milwaukee being 41,000. Was that much different than what happened in most cities across America? Hillary Clinton failed to hold the level of voter turnout that President Obama had. If you want to talk about these laws being unfair to certain groups of people, that is certainly a discussion that can be engaged. But blaming Hillary's loss on that is ridiculous. They cite one case and want us to extrapolate from that case that all 41,000 less voters were democrats who were victims of voter suppression. Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate who lost to another terrible candidate. Democrats picked the wrong candidate to represent them and now they just seem to want to make excuses rather than admit it. Republicans have done it before, and they did it again. They were bailed out because democrats couldn't see how disliked Hillary was among everyone outside of her base of supporters. Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, if he had run, would have cleaned Trump's clock. Either would have held onto the democratic voters who decided not to vote or go third party and would have beaten him in the close swing states. The article itself even manages to sum the election up.
  19. As far as I know, absolutely nothing. What does that have to do with anything?
  20. The name should be removed, but the school should be renamed PS XXXX, or maybe Lindale(fictitious) Elementary after the street it is on. It is clear we need to move away from naming anything after politicians or people who can be offensive to anyone out there. We should begin stripping the Reagan's, JFK's, MLK's, Robert Lee's, and all other people off of schools, public buildings, airports, and anywhere else they are occupying. Let's take it back to simply numbers, street names(only if those have already been cleansed of these horrible human names), or lattitude/longitude locations. It will make all of our lives much easier. Or better yet, how about putting schools up for corporate bidding? M&T bank elementary.......Exxon High School.......Heineken college of the arts! One hundred percent of the fee for using the name should go to that states education budget. This renaming a school after another president is disgusting and divisive. I thought we were beginning to move away from this.
  21. It was actually Mr. Carlson's idea. Only he, Les, and Herb knew about it. They were the 3 original members of the station before it converted to a rock and roll format and Mr. Carlson wanted to keep it a surprise to the rest of the staff. Les: "OH MY GOD, they're Turkeys! Their hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement. One of them just went through the windshield of a parked car! Oh the humanity." And Johnny had a great line once they lost the feed to Les: "If you just joined us, the Pinedale shopping center has been bombed with live turkeys. Film at eleven." Classic Thanksgiving episode.
  22. Pretty much my first thought. McCain has absolutely nothing to lose, he is not running again and is facing a much more serious term limit. He isn't about to back down. More likely he will crank up his criticism.
  23. Even by today's depraved society standards, that is a pretty horrible story.
  24. I think he did learn the lesson, but in the heat of the moment sometimes players try too hard to be the hero instead of just sticking to their fundamental duties. If he strips the ball and the Raven's recover, they kick the FG and he is the hero. But the risk is exactly what played out. Failing to get him down at that point led to the big gain that helped get Chicago in position to win it with a FG. You have to be disciplined there and just tackle him, but you see it all the time, especially late in games, with guys going for the ball instead of just taking the runner down. It's a mistake and he knows it. He just let his emotions dictate his actions.
  25. He has little hope of gaining anything from this grievance. He would have to show that all 32 owners conspired to keep him out of the NFL. He would have to provide actual physical evidence to back his claim up, not just his beliefs. Good luck with that. The players union brought a collusion case against the NFL that said the owners conspired to keep salaries down in the uncapped year that led to the current CBA. They had a much stronger case with more evidence and they lost. He isn't going to win this, and he risks alienating any owners out there who might still hold a small opening to taking a chance on him. If he really wants back into the NFL, his smartest move would be to try and catch on with a CFL or Arena team where he might be able to showcase his abilities and convince an NFL team to take a chance on him in the future.