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  1. What do you think the motivation is? I believe it is quite simply that Sylvester Stallone asked him to do it. No matter what the motivation is, the family seems to favor it. Maybe it is the right thing to do. If you think Trump is going to get some kind of political boost from this, I seriously doubt it. I don't think there are very many people who give a damn about it one way or the other. The family does, and that's about it.
  2. No. There is nothing in her comments that can cause her to be subject to being legally punished. But the first amendment does not guarantee that her employer may not feel that her views made public have not damaged their reputation. Every employer in this day and age has a social media policy which usually states that public statement advanced in a social media setting that reflect negatively on the employer may be subject to disciplinary action including reassignment of duties or possibly even termination. Every employee acknowledges that when they sign their employment contract. And even those employees who predate social media have likely had to review social media policy and sign off on it. Actions have consequences. We will see what happens to her. My guess is they will stop short of termination, but will remove her from the teaching rotation.
  3. I agree with that. The Washington Post is left leaning, but not full blown left radical the way MSNBC used to be or the way FOX news is all out radical right propaganda. But the thing is that none of these organizations that pass themselves off as NEWS organizations should be leaning any way. They should simply be reporting the news in a factual manner. Any editorial comment immediately puts them into an agenda based agency. Give people the news, let them form their own opinions. Once you start giving the news and slanting it one way or the other, you cease to be a news organization and become more of a propaganda influencing agency.
  4. A few months ago people like this writer were totally alarmed at the rhetoric being tossed back and forth between Trump and Kim. Now they don't want diplomacy. No doubt Kim could be running a game here and should not be trusted, but isn't it better to at least be engaging him as opposed to talking military action? Our allies in that region seem to think so. NK is not to be trusted, anymore than Iran was. But talking to them is better than the alternative. Amazing how quickly the narrative from the media changed because they didn't think it was possible. The most absurd thing they put out there is that agreeing to meet with NK legitimizes them. Really. NK has been around since the end of WWII. They are a member of the UN. The same ruling family has been in power since the 1940's. They have demonstrated that they already have nuclear weapon capability, although how much is debatable. They are already legitimate.
  5. Do we need government guaranteed jobs for this? Hire the poor. As the supporters for an increase in immigration numbers are quick to point out, immigrants are doing the jobs that Americans won't do. We don't need a guaranteed jobs program, the jobs are already there, Americans just need to be willing to do them. If they won't do them now, what makes you think they will do a government provided job working on the infrastructure?
  6. I'm thinking that if there was any chance of him getting another look, this may have put the nail in that coffin. At one time he indicated he was not going to kneel for the anthem anymore. This seems to contradict that. As I said in an above post, he simply does not seem to want to help his own case. He is certainly entitled to his feelings and to share them, but don't complain that teams are unfairly not giving you a job when you are continually making it more difficult for them to justify it with their fan base.
  7. How do you know they haven't? The donor outrage in this instance is because the woman is a university employee. She has brought negative publicity to Fresno State. There is precedence for the university to take some kind of action against her, most likely removing her as a teacher. This is the same university that demoted another professor after he voiced the opinion that Trump must hang. I think a lot of people would like to see her fired, but my guess is she will be demoted to a position where she will not be teaching and interacting with students.
  8. No, that is not necessarily true. And if it is, they have the power to not enter into the agreement in the first place. Sometimes the university itself is being paid by the speaker. Nobody can force a business or an institution to pay someone to give a speech when they don't want them there.
  9. I agree. The North had an unbelievably favorable schedule last year. It was already weak but was made quite a bit weaker by all of the starting QBs that went down on those scheduled teams. This year's schedule looks on paper to be quite a bit tougher. Jamison Hensley was on WBAL last night, went game by game, and arrived at a 9-7 conclusion. Now I know there is no way to predict games that far out because of so many factors, but it can give an overall big picture. Where I took issue with him was he had late season wins at KC and at LA (Chargers). The Ravens road record hasn't been all that great to expect wins in either of those places. He said the Chargers usually fade late in the season but that's just wrong. Normally the Chargers struggle early in the season and come on late. Last season they lost their first 4 and came on to be in the hunt down to the last weekend. Personally, I like the Chargers as a playoff team this year, potentially even to win their division. My early take on the Ravens season is 7-9 or 8-8.
  10. Right wing white supremacist speakers are not employed by the university. A person employed by a Maryland high school was recently fired when it was discovered he had ties to a white supremacist group. When a persons public actions reflect poorly on an employer, they usually respond.
  11. Probably not for long. Fresno is conducting it's own investigation into the matter. And several donors have said they are considering withholding donations unless action is taken by the school against her. That will probably cause them to take action quicker than anything. At the very least she is probably done as a professor there. She may be kept in some other capacity but her teaching days are likely over.
  12. Dez has made it pretty clear that the Ravens are a last resort option for him. He wants to stay in the NFC, specifically the NFC East, or play for a SB contender. Snead isn't going to automatically turn the Ravens into a playoff team, but at least he is younger and has some upside to him. He could turn out to be a nice addition. He isn't big, and he isn't fast but he does have one thing that the Ravens receivers have lacked the past few years.........He CATCHES the ball when it's thrown to him. That alone is a plus.
  13. He did, and he is working with Crabtree and Brown this offseason. The problem is that the Ravens never give him more than rejects from the NFL pile. They don't sign premier first line free agent receivers and they don't draft well in that area. Flacco is not an elite QB, never was, never will be. He is slow to read defensive coverages and slow to go through his receiver progressions. But he has a big arm, and can do well when given at least decent receivers and enough time to throw. A past the prime Wallace, ready for retirement Maclin, and past retirement Watson do not qualify as a good receiver group. Crabtree and Brown represent a very minor upgrade on that, but even with the possibility of Dez Bryant it still is a past their prime receiving corp with no good TE option and without Woodhead, no good checkdown option from the backfield. If anyone is expecting Flacco to suddenly regain the magic of 2012 with this group is in for a sad disappointment.
  14. Good to know that we now have such high respect for Israeli military intelligence. Next time they strife a neighborhood in Gaza for protecting Hamas rocket launchers their justification should not be questioned. Their military intelligence is obviously beyond reproach.
  15. They may not like what they see. They may find that their exclusionary tactics, bullying, and cruel taunts that isolate some of their peers who don't seem to fit in has a lot to do with the school violence that is taking place. It's easier to blame society and demand changes from others than to change your own behavior.
  16. I don't know about that...............
  17. Of course he is. Presidents factor less into the economy than most people think. They take the credit for the good and diffuse the blame for the bad. Did Obama take credit for the stock market bounce back and recovery? Yes he did. Where did everyone think the economy was going to go once it crashed and the stock market was halved? Was it going to stay down forever? Of course not. Recovery was a pretty sure bet. That's why people began pouring there money back into the stock market once it bottomed out. Trump hasn't done anything significant for the economy. His policies and his statements probably have affected the stock market at times, both good and bad, but overall the economy reacts to quite a few other global factors, the president being a very minuscule part of that.
  18. If they have further evidence which is classified I doubt they will release it because they just don't care and neither does much of the rest of the world. The only people who seem to care about the attacks are the Russian and Syrian governments. The response was measured and proportional. I don't think May would have committed to it if she wasn't convinced. She is not likely to go along with Trump on much of anything without conclusive evidence. In another few days, the attack will be off the news pages totally. It's already pretty much buried in favor of Trump's affairs, his battles with Comey, and his lawyer's troubles.
  19. I'm sure they have classified satellite images as well. Without people on the scene, you can't get chemical samples. I have no problem with the evidence used to justify a response. My question is whether there should have been a response at all. Unless their weapons threaten us or our allies in the region, I'm not sure we should be involved. I've said that since Obama made noises about Syria facing retribution for chemical attacks. Syria using CW against rebel opposition in it's own country poses no national security problem for us or our allies. It should be a UN problem. That is if the UN were anything more than a bad joke.
  20. I don't think that's the case. I think the US, Britain and France had the evidence and decided to act. The inspections are to satisfy the rest of the world which is not so quick to just take the US or it's allies word for it. Delaying access gives the powers over there time to cleanse the area. I don't think the US or Britain would push for such quick inspections if they didn't know they had the proof.
  21. Rumor mill has the Ravens squarely at the top of a very small market for Bryant. A lot will depend on what other teams show interest. Bryant has some definite feelings about who he wants to play for but he may not be able to be picky. It fits what the Ravens tend to do in the WR market. He has been declining in recent years and tends to be a malcontent when he doesn't get the ball thrown his way. I would pass, but the Ravens are desperate for a play maker so they may be tempted if they can make the money work.
  22. More? Must be on a relative scale.
  23. That was the first thing I thought of before I even opened this thread. I can just imagine Pruitt on one side and Trump on the other going, "What? I can't hear you."