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  1. If they could just pass like three of the 12 appropriations bills through regular order it would be a massive improvement. People used to talk about how Congress "did nothing" but that "wisdom" was pretty misguided. Now they actually seem to do nothing. Are these guys just showing up to committee meetings and playing games on their phones all day?
  2. It's absurd. I'm all for a law that spends at current levels if Congress can't get off their butts to do appropriations. It will force people who want more and less funding for various things to actually do stuff instead of a bunch of ridiculous mouth grinding until the deadline hits then even dumber stuff happens.
  3. A lot of them are sworn law enforcement officers (Law Enforcement Rangers).
  4. Yeah, I'm not impressed; it's the wrong hill to die on. It was messed up when Republicans did it led by Cruz and now it's messed up on the Democrats' side. The thing that we need likely won't happen anytime soon; Congressional leadership needs to let bipartisan ideas and legislation move forward to vote. Then the middle can take back the power from the fringes.
  5. Should have done it sooner; dude has gone full Jeebus.
  6. It's not so much an issue of literacy, it's just simple righteousness and scapegoating. This Trump thing has really shaken out the people I don't mind listening to against those who seem to have little value on the supposed conservative/Republican side; it started with the Tea Party situation being overrun with nutjobs. I'm concerned that this level of craziness is going to happen with liberals/Democrats as well. At least then it'll be easy to separate who isn't just a team player from someone who has things they actually believe in. But if we have some type of Trump-version Democrat as President, it's going to be just as awful.
  7. There's like 900 people in that town. Everybody at least knows what the deal is now. Like Matt said, the probability that Muslims (and "scary" non-white people) will be flocking to some isolated bump on US-201 on the way to Quebec is pretty low. Maybe they'll let someone from Kazakhstan be non-segregated if they don't look brown enough and hide it well.
  8. The "soy boy" reference is from dudes who drink soy "milk" instead of real milk and eat soy "meat" instead of real meat. There's an estrogen compound in soy that has been the source of much health concern and research for decades for things like breast cancer and male chemistry. The research is all over the place, but some of it has indicated that eating soy increases estrogen levels in male bodies. This would be a huge problem for anybody who "lifts up heavy things and puts them down", both as a job or to train. But the research is again all over the place. I don't know of anyone who has gotten big and strong using soy, but even if it isn't particularly effective for the regular population someone with elite athletic genetics could pull it off. I personally hate the stuff because the texture of the "meat" is really bad and the milk is just weird. And dudes have been getting big and strong for many decades off milk and meat, good lifting programming, and sleep. I assume boink is some sort of actual IRL badass, because if he's not him dropping "soy boy" as if he were is funny. We see a lot of posters here using terms like "beta" and "cuck" and I doubt their own claim to raw masculinity.
  9. There should be a penalty box for this kind of derp.
  10. There's a few more people on the network that aren't constantly spitting crazy. Chris Wallace does actual journalism stuff, too. The problem is most of the watching occurs in prime-time and Fox & Friends. The format of those shows (which Fox created/popularized on cable news) are inherently bad. The bag of miscreants (kind of like a basket of deplorables, yet smaller) that are running them and are the personalities are awful. And MSNBC and CNN aren't much better, although there really is no parallel for Hannity on the other two networks.
  11. Big move by Sen. Duckworth; she's been laying kind of low the last year. I've been surprised she hasn't moved sooner; she's pretty good kryptonite against "something something the troops".
  12. Nothing has been happening; I have no idea what these guys are doing during the day. Not that long ago they used to do things through committees, they were brought out for votes, and things happened. Are they hanging out watching cable news for hour a day as well? Even that tax bill was just a cobbled together half-effort that they passed just because they said they'd pass something. Our legislative system is failing so bad right now that a parliamentary system seems so much more functional.
  13. To be fair, he probably would. He'd call it a "win". I don't appreciate the Democrats pulling the Shutdown Games like Republicans did, but this situation was set up by a lack of leadership in the House and Senate. McConnell should just blow the President off and get things done instead of waiting for direction from the White House, since it changes every 13 minutes. They probably could have gotten the votes for the bipartisan deal, but neither McConnell nor Ryan allowed that to happen. Congress needs to get their crap together in general. They're doing everything at the last minute and haven't made any hard decisions in awhile; there is a huge leadership failure because Republicans are afraid of the nutjob base side of things.
  14. Gowdy and Chaffetz had nothing to do once they lost that Clinton piggy bank.