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  1. We got China to do a similar thing about 12 years ago. It didn't last because they really didn't commit to it and we dumped the sanctions as leverage to get NK to the table for multi-party talks. Experts in this area have previously mentioned that getting Iran to the table for the multilateral nuclear deal was primarily because we shut off their ability to access banks. That's a good approach with North Korea, assuming the countries involved (primarily China) actually hold to doing it.
  2. The commanders convinced Obama they could turn the tide if they just had the troops. Obama and Congress let the troop numbers triple for nearly two years. Now the commanders are advocating for more troops. MOTR is right. We have no mission except to tread water. This requires a political solution, which we can't provide. We are continually being stupid.
  3. Load up the troops and expensive/sensitive equipment on airlifts and get them back to Europe. Leave the rest for the Afghans to do whatever.
  4. KBR makes more money off the dinining facilities?
  5. At this rate, we'll need need to settle for this century. The sunk cost fallacy is about as dumb as it gets with Afghanistan. I don't mind keeping a special operations force nearby to go jack up somebody when they get too big, but screwing around with the Taliban and trying to "train" Afghans for so long that kids who were born during the invasion are approaching high school graduation is ridiculous.
  6. Disgusting: LIBERAL Think Tank DANCING WITH THE STARS Has Just Hired PROBABLE ILLEGAL Frankie Muniz
  7. Are you on the Keith Morris side of things?
  8. Trump Jr. voluntarily wants out and Conway has become publicly irrelevant so the previous concerns that existed right after the election evaporated.
  9. This wasn't a Trump invented thing. Fox News propagated this heavily for years. Trump is just one of their most loyal viewers carrying the water.
  10. Not if you've trained with regular police officers and seen how horrible their training and standards are. Few departments put significant resources into training. Entire large cities, like Chicago, barely bother with training beyond what they get when they join. Shooting a box of ammo at a paper target once a year is not training. Officers would shoot a lot less people if they were properly trained. We're just unwilling to pay the extra cost of that, probably because the people they usually shoot unreasonably are considered undesirable. The inability to discern a knife from a closed leatherman is a failure to identify what was in the hands. This is a training issue. But it's campus cops, so nobody should be surprised by a lack of training resources.
  11. Join Team Ignore. It's less replies we see if you're on the team as well.
  12. You know "SJW" is a burnt out term when the old guys like Smokey are using it.
  13. Turkey produces 1/20th of what Saudi does, and more than 1/6th of what Iran does. Pakistan produces a quarter of what Turkey does.
  14. That doesn't make the use of lethal force in this case lawful. This is yet another in a long series of examples of poorly trained police officers who don't know how to do their jobs within reasonable boundaries.
  15. I'm guessing the OP is just some random wild statement with no basis or link.