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  1. Yes, which is why I used quotes. Sessions is really stuck in bad policies that are decades old.
  2. Seems reasonably probable that he's going to get rid of Mueller and anyone that stands in the way of it. If that happens, Congress will continue to sit on their hands. And the President knows it.
  3. Evangelicals are a huge chunk of his base. With rare exception they are lined up with the "law and order" approach of Sessions.
  4. When I saw the linked text, I didn't even have to click to see what it was. The song just started playing in my head.
  5. It's a complete set of economic and political ideals that only work if you take them wholesale. Even the crap Marx espoused was more bendable to a hybrid system. I respect Libertarian ideals as consistent, but believe they fail terribly on being realistic. They, suffer from the same bad assumptions that Adam Smith and Marx made; people are not rational on the whole and do not consistently act in their best interests. Most people will cheat the system for even the most minor of gains. Your views are probably still closer to old school Republican ones. They've just been crowded out by neocons and the Trump wing.
  6. You might want to go read the party platform.
  7. Roads? I thought you said you were a Libertarian. How do you feel about open borders?
  8. There are tons of labels like this. The owners aren't rich. Much like many of the bands that are signed to them, they probably live with their parents. And there are tons of bands just trying to get signed to a label like this so they can get access to the touring network.
  9. You need people who can handle all of the resources and logistics. Touring is still how you get it done, and it's hard to get people to come to your shows without labels and the most popular bands on them headlining. Labels have all the power at this level. A band unnecessarily aggravating them is a poor choice.
  10. Self-inflicted internet wounds run in the family. Going nuts on Twitter blew this thing into a huge deal. And even if nobody did anything wrong, including Flynn, they all pretty much did all the wrong things that make it look like they're doing something wrong. Or some people did some things and they're really terrible at keeping it on the down low. Hopefully Mueller can get an idea of what the hell has happened, because this is a giant turd sandwich.
  11. Merkel didn't give an assessment of whether it was appropriate. She stated that the delegations decide who sits in for the head of state, and that she was part of the delegation and works at the White House. It's not Merkel's place to decide what's appropriate for the United States. It's the President's, and he decided it was appropriate for his daughter, whose experience is in fashion and real estate, was the most appropriate person. Even though there are thousands of foreign service officers at State who would be more appropriate.
  13. Rubio got this one: