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  1. Tuition reduction must be provided by a qualified educational institution for graduate students and they must teach or do research for the university.
  2. Proposal: Trump and Fraken resign. Moore drops out of race. Throw in Menendez resigning. Who's in?
  3. Smith and Wallace are doing real news stuff in a sea of garbage. Baier and Cavuto do okay sometimes. But that Fox & Friends mess in the morning and that hell ride from Carlson through Inghram completely offsets anything going on at the network.
  4. The money under the House idea isn't going to the "mother of 4". It's going to corporations and rich heirs. And this is a stupid idea all around. We already have a significant portion of grad students displaced by rich foreign kids who will take their fancy degrees back to their countries. Having less American grad students means more foreign students who aren't staying. And these are students who will make more and pay more taxes over the long term, but that's not how the House has been rolling on their development of their version of the bill.
  5. Because he hasn't been in a position to be elected since the last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl. Yet we're talking about someone who was just elected (and will be up for re-election) President and someone else who is up for Senate who has serious issues. Just because Clinton was involved in sexual misconduct and elected when Isiah Thomas played in the NBA for the Pistons doesn't mean we have to tolerate Trump or Moore's ridiculous behavior being considered in current elections. But people keep greenlighting it, because Clinton something something back when Cheers was still on TV.
  6. He wouldn't be in the position he's in now. Alabama has played team sports for so long they'll only vote Republican. He never would have gotten voted into his previous office, twice, getting removed twice. Need that (R) for that. And they'll elect him, again. Because Republican team and he's nuts. He puts biblical "law" above the Constitution and the actual law. Trying to distract people with this "but he was a Democrat! Hypocrisy!" garbage doesn't change the fact that he's a nutjob who uses religion to fill in his nuttiness who is a nominee for a Senate job. But you don't really care since you were all about a total nutjob conspiracy theorist for President.
  7. Dude is a creeper. I'm about his age now that he was then; the idea of doing anything with a 17 year old is screwed up. 27 would be weird enough.
  8. That's poor policy, across the board.
  9. It's Alabama; there aren't really many swing votes to get. This only hardens his support because it's a "hitjob from the mainstream media". And even if he did those things, it's 40 years ago. Plus, it hasn't been proven in a court of law, which is the threshold we must judge everything by, even pant size. Go, team Republican. I'll be surprised if he doesn't win. And if he does, people will ask if this is the worst of it for the Republican Party. Like they did after the Trump nomination and then the Trump election. Then after that Montana Congressman jacked up that reporter right before he won. Spoiler: It isn't; it's going to get much worse before it gets much worse.
  10. Most Republicans in Alabama would vote for someone who sexually assaulted a baby, then ate the baby, rather than vote for a Democrat. They would come up with some really wild way of rationalizing it, probably from a Sean Hannity seed.
  11. Trump isn't really big on policies. I don't see how anyone could have voted for him on legitimate policy grounds. Yeah, yeah. I get that he was all like "OBAMACARE SUCKS! I'M GONNA REPLACE IT WITH THE BEST THING EVER THAT IS CHEAP AND COVERS EVERYONE!". That's not policy though; that's just something a drunk dude at the end of the bar says.
  12. There are a lot of cool people in that industry. Tom Hanks has a lot of power and it doesn't seem like anyone has anything bad to say about him. Keanu Reeves is another dude most people don't realize is a much better person than average.
  13. Yes, we should keep electing these people because somebody else did it.
  14. Just because Bill Clinton did stuff 25 years ago and he got elected doesn't mean we have to keep finding anything on the sexual misconduct to sexual assault scale acceptable. Now that this stuff is coming out, people are getting torched. Unless you're a Republican, then apparently it's becoming not a big deal, especially with evangelicals. We have a President who was elected just last year who has some serious issues in this area. The guy even admitted he walked into the dressing room of nude teenagers, because he could and he had the power. Then you get this "but Clinton did it 25 years ago!". You know what else was happening a little over 25 years ago? Smoking on airplanes. We figured out it was screwed up and stopped doing it. But I guess electing dudes who have serious sexual issues is cool. Roy Moore is another step up, and he's going to win. I assume at some point Sean Hannity is going to be defending some Republican candidate somewhere who has multiple child rape convictions. Come on Republicans, you're supposed to be the responsible family values people. Get your crap together.
  15. Teen molester if you want to get all legal.