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  1. Kanter is egging them on, too, but that really doesn't seem like a good idea if he ends up back in Turkey.
  2. Why don't you just put Ral on the ignore list where he belongs? The new forum interface makes it so it's actually hard to noticed those posts you're ignoring even exist, as long as someone doesn't quote them. I used to have a script to remove threads started by certain posters or ones that contained certain language in the thread title ("Barry Obama", etc.). I haven't worked on the newer iterations. If you see a post started by a troll, just look past it.
  3. That's a reference to this movie, for those who don't know.
  4. This one is too good not to post:
  5. There are some seriously morally bankrupt posts in this thread.
  6. This thread.
  7. NATO took command of ISAF through it's end in 2014. They then (and still) lead Resolute Support, or at least that was re-affirmed at last year's summit.
  9. Ryan can refuse, but I doubt he would. Montana has a recall provision, but I doubt that would work too. It really just doesn't matter, and it's a plus to a whole bunch of people that he <allegedly> attacked a reporter.
  10. A couple of things: The whole point of this was supposedly for a process review and to put new things in place. We're past the 90 day period on visas in the first one. The 120 day point is Saturday. I can only assume that what they said they were going to do has been done and that we're all "extreme vetting" and the like. I have been assured of this. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals is the most overturned in the country, right? Yeah, it's not. Well neither is the 9th, from 2010 to 2015. It was actually the 6th. The 4th's rate is actually about half of the 9th's, and given the 10-3 decision that's probably not the best sign for the EO. And this was decided in a circuit where it's roughly half Republican appointees. I agree with Maggie, it's not a given that the Supreme Court would even bother with this.
  11. The Fox News team there to interview the candidate for Bret Baier's show apparently witnessed the event while setting up: 2/3rds of voters already probably voted in early voting, so even if this mattered, it might not matter. And I doubt it really matters, anyway.