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  1. Have you ever fired with the EOTech? It was my standard sight for years. Target acquisition is really fast compared to iron sights for CQB, and I've seen a lot of users become really good at marksmanship when they weren't so good before with it. You don't even have to get a good cheek weld to line it up; your body position actually doesn't matter at all. Once it's set for the weapon anybody can pick it up and get the same point of aim out of it, which isn't true for iron sights.
  2. The "tumbling" in flight is a myth. The round rotating non-axially when it enters tissue is not. 7.62mm rounds can do this is well, but won't do it as soon under the same conditions. And hitting bone can make a projectile deflect off it's path.
  3. And the disingenuous Mini 14 comparison comes in. These two weapons are not "essentially the same". The one on the bottom has significant features that optimize it for combat effectiveness at medium and short ranges. It has a EOTech holographic sight, a collapsible stock, and a pistol grip; it's the semi-auto version of an M4 with a slightly longer barrel. The one on the top has iron sights, long stock, and regular grip. There's disagreement over the effectiveness over the forward grip; I personally don't like them. Knight's Armament manufactures a handstop, which is a small grip that gives you something to grab onto off the bottom of the rail and I prefer those. If you were going to compare the two systems, you'd have to change that Mini 14 to something that functions like the other rifle. There are platforms and kits/upgrades that let you make it have the same features (collapsible stock, rail to mount the EOTech, pistol grip). Then the "Dems" wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two, even though they'd still look a bit different. They may not know what they're looking at, but they recognize the features that make weapons more like the combat weapons they've seen in pictures and video footage since the Vietnam War. If someone issued me a stock Mini 14 instead of my M4 with it's upgrades and told me they are "essentially the same" I would have been complaining up the chain fast, because that person is an idiot and has no business handling weapons.
  4. 10 states limit .223 rounds the last time I checked; many have removed the restriction in recent years. And people colloquial refer to "AR-15s" when they aren't manufactured by Colt and they aren't chambered in .223/5.56. I've fired on one with a .50BMG. The round doesn't make these magical killing machines; the fact that they were designed to be magical killing machines is what makes them so. Stoner didn't design regular rifles. He designed combat weapons.
  5. It's a lot different. A 7.62mm NATO or Warsaw Pact round will pass through a human in a lot of cases where a 5.56mm NATO (.223 caliber) will bounce off internals and rip other things up (especially if the barrel twist is low). "AR-15s" are typically considered to be chambered in .223. While the 5.56mm may not have the same "stopping power" as the 7.62mm, it causes significantly more fatal injuries by blood loss where the recipient would have had a chance at survival. It is lighter and more back weighted, which is more likely to cause it to rotate non-axially as it enters a person. That's why you can be hit in your chest with the round and it can end up popping up through your head. Even among the same round size, the type of round and weight (grain) vary, which change the ballistic characteristics once it hits the human body. But really, the thing about the black rifle ("AR-15") platform is that it is designed to be efficient in combat. You can get a reasonably large number of rounds in a magazine and cycle through those rounds quickly. And the rifle is stupid easy to use. Stoner designed this platform to win a defense contract. We've used this platform for half a century (with lots of improvements along the way) as our primary issue combat weapon. It's made to kick ***, with most applications covered. There's a huge difference between that rifle and a Remington 700. If magazine capacity, pistol grips, and cycle time didn't matter, we could just issue troops a Remington 700 and call it a day. But these things matter very much when you need to kill other people in combat.
  6. Got it; I think it's less of a resignation and more of an immediate retirement. He had over 30 years in.
  7. I'm just going to come out and say it, guys. I hope that Manafort dies of gonorrhea and rots in hell.
  8. I've seen people lock up and not being able to perform in training. Even less people, without the proper training and conditioning, are going to get it together enough in real life. Courage and cowardice are pretty relative.
  9. I can understand how an officer wouldn't have the fortitude to go in there with a pistol (I'm assuming he didn't have access to a rifle) and engage. Bringing a pistol to a rifle fight is a losing proposition. And until you've had that stress you don't know what it's like; I'm sure they don't train these guys enough for them to go flying into a gunfight without thinking about it too much, either.
  10. Well, at least you don't believe it's a "false flag" operation.
  11. Specific threats against people; there's nothing specific about "professional school shooter". I can go pull USC again if you want. And the relevant state laws. If the FBI had actually passed information they received off to the locals (which is is what they're supposed to do since they had no jurisdictional authority), the locals still don't have laws in order to remove firearms from people without a significant mental health or criminal action. Republicans, the NRA, and ALEC (which the NRA co-chaired when they re-legislated everything firearms related in Florida) wanted to err on the side of nobody losing firearms unless there was significant action and documentation. If you're so worried about the slippery slope that you leave the laws this wide open, bad things are going to happen. It's the cost of doing business. The Florida legislature is now apparently actually considering laws the might give local law enforcement agencies the tools to remove firearms from people they reasonably think are dangerous, although I doubt they'll go far enough. Florida preempts all laws involving firearms by state and local authorities. It took them five years to pass legislation to make it so people wouldn't use their front and back yards in the suburbs as shooting ranges, while keeping the locals from doing anything about it during that period. If police show up to a domestic violence call there, they have no authority to remove or search for weapons unless that weapon has clearly been used to commit a crime.
  12. I assume you're talking about the Beretta 92 series since it is the M9. I really, really hate that pistol after shooting other modern pistols and was glad I didn't have to use it as a duty weapon towards the end of my time. Who manufactured your rifle?
  13. Few local jurisdictions will pay to get their police officers enough training to not be a liability with firearms. Hard to see how they're going to eat the bill for teachers when they won't even do that.
  14. NBC (who owns the national rights) airs about as many NHL games on their primary network as NBC/Fox do NASCAR races. Since there are like 40 NHL games a week that's kind of funny. Even the NBA gets a couple games on the weekends and the games on TNT during the week.