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  1. Yes it does. However, based on what is being reported in the WAPO, he tends to be straight up with his boss. Apparently the intercept is a conversation between Kislyak and the Kremlin. Does make for an interesting dilemma doesn't it? Who do you believe, the Russian (who gets an audiance with Trump minus the US Press) or the US AG who has already lied under oath and appears to have done so again. This should give the Putin fanboys something to chew on. Putin is such a strong leader.... and this leak came from inside Trump's staff. This is information Comey alluded to during his open testimony about why Session's had to recuse himself.
  2. oh my.....this is really bad news for you trump apologists.... happy reading....I'm sure you'll twist this as well to be Hillary's fault......or say the IC was spying on an case that happens, this is called incidental collect given the target was Kislyak...... apparently the AG can't tell the truth....SHOCKER...not.....
  3. Sold his soul and in the end he paid for it. Feel bad for him.
  4. it's not hard to figure out-- his base is the angry white male/female who didn't take the time to keep up with the times. They see anyone who doesn't look or act like them as a threat. They are individuals who consistently voted against their best interests and are looking for someone to stick to other people who don't act or think (it's questionable as to whether they think). The majority have no education beyond high school (if they finished high school). In other words, people firmly stuck in the 1960s and 1970s. They were conned by a sales pitch that promised he'd stick to others for them. here's a good demographic breakdown --> and it appears to be shrinking--> apparently you can't fool all of the people all of the time, well save for at least one person
  5. it's you.....obviously the so called president has a super secret plan to have insurance companies charge $12 for the premiums and yearly deductibles are $30 K with $250 co-pays, and no break on drug prices....
  6. Being pardoned does come with some consequences for life. As you have pointed out, handing out pardons doesn't make the problems go away. I'd argue it would make it significantly worse for the prince and princess, not to mention the two dumb sons. I think Mueller may already have his returns. If the reports are correct, it sounds like the so called president and his team are starting to develop what amounts to a desperate last stand. If he thinks smearing or firing Mueller is a good idea, he'd be very wrong. No matter what happens, 25% of the people will believe it's a set up and won't accept the truth.
  7. one tends to believe his tax returns and his helping launder money through NY real estate deals is about to bite him hard. What is interesting is the pardon only covers federal crimes, not state. The state of NY could still prosecute him and his criminal enterprise. one important thing about a pardon-- accepting one is an admission of guilt.......
  8. his mail box is full......and so is'll just have to use your imagination...
  9. PM on the way....
  10. gee I made a mistake....I admire how you can type with both hands in your pants....
  11. this is why Florida is known as the Gunshine state
  12. I get no gratification from you responding to me....just the opposite, I see another phony patriot......but if that works for you... funny, you like op-eds when it supports your cause...double standard, no? And a lot of what I posted, especially concerning the Russian Influence and active measures wasn't was fact... Trump, by violating the emoluments clause and by not taking any action against Russia has already violated his oath....sadly impeachment is a political process and the repugnicans have no spine... how do feel about the so called president decision to stop arming and training the syrian oppostiion...funny, that's something Putin wanted....just a coincidence I am sure....and one last thing to consider when seeing how the repugnicans are aligning with Putin...why did McConnell question the IC's info and tell Obama not to go public with the information about Russia's interference? think about that
  13. BS...right..... The Russians did more than that...but you won't admit that.... Money Laundering will be proven.....just, )if you can bring yourself to read it) read the NYT interview (say, isn't the NYT failing and fake news?) The so called president started rambling about finances...oh, and that 8th person in the room with jr. was a known money launderer with ties to the Agolarovs... you tell me what the so called president wants to do that you support...that was one of your excuses for looking the other way concerning his ethical issues (which it appears since you didn't comment on it, you might be coming around) is he was going to do things you wanted.... doth do protest too much...that article hit too close to home for you, didn't it? Just look at the behavior of the repuginicans when it comes to the so called president's man crush on Putin.....Rohrbacher is my favorite..... here's more light reaDING.... just tell yourself... Bengahzi, Bengahzi, Benghazi......followed by private server, private server, private server, followed by nothing to see here, nothing to see here, and nothing to see here..... the new trump defenders serenity prayer...
  14. yep...that's what I said and what I meant....and this post proves my are so aggrieved about the past that you cannot bring yourself to admit the truth...that's on continue you "what about HRC", "What about Obama" and yet you rail about double standards....irony is lost on you...two wrongs do not make a right, no matter how you spin it... you've tried to downplay the Russian interference-- I gave you the articles on how they did it and how influence ops works...crickets from you you claimed the so called president has no ethical issue....I presented the professional's proof....crickets... and I know why-- because you had no way to blame Obama or HRC......and the people who provided the proof are unassailable... and you continue to bleat on about the MSM... the so called president caused his own issues by being ethically and morally bankrupt, is a congential liar, driven by narcissim, fueled by perceived slights and judging by his throwing sessions under the bus, a few months away from being exposed for the money laundering he undertook with Russian Oligarchs....something you refuse to even acknowledge.... and we he is removed from office you'll still blame it on everything and everyone but himself....and all because you hope he'll impose whatever measures on people you dislike...the ultimate party over country thinking that got us here.... here's a good read from someone on the right who sees how people like you are Putin supporters versus putting your country first... enjoy the read and well done..... someday you join us in reality....until then, keep your lips firmly planted on djt's posterior....
  15. He gave up his senate seat to serve himself...and he was rewarded for his loyalty...and now he is dragging the country back to the 1960s...where his racist inner self is comfortable.... undoing the modifications made to the civil forfeiture laws was a major foul.....