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  1. https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/redsox/2018/05/12/how-orioles-became-most-dysfunctional-organization-baseball/gZx5qyDTYFmhCb53KDQ3dI/story.html
  2. Orioles Hangout where I am banned from posting is promising a tell all article on who is to blame for this mess. Speculation is that Brady is going to be named the villain and Dan is nothing but a figure head right now with no power.
  3. Slidemaster totally agree. Should have have already traded Britton and Manny. The Davis signing coupled with the inexplicable decision not to participate in the International draft are going to hamper this franchise for years.
  4. I have been told the same and the administration sat on it without any communication to the the parents who have their children living in the dorm where the "rape squad" performed their reprehensible acts, From what I have been told these incidents go back over a four-year period.
  5. According to someone I respect know that scouted that game the difference he felt was McDonogh had a small squad numbers wise and had most of their players going both ways, DeMatha had players going one way and wore McDonogh down.
  6. Tremendous post.
  7. Okay we will go with your argument and take the Asian population out of the equation for Centennial, River Hill and Marriotts Ridge. So that leaves the White and Black/African American population to build your football program around. From that combined population Centennial has 791 students (395.5 boys) Marriotts Ridge 774 (387 boys), River Hill 728 students (364 boys).
  8. Mamba I know longer live in Maryland. I have no idea what is walking the hallways at Centennial. You are obviously a lot closer to the situation than I am. I do know that to build a successful program you need to be recruiting potential candidates during the school year. You say those candidates are not at Centennial. You would know. I just find it curious that you have two schools with similar demographics River Hill and Marriotts Ridge and they are evidently fielding football teams.
  9. I love you Mamba but I think a look at the demographics of Centennial and they are not much different then that of Marrriotts Ridge and River Hill especially when you factor in they have more total students. This one is on the Centennial coaches for not recruiting enough players from their student body. Inexcusable and an embarrassment for Hoco. Number of Students Centennial total number of students  1465 Am. Indian/AK Native     * Asian   531 Black/African Amer.   121 Hispanic/Latino    68 HI/Pac. Islander     * White   670 Two or more races    72 River Hill total number of students  1207 Am. Indian/AK Native     * Asian   345 Black/African Amer.    68 Hispanic/Latino    68 HI/Pac. Islander     * White   660 Marriotts Ridge total number of students  1198 Am. Indian/AK Native     * Asian   330 Black/African Amer.    81 Hispanic/Latino    41 HI/Pac. Islander     * White   693 Two or more races    5
  10. Another indictment on our player development, and decision making in regards to starting pitching. Seven innings two runs today in a win vs Red Sox. http://www.latimes.com/sports/angels/la-sp-angels-bridwell-20170720-story.html "His status within the organization continued to decline, and in April, Baltimore sold him to the depth-deprived Angels for cash. After a month of building up stamina as a starter, he was in the majors. The Angels showed him a series of cut-up videos indicating the location of his pitches that the opposition had been hitting, and presented evidence that he would be better off throwing fewer fastballs. That was a shock. For years, the Orioles had harped on the importance of establishing and locating four-seam fastballs. This season, he has halved his four-seam usage in favor of a cutter, slider and sinker, and six of his seven outings as an Angel have been successful."
  11. Great tweet Jerry Coleman Retweeted BMore Opinionated‏ @BMOShowPod 18h18 hours ago Duquette - you gonna try to re-acquire Arrieta, Triggs, Eduardo, Davies, Miranda, Hader, Brault? Gonna buy that staff back? 16 replies 12 retweets 48 likes
  12. According to Ken Rosenthal's Twitter the Orioles fail to sign their 4th round draft pick high school pitcher Jack Conlon because he did not pass their physical. The problem is according to Rosenthal the O's went cheap drafting lesser quality players on draft picks 6-10 in order to draft and pay the number 4 pick. Sounds like Matt Hobgood strategy. Draft lesser quality players in order to save money. Trade the international slots, draft lesser talent, don't sign draft picks, the future of this franchise is totally disheartening to any O's fan.
  13. According to Duquette the O's not spending in the international market is Angelos decision. Please read his quote in the article below. http://www.foxsports.com/mlb/story/notes-baltimore-orioles-need-farm-system-to-develop-gems-041817
  14. How disappointing is this? http://www.baseballamerica.com/international/2017-team-team-international-signing-trackers/#JRoPQ8Qxlrsq23Ro.97
  15. Yesterday I used Ourlads website where I counted 20.. Today I looked at Terps official roster and count 14 . Sorry for the misinformation. I define Baltimore area as done by the census. Baltimore City and County, Harford County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Howard County. Shance Cockerille Baltimore Adam Greene Anne Arundel Josh Woods Baltimore Melvin Kein Balt. Co. Tino Ellis Balt Co. Allen Corbin Caroll Co. Nnandi Egbuaba Baltimore Marcus Smith Howard County Chris Jones Baltimore Steve Bac Carroll Co Mike Shinsky Baltimore Co. Matt Gillespie Balt. Co, Michael Cornwell Balt. Co. Jordan McNair Baltimore Co