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  1. It was clear that Hill and Obama tried to minimize the true nature of the attack. I don't really know why.
  2. Exactly, One is a bunch of college dropout nutballs. The other is the president and his cabinet.
  3. It was 100% fake news pushed by Hillary and Obama
  4. He should be impeached and jailed.
  5. Anyone that believes in this infowars stuff should be on a watch list.
  6. Basically right. If there were enough patriots in DC his butt would be impeached. GOP/Russia before USA. That is the Republican motto.
  7. I agree with that. It's not political. It's just not what is written in the TOS agreement. And there is no explanation unless you make a spectacle of asking.
  8. I agree. The community has to demand change. This is what is needed. We just need 10,000 times as much of this attitude
  9. I didn't so all was cool. And you can stop enforcing rules that are not in TOS.
  10. And those he pardoned can no longer invoke the 5th Amendment when called to testify.
  11. No answer and my question deleted. I honestly think they don't want us to know the rules. Why not answer?
  12. Aren't the police always vastly outnumbered?
  13. I always wonder what % of people actually would get a permit to carry if it was easy and legal. Every day people go on about it and every single baltimore Sun story about crime on Facebook has three guys making comments about it. But how many actually would carry if they could. I live in Florida and I have yet to see a person carry a gun. I do see idiots take advantage of the no helmet laws.