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  1. Hard to say if this is just the window in the how sausage is made or a bazaar outlier thug.
  2. As soon as I see a picture I can have an honest opinion
  3. As his position loses power and influence he will become more and more dangerous and erratic. The ACA is the least of our worries
  4. This issue is a winner for Trump and he knows it
  5. I hope they do everything they can. Either change the laws or enforce the laws.
  6. Can the Federal Govt pick employee locations based (in part) on which state's cooperate? How about vendor locations?
  7. Enjoy dinner. It is arbitrary and political. The list not the dinner
  8. So if a suspect is wanted for Federal charges related to 911 the Baltimore police should release him?
  9. Of course. And the right of people to speak out about the corporations that support them
  10. Exactly. The broad brush is the tool of the dim mind