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  1. I hope that this young man is provided protection.
  2. Idiotic, much better reasons to be critical of Trump and the first illegal alien.
  3. Don't ask if you don't want my opinion. Miserable? I went for a walk through on the new home in Boca today and closed another good month
  4. You should listen to Mr Kahn get emotional talking about how the community came together and all of the stories that he was hearing. I almost had to pull over when it came on the radio this morning. Indecently this is my favorite charity. I was in Biloxi right after Katrina going door to door with food/ice and a nurse. The smell of rot and death still heavy in the air. This time I just wrote them a check.
  5. No. I believe there are a large number of cross posters. Or at least profiles. And I believe you and TA are well aware of who the organized spam/trolls are and protect them because clicks are clicks. My recent flurry of warning points once I engaged the far right racists was proof to me where the bread is buttered.
  6. I am hoping he wants to step down and claim matyr.
  7. The entire GOP sold what was left of their legitimacy and honor for a cheap carnival barker. And a for a man that has no loyalty or allegiance to the party. Ironically I think there are several other GOP candidates that would have beaten Hillary. They did not need Trump. He needed them.
  8. There is still Twitter, and youtube comments. And this board
  9. Religion rots the mind and destroys logic. I view it as a handicap. If not a disorder.
  10. I doubt that anyone with Mueller's level of power has ever done a real investigation into the financial house of cards that is Donald J Trump Inc. I am certain that the threads in the investigation have uncovered lots of shady characters, backroom deals, payoffs, and who know what depth of criminality. I hope he has enough to get Trump to resign on his own and avert the constitutional crisis.
  11. Matt has to toe the line and stick up for the Baltimore Sun's Nazi/KKK customer base. I am sure they would do the same for him.
  12. Khan says that those seeking help have been "overwhelmed with the love and care they're receiving" from volunteers — some of whom have been displaced themselves. And he says, he too, has been personally touched by volunteers' efforts. When he suggested that some volunteers take a break from relief efforts to sleep, they told him, "we can't sleep until these people are in their homes," Khan explains, breaking into tears. “I've seen story after story where people are just putting out their hearts in these difficult days,” Khan says, his voice cracking. “It's amazing how much capacity human beings have to help and to love.” Listen to the full interview with M.J. Khan on today's episode of The World.