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  1. Aren't the police always vastly outnumbered?
  2. How they heck was my post a TOS violation? Get a grip Matt. That is ridiculous
  3. I always wonder what % of people actually would get a permit to carry if it was easy and legal. Every day people go on about it and every single baltimore Sun story about crime on Facebook has three guys making comments about it. But how many actually would carry if they could. I live in Florida and I have yet to see a person carry a gun. I do see idiots take advantage of the no helmet laws.
  4. You and your infowars!! 😂😂😂
  5. The only one I can think of was blaming Benghazi on the YouTube video.
  6. Oh but this new guy looks like a comedy gold mine. What's his nick name? He looks like an SNL character.
  7. She sounds like she lacks morals and fails to take responsibility for her own sexual misconduct. She is perfect for the job.
  8. The problem is that Trump's people were talking to so many foreign agents.
  9. Alford Pleas and slap on the wrist for the two thugs that almost killed Joe Bauer. I assume there is a civil case as well but these two punks should have seen jail time. Why just 18 months? If you are going to let the guys walk why not a lengthy probation? Ridiculous.
  10. Exactly. The two parties nominated the most disliked candidates in history. Of course this does nothing to excuse Trump's collusion with the Russians.
  11. Because he does business there
  12. That's a hard job in a normal administration
  13. Yes. Twice the man Clinton is too. And Ted Nugent and Rush Limbaugh. It is amusing that you believed that I would have to defend Clinton because I don't like Trump.
  14. Whether or not she would be recognized in public she is in a position of power within the state Republican Party. She had a picture taken with Trump. Have you had that? This story came out to the public because I am sure reporters and people interested in Nevada politics followed her on Twitter. PS. McCain is twice the man draft dodger Trump will ever be.
  15. Same reason nobody gets outraged about a neo-Nazi twitter account until Trump retweets them. We all know the internet is full of hate filled idiots. It's just news when a public figure endorses those views.
  16. They tazed his butt!!
  17. Looking for bathroom hijinks at the Belk!?
  18. I like how he denied shooting the trucks and there is clean video of him shooting the trucks over and over. I wonder if her was always nuts or just lost it.
  19. Robert Randolf Family Band looks like the highlight of Artscape to me.
  20. Arty Hill & Long Gone Daddies Friday at Hunt Valley Mall
  21. My wife is almost done. Hair growing back. She has so much more energy and the cancer is gone (largely because of the surgery). Hope your dad recovers and enjoys his 90's!
  22. Defense attornies are diving into records now. Anyone this guy arrested is walking. Some criminals are going free because this cop is a liar. Cops need to speak up and clean their own ranks. The thin blue line kills.
  23. I read elsewhere that the cameras always record a 30 second loop. So once the camera is turned on it grabs the thirty seconds previous.