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  1. You should take your complaint to Talk Admin instead of starting a thread here. BTW, I'm sure you "get" to start 10 threads in 5 minutes, not just selected posters.
  2. He was also sentenced to life in Maryland, and a hearing on that case is slated for June.
  3. Does this apply to any other student who fornicates, or just girls who get pregnant?
  4. Sometimes it's a fine line. "Only an idiot ..." is more of a personal attack. I think I just removed a "simpleton post."
  5. If you called a poster kooky, that would be a personal attack. Kooky talk describes what a person says, not the person himself.
  7. Happy Birthday, Governor!
  8. .
  9. Body-slammed in Bozeman. Sounds like a movie title . I don't think we need such "tough guys" in Congress
  10. Thanks. This is a bizarre case and i imagine Mr. Vasiliades can kiss his legal career good-bye if he's found guilty.
  11. I'd be interested in Ken's, Bogart's and Marshan Man's takes on my mentioning the time factor. I think you are making this more complicated than you need to.
  12. Thank you. Is this case starting in Circuit Court because the breach was in Circuit Court? I see Brian Frosh is involved.
  13. When does a lawyer suggest the victim's husband beat up his client?
  14. I figured most people would understand the context of time.