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  2. Too late
  3. You don't necessarily have a problem with that? Then why even say it? And what's with the "where they belong" comment? They "belong" anywhere in the US they want to be.
  4. The first time I saw the Washington Monument (and I was about 10), it reminded me of a giant Klansman with two red eyes at night.
  5. Guys were getting off topic, but if you want to complain about a post, use the Report Post link in the upper left hand corner of the post following the time stamp.
  7. Only when charged as adults. If waived back to juvenile court, further proceedings are not reported (although the adult records stand).
  8. I think you mean change of venue, not extradition.
  9. Yes, all the hate was on Nikki Haley's part. Dylann who?
  10. It wasn't full but I cleared some more space. Please try again.
  11. We'll bring you into the 21st century yet.
  12. Montana does border Canada.