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  1. Lee has regenerated and is now a tropical storm.
  2. The hurricane center warned those in North Carolina and the Mid-Atlantic states to keep an eye on Maria and said "it is becoming increasingly likely that some direct impacts will occur along portions of the coast next week." On Saturday afternoon the hurricane center added that tropical storm -- or hurricane -- watches may be coming for parts of the U.S. as soon as Sunday. First, the known impacts: The hurricane center said waves stirred up by Maria will reach the U.S. East Coast over the next few days and could cause rough surf and deadly rip currents. And now the what ifs: The forecast track for the storm has shifted westward Saturday.
  3. Rob--Where's "there" and where are you coming from?
  4. Meanwhile, Strange kept tying himself to Trump.
  5. Here's an article from a Namibian paper which doesn't even mention the slip of the tongue.
  6. Look, I'm not going to argue with you.
  7. You were giving yourself credit for being the Great Explainer.
  8. Mrslmh and mcorioles got it. It just seem to some folks, Bush was entirely to blame for the failures of Katrina. I'm not going to get upset if Trump gets undeserved praise.
  9. Yet in this post you made it about yourself.
  10. It was written by a Sun reporter. From the link given earlier. That would be mostly under the O'Malley administration.