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  1. His mother is still alive at 105.
  2. My thoughts are with him.
  3. There are reports people forget their children are in the back seat, with tragic consequences every summer.
  4. I'm wondering if it's something like the dinging you get if you leave your lights on or your keys in the ignition. Of course, if you have to let your child out of the car, will it go off as soon as you turn off the ignition. And yes, is this only for children in the back seat, or any person?
  5. You forgot to mention he was also black.
  6. There are concerns about people providing confidential information to police who don't wan't to be seen or heard on camera and subject to a public information request. That's what I've heard is a reason for turning them off.
  7. I tend not to answer calls from numbers I don't know or are unknown, particularly on the landline.
  8. Wow, I spend a good deal of time this morning on the phone with Verizon and USBI/Excel Commications. I cancelled my landline at the end of May when I moved from my apartment. I figured everything had been taken care of. So I got an e-mail from Verizon stating my latest bill was ready. Since I'm paperless, I went to the website and found that in addition to a credit, of which I was aware, I was also being charged by USBI for July. I asked and was told to contact USBI, which directed my call to Excel Communications, which at one time was my long distance carrier. The lady said the only thing she could do was cancel my account immediately, without any credit for the time my landline was disconnected. I then asked to speak to a supervisor, who was apparently at another company (Star Tech or something like that). She said she could, as a one time courtesy, she could reverse the July charge, but management would have to approve. So I called Verizon back and asked why they don't tell you to contact other people who are billing via Verizon when you disconnect service. Then just for fun, I asked who my long distance carrier was. It was Verizon; years ago I had switched to some package deal with them. So here I was paying this long-distance service I wasn't even using. Yes, I know it's my responsibility to check my bill and know what I'm paying for, but with paperless billing, I just let it slide for the most part. It would be nice if Verizon told you to contact any third party vendors who billed through them when you disconnect service. So just a heads up; you might want to do a review of your own service and make sure you're not paying for something you don't have. I remember the days of the 1 page bills from C&P Telephone. Then bills got to be more like a telephone book.
  9. He stands for re-election in 2019. He won in 2004 by knocking off a sitting judge.
  10. Paul Goetzke is the judge's name. Wait! Don't lock him up and throw the key away? Rehabilitative services?
  11. Wasn't there some judge in Anne Arundel County (I forget his name, but he was in a wheelchair) who got elected on a tough on crime platform a while back? How is his performance on the bench?
  12. The deceased are: Michael Lopez Banegas, 20 Jefferson Villalobos, 18 Justin Llivicura, 16, Jorge Tigre, 18 RIP
  13. Saticon is a retired police officer.
  14. This thread is about a woman killed by police in Minneapolis. Please stay on topic.