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  1. OK, but so far he is being charged under state hate crimes laws.
  2. Guido-- How is it likely a federal case? Urbanski was indicted by a Prince George's County Grand Jury. There were over 166,510 what reported.
  3. Sounds like some poor child will be growing up without a mother and a father.
  4. Oh, is this guy Serena's husband?
  5. Interesting. I was not aware of adopting from outside the community, but the gene pool does need new blood.
  6. His involvement with various on-line alt-right groups provided the evidence the grand jury used to indict Sean Urbanski on the additional charges.
  8. Unless the child was adopted, some of these ages don't make sense. RIP Derika.
  9. Perp and officer identified.
  10. Why was this fool even behind the wheel of a car again? He didn't know he was on probation? At least he'll spend a little time behind bars. I hope the media do a little more follow up on him this time.
  11. Here's a story that mentions Mr. Alford was a former UMD employee. I'm not sure why the OP kept asserting that without providing a link, even when asked.
  12. Neither the robber nor the police officer has been identified.
  13. The earlier stanzas are too closely associated with Nazi Germany.
  14. The Germans only sing the third stanza of their anthem.
  15. How about you? Aren't all children basically parasites until they grow up?
  17. Link? I get my paper (Asbury Park Press) delivered. Had home delivery of the Sun when I lived in Baltimore.
  19. Here's the cached version of the article.
  20. You have to click the checkbox and agree, then try the link again.
  21. With 400 electoral votes or by 400 EVs?
  22. OPs should really look for better news sources. It's not hard.
  23. Sorry, my mailbox was full. Try again by adding me to the conversation.