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  1. You were responding to Thirteen, who didn't get Workerbee's joke. I'm doing OK. If you're talking about Christie, he's still governor.
  2. <Sigh> You skipped the comma. Let me break this down for people. In the Roy Moore's car thread linked above, I was accused of working for the Russians. Workerbee just turned that that accusatory post around. Lighten up, guys!!!
  3. Because we don't actually have a link.
  5. Sound's like one of those clickbait things.
  6. Sassy and Roy Moore arrived in Gallant, Alabama, on Tuesday to vote in the state's special election. Moore was voting, anyway; Sassy is a horse: It is not the first time the former judge has opted for a zero emission ride to the polls — he also cast his vote via horseback in September during the GOP runoff election, although that time he was on his other horse, Sundance. Moore has ridden Sassy to vote before too, though, so you might say this wasn't exactly her first rodeo. If elected, Moore — who stands accused of pursuing teenage girls as young as 14 — will presumably join the Capitol Hill riding club, which includes Vice President Mike Pence, Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt (R), Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma, and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Then again, Moore might not exactly be the type to ride in polite single-file:
  7. RIP and thoughts to his family.
  8. Missed it again. Sunset here in NJ is 4:32!
  10. Guido-- I thought it was "Familiarity breeds contempt."
  11. As Hanukkah starts tonight, I couldn't think of a better present than for Roy Moore to lose. חנוכה שמח!
  12. This is what right wing media are reporting. But you want to jump all over me for bringing it to the board's attention, accusing me of being paid by the Russians. BTW, I'm retired, so i did quit my day job.
  13. What is beyond sad is that you apparently have no sense of humor. Lighten up, Francis.
  14. She didn't even name names. What was the point?
  15. Although the shooting was in Virginia.
  16. Fortunately, Kennedy's dead and Mikulski is no longer in the Senate.
  17. And his gun! Don't forget his gun. (Sorry, I hit quote before seeing jonsensback's post.
  18. What's the problem? That 69% of people in Baltimore City don't file taxes, but >60% of people in the surrounding counties is not a problem? What is your point, particularly since you threw that number out there as a response to Marshan Man. And you did not cite the IRS, you cited the Maryland Comptroller's office.
  19. It's probably mostly non-working children, or people making so little money they don't have to file.
  20. So, you just want to pull out a number and say Baltimore City is a horrible place, and it doesn't matter what things are in the counties. We're supposed to just trust you that Baltimore City is terrible. I'm done.