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  1. That’s all I’m saying 85 and respect ✊🏾.
  2. Check Allegany’s Scheme caught us early. Check Allegany did their best to keep our offense off the field but even with having the ball on offense for a grand total of 13 minutes for the entire game, we still put 42 points on the board. Explosive offense that can catch you real quick... at any point and time how ever you want it. Check willing to travel and play competeive teams as we did with the 1st two games in preparation for league play and beyond. We only play 3 home games. #RoadWarriors Check a defense that was not bad at all when we played Allegany. Allegany has some guys that run their scheme extremely well and we did not defend against it well in that particular game. With that said, best believe the film from that game has been and will continue to be scrutinized and will be used as a teaching tool throughout the season as the expectation is to see a team that runs that scheme at a finality point of this 🏈 season. Check we’ll keep low, stay humble and hungry, and walk quietly while carrying a big stick. Nuff said.🤐
  3. #3 played steady all game. Solid performance by the TEAM on defense and offense.
  4. 38-6 Dunbar with a running clock in the 4th
  5. 38-0 Dunbar J with a TD pass to #11
  6. Not quite sure why🤔 but ok.
  7. 32-0 Dunbar #2 with another score
  8. #2 with a 60 yard TD to open the 3rd Qtr. That’s how we went up 16-0
  9. Jared with a passing TD 24-0 Dunbar
  10. 16-0 Dunbar 11 minutes left in then 3rd
  11. J with an 18 yard pass to #2
  12. Dunbar 8-0 at the half.
  13. Let me be clear as it's no secret that I am Poet Biased with respect to my son but understand something, I've been around many of these current players from last year to this past spring and summer. I knew what we had returning. This is a special group of kids. They play for each other and are hungry. One of the young bulls on the team that just impresses me week end and week out is #40. He is a PROBLEM!! So no, I am not being arrogant when I speak about them, I'm just confident in these young men because of the work I've seen them put in. Nuff said.
  14. I'm sure they'll be updates on the frequent....nothing like seeing it in person though.
  15. Man...you stay off the chains.😂😂😂