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  1. Respect Mamba on all your hard work to acknowledge the accomplishments of student-athletes in the area. As usual, your information is on point. Please continue to do what you do. Again, much respect.✊🏾
  2. Indeed they were. Speaks to the level of talent on the team that eventually beat them in the championship.
  3. 🤷🏾‍♂️💪🏾😎
  4. ✊🏾
  5. Bitter perhaps??? Dunbar played every team with classifications above 1A with the exception of Allegany this past season during the regular season. 2016 Season reached the State 2A Semifinals. 2015 Season reached the State 2A Semifinals. 2014 Season reached the Sate Finals. Do you really have a point? Would you like Dunbar to move classifications so Havre De Grace has a strong opportunity to win the 1A? That opportunity presented itself during the 2016 season correct? I’ll leave that right there. Again, movement in classification is based on student enrollment not just a desire to move.
  6. Condolences and prayers to the family and friends. This is very tough.
  7. Sharing a little bit of his journey....
  8. Always been a fan of Coop. Young’un has flat out wheels. He and J played together in youth ball. He is an outstanding young man. I wish him well.
  9. Thanks OT. Much respect.
  10. OT the recruitment game is interesting to say the least. Keep in mind that once you get to December and January, coaches move whether voluntarily or involuntarily. A coach that recruited you may no longer be on staff right in the middle of your recruitment. Things happen. Morgan is a good fit for J.
  11. Always respect Mamba.✊🏾
  12. Bingo DW about the right fit.
  13. Thanks JB. You have always been a supporter of J. You are indeed appreciated. Much respect.
  14. My man Sho. #TrueStory regarding the recruitment process. GOD Bless to you and yours as well.
  15. I just wanted to share Jared’s choice for college as a student-athlete. His recruiting was a long process but it has finally come to a close. I thank everyone that supported and believed in him. Much respect and GOD Bless. The work is just beginning.