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  1. The Brits will win that battle, HST. They will also have zero problem getting totally old school about the whole thing.
  2. I can (with some sadness from my Irish heart) tell you what they are going to do. They are going to suspend habeus corpus, they are going to start sweeping people up they know about, and they are going to start taking care of business by putting people in jail forever. The UK can do what we cannot do, they have experience dealing with this in the past, and they do it well. You can also forget the term "PC" from this point moving forward when it comes to the UK. The extremists have done this to themselves.
  3. Both sides have zealots, and the extremes on both sides are crazy. The problem we have is that the extremes have inserted themselves, and have garnered attention as the norm. That is the problem with America right now in a nutshell.
  4. I agree, but they also lost their true base. There does come a time for soul searching when you go from the party of the "Working Man" to the party of the "Man Who Won't Work" and lose to a reality TV star as a result. Sanders represented an extreme, which I think would have ended pretty closely to what we have now in the other direction. The center provides the correct direction in my opinion.
  5. That is just talk. She is simply not a good candidate, and this needs to be accepted by her supporters so the Dems can finally move on. Their trip into the wilderness should not be in vain at this stage, they need to retool their message, and swing back to center.
  6. I get the argument, but also recall the historic lesson of the Delian League as to why you should not push this too far. I also agree that their payment nets the USA nothing at all. In essence, it would be a far more compelling argument to set forth why NATO needs to increase its strength as global commitments increase, and particularly in cyber-defense which requires increased funding, than make the 2% argument.
  7. I have never really thought about her health. With that said, I truly doubt she will run again. This is the Clintons being the Clintons, they live there, he is a former President, she is a former Secretary of State, and they participated in the parade. Non-news in my opinion as local dignitaries usually do this as a matter of course.
  8. Congratulations to the UMBC Retrievers for winning the America East, and going to the College World Series for the first time in over a decade. A great group of kids, and they worked hard for this. They play Wake Forest on Friday, double elimination, and Maryland is also in their bracket. Go Retrievers!
  9. Joy: I doubt it actually. You can think that if you like though.
  10. From what I have noted, he leads no one. Certainly not the world, when he snubbed attendance at the Paris rally and looked like a fool in the process.
  11. Dailtone: The other two only touch on the true scope of this issue, mine goes right to the heart of it and why it actually matters.
  12. Eric Holder, the soon to be ex-attorney general, was present for photos, then ducked out early for morning television appearances. There are no scheduled conflict events on POTUS or VP schedules, yet neither apppeared. We are in the middle of a fight with ISIS, we need EU and NATO support, and the United States' leadership was absent from this event? This is a national embarassment, and shows just why our standing in the world has slipped in the past 6 years.
  13. This argument is a tired one. People engage in violence, whether they are part of a religion or not. It is part of the human condition. All major religions preach peace, yet it takes people to engage in violence, and they often do so. Take any group of people, make them a collective, whether state, religion, or atheist-based, and they will engage in violence. Yet they will also engage in charitable work, medical pursuits, education, etc. Religions also provide these peaceable activities. The duality of the human condition should now be evident.
  14. Steve seems to be the voice of reason in this one. Insane people do things for many reasons, pinning this on "religion" is itself "insane".