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  1. The Boy Scouts are pretty much an embodiment of everything the left hates- wholesomeness, self-sufficiency, survival skills, largely working class, Christian faith-founded--- in other words,likely Trump supporters, and the left wants us to believe that they are sticking up for them--- what a joke!
  2. If Hillary was so innocent, why did her staff use bleachbit as well as physically beat to death and smithereens all their computers and phones? I haven't even heard Trump accused of that one yet, but Hillary & Co. actually did it. Why?
  3. glad no one hurt seriously- wow at that time, what 1:30 am, even if there were warnings and alerts few would hear them. Kentmoor was a cool subdivision, long long time ago I lived nearby, had a co-worker that lived there I car pooled with-- they had an airstrip in like a courtyard sort of area in between all the houses and planes in many of the garages, more parked in the yards-- Wonder if any of the planes got tossed around.
  4. ""When you lose to somebody who has 40% popularity, you don't blame other things -- Comey, Russia -- you blame yourself," Schumer, the top ranking Democrat in the Senate, told The Washington Post over the weekend. "
  5. So now, after years of loathing The Boy Scouts and basically trying to run them out of business, the Left now loves them and are standing up for their virtue.
  6. Sorry to hear that. I went to a few training camp days back then and he was incredibly nice to the kids-- would not leave until he signed an auto for everybody that wanted one. He used to tell them all, relax, don't push, don't shove I will get to everybody I promise.
  7. I think he'd be just a teed off-- and correct, BTW, if the 3 were men. I've thought all along the problem we as Trump supporters have is the Republicans, not the Democrats.
  8. you all don't get it, this is a work of art, story telling, not a documentary or re-creation, based on a event and situation yes, but the story is told artistically through the eyes of the writer/director/actors, etc. and has a message about current society, so of course some women and people of color should have been portraying characters with positive, strong attributes in the movie, to not do so is racism.
  9. but, but, Amazon is owned by super lib, anti-Trumper Bezos, how can that be????? I would have thought the work environment was idyllic there.
  10. Easy fix to this one--- don't like the tyranny of your workplace, don't work there, go somewhere else.
  11. Great memory, great time when it seemed we all pulled together. The brains at NASA were shrewd in involving the public so deeply. and, yes, WC was great.
  12. is a reflection on The R's in Congress, not Trump. Trump's more than done his part. The R's in Congress on the other hand, suck, I'll never vote for another one that does not back their President. Frustrating I can't voice that at the ballot box in '18, my rep is a lib D, so of course I would not vote for him anyway, and the Senate seat up in FL is Nelson's who I of course would never vote for either and I can't vote in the primary either. Wish we had open primaries here.
  13. 'pends on what you mean by support. The Union as an organization would be contractually bound to represent him, to ensure that all of his collective bargaining rights are afforded him, how far that goes would depend on the contract. If you mean the members voicing support and doing things like say, raising more money for his defense, then I would agree with you.
  14. How stupid is that? I'm guessing he didn't know about the 30 seconds before and after hitting the button deal? I knew that just from reading about the body cams in the press.
  15. A rare time when I am in full agreement with you.