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  1. LOL when they staged the provocation, the dems forgot to take into account early voting, so they're kind of done in by one of their own things. They need to take that into consideration before their next " October surprise" type action.
  2. I agree Fox is a disgrace, giving in to blackmail , boycotts and all that, dismissing people for no good reason. i'm guessing after a suitable time of grief, mourning and memorial, the Ailes kids will follow their liberal spouses direction and turn the network into another MSNBC.
  3. Hey this is another victory for the Democrats they almost won, so they won. They claim victory by not losing as bad as they thought they would. That Trump downer effect is really working here.
  4. You lefties are so much smarter than anybody else, gee, if only we listened to you, everything would be great!
  5. That's great that many Iranians do not support the clerics, but guess who holds the power? Maybe they employ all the tactics against them that the left is using here against Trump. Actually, I agree that probably most of Iranians or at least a good many of them are great people, I used to work with a number of them and got some good exposure to their community-- but these were all exiles that had emigrated to US and the men dared not visit back home for fear of being immediately tossed into the Army.
  6. Not really, when the left usually cheers oh yeah a moderate won! as if it means any real change in their society. Like any word, it means different things to different people and depends on context, I imagine he was asking to determine what the other poster considers as "moderate" within the context of this thread.
  7. The President can be moderate all he wants, but he is subservient to the Guardian Council and the Supreme Leader.
  8. Yes, and they have this quaint little custom of hanging gays ..........
  9. Oh, maybe SOMETHING more than a memo no one publicly admits to have even seen...........................
  10. I'd offer the corollary: Don't over-estimate the power and support of Trump's opponents, that was very much in play during the campaign as well.
  11. I think this is an outstanding idea: " Sheriff Bateman has partnered with the Public Defender, Parole & Probation and the State’s Attorney to hold a special warrant reduction initiative designed to help citizens with certain outstanding warrants. On June 23, 2017, from 9am-3pm, the partners are inviting anyone with a warrant for Failure to Appear for a minor offense to come to the Annapolis District Court building, at 251 Rowe Blvd to have their warrant withdrawn, avoid being arrested, and leave with a new court date for their original offense. Do you want to see if you qualify? Call Sheriff Batemanpersonally at 410-222-1380 and he will give you the help you need. This IS NOT A STING!" I can't link it as so far I'm only seeing it on my FB feed.
  12. OMG, you actually used the "studies have shown" line--- you're killing me here!
  13. you mean fake news like the deputy AG threatened to quit?
  14. another "document" no one has seen except the anonymous source? Gee, sure are lots of them around theses days. At least Rather produced one. I think this "people familiar with the case" guy is a lot like the guy my kids are always referring to whenever something goes wrong-- his name is " Not Me"