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  1. lets just say the pee part was true, besides being crude & juvenile, do you see any illegality in it?
  2. The fact that you have to defend the "dossier" with such as " hey it just might be not that crazy to not be believed at all" (paraphrasing there) sure sounds like even you think it has credibility problems.
  3. Translation: Why can't we destroy Trump? We've been at it for a long time and and thrown everything we can think of at him,and nothing works.
  4. well that's what they tell pollsters, which side actually commits more acts of political violence? Which side more often and in more numbers shows up in things like masks and makeshift riot gear and wreaks real havoc?
  5. Who gave the unions all this power? Who has the power to alter the situation?
  6. uhhhh, are any of those R's still in office? The 2 d's named are still in office and still in leadership positions.
  7. Yes, I agree the ESPN clean up, save face, damage control response after the move got out and was roundly criticized is vastly different from the simple fact they pulled the guy due to PC concerns.
  8. I think Joe's just saying he wouldn't want K's shot to be with The Ravens because that would mean for whatever Reason, he, Flacco, would not be the Ravens starting QB at that point- either by injury or lack of performance, I don't think he meant to speak ill of K or the concept of him coming here in any way, that's the way I read it,
  9. Gotta hand it to your side. You lost the election,lock, stock & barrel, yet you're winning everything hands down now. You have the Republicans cowed and scared into not doing anything that they were elected to do. Its utterly amazing-- but I'm not sure to give your side all the credit or a great deal of it to the stupidity of the Republicans in Congress. Well, the saving grace is Hillary is not and will not ever be President.
  10. The Senate and the House voted to repeal Obamacare in 2016 and sent it to Obama who of course vetoed it
  11. I don't believe he meant to be taken literally and I believe the police knew what he was doing.
  12. Sounds reasonable. I'm more of a casual fan, in that its obvious most folks here know far more than me about football , I was just enamored by K's previous success but it could very well be as you all are saying here, the league adjusted to his style and he can't very well replicate it. Still, I can't help but think with the dearth of talent overall in the NFL at QB, he wouldn't make sense as some team's back-up. I'm also reading that in camp, they just need QB's to run practices to be able to properly evaluate other position players, so I guess most of the 3,4, 5th (or more) on the depth chart have no prayer of ever making the team, let alone playing. I guess they still try to pick ones with some potential to be a diamond in the rough, you never know. Didn't Kurt Warner come from like nowhere?
  13. But all is ok now, they signed David Olson, I feel so much better now if the unthinkable happens, that Flacco has to miss significant time, we're good!