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  1. ? Republicans spied on and got FISA warrants on a political opponent? Who knew? Wow!
  2. Great speech, and he remained and shook each and every grad's hand. The Class of '18 was quite honored by his appearance, great job once again, Mr. President!
  3. kind of a Hillary error
  4. well, apparently he didn't want it bad enough to send planeloads of cash to them
  5. Have to wonder how many A list guys are wondering when/if it's their turn?
  6. ahh so that explains so many of your posts-- you don't read the articles, but post away anyway
  7. This hasn't played out fully yet. Trump's already accomplished far more than several Presidents before him, all who ever gave NK stuff for nothing in return or ignored the problem, and you're declaring Trump a failure before his 2nd year as regards NK. I realize your hatred of trump precludes all objectivity with all things Trump-- but really this is high stakes and all should be wishing him success as success means a safer US and safer world-- the way I see it, Trump got their attention and said as a matter of fact, NK ceases to be if they go on with their path-- the only acceptable outcome is for NK to not have nukes-- period and not an Obama period Trump will do anything that is necessary to bring this about. trump clearly rattled him, so bad he was reaching out back here to others going " what's this Trump guy all about" Then he says he wants to meet and releases the captives and says some great things. So, now maybe he wants to test Trump-- did Trump mean what he said, or is he like obama and Iran so eager to get a deal done and get a legacy item that he'll go to the meeting and let Un play him. So now this is trump re-assuring UN that he indeed does mean what he originally says. Stay tuned.
  8. here's an article that touches on it a bit: "The fact that the guns were commonly owned weapons in Texas — not assault-style weapons such as the AR-15 used in other mass killings — has made it trickier for gun control advocates to point to stricter gun laws to prevent shootings." "The scene in Santa Fe, Texas, site of the latest school massacre, has been far different since she arrived Friday: Phillips, whose daughter Jessica was shot and killed in the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting six years ago, said no one has agreed to meet with her. No one much wants to talk about the deadly rampage inside the high school that left 10 people dead and 13 injured, much less discuss ways to prevent shootings. “This has been starkly different from Parkland in so many ways,” said Phillips, who has traveled to nine mass shooting scenes in the past six years, offering support to survivors and victims’ families. “It’s almost jarring.” Unlike Parkland and other mass shootings that sparked national debates and rallies calling for changes to gun rules, the shooting at Santa Fe has delivered a much more muted response to the gun debate. "
  9. Trump will lose every court battle in the first round because they simply file them in a liberal circuit with a liberal Judge, usually the 9th or the 2nd The 1st just prohibits government from preventing or punishing people for speech they do it does not require people to be provided a forum or an audience, this will eventually be reversed.
  10. maybe you're just really interested in it-- you say you're seeking articles out on it--- you couldn't go five minutes watching any news network and not see one of the kids on for Parkland, and they appeared just about everywhere---take an objective look, you will see there is nowhere near the clamor, fervor and noise about this one as compared to FL- I'm not even arguing or taking one side or the other here, I'm just honestly wondering why this one is being covered so less intensely. Heck, just look on this forum as to how many threads, pages and posts there are about Parkland and compare to Sante Fe. Granted, its still not "done" but the difference is vast if you take a look and I don't think Santa Fe has a chance of catching up.
  11. where were all the celebrities, the students made into instant stars, the dem politicos, the marches, town halls, walkouts and protests in DC for this one? The FL one dominated the headlines for 3 weeks and we were told things were going to change. We're not going away, they said. This one's off the radar in a day or two. How come? No Ar-15 involved? No way the blame to NRA? maybe the texas crowd wouldn't support the circus? I dunno- curious to me why the difference.
  12. but, despite all Goddell & co's public sympathy, I'd guess behind closed doors, the owners- the sensible ones anyway- realized just who their audience is and that to continue on their path of appeasement was detrimental to their bottom line. And would continue to be.
  13. Ridiculous. The players at the time they are restricted from "protesting" is while they are on the job and thus subject to employers wishes-- or lose the job, they are free to go to any place where the anthem is being played when they are not on the job and protest all they like.