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  1. I believe the country is better off with Trump as president right now than with anyone else, so if Trump's personal needs coincides with what's best for the nation, so be it, fine with me. I stopped believing in polls some time ago. I believe Trump will beat anybody the dems put up in '20. I've said for a long time, its not the dems that threaten to impede or derail Trump's agenda and his presidency, its the Republicans. I do have to hand it to your side, time and time again, you lose, nationally and power wise, but somehow succeed in getting the victors- the R's-- to cow down to you, give in, take the foot off the gas pedal and fail to press their advantage.Trump represents our best chance ever to end that cycle-perhaps the only chance in the rest of my lifetime anyway. I had thought the '16 election would have been the defining moment as to which direction our country goes. I thought when trump won, we won. Little did I anticipate the widespread nullification effort of that election and the R's, even though I should have known better, to once again cave with victory. So, now, I'm figuring the midterms will be that defining moment. If you take the house & senate, you impeach Trump, maybe even you get him tossed out, but even if you don't oust him, you thoroughly neutralize him and take back the WH in '20 with Oprah or maybe Pocahantas, or some other way leftie. If The R's maintain and even increase their lead, then on we go to much of Trump's agenda-- well, maybe, I shouldn't say that, the R's would be fully capable of losing in victory once again, but I would hope not-- and a lot of your opening post is what gives me hope they realize their success or failure is tied to Trump's. The wild card in the whole thing is the IG report and what else may come out from that whole mess.
  2. Well I'm happy to hear what you posted though not an r myself that's been my personal litmus test for some time vis a vis r candidates for anything if they don't stand with trump they do not get my vote. I'm glad they're hearing it on the campaign trail and its having an effect.
  3. Wow! Thank you that is all very encouraging.
  4. Sacramento is a liberal utopia city with a dem mayor and dem majority city council, they really should rein in their out of control murdering police dept.
  5. And Facebook provided the data willingly to them but is now crying foul
  6. Oh you mean that thing Obama was glorified as a genius for using?
  7. Geraldo doesn't host anything on Fox, does he? I thought he is just a "contributor".
  8. I had thought more of Geraldo than engaging in such wild speculation---oh I'm quite used to it from you guys here but I had thought he was better than that. The thing with speculation like that is you can really end up looking stupid when things shake out.
  9. BTW, just how'd the conversation between Vlad and Trump go? I haven't had a chance to check the transcript in The Post yet.
  10. Doesn't it just drive you guys nuts that there are so many idiots like me that continue to support Trump no matter what you throw at him?
  11. Maybe no one else wanted to run? I can imagine you say they could get "somebody" but who with true political aspirations would want to run in a futile race and as for just somebody maybe not with political aspirations again who would want to do that and expose themselves to the kind of scrutiny that candidates get these days, again for a futile effort?
  12. Maybe he was being sarcastic about the no great police work
  13. I think the playboy model is better looking I'd rather see her do an interview
  14. Sounds like its a district the gop just doesn't contest which leaves the door open for any fringe candidate to win the primary the guy ran unopposed right?