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  1. Why? With or without CCW for all, there will be some idiots with guns and some accidental shootings, and yes, some with deaths. And some by people trained with guns and seemingly not susceptible to mishandling or accidental shootings. During my career, I can personally recall four " accidental discharges" in our station by fellow officers-- one shot himself in the leg, the other three didn't hit anybody. Does that make you want to rethink the guns for all cops concept?
  2. Three shut outs in one season, even if against bad teams is remarkable. and they still play the Colts and also Browns again, right? May even get one or two more.
  3. Right now, I don't believe he has a lawsuit filed, rather, he has a NFL Player's Collective Bargaining Agreement Grievance filed, the remedy for which if he prevails is not a bunch of money but rather an end to the collusion.
  4. exactly, you put it better than I did.
  5. why the need to embellish? I understand it's not the media this time, they apparently quoted the police chief, but for some reason the story gets cuter if they say the church leaders were meeting to discuss gun issues at church, when that was not what was going on at all. "Ray Zillick said he and his wife gathered at the church for a social club meeting that was not affiliated with the church itself. “We were talking about concealed carry and protecting ourselves,” he said. That was when an elderly man and military veteran at the table pulled out his gun. Previous story: 2 accidentally shot at East Tenn. church “He cleared the gun, dropped the mag, cleared the chamber,” Zillick said. The man gave the gun to Zillick to have a look and then he passed it back. “He reloaded it, round in the chamber, back in his pocket,” said Zillick. Zillick says the man then took the gun out for a second time, but accidentally pulled the trigger, unintentionally shooting himself and his wife. “I looked at him. I saw that he had tore up his hand pretty bad. About that time his wife had been saying, ‘I’ve been shot,'” Zillick said. Emergency crews arrived and took the couple to UT Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. Bill Clark works at a deli down the street and is also the church’s pastor. He was not there when the shooting happened, but has visited the two in the hospital. “He’s so apologetic that it affected so many people and he’s distraught in that way,” said Clark. Everyone just hopes the incident serves as a lesson about gun safety. “Never point a gun at anything you don’t want to destroy,” said Zillick.
  6. It's an "inside" comment.(inside the profession) Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer is pretty standard in most police agency's rules & regs, its a vague, general catch-all that pretty much anyone can be zinged with at any time-- and usually included in any administrative charges lodged against an officer. Many times if the major charges don't hold up but the board still feels they acted improperly they will find them guilty of the conduct charge. Other cops will know what I mean, I may not have articulated it well.
  7. maybe some Trump voters will not be helped personally by the proposed changes, but think it good overall for the country as a whole But, really, taxes should be cut- period-- for everybody and government should be forced to do with less money. If you don't cut taxes for everybody, you're just playing a shell game and not really changing the fundamental dynamics. But, not being able to get that, I'm good with whatever Trump & the R's end up with passing. The framework is an improvement over the way things are now.
  8. Let me take a wild stab at it........................ Maybe because its a very opportune time, the dems can quite possibly flip a US Senate seat that would seemingly have been rock solid R a month ago? My hat's off to them, for their strategy.
  9. you know its all bogus when they can't even make an administrative conduct unbecoming of an officer stick
  10. but this is good stuff, we need more of it, I mean when the lefties are bitterly complaining about things of substance that Trump has actually done, when they're complaining, it means its good for the country. I suspect there would be a whole lot more complaining about Trump's regulatory reforms and cancellations of Obama xo's and such, but, they have to bite their tongues on that as each complaint of something he actually did represents an acknowledgement a Trump success.
  11. don't worry about it, Trump has zero chance of winning the Presidency, ZERO!
  12. good picks, but I'm betting all the Supremes hang on in attempt to outlast Trump. at least the libs and Kennedy- whatever it is he is, as a service to the resistance.
  13. I don't know about it at the national level, but in AACO, the ABA always highly recommended the most liberal candidates, at least back when I was there and paying attention to such things. That's how we got the likes of Manck & North, who never met criminals that they didn't like. But regardless, I don't think the ABA should wield veto power over judicial appointments. Lawyers have their own ideas of what makes good judges, which is not always in tune with what's good for the people.
  14. Great news! At 36, he'll be on the bench a long, long time, hope most of the rest of Trump's judicial appointees are young as well