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  1. Law enforcement does not need probable cause to ask anybody anything it was the women who said they were "detained" not ICE that may have been their perception but not necessarily so in a legal context
  2. I think trump deserves the Nobel for what he might do after all that was good enough for Obama to win it
  3. Lol there wasn't clinton email investigation not a real one anyway
  4. Its ok we have plenty of nukes just use them takes way less of them to make a point as well
  5. Let me guess this is another issue you have no clue about but it was just a little snippet you could maybe zing trump a little with and didn't even bother to read about the issue your link has no details whatsoever
  6. You guys really are pulling for the economy to fail aren't you? Better that than any semblance of Trump success
  7. you're right, they just didn't let non customer blacks use the bathroom or hang out. Whites were always cool.
  8. Say, how's that Trump approval rating looking today? Still nose-diving?
  9. why wouldn't they "say it"if that was indeed their conclusion?- I don't recall many cases of shielding right wing terrorists do you?
  10. seems like the big losers are the lawyers, who always reap the biggest benefits out of class actions. I said why I'm in favor, it seems to me before the ruling, some employees were reaping the benefits of collective bargaining without having to follow all the rules/procedures that unionized workers have to.
  11. good ruling, I agree with it. If employees want the benefits of collective bargaining, they should have to form and/or join a union.
  12. Ok, here's the part everybody's missing-- To begin with, the entire anti-Trump, Get Trump at all costs gig is falling completley apart. Its desperation time. And boy are the antis- desperate-- desperate people do desprate things. Now, the crux-- the Spy, SH, he's a sacrificial lamb-- the anti-s outed him, tried to set it up so Nunes was pinned as the one who outed him but it didn't work, Nunes was too smart. They tried to set him up by inviting him & Gowdy yesterday to see some of the documents they've been asking to see for a year. They declined to look at anything, smelling a rat perhaps, or just tired of the games, telling them to come out with all or forget it, standby for your contempt ofcongress citation and impeachement. But, the gears were already in motion, they couldn't stop them, the leaks were already flowing like crazy, purposefully so to begin the minute Nunes & Gowdy left the meeting. First all the descripions of the guy and his actions, which would immediately identify the guy to anyone in the know. But, then the big problem it-- they can't blame Nunes, 'cause Nunes didn't know and never asked for his identity to be revealed. This is all a distraction to try to get the spy thing to dominate the news and obscure what Nunes is really after. What Nunes wants and what they are desperatley trying not to give him is the document stating the clear and specific reason as to why an Investigation of Trump was undertaken. It wasn't Papa-dapa and it wasn't the “dossier” because the investigation was begun before both of those transpired. It was initiated because they said the Russians hacked the DNC and shared the info with Trump. Problem is, not one shred of evidence has ever been found to prove that. Nada, zilch. The DNC reported the hack, but refused to let the FBI take or even examine their system. Instead, they hired a private firm to do that- and even they only concluded that the Russians “probably” did the hack, but they had no idea let alone proof that anything was shared with Trump. But, even the “probably” is just their word and without the government taking custody of the harware, it can never be proven one way or the other. If its not been destroyed, there's no chain of custody they could have been altered if they even still exist. It was an inside job, the hack, anyway, as the data transfer speed is known and it ws too fast to have been done over the 'net- it had to be someone inside , transferring the data to a physical portable storage device. Maybe the Pakistani bunch that for some reason committed a bunch of known IT crimes, had full access to many dems and dnc, but mysteriously were allowed to go back to Pakistan and now we never hear of the case anymore. So, the whole Trump investigation is illegal, as well as a hoax and a sham and many players along the way committed illegal acts in creating and furthering it. And it all goes right back to Obama who was in charge of the whole works. And, its all coming out.
  13. This was all a plot to paint Nunes as a leaker, but he didn't take the bait, and the antis and their media couldn't stop once it started, they outed the guy then tried like this thread did to go "OMG Trump and the R's are revealing sources!!!!!!!!"
  14. I'm sure he has a plan, as he always does and comes out on top, but the mystery to me has always been why Trump needs such things as DOJ's indulgence-- the DOJ is not a stand alone agency answerable only to themselves, its a frickin' part of the Executive Branch- under the command and control of SCOTUS, SCOTUS can order them to investigate-or not to- anyone any anytime. But, I have no doubt Trump has a reason and is playing you all.
  15. The tide has turned. No doubt its been a fun ride for the anti-Trumpers and many of you really had thought you'd oust him. But the powers that be always knew it had to happen quick to work- their timeline was 4-6 months, tops. Their scheme was simply too vast and too dirty to not eventually come out if it dragged on. Now, its falling apart. This is going to be a fun ride for my side now. But, its disappointing as well, to know how low low you stooped with employing anti- American principles and lawbreaking to cheat for your side. And Trump's the problem? Hardly.
  16. seems like the whole media, left and (what few there are, right) just couldn't wait to name him, the leftie MSM left clues so easy Clouseau could have found out right away, but no one wanted to be the one who out and out said it-- Columbia Professor Stefan Halper-- once the first ran with it, everyone else quickly jumped on-- I guess no one wants the blame of letting out a "source" and as you claim "endangering" us, but, then they don't want to look like they were not in the "know" - so now they'll blame the Trumpers for outing him. But, you're fine with US intelligence and Law enforcement agencies working for one candidate and against another in a presidential campaign, that's not "the" story to you, so carry on!
  17. ""The press coverage on Monday was a major Hamas success in a war whose battlefield isn’t really Gaza, but the brains of foreign audiences."
  18. u-huh, sure. Wait til you see Horowitz's report. It's game over for your side.
  19. hmmmm- I would have thought having our DOJ expressly work to unjustly exonerate one Presidential candidate in a criminal investigation and then spying on and working against another, and our intelligence agencies joining in and then continuing after he is duly elected would be playing with fire, but, hey, that's just me. I would have thought trying to oust a duly elected President beginning the day after election day with no credible reason to do so would be inviting civil war and playing with fire too, but, again, I guess that's just me. Its falling down folks, its desperation time for the anti-Trump forces.
  20. ? Now I've seen a lot of legitimate criticism of President Trump, but I'm trying hard to find this as one, as it occurred long before he was President, and at a time when he was, among other things, a promoter of entertainment events, so what's pathetic about trying to set one up?
  21. well we aren't told what made the bill look bogus, and besides that, why is it Burger King's fault? The employee saw what to him was a suspicious bill, but the employee did not arrest, charge the man with a crime, nor take him to jail. If the case was bogus, it should be the police's fault, not a citizen' who merely reported something to the police. If this suit is successful, I can't imagine why anyone would call the police for anything, given that they may be liable for police misconduct that may occur as a result of their reporting something to the police.
  22. I guess you all think MS13 members are swell people, because, clearly, that's who the President was talking about.
  23. This has been going on long before trump they should have to pay a wage sufficient to get legal resident labor and not depend on government to help them get exploitable immigrants and exploit is indeed what they do to them