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  1. On the "but the teacher authorized to carry might be the whack job who might shoot up the school" silly excuse: What's to stop that whacked out teacher from bringing a gun to school without being authorized and shooting up the school right now? Could such a whack out be a teacher for a long time without being detected? (ok, maybe, but likely?) What is it just the permission to carry a gun to school sets him off? So long as he is separated from his gun,he is a nice, non violent person?
  2. I keep hearing a recurring theme - that students want to feel safer at school---- I wonder, which would actually make them feel safer--passage of "something" some sort of gun legislation, or enhanced security in their particular school?
  3. well it doesn't have adequate security again ONE guard who has many other tasks is in no way sufficient, and proper protocol was either never in effect or not followed. One of the biggest challenges is not taking the threat seriously, if the mindset is "it can never happen here, this is all just precaution" then if it does happen, most likely the security will fail
  4. For those of you who have become sudden government fiscal conservatives over this issue, 2 questions: 1.) Had you known (yes I know 20-20 hindsight) that this was going to happen, would you then have been willing to spend whatever it would have taken to prevent or at least limit the casualties? 2.) How much do you figure it will cost to to propose,draft, deliberate, lobby, implement, enforce and all other associated expenses to get to to your common sense gun control and do you really think it will prevent such things? Ok, a third-- how much are you willing to spend to stop the next shooter who is already armed and out there?
  5. I guess he likes school shootings better than "militias" in schools..........................
  6. most scenarios are a suicidal gunman-regular deterrence is not going to work on them
  7. I will pony up-- I've never been opposed to taxation that is used efficiently and for a worthy endeavor
  8. yeah,you're right let's wait for the perfect gun control solution, for sure its right around the corner
  9. that's good but it wouldn't have stopped Columbine probably and remember usually mass shooters are suicidal and looking to go out in a blaze of glory. They can shoot their way in and the known police officer may be their first target. My kid's school is 'secure" too-- I have to wait to be buzzed in--or just catch the door when someone walks out
  10. I thought no expense should be spared when it comes to our kids safety, do you not feel that way?
  11. No I mean a professional, well designed security system that includes armed personnel. Just the presence of an armed person,even a police officer, and only one at that at a facility so large is woefully inadequate, and building security and the prospect of a school shooter was probably the furthest thing from the resource officer's mind at the time. I can relate, I've been a school resource officer before. They have many things on their minds and the thought that just their being there would prevent any such thing is the wrong mindset-- its too much on one person, a squad of professionals dedicated to security would be much more effective. Just for starters,controlled,manned, minimal number of entrance points, metal detectors, live monitored surveillance, random patrols and a quick response team. We secure our airports and other government buildings like this, why don't our kids deserve the same level or protection?
  12. I was kind of excited when I first saw this thread title. At last, I thought, an answer--- to a question I've asked for years of gun control advocates, libs, lefties, anti gunners-- well anybody really who thinks gun control is a viable solution-- my question was stated like this: Specifically, what would you like the provisions of any gun control law that you could put in place be, within the parameters of being actually effective and constitutional? Usually I get " we need some common sense gun control provisions" When I press for specifics, I get "background checks" (thought we already did those?-- ok make more thorough maybe?) Gun show loopholes-- ( which really means private sales-ok make them be documented too, I'm fine with that but how many weapons in private sales have been used in such things? Would that really help?) "Keep mentally ill people from getting guns." (ok, but what's the specific criteria? never get an answer on that) Anyway, I thought at last an answer, from a lib on here I respect yet. And I get that drivel. BTW, I pressed my question with a liberal friend of mine not too long ago-- yes, I have them, and this one is smart, much smarter than me (well, that may not be saying much, but she is very intelligent) and first she put forth a bunch of bans on some guns and ownership by some people. When I asked her how that would jive with the 2nd, she quoted me that oft-cited part about the standing , well-regulated militia. Apparently, she was unaware of DC vs Heller or, at least that ruling's implications. When I showed here that DC vs Heller declared as existing law and interpretation that gun ownership was a right of individuals apart and no dependent on militias, she finally let out her goal-- Repeal of the 2nd. I told her good luck, and pointed out a bit of the process which makes that extremely unlikely, she was undeterred-- she apparently has had discussion with other people and groups, and this is their goal-- she said " well, we repealed the 18th and big tobacco once ruled, and most big change starts small, so we can indeed repeal the 2nd if we persevere as that is the only real solution, it must be repealed.
  13. The next shooter is out there, probably already has his gun and plan of action. The surest, quickest way to try to prevent further mass school shootings is professional armed security at schools. Gun control, even IF an effective one could be written, is at best several months if not years away. If I was to be out protesting for school safety, I'd be demanding professional armed security at schools at least in the near term. Then, we can take some time and talk about effective gun control.
  14. Oh that evil Wal-Mart you know they are just doing this to try to make Trump look good
  15. That's always my question why in the world would anyone talk to the fbi? A lawyer yet! But, hey, this is momentous Trump is surely next!
  16. I do not currently own one which makes many people incredulous with me being a retired cop but I still have young kids and I would just be scared stiff that somehow someway one of them would get a hold of it no matter what precautions I would take but I want to preserve my right to have one should things change I do believe for many, if not most , ownership of a firearm is reasonable for home protection and of course sport if one is into that
  17. Ok Mark this day down you and I are in complete agreement on something
  18. I agree-- when the top leadership is focused on politics, they're no doubt distracted from their actual core mission, i.e, Law Enforcement and enhancing the safety of the citizenry. In other words ,they weren't doing their real jobs and the wole organization suffered, top to bottom.
  19. if we're such idiots as voters that we base our votes on facebook posts, well we deserve what we get, and get what we deserve--now, no doubt some of you will say that's just what happened, i.e., we got Trump-- but I voted for Trump quite of my own mind and was not influenced by facebook posts.
  20. who emboldened all the shooters before Trump? Obama then? Sadly,its not a new phenomenon, but I guess Trump is responsible for every one from now on.
  21. Israel should indict Obama for interfering with their election
  22. hmmmmmm- so some Russians did what some people do on here and what millions of Americans do every day on the 'net , but they get charged with a crime for it? Interesting. Nothing like charging folks that you'll never get a hold of. Lots of liberal tears being shed tonight perhaps behind the scenes, but we know this is a huge letdown for you. Keep the stiff upper lip.
  23. I would figure you guys would be happy don't you like taxes and hate oil?
  24. yeah whadda' ya want them to do., phony up an app for a FISA warrant or something? Maybe that's it, their true calling is in politics rather than law enforcement.
  25. How many times have we heard that one of these perps was "on the FBI's radar" before, but it didn't do any good?Maybe the FBI top leadership should stop concerning themselves so much with who is President. and spend more time on enhancing their radar.