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  1. Lewis dont have you shook 😉
  2. Those are 2 guys you can’t go wrong with
  3. I think Houston is done
  4. Can’t help but root for Bird Always seemed to be treated as the stepchild of the bombers
  5. I miss getting info from you this time of year
  6. Vomit 😉
  7. Anyone else find gattis catching style weird like he lunges at the ball
  8. And did you see the joy they play with Not in this clubhouse lol
  9. Justin Turner orioles magic
  10. Dont forget the factor of his oline which has been patchwork due to injuries. I wouldnt be surprised they say he's done to see what they have in Hundley
  11. Slowly raises hand in agreement for both
  12. Lol is he in your fantasy team too
  13. Welp OCF told me the other day this season is week to week
  14. On the pass play prior should have ran it imo guy chokes misses FG
  15. If they throw the ball I hope they pick it