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  1. Big Dan Apologists
  2. Im down Big Fan must have a plan
  3. Who exactly predicted a stellar performance from this team?
  4. I know one guy whos counting😁
  5. Can he pitch?
  6. Indians os cubs braves red sox nats yanks white sox royals giants astros dodgers dbacks tigers cards
  7. Best influence 🤔🤔🤔
  8. Coming into the series Jackson 1/28 with RISP yet Well ya know
  9. X You let me know when the girls and i will be there
  10. Happy Birthday!!!!! You let me know and ill be happy to Thanks as always
  11. Cant argue with anything you're saying except had those names been replaced with Miller, Cruz, etc I'm sure the same post would be made with a much higher price tag lol
  12. Burger King and Churches Chicken respectively
  13. I would have enjoyed having cruz if i knew that at age 65 he would still be performing the way he is now only downside is we would still have to put someone in RF because well he is trumbo with a cannon Bur hey thats why posting here and not in a FO somewhere unless its on my ps4
  14. The Os will be buyers and I can tell you exactly who they will purchase Britton Oday a more focused Manny healthy Davis sonnow we have a lineup of Smith RF Manny SS Jones CF Trumbo DH Davis 1B Trey LF Schoop 2B Castillo C pulse SS starters go 6IP 7 8 9 shutdown innings with givens/Castro oday/Castro/brach Britton boom I'll see you guys in oct
  15. Wow and he is willing to buyus all beer with the hard earned money he's making Manfred and Goodell eat your hearts out