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  1. Buck brought Brach in for another inning and I knew it was game over tied at 4 why not go Brach,Givens and the Britton if we are still tied
  2. ⬆⬆⬆⬆ Right on cue 😊
  3. Brachs walks hurt Bucks pen management stinks
  4. Oh lol yeah a lot of us just wait for an Os loss to post 😉
  5. Checked out over 40k at the yard last night
  6. NYMDetroit Tampa Bay OsAtlanta Boston Arizona Houston Cleveland Cubs Texas Colorado San Francisco Washington Pittsburgh
  7. I don't think you'd find anyone that would dispute our evaluation of pitching as anything short of terrible however Edwin sucks
  8. Isn't Edwin in DC
  9. We have our own problems in Dallas but I don't have to worry about my qb being mistaken for a vegas girl
  10. I saw that and could have swore I saw Joe trying to get into LA Fitness
  11. Lol after vegas I'm off alcohol until kickoff
  12. Anyone going to the yard tomorrow
  13. I mean who's surprised the kid is damn good