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  1. Looks like Buck and Bradys lineup is still struggling
  2. Its early he will be who he's always been
  3. Lol i wish I will be at a couple during the week though Hopefully a 7-3 homestand is on the way
  4. It was kinda cold maybe they had a brain freeze 😉
  5. Multiple ways of doing that one of which is allowing the batter behind you to gwt a great look at the pitcher if possible
  6. 11 pitch AB but ya know Woof woof
  7. Win tonight since we will be there
  8. Man these late openings aren’t good unless the replacement is within
  9. Assuming vs actual facts MCD has boarding no complaints there??
  10. They must be doing something right to have a kid bypass a ton of "better schools"
  11. Thanks for a good run Dez
  12. I agree Pete should have let him go instead of doing this woman's scorned thing
  13. I dont think anyone here is giving DD a pass especially since its his fault for cheating on the Os with the Bluejays onlyto be put on the couch by PA and the fam. However all the moves being made now have the prints of Buck and Brady
  14. Stop with the facts you crazy people