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  1. Lol you really think that's the one that knocks this team down dude has sucked forever now
  2. Knowing our luck it would get overturned
  3. Smh I like how the the 80 game suspension is glossed over
  4. Lol
  5. Meanwhile πŸ€ up 10
  6. Protest failed Ubaldo starts Sunday which means I'm picking whoever we play in the pickem
  7. Simple answer is two cheaper guys out performed the millionaire
  8. Sad but true
  9. So technically im rightπŸ˜‰
  10. Sure it is We were in the WC 😁 All jokes aside the guy bleeping stinks and imo Buck DD or whoever isnt helping him or the team by trotting him out there every 5th day or any situation where and i know it may sound silly but where it can shatter his confidence A recent example of this was when he gave us 5 quality and they trotted him out in the 6th only to watch it go to bleep For the record im not in the save Ubaldo crowd im in the crap this is how bad things are when he is our option when that turn comes
  11. You are correct jumped the gun there
  12. Part of the reason we got the WC was Ubaldo but ya know
  13. No off-day we play the Nats..... oops thats the 8th Blah
  14. Lol
  15. Time for the blowpen