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  1. Me
  2. I like the idea of building your own name instead of following was just curious Again dude is fast
  3. Why Knoxville why not Florida or Texas?
  4. Sounds like they werr moved out in favor of the Mike Wright's of the world 😉
  5. Good god
  6. Great move by Min Meanwhile in birdland 🐛🐛🐛🐛
  7. Hosmer to Padres 8yr deaal
  8. Noooo not you for Jay too lol Trey in RF or maybe Trumbo and Dickerson DH
  9. Dickerson DFA from Tampa Id take a look
  10. Can one assume Manny and Schoop are not Brady Bunch types
  11. He spent the MASN money on Trumbo,Davis,and Oday at the advice of Buff Brady
  12. Big Dan sounds like he has a small role
  13. Remember Nolan over Kim Ubaldo Parts I and II Tillman pitching injured not holding machado accountable pushing to keep Davis Flash
  14. Get outta here with that shhh