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  1. I’d move Brach for Harvey
  2. I’d only stick around to watch another team come in and beat them
  3. Lol perfect timing
  4. I really like watching Collins run
  5. Why would he leave he is on the brink of something special there
  6. Eh maybe but your secondary couldnt cover anyone in that team especially with that QB they have
  7. Only reason im going toss up is because early in Gilman was some trash and Dunbar wouldve win that imo Late in the season something switched and id giveit to the G
  8. Dunbar vs A con MSJ L CH toss up Gilman toss up MCD L Loyola W Spalding toss up SFA L running clock 😉 Vs Bconf Undefeated Vs Cconf Undefeated
  9. Cant wait for the Os need to start doing something post
  10. Was being sarcastic on that but it would garner attention agreed fast
  11. Loyola help me understand?
  12. I just saw a pic of the 8th grade oline O M G
  13. Id bet you'd lose that bet 😉
  14. A college isnt lettinga young man leave his campus without an offer for a legit 4.2 Agreed 4.5 for HS is fantastic
  15. Quote from a parent who has a player on Hamilton "Man, they won't even speak to our kids and we practice on their grounds"
  16. Ill slow it down for you as i think the sensitivity of the subject has you all flustered Im in agreement that the young men are fast no doubt My disagreement comes where an adult puts out false information (men lie,women lie,numbers dont) 4.2 is 4.2 is 4.2 and a kid running 4.2 in HS wouldnt need a message board to validate those numbers End of the day im happy for the kid hope it works out for him as i root for many others, but facts are what i try to present
  17. You as the adult shouldnt put out fakse information nor be offended when corrected And as mentioned before they are fast
  18. City i agree but telling a kid he runs 4.2 and habing said kid presentthat as fact during the recruiting process could be embarrassing
  20. Hell yeah coach
  21. Flounder lol
  22. 2A would be close 3A I’d give them a W because of QB play which seemed to be one of the holes MM had
  23. Wouldn’t be the case this season
  24. always taught to add.22 but that’s still fast