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  1. Yippie Os lose 6-3 Sisco homers
  2. Im soooooo confused by that Then again im an Os fan so perplexing moves should never come as a surprise
  3. Can someone tell me what the Pirates are doing
  4. Again the 1 on base guy the he got happened to be international and a high obp guy Said player was overlooked in favor of Nolan So yeah Colby Rasmus fits right in with what Buck and Brady want
  5. Could be Big Dans leadership is a farce (see the fact that his signing was pissed upon by Buck) and Buff Brady and Buck have been calling the shots (see another Buck signing in Rasmus)
  6. Seems more and more that Buck and Brady have been calling the shots
  7. This smells more and more of BBP than DD
  8. And Brady made the Tilly call
  9. You took the word right off my keyboard Be curious to see how this coincides with DD wanting to go to Tor
  10. Whos the captain now
  11. Oh im sure Buff Brady will clear him and say hes ready for action
  12. Didnt he quit last season Why cant i get a call im a high strikeout guy
  13. Dysfunctional is an understatement Makes you wonder if things like this cost us Fowler
  14. I wonder how much an impact Buck has on pitchers not coming here
  15. JD to Boston
  16. Always a pleasure!!!!