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  1. Last week, president tripski told the Senate not to leave Washington until health care is done and then left Washington on Saturday and Sunday to play golf.
  2. The Somalian-born LEO who shot that blue-eyed, blond-haired White woman undoubtedly spurred Jones' rants to new heights lows also.
  3. Ever since the advent of President Obama, White racists have surpassed gay people in terms of coming out of the closet.
  4. Hear, Hear!!
  5. Nunes is a bad hombre. Gotta always check his papers.
  6. You seem to be selective about whom you challenge for bumping old threads.
  7. Good one!
  8. I once used a computer repair shop that installed a remote access program on my pc without telling me. When questioned about my discovery, he told me the installation was to facilitate any resolution of future issues. I rysyrched the program. It was legit, and was not spyware but I promptly deleted it. Homie don't play dat!
  9. My post you are referring to began with "additionally". I read it in the Washington Post earlier today. As I stated, it's a proposal - not a done deal. Gop Again Hits Federal Retirement In Latest Budget Plan
  10. That's DEEP! I agree. One unspoken factor: Days before the election, Beyonce & Jay-Z performed a free voter-registration concert. During Jay-Z's act, he blatantly used the "N-word". So in effect, he dissed all prospective Hillary voters who disapprove of that kind of language...especially White voters I immediately looked to see Hillary's reaction. She was either unaware or unfazed by Jay-Z's choice of words. The resultant optics indicated that she was proselytizing Black voters - at any cost. I can only speculate how many White rural voters who viewed the concert on tv she lost that night. To the contrary. I think the polls were so accurate that Hillary's voting base was so complacent that they became apathetic...and didn't vote.