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  1. Mr. Mercedes Mr. Mercedes Mr. Mercedes !!!
  2. Hop-A-Long Cassidy-Graham Cracker health plan - a shot in the dark
  3. Beware of installing new software using the "quick install" option. Odds are 101% that that option contains unwanted software & settings bundled with the installation. Always use the "custom install" option so that you can unselect crap that changes your search engine or browser default...among other things.
  4. So why would you even consider introducing anti-social ideas like that to children whose minds at that stage in life are still relatively clean slates? Children that age usually have no problem with their peers - no matter what the demographic. The devil is in the details.
  5. You're welcome. At least this is a civil duel rather than a back alley gunfight. Peace...
  6. No. But I did read something about a Vinnie Lombardi sexually molesting 1st round draft picks...
  7. You can tell they're Russian because their grasp of the nuances and semantics of the English language is inferior.
  8. Remember when Michael Wagner would spam Nationals with 10 new threads within 1 hour? And 9 of them never had even 1 reply? Our resident troll suspect would lose their mind and their money if that should ever happen to them. #Hint
  9. They are top seed in the Michael Wagner Championship Tournament.
  10. Plus one that seems to desire overtime pay as we speak.
  11. I scrolled about 2 page lengths before I broke it off. No there there. I agree though, there's a sucker born every minute.
  12. I wonder if we have a paid social media troll right here on Sunspot. Sure looks that way...
  13. Dowd called him Bob.