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  1. Now a whole new set of allegations have surfaced against Jackson: Jackson is accused of having harassed a woman while he was on an overseas trip. CNN is reporting on-air that Secret Service agents allegedly had to stop Jackson from banging on the woman’s door. This changes things dramatically. Suddenly there’s a woman who can testify that Jackson did this, and there are agents who can testify as witnesses. Jackson still deserves due process, but this is a much more tangible situation than yesterday’s set of accusations, which came with far too little detail. So now what? When Donald Trump was asked about the Ronny Jackson nomination by reporters earlier today, before this latest news broke, he already sounded like he was trying to convince Jackson to withdraw. We’ll see what happens now that Jackson’s alleged pattern of inappropriate behavior includes a specific victim and Secret Service witnesses. LINK
  2. “I think its funny that Sean Hannity turns out to be a welfare queen for HUD, having taken advantage of guarantees that were put forward by none other than the Obama Administration.” aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
  3. Before this is over, Tramp is going to hate Twitter.
  4. Do you really consider those the only factors??
  5. I don't quite get the connection. Please explain.
  6. You gotta soak 'em first, then drain off the scum...
  7. Just like that buck-wild bunch in the protracted Oregon stand off. IMHO, they were (are) legally insane too. Even Dizzy Donald Tramp thinks he is a sovereign citi-zen:
  8. White Privilege & The 2nd Amendment. Notice no Black people are naive (or crazy) enough to "open-carry" even at legal public demon-strations.
  9. The best use of a bee gee record is: Frisbee Coaster Bookend Cheese Tray Drinking Glass Cover Pinhole For Solar Eclipses
  10. You got me there... Neither of those two posters.
  11. Well, since an initial description was given it's more than likely that the poop's name did not end with an "a" or a “Q” and an apostrophe thrown in somewhere. And I bet his girls names are; Sally, Joan, Jane and Barbara.
  12. Don't forget Hans Mortier (famous for rippling his stomach muscles), and the tag-team of Brute Bernard & Skull Murphy (whose trademark strutting with wildly swinging arms was later appropriated by The Sheepherders aka The Bushwhackers). My brother and I used to strut around the house like that all the time. And don't forget the televised Saturday shows broadcast from The Colosseum on N. Monroe St. (later to become a roller skating rink). I think Miss Kriege used to go there also. My first (of only two) wrestling events I ever attended featured Buddy Rogers vs Argentina Apollo at the Baltimore Civic Center. I had a cheap upper bleacher seat and the wrestlers looked like ants. It was a bloody affair. Hidden razor blades were a frequent tool back then.
  13. Precedent Donald Joke Tramp is more fake than pro wrasslin'.
  14. A lot of managers started out as wrestlers...or referees.
  15. So what? R.I.P. Bruno for being a real entertainer and role model!
  16. Re lawyers, Tramp is so toxic (read desperate) that he is now reduced to recycling his own trash.
  17. As stupid as Tramp is, he knows Sour Grapes Crispy would have flipped on him faster than you could say, "Fat Pancake".
  18. Which one of Hillary's double-digit investigations is the investigation?
  19. Uh, fund-raisers are not leaders. And uh, Tramp transition team members traveled around the nation and the world undermining President Obama before the inauguration. Duh...no one whines more than Tramp. PERIOD.