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  1. Hear, Hear!!
  2. Nunes is a bad hombre. Gotta always check his papers.
  3. You seem to be selective about whom you challenge for bumping old threads.
  4. Good one!
  5. I once used a computer repair shop that installed a remote access program on my pc without telling me. When questioned about my discovery, he told me the installation was to facilitate any resolution of future issues. I rysyrched the program. It was legit, and was not spyware but I promptly deleted it. Homie don't play dat!
  6. The “can you hear me” con is actually a variation on earlier scams aimed at getting the victim to say the word “yes” in a phone conversation. That affirmative response is recorded by the fraudster and used to authorize unwanted charges on a phone or utility bill or on a purloined credit card. In addition, the criminal may have already collected some of your personal information -- a credit card number or cable bill, perhaps -- as the result of a data breach. When the victim disputes the charge, the crook can then counter that he or she has your assent on a recorded line. If you have not yet been victimized, the best way to avoid telemarketing calls from con artists is to sign up for a free blocking service, such as Nomorobo, or simply let calls from unfamiliar numbers go to your answering machine. Scammers rarely leave a message. If you do answer a call from an unfamiliar number, be skeptical of strangers asking questions that would normally elicit a “yes” response. The question doesn’t have to be “can you hear me?” It could be “are you the lady of the house?”; “do you pay the household telephone bills?”; “are you the homeowner?”; or any number of similar yes/no questions. A reasonable response to any of these questions is: “Who are you, and why do you want to know?” If the caller maintains they are with a government agency -- Social Security, the IRS, the Department of Motor Vehicles or the court system -- hang up immediately. Government officials communicate by mail, not phone (unless you initiate the call). http://www.cbsnews.com/news/beware-new-can-you-hear-me-scam/
  7. At least 50 Midwestern pension plans have applied to the Treasury Department to cut back retirees' allotments. This cross-section of America includes more than a million former truck drivers, office and factory employees, bricklayers and construction workers who are threatened with cutbacks that could last the rest of their lives. However, it's not clear what would be fair. The hammer is falling on the private pension funds that are running out of cash. And those shortfalls have many reasons. "The stock market crash had a huge effect," said Outreach Director Joellen Leavelle of the Pension Rights Center. "Some plans lost billions." It was a loss from which they never recovered. Also, fewer workers in fewer jobs were available to contribute to the pension plan. That created a lopsided and unsustainable equation. Low interest rates made matters worse. The area economy was yet another factor. For now, both healthy public pension funds and private pension funds aren't at risk. But for those who are affected, it hurts a lot, said Pat Overstreet of Hinckley, Ohio. She and her former iron worker husband refinanced their home to pay for their daughter's brain tumor treatment. But since his pension has been cut from $2,500 to $930, they may lose their house, she said. One retiree believes his nearly 60 percent monthly payment cut is unfair and that it should be 20 percent across the board. But, inevitably, certain groups are favored over others, one reason the former union leadership was voted out, he said. This type of dissension will likely spill into union halls across the Midwest as more and more plans are slashed. Workers are being pitted against each other. In the meantime, several states' public pension funds are running dry, including Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut.
  8. My post you are referring to began with "additionally". I read it in the Washington Post earlier today. As I stated, it's a proposal - not a done deal. Gop Again Hits Federal Retirement In Latest Budget Plan
  9. That's DEEP! I agree. One unspoken factor: Days before the election, Beyonce & Jay-Z performed a free voter-registration concert. During Jay-Z's act, he blatantly used the "N-word". So in effect, he dissed all prospective Hillary voters who disapprove of that kind of language...especially White voters I immediately looked to see Hillary's reaction. She was either unaware or unfazed by Jay-Z's choice of words. The resultant optics indicated that she was proselytizing Black voters - at any cost. I can only speculate how many White rural voters who viewed the concert on tv she lost that night. To the contrary. I think the polls were so accurate that Hillary's voting base was so complacent that they became apathetic...and didn't vote.
  10. I'm holding you to your word on this, pal. Comment accordingly...
  11. Additionally, the proposed budget considers effectively reducing Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) benefits by 6%. The Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) has a pass...for now. I'm glad I chose not to convert to FERS when I had the option...
  12. I'm sure the Jewish community and the ADL disagree. You forgot closure.
  13. I still remember how the Sparrows Point Bethlehem Steel retirees got the big shaft when their pensions were completely cut off. That was truly SAD.
  14. Predisent bonzo likes the uneducated...
  15. What was wrong about what I said? This thread was posted on Nationals instead of Open Mic for a reason. I addressed that reason. And I actually stayed on topic.
  16. Who cares what Guido thinks. He's made so many stupid, rambling, incoherent comments that I finally had to put him on Ignore. If a poster has a valid (or even not so valid) comment to make on any thread on this forum, they should feel free to post it without arbitrary restrictions posited by a forum peer. All restrictions are found in Sunspot's T.O.S. Guido is not qualified to dictate who should be posting where about what. If he disagrees with another poster's comments, then he should either (attempt to) refute that comment...or shut the hell up! Opinions should stand on their own merits - not the demographics of the poster.
  17. In many Black liberal circles, Williams was considered a "sellout" - as was Alan Keyes at the time. If Black liberals frowned upon them, then in that "universe" they were conservative. Conservative, by definition, is to the right of the political spectrum...which is relative. Whites not exposed to Black politics would never arrive at this conclusion. An excellent observer of Black socio-political trends is Black talk radio such as WPFW. WOL and WOLB were also at one time, until Cathy Hughes hired Joe Madison as Program Director and diluted her hard-hitting Black commentary to attract more White advertisers.
  18. Real righties are beginning to defect from predisent bonzo... juan after another.
  19. It was merely a "pee-pee tapes" sidebar. Nothing bigly.