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  1. This is spot on. It is so accurate I have nothing to add. Rumor is (I am not sure what to believe) that Rizzo wanted Dusty back but was overruled. I really don't know but I know Rizzo is signed through 2018 so who knows if he will be back after that...
  2. You are a moron. What makes him incompetent? Are you just repeating what your boy Trey told you? Or is it his 1500+ lifetime wins as a manger or his 3 MOY awards? I love how idiots just repeat crap they hear about sports but don't actually watch the games. Dusty did NOTHING to cost the Nats the playoffs. You know what he didn't do? He didn't let arguably the best pitcher in baseball last year (Britton) sit in the bullpen while arguably the worst pitcher in baseball (Ubaldo) came in with the season on the line. That is the definition of incompetence.
  3. Well-Dusty and Buck are both good managers. I just haven't seen Dusty have a brain fart. More just bad luck and past mismanagement of the pitching staff. He has been fine this series minus his love of Jayson Werth in the lineup tonight:)
  4. We all know Manny should be traded. The baseball gods know. GM's know it. But we have Dan Duquette. So...
  5. I love Dusty. 3 time MOY. We aren't hitting. This is what I don't get-people criticize Dusty, but Buck bringing in Ubaldo while leaving Britton in the BP? That is textbook implosion and ineptitude. The Nats just aren't hitting. Not Dusty's fault.
  6. Sigh..as a Nats fan...what a joke this has become. End our misery already LOL.
  7. a new gm?
  8. I am sure this message board of old white angry male republicans will get to the bottom of the issue, good time spent here fellas.
  9. Hard to argue with that....poorly run. One thing has been proven of the history of sports ownership. You hire people to do a job and hold them accountable. You don't meddle. Pretty simple.
  10. Sigh..listen, you either resign him or you trade him. Letting him play out his year doesn't get you a chance to build for the future or continue competing. I like Manny but would NOT resign him. As discussed at length, much of this value tied to his defense...if he is hurt..it could cripple franchise for years. If they really wanted to sign Manny, they would have not signed Davis. DD has one year left and he is gone 100%. He doesn't want to be here any longer, so he probably doesn't care and is just going to compete as long as possible next year and then he doesn't have to deal with the long-term impact to the franchise. Who loses? Us. The Fans. We lose. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/255445384/orioles-not-planning-on-shopping-manny-machado/
  11. Brewers coming on...only 1 back now.
  12. Hays is definitely a nugget. And I am not ready to write off Sedlock or Akin yet. There is something very broken in the O's pitching development system-until we address it.... But nobody asks tough questions of the Orioles or their management, so things never change.
  13. I can see the play-by-play now... With 3 outs to go and the Indians up by 11, no way they could blow this lead...Francona turns to newly acquired Ubaldo Jimenz with only 3 outs needed and the Indians up 12 to 2.... (I know they couldn't actually use him or trade for him..but still..)
  14. the NL is LOADED this year. Honestly, I cannot remember so many strong teams headed into the playoffs...even the Brewers (who I picked and don't' currently hold a spot) are good. I agree with you on both (being a Nats fan too). Indians are absurdly hot right now. But so where Dodgers...and Nationals....Cubs are starting to get hot now too which scares me. It should be a lot of fun!
  15. There are some REALLY REALLY strong teams in the playoffs this year. I cannot think back to a better setup for the playoffs..it should be a lot of fun. AL: Wildcard: Twins beat Yankees (upset pick! but really anyone can win 1 game..toss a coin) Indians beat Twins Sox beat Astros Indians beat Sox NL: Wildcard: Diamondbacks beat Brewers (upset pick =Rockies hold final spot currently) Nationals beat Cubs Diamondbacks beat Dodgers Nationals beat Diamondbacks (some wishful thinking here) Who does everyone like? Can't wait!