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  1. This franchise is in absolute turmoil. Let DD go...pick a new GM or Manager now, trade Manny and anyone else. End this insanity.
  2. That trade to the Astros vetoed by Angelos really stings now. Angelos has to go. I respect his politics (see, I said something nice about Angelos) but he is still damaging this franchise at 91 years of age. It is maddening. The Skins are worse...but honestly, it's close. Angelos bid on himself to get Chris Davis, blocked Britton deal...and may sabotage Manny trade. He is really hurting this franchise and it will have implications for years.
  3. At this point, it is clearly Angelos. DD has many flaws but this is not on him.
  4. Reminder-under new CBA rules-new team gets a draft pick if Manny doesn't sign. Morons over at the other board I will not mention by name, don't seem to comprehend that important piece of information.
  5. Good info here: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/12/manny-machado-trade-rumors-yankees-orioles.html
  6. Yep, plus Andy McPhail connection....they are overspending like crazy. Dumb IMO.
  7. Ha. I made a few thousand dollars and felt guilty, I sold at $10k and when Litecoin and Eth was little to nothing. Oops. My take is this: stay away for now. After CME trading on Monday opens, there will be a lot of shorting.
  8. Will it be at 5pm or over the weekend. Lookee here....hmm... https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/kushners-legal-team-looks-to-hire-crisis-public-relations-firm/2017/12/15/6fbf144c-e1c3-11e7-9eb6-e3c7ecfb4638_story.html?utm_term=.339b33e4771e I can't wait for this President to be exposed for treason and money laundering. His family will be destroyed and most in jail for the rest of their lives.
  9. If so, Angelos vetoed, AGAIN. My prediction is this: Manny will be traded and it will be to the Phillies.
  10. I missed this..evidently the BoSox called...Get the BoSox and Yankees in a bidding war. That is what I would aim for: https://www.thescore.com/news/1445382
  11. Yep. They went onto to select 2 more pitchers (one Jose Mesa's son). Both of these picks (after Cortes) seem like REAL long shots with little chance of making the team. I don't understand the logic there but I do like Cortes.
  12. We picked LHP Cortes from Yankees, good pick actually.
  13. On Gioloto (please Orioles, don't be morons): Perhaps the most obvious takeaway of the past few days is how quickly and thoroughly the Nationals had soured on Giolito, who is still listed in some places as the third-best prospect in baseball even though anyone who watched him pitch in the majors this year couldn’t possibly reconcile that status with what they saw. Prospects take time, of course, but Giolito’s stuff fell off to an alarming degree. My regret, from late in the season, is that I didn’t more thoroughly examine what was going on here, especially when one Nationals official said succinctly, “He’s not going to be what I thought he was going to be.” So what became clear to nearly everyone at the winter meetings was that the Nationals were going to move Giolito. His value, of course, would have been higher six months ago. But then, his performance hadn’t fallen off by that point. We’ll watch what he becomes in Chicago. But the Nationals aren’t particularly concerned that he’ll be an ace. The bigger problem would have been holding on to him, seeing his performance suffer further, and watching his trade value fully dissolve.
  14. Omg-I was worried about this. Listen, Gioloto (who the Nats traded for Adam Eaton) is garbage. There is a reason the Nats were willing to get rid of him so quickly. Unlike the Orioles, the Nats are very good at evaluating their SP talent. If Gioloto is a corner piece of a trade for Manny-the Orioles are morons. Beware.
  15. He was born in Baltimore and grew up in NC but guess bc they didn’t have a team...