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  1. I agree with you but he's done a lot of good things. He's just inept with assembling a starting staff and fixing the player De elopement issues with pitching. He should be transitioned out so you can go to the Blue Jays like he wanted:)
  2. The starting staff is about to set the mlb record for allowing 5 runs or more. It doesn't matter a hill of beans what Manny is batting.
  3. Yep! Spot on as usual. I really do believe that DD needs to go in place of someone with more rebuilding experience. If they don't want to disrespect him (which they shoudn't as a professional organization), they should bring ins someone else to work with him until the end of the year. Just my two cents.
  4. And when we are mired in another decade of malaise...you can thank this strategy.
  5. My biggest question is does DD oversee such an event? If so, I am not sure that is a good move. DD isn't a bad GM (with the exception of his ineptitude to assemble good starting pitching), but has he ever managed a rebuilding effort? What's his track record? I would much rather bring someone in. This is who I would trade: If healthy-Britton has to go. He is a FA and a Boras client. Brach-tons of value. Seth Smith-obvious. Kim-Buck hates him anyways-ha ha. Castillo-I will say this, I would rather the O's extend him if they can't get much (I think they can get a good prospect for him though), I rather they look into extending him. I do not think Chance Cisco is the long term answer despite his prospect ranking. His CS% is not good. His defense in general is not up to par for Buck's standards (assuming he sticks around). AJ-not a lot of value and he is the soul of this team-he stays or we riot:) Manny-biggest piece but probably stays until the offseason unless BLOWN away at the deadline. And when I say BLOWN away-like 3 top 20 prospects. Schoop-stays Miley-very little value, but trade him Ubaldo-he can't even eat innings. what a turd of a signing by DD, just atrocious. he is the poster boy of the DD era Gassman-Little value, but he is much better than this-you gotta keep him at this point TIllman-FA at the end of the year, but just been terrible. If given a decent offer, I would trade him but I don't think he is healthy. Bundy-Stays unless blown away (2 top prospects) Givens can probably get you a hull-but that would leave you nobody O'day-would love to unload him, but with that contract, good luck Hardy-not healthy, or would have value for someone as a defensive asset, probably could get a B-c prospect for him. Macini-keep Chris Davis-please, that contract is an albatross Thoughts?
  6. My friend and his father were scouts for the Marlins and when we drafted him-I showed up the video and profile of him. His response? He needs to change his swing-won't play in the majors (guess what-he DID change it-last year). He also said he didn't think he had enough power for LF. He also wasn't impressed by his arm (from what I saw on video-not in person-looks like a noodle arm). That was a terrible pick. I didn't get it at the time and don't now. Hays and Mountcastle are RAPIDLY going up the ranks in our farm system-very impressive.
  7. Thanks for posting this-work has been kicking my butt and haven't been on here as of late. Here is the text. I think it is a very good analysis. The players he recommends trading I agree with one exception-Britton-if he is healthy for a 3 weeks-I still think you can get a lot for him. So I disagree with Ken there. The others-definitely: Brach, Seth Smith, Castillo, Miley & Kim. I would say AJ could be moved but I really hope that doesn't happen (and I don't think it will). Here is the full text: MISGUIDED BUYER: Orioles I’m not sure I admire any team more: The Orioles — outmanned, outspent but rarely outmaneuvered — have won the most games in the American League since the start of the 2012 season. Alas, they’re headed straight into a ditch. Their farm system is one of the game’s worst. Their 5.54 rotation ERA is the highest in the AL by a whopping 0.61 runs per nine innings. And they’ve allowed five or more runs in 16 straight games, an AL record and four shy of the major-league mark. Oh, and in case you’ve forgotten, four of the Orioles’ best players — third baseman Manny Machado, closer Zach Britton, center fielder Adam Jones and right-handed setup man Brad Brach — are eligible for free agency after the 2018 season. The problem is, the O’s rarely have been sellers since Peter Angelos purchased the club in 1993. They’ve already told at least one rival club unequivocally — much to that club’s surprise — that they again plan to be buyers. Who exactly can the Orioles offer? And what exactly is their end game? Stop asking so many questions! In truth, it’s not an ideal time for the Orioles to move Machado, who is in the middle of his worst offensive season, or Britton, who last pitched May 4 due to a strained left forearm and is about to begin a rehabilitation assignment. The O’s, to be sure, never would send Machado to the Yankees or Red Sox, the contenders with the biggest needs at third base. But what would be the harm in making him available, just to see how high teams might jump? At the least, the Orioles should shop Brach as well as outfielders Seth Smith and Hyun Soo Kim, both potential free agents; catcher Welington Castillo, who holds a $7 million player option for next season; left-hander Wade Miley, who is under a $12 million club option. Come the offseason, the O’s could turn aggressive, listening on all of their potential free agents and others — assuming, of course, that Angelos trusts executive vice-president Dan Duquette to execute such a plan (Duquette, like manager Buck Showalter, is under contract only through ’18.) The bottom line: Drastic action is required — sooner, rather than later.
  8. Team Treason! The Trump team would have all uneducated white male players over 50. They probably are more into denying Sandy Hook and NASCAR than playing baseball anyways.
  9. Hard to argue with you BUT he had a very long and detailed injury history prior to him coming here, that is relevant IMO. But I agree, it wasn't a grossly offensive contract.
  10. I expect Manny to move to SS, but we will see. Another great DD contract in JJ Hardy. It's funny because he refused to give Nelson Cruz a 4-year deal and he has been great and we probably would have made the playoffs the following year after we let him go. DD is not a great GM folks. He isn't a monster, but let's be realistic (most on here are). Anyone you want to see? It won't be Andino! LOL
  11. Might be more than that...depending on who bids on him. I just can't believe they spent that much on Chris Davis. We might have been able to extend Manny without a CD signing.
  12. They have to make the "appearance" they tried to extend him. My thoughts exactly. Good post.
  13. Yeah-well that is a joke of an offer and nobody wants Puig. LOL. Well-this board is smarter than most. Most understand that even though our hearts want us to keep Manny-we just can't. MAYBE if we wouldn't have signed Davis but...no way now. And yes I agree with all of you, at the deadline would be best BUT DD is still here and he isn't the GM for that-so I think he gets traded in the offseason by someone else (DD leaves).
  14. I love Manny but not really a decision. No player is worth the risk of $30-$50 million a year unless you are a huge market like NY or LA, just the economics of baseball. Plus, our system is depleted as we all know and Manny plays in a position more prone to injury. Much of his value is his defense which could take a turn with a bad injury. He might be great his whole contract but very unlikely and Baltimore isn't a team that can afford the risk. The time for a rebuild is now. Manny can wait until the offseason but other pieces must be dealt now.
  15. I hate the Lerners, Nats would be the best team in MLB with a shutdown closer. Trade them Britton or Brach for a boat load.