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  1. From Connolly: The bottom line with Machado is this: Duquette sounds more likely that he will deal away Machado than he ever has. That’s a significant development. Whether they do or not is a completely different story. But the wheels are definitely turning. I think they need to for the long-term benefit of the franchise. I hope he does and Angelos "approves". Be great for the competitiveness of the team. Trade Britton and Brach too. I know a lot of my casual baseball fans are upset about Manny leaving, but it's inevitable. Gotta get more than a compensation pick. IF we hadn't signed Davis (which word is was all Angelos)...then maybe we could have done it. Actually we probably could have but what is done is done...
  2. Will it be at 5pm or over the weekend. Lookee here....hmm... https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/kushners-legal-team-looks-to-hire-crisis-public-relations-firm/2017/12/15/6fbf144c-e1c3-11e7-9eb6-e3c7ecfb4638_story.html?utm_term=.339b33e4771e I can't wait for this President to be exposed for treason and money laundering. His family will be destroyed and most in jail for the rest of their lives.
  3. Yep, plus Andy McPhail connection....they are overspending like crazy. Dumb IMO.
  4. Ha. I made a few thousand dollars and felt guilty, I sold at $10k and when Litecoin and Eth was little to nothing. Oops. My take is this: stay away for now. After CME trading on Monday opens, there will be a lot of shorting.
  5. If so, Angelos vetoed, AGAIN. My prediction is this: Manny will be traded and it will be to the Phillies.
  6. I missed this..evidently the BoSox called...Get the BoSox and Yankees in a bidding war. That is what I would aim for: https://www.thescore.com/news/1445382
  7. Perfect example of getting lost in the weeds and not focusing on the bigger picture-like improving the starting pitching and what plagues player development... and our unwillingness to spend internationally...but I digress. Here is a rundown of potential condidates. From what I read-a lot of good pitching prospects so would be disappointed if we don't pick a pitcher. https://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/2017-rule-5-draft-preview-v-1-4/#b8VkBWOOBX1F7oY4.97
  8. Yep. They went onto to select 2 more pitchers (one Jose Mesa's son). Both of these picks (after Cortes) seem like REAL long shots with little chance of making the team. I don't understand the logic there but I do like Cortes.
  9. We picked LHP Cortes from Yankees, good pick actually.
  10. On Gioloto (please Orioles, don't be morons): Perhaps the most obvious takeaway of the past few days is how quickly and thoroughly the Nationals had soured on Giolito, who is still listed in some places as the third-best prospect in baseball even though anyone who watched him pitch in the majors this year couldn’t possibly reconcile that status with what they saw. Prospects take time, of course, but Giolito’s stuff fell off to an alarming degree. My regret, from late in the season, is that I didn’t more thoroughly examine what was going on here, especially when one Nationals official said succinctly, “He’s not going to be what I thought he was going to be.” So what became clear to nearly everyone at the winter meetings was that the Nationals were going to move Giolito. His value, of course, would have been higher six months ago. But then, his performance hadn’t fallen off by that point. We’ll watch what he becomes in Chicago. But the Nationals aren’t particularly concerned that he’ll be an ace. The bigger problem would have been holding on to him, seeing his performance suffer further, and watching his trade value fully dissolve.
  11. Omg-I was worried about this. Listen, Gioloto (who the Nats traded for Adam Eaton) is garbage. There is a reason the Nats were willing to get rid of him so quickly. Unlike the Orioles, the Nats are very good at evaluating their SP talent. If Gioloto is a corner piece of a trade for Manny-the Orioles are morons. Beware.
  12. He was born in Baltimore and grew up in NC but guess bc they didn’t have a team...
  13. All started with not just resigning Cruz. Such ineptitude.
  14. Also, forgot to mention that Duquette acknowledged there has been NO NEGOTIATIONS with Manny since it was explored 2 years ago. Writing on the wall...
  15. Why are they talking of moving Manny to SS? All the issues they have and this is coming up? Manny at 3B, Beckham at SS and Schoop at 2nd. Not rocket science. What am I missing? Are the Orioles that inept? http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2017/12/is-there-a-short-answer-to-left-side-of-infield.html
  16. The word is he is damaged goods, hence why the Orioles are interested. They have no talent evaluation worth a darn. This tells me there is little hope they will do the right thing and trade away pieces. The only way I take Harvey is if they take a Trumbo or O'Day and a minor prospect. His value is low. Worth a gamble I guess, but not if you give up anything of real value.
  17. Per Heyman. Yankees give up little as usual, Marlins get Castro and some lesser prospects is what is being reported.
  18. Him and AJ had always been my favorite O's. Since Duquette is an idiot, I fully expect us to be terrible again next year, might as well watch my boy Nick! http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2017/11/a-few-thoughts-on-nick-markakis-and-how-hed-fit-orioles.html Dear Dan, it is the pitching stupid. Invest in some pitching developing staff and the best scouting personnel.
  19. I know you were being funny, but not really. Spot on post. IMO this is their strategy...just don't be bad like we were before and people will keep coming... Problem is (as we know)...in baseball..you gotta "blow it up" to get draft picks, etc. Just the nature of the sport/rebuilding process. More problematic I have zero confidence in our drafting and player development capabilities so....who knows..maybe middle of the road is the right thing. LOL
  20. I think we have a systematic issue with pitching and pitching development and until Money is spent addressing these flaws....we will not go far.
  21. But DD tried and was vetoed. They should sell in a big way but not optimistic.
  22. The Orioles should trade Manny and blow it up....but they are too inept and dysfunctional.
  23. Won't miss his catcher ERA (which I do believe in)...great bat though. Start Joseph to start the season and see how things go.
  24. I think you are correct. They think moving to Manny to SS will help him take a below market rate.
  25. Orioles shouldn't have let him go. All Buck and his guys-he jettisoned Kranitz and brought in garbage pitching coaches. Buck is good, but his guys suck. I predict the Phillies have a dramatically improved pitching staff next year: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/12/phillies-promote-rick-kranitz-to-pitching-coach.html