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  1. They still have '71 and '79.
  2. Since I expect our favorite team to be dreadful, I count on the Astros to dispose of Boston and NY again.
  3. Welp ... What can ya say?
  4. Here are some recent Orioles rumblings ...
  5. I think maybe they've finally beaten us down!
  6. I see, but I assume then that they'd want to sign him to an extension and it's hard to see why he'd do that for a 66 win team.
  7. "Mediocrity borne of principle!" Could somebody translate this into good Latin?
  8. Phillies expecting to contend in 2018?
  9. Mediocrity borne of principle! They should wear that on a shoulder patch.
  10. Unless the O's sign Darvish and Arrieta (!!) they might as well punt 2018. They could give up 60 homers to the Yankees alone next season. Anaheim looks like they've put themselves in a good position for the second WC.
  11. If Jones is not playing RF on opening day I will know they are not serious about 2018.
  12. The O's are in the unenviable position of needing other teams to do something stupid. Well done!
  13. I see very little hope that 2018 turns out well, either in the standings or in the outlook for the future.