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  1. They're gonna need help getting people in this season. Empty seats don't buy food!
  2. I remember him from his Red Wing days. RIP.
  3. The "strategy" is the same as every season: Hope, against the evidence. It's not a strategy in the sense that other organizations have strategies.
  4. They had to answer the J.D. Martinez thing.
  5. Yeah, that! And the folksy, Mid-West commercials! "Save big money at Menard's!"
  6. duped.
  7. I live in Rochester, so the Twins are a natural alternative. There were a few seasons during the drought where I followed them more closely than the O's, back when they had Gardy, Mauer, Morneau, Liriano, Nathan, Cuddyer, Punto, Neshek, Santana . Fun teams ... Was a lot more watchable than the slop the O's were throwing out there back then. Plus, I enjoyed Blyleven on the telecasts.
  8. It's more of the same: Just hope and wish that the unlikely happens. Out of Mediocrity will spring Excellence!
  9. Oh, for joy, for joy! What an unserious organization.
  10. The O's forced their hand!
  11. Sometimes ... I really wish it was possible to root for another team ... These guys aren't serious about winning championships.
  12. I see the Red Sox countered the big Tillman signing ...
  13. I might be watching a lot of Twins games this summer.