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  1. I believe that is the first time in 40+ years of watching baseball that I've seen a guy take over an at bat and hit a home run.
  2. If memory serves, Ubaldo had a decent half season his last year with Cleveland. That was enough for Duquette!
  3. I love Jose Altuve. Like The Mad Dog, he plays bigger than his height!
  4. Was there really no play to be made on Castillo at the plate?
  5. This is completely random ... Found this today ...
  6. Rinks around Rochester, NY. Ask for The Mad Dog.
  7. Another reason to take up hockey!
  8. The vacuum cleaner infomercial on Extra Innings will be more interesting than that game.
  9. Can they prevent double digits?
  10. Welp. Scratch O'Day off the list.