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  1. These teams really blow ... At least the Chisox' rebuild is in progress.
  2. Davis green-lighted on 3 and 0!
  3. Honestly, I actually did! Well, swinging. It wasn't my fault, though! My team didn't have a tee to practice with -- we hit off a coach pitching overhand. When we got to the first game I had no clue what to do with the ball on a tee! So, like a good Oriole (fan), I swung as hard as I could ... Three times ...
  4. For those too sensible to watch, an 11-1 final. Worse than the 10-run first inning by KC?
  5. I guess he needs a few more starts. Oy.
  6. Pfft! One Rule V guy? Pikers!
  7. This is going to be a dark period in Orioles baseball. We just have to hope it doesn't last 14 seasons this time, though I suppose we are already in Season 2. They should start the FO purge and org rebuild tomorrow. They won't, of course.
  8. He's one of the Rule 5 gems.
  9. This outfield is brutal. Not that that couldn't have been predicted.
  10. Another pasting in progress. They aren't even fun bad.
  11. It's looking like I've seen my last World Series.
  12. Ha! I had the same thought!
  13. Game time!
  14. For the sanity of the fans, Davis needs to be benched. It's gut-wrenching watching him sink so low.