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  1. I like Ynoa's shoes. I'd wear skates like that!
  2. Guy on 1st, wild pitch for ball 4?
  3. Another season shot to hell.
  4. Boy, wotta team.
  5. O's looking like essentially a non-factor in the AL East race.
  6. Is there one decent pitcher on this staff? Couldn't finish off that Lin guy? C'mon ... I'm sick of watching guys who can't put hitters away.
  7. C'mon Davis, homer when it doesn't matter anymore!
  8. Betts has about 30 more doubles than Davis.
  10. At least we won't have to sit through another extra inning Wild Card game hoping for one of the O's to run into a fastball. That was brutal.
  11. 157.0 outfield innings. I'll be surprised if he's in MLB next season.
  12. Nope. In the NL with no DH he won't get much.
  13. Kim is .241/.323/.313 with Philly. He'd fit right in with the O's!
  14. That's only Davis's 14th double. That is brutal.
  15. If there were any good young arms to give a start to, I'd be ticked. Sadly, there probably aren't. It's just a matter of getting this miserable season over with.