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  1. A lot of departments have lowered their standards for hiring in the last 30 years.
  2. This from the article reminds me of a poster here who has complained that no black soldiers were at the Gettysburg reunions when no black units actually fought at Gettysburg. What is really pathetic is that the poster in question claims to be a history teacher.
  3. Perhaps it is because that was the way it was then. Changing history to placate the sensibilities of the perpetually offended is stupid and anti-intellectual.
  4. John Astle is a good one but I wouldn't vote for him over Hogan.
  5. Many do. Most people don't even recognize them as Confederate flags and some think the Union Jack like my avatar is a Confederate flag.
  6. In some cases they may actually own the property but the government has an easement for the road. For example my deed states one of my property lines runs down the middle of the road. It is understood in my neighborhood that you don't have the right to claim parking spaces in front of your house along the road as your own.
  7. I wince when I see ignorant rednecks displaying the flag.
  8. People that display the battle flag in public are usually not historical heritage people. Most of them probably didn't even have ancestors that fought in the war.
  9. They wouldn't have fought if they weren't attacked by the US. They just wanted to be left alone and independent from the US.
  10. I suppose you never heard of the DAR or other Rev War historical societies.
  11. Is it your opinion is that SCV members and people who are proud of their Confederate ancestors are white trash?
  12. They redesigned the Georgia state flag and removed the battle flag from the design but made the flag look like the First National flag.