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  1. That is because I was referring to a question that hst2 asked me that was specific to AA's.
  2. Of course, what I said is true of lower income people in general no matter what race.
  3. How so when we are talking about health and income disparities? Do you actually believe racism is the cause for more health problems in the black community? Black people with a college education are in great demand in the work force and can demand some good salaries. How is racism stopping blacks from getting that degree?
  4. I think those two things are the primary factors for those issues.
  5. Sorry to hear that Pickle. Take care of yourself and good luck quitting drinking. Believe me, you will feel much better once you get that stuff out of your system.
  6. Lying again hst2? Why don't you quote what I actually said instead of your deceitful "summary" that says something entirely different? You asked what was the reason I thought blacks were behind whites in things like health and income and I told you I thought the differences were caused by poor choices and a cultural stigma attached to education. Out of that you come up with me saying white culture is superior to black culture (whatever that is). You can't argue without lying and its simply pathetic.
  7. Why do I support what, the battle flag? I support the right to display the flag and any other symbols of the Confederacy or any group because I support the 1st amendment.
  8. When was the last time a black person was lynched for looking at a white woman in Woodlawn?
  9. I was told by you guys that you only had problems with the battle flag because that was the one that was abused by the hate groups but now it appears you have a problem with all Confederate flags and symbols like the one I use an avatar right now. So no, you don't get to move the goal posts on this one. I won't fly the battle flag but I will and do fly the Crossland Banner (my avatar) and other Confederate flags that most people don't even recognize as Confederate synmbols.
  10. Of course he was. He hated whites and Jewish people.
  11. Here is a hint for you genius, the Confederacy no longer exists and hasn't in over 150 years. And no, I have stated many times I do not fly the battle flag.
  12. Oh so Trump is responsible for anti white racism too?
  13. Do you mean the anti white racist material they found at Chesapeake?
  14. What a ridiculously false accusation. What slave state do you claim I support?