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  1. Yeah, they got screwed by the Democrats when they gerrymandered the voting districts.
  2. So is the rest of the state all the same? There are more Washington Redskin fans around southern AA Co. and on down to Southern MD. Maybe they should be ceded to DC since they certainly can't be "Maryland". The Eastern Shore is not like the Western Shore, maybe they should be ceded to Delaware. Then what you would have left is the Baltimore/DC Metro Area which is mostly dominated by transplants to the state. That must be your "real" Maryland.
  3. Yeah,its in a different geophysical area then other parts of the state but that doesn't make it "not" Maryland. Haven't you ever heard Maryland called "America in Miniature" because of the varied geographical and cultural areas? Maryland also has other regions that are "different". What makes some Maryland and some not?
  4. Then what is "Maryland" in your mind?
  5. Thanks for the chuckle as you like to say.
  6. You are "poisoning the well" by attacking the poster instead of arguing your point.
  8. No he isn't, James Madison owned slaves.
  9. Like everyone else he can tell what you would do based on your posting history.
  10. I have been going up there for vacations for years and you are right about how it was years ago but things are different now with more Maryland vacationers there now than ever before. Since they put in I-68 it is much easier for Marylanders to get out there. The last few years I have been seeing more and more Raven's gear out there.
  11. Are you that stupid or that dishonest? Probably both. I am talking about real property as the basis for individual freedom, but you knew that.
  12. I don't know either. It isn't like I think any less of people I am not attracted to. At my age all that crap is behind me now anyway. Yeah I had one woman flat out tell me that I was too short for her date.
  13. Are any of them blue eyed natural blondes? Otherwise I will take a pass.
  14. There is more to it than skin color. Personally I prefer blonde hair and blue eyed women. Does that make me racist? Of course not. In fact the article you posted mentioned that it wasn't only white men who preferred white women but men of all races preferred white women. Why is that?