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  1. I will just have to disagree with you. Things weren't as simple as you apparently think they were.
  2. The only people who know the First National or Stars and Bars is a Confederate flag are those who know enough about the Civil War not to be a bigot about it.
  3. I rebuke the evil of slavery, always have but agreeing with the south's right to independence is not evil. The reenactments I have been involved in were all as historically accurate as we could make them. FWIW most of the battles in the eastern theater were southern victories.
  4. I see, so everyone who is on the southern side in a reenactment is a racist. Got it.
  5. Why not? It doesn't hurt anyone.
  6. Yep, that is what jumped out at me.
  7. Now you are telling people what they should and shouldn't rebuke? What makes what people honor any of your business? Do you also have a problem with CW reenactments like some other bigots here?
  8. For some it may have been about slavery but certainly not all or even most. No treason unless you think a woman leaving an abusive husband is a traitor to her marriage. Most of the hatred here has been exhibited by you and your ilk.
  9. Yep, and a self-righteous one to boot.
  10. So now you are just blatantly lying. I have never supported slavery or treason and you can't provide any evidence that I have because it doesn't exist.
  11. Not my experience, but then I am not an evangelical or Catholic.
  12. Agreed. Some people who claim to be tolerant are definitely not tolerant of people who see some things like symbols and history differently than they do.
  13. Understood. I think we may have been arguing past each other to a degree here.
  14. I never made such a claim. I have consistently said the government should move the statues to private property or sell the spot to a private entity.
  15. Then what did you mean by this statement? Sounds like a violation of the 1st amendment to me.