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  1. Maybe it was the time that white woman told him to get lost after he wouldn't stop hitting on her.
  2. Your imagined harm to your children doesn't trump the 1st amendment rights of the rest of us.
  3. You know how sensitive those snowflakes are, it doesn't take much.
  4. Yeah, the places and property were the states themselves. Interesting that he apparently believed that the real property owned by southerners belonged to the government. Old Abe must have been the first US Commie.
  5. Ample proof has been presented that the states did in fact secede either by law or by effect. If the states didn't secede Lincoln would have had no legal reason to send troops into Virginia or any of the seceded states. The "rebellion" consisted of the states leaving.
  6. Displaying the flag or statues is not necessarily hateful. Not everyone sees it as you do and for you and others to attribute your own interpretation to others is arrogant and dishonest. I still don't buy that anyone is harmed by the sight of the flag or a statue. And like I said if they are harmed by it then that is their problem and they should seek therapy. I agree that the flag and statues should not be on public property but they are protected speech on private property and there is nothing anyone can do to change that short of changing the Constitution itself.
  7. That is why I will fly the Crossland banner from my house.
  8. Reenactors are first and foremost history buffs. Sad that people are condemning them for studying history. Comparing Confederate soldiers to nazis is a false equivalency. There are nothing alike. What you saw at Charlottesville were not reenactors or history buffs.
  9. No, you join a unit that may or may not do both sides. Equipment and uniforms are expensive so most people just do one side.
  10. Those flags don't harm anyone and if they did then the person being harmed has issues. The fact is the display of Confederate flags is allowed under the 1st amendment of the Constitution.
  11. Why, for being a CW history buff who honors his Confederate soldier ancestors?
  12. BS Then I suppose you think Confederate reenactors are a hate group.
  13. I will celebrate what I choose to celebrate since this is still a somewhat free country, at least for now.
  14. Next time they won't make the mistake of putting the statues that they paid for on public property. If they are on private property their isn't a thing the those hateful bigots can do about them.
  15. It still can and does. Its is just they don't want to be in any way associated with hate groups so they have been relatively quiet lately.
  16. That is not what the link I provided earlier said is it? What control did Lincoln have over the southern states after they seceded?
  17. A rebellion where states left the union. Again, if they didn't leave the union why were they re-instated after the war?
  18. Then why did he invade Virginia? Do you believe Lincoln sent troops into Virginia to free the slaves there?
  19. Did you see the post where I linked to a legislator in Philadelphia that wants to ban Confederate flags from reenactments? Not only that, she complained that reenactments get the history wrong because the south won the battle at the one she attended. Apparently she believes the north won every battle.
  20. Thanks for pointing out that all of this is really nothing more than the left trying to take a smack at the right. I would venture to say most black people don't really care about those statues because they don't affect their lives in any way.
  21. The part where he keeps repeating that he wants to "save the union". What do you think that means?
  22. Yep, watch now for all the re-naming of things.