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  1. Its also racist by definition since it attaches a characteristic to a racial group.
  2. He probably does, I am sure he sees suicide as destruction of government property.
  3. I didn't even look, I just assumed you were telling the truth. I know there are at least two maybe three districts in MD that are horribly gerrymandered.
  4. Only because they naturally include the demographics the dems need to make those districts majority democrat. Any district that encompasses conservative areas is broken up between several other districts. If you deny that then you have a problem with honesty.
  5. No I agree, grids don't work either. My understanding is that things like counties should be kept intact as much as possible and natural boundaries should be used when appropriate. No way are MD's districts are even close to being "intact".
  6. Man this is the biggest laugh I had all day! What a joke of a post.
  7. IDK but in many cases like this a where person who was once an extreme virulent racist in the past has a life changing change of heart and then over compensates for their past transgressions and becomes an obsessive fanatic in the other direction.
  8. Does that mean we have to give the country to the Jewish people?
  9. Yes and what is so special about that?
  10. Exactly, the result is that the law was forcing him to use his artistry to create a cake. That is clearly involuntary servitude.
  11. So you speak for "everyone" now? Does everyone know that? I have always advocated for real equality here, you and those who don't want real equality resent it per your lying personal attacks and nonsense responses. They like you, want preferences and special treatment for some. That is not equality.
  12. What are you basing that lie on?
  13. Not hardly since I support full equality, I just don't believe that true equality involves "turning the tables".
  14. It isn't what it means to me but that is the way it appears to be going.
  15. When black supremacy completely replaces it. Equality is apparently not on the table. BTW how does a statue representing the common southern soldier represent white supremacy? It doesn't.
  16. What is your basis for claiming that Flacco is an inferior quarterback?
  17. I think you and your ilk will die off before that happens. Yay!
  18. Are you saying Christianity and white people will die off? Is that something you are hoping for?
  19. Not ok but not as bad as pedophilia which is the desire for sex with a pre-pubescent child.
  20. I don't believe he sided with nazis by saying that there were good people on both sides of the issue. If you believe that then you have to believe that everyone who disagreed with moving the statues is a nazi.
  21. You are correct, I used the wrong word. The correct word I meant to use is hebephilia, an adult who who desires sex with adolescents.
  22. What things did you cite? Yes I refuse to accept any definition that isn't in the dictionary. I don't believe in making things up as you go along.
  23. Nah, nothing beats a blue-eyed blonde in my opinion.
  24. Everything in the definition I posted meets my definition of racism. The problem is people like you expand the definition beyond what it really is for political reasons. For example, some of you think that anything a white person says that a black person doesn't like is racist.
  25. I have always stated that I didn't support slavery no matter where or when it was and no I didn't defend it saying they didn't know any better. I said most all white people including those in the northern states were racist back then because that was the way they thought back then.