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  1. Then why was there any fighting? My antics? I already told you once I am not 180 years old. You seem to have some problem knowing what century we are living in.
  2. Only in areas under federal control.
  3. Yes of course, at the end of the war after they surrendered. The EP was pronounced 1863 two years before the surrender, it had no actual affect on slavery in states that were under control of the CSA. It is really simple. I don't understand why its so hard for you to comprehend it.
  4. Followed by the states that you claim were still under actual authority of Lincoln. If that were the case all Lincoln would have had to do is order the states to disarm and re-join the union and the war would have been over. I am sure some did.
  5. I own myself, who owns you?
  6. Then show me evidence that the EP or any order from Lincoln to the seceded states was followed? Talk about nonsense.
  7. That doesn't mean he had actual authority. He could make all the commands he wanted but until the states surrendered they didn't have to do anything he demanded. No slaves in the Confederate states likely walked off the plantations due to the EP unless that territory was under Union control at the time.
  8. So if Lincoln had actual authority of the whole country why didn't the southern states stop fighting at his order? Why didn't the slaves he "freed" walk away from the plantations?
  9. My slaves? Again I am not 180 years old. Even if I was I wouldn't have owned anyone, as a libertarian I don't believe in it. Lincoln's EP only freed slaves in places Lincoln didn't have actual authority, so no, no one walked off those plantations at that point. He could have freed the slaves in the border states where he did have authority but he didn't. Why do you think that was?
  10. What slaves did he free? Did they walk off the plantations after the EP? Why did he only "free" slaves in territory that he didn't control? What about Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri? Why not free the slaves there where he actually had the authority do free them?
  11. The right of self determination is a collective right, an individual can't be their own country. BTW, liberalism back then is what libertarianism is now.
  12. I am talking about history, and you are posting like we still have slavery in the present. Another weird post. Historically in that period slaves and women didn't have a vote.
  13. No, they had the right but just like the other southerners it was denied in their case by voting laws. Everyone has the right, regardless of who they are or what they do.
  14. I stated that because I know its not in the Constitution, your understanding of the right of self determination is wrong and you made a stupid assumption.
  15. The right of self determination is a natural right, it is not given by a government and it can't legitimately be denied by a government. The only way the government could have standing to deny that right is if they consider its citizens as government property. Personally I don't accept the idea that the government owns me but I guess some people like you are more acceptable to being considered property than the rest of us. BTW, what "dream" are you talking about and how could a faulty SC decision ruin my education? Weird statement.
  16. So the right is only valid one way with you, your way. Please show me where it says once you sign up you can't leave the union in the Constitution. Sounds like the Mafia.
  17. The Maryland flag was designed to unite the former CW foes from Maryland but attacks on anything Confederate are dividing people again so I only fly the Confederate part.
  18. I fly one part of the flag of my state, isn't that good enough?
  19. I thought the problem with the Battle flag was that it is the one used by hate groups so I don't fly that one. But now it appears you have moved the goal posts to include flags that most people don't even recognize as Confederate flags. Its clear we can't trust the word of the SJWs. They don't want compromise, all they want is things their way. So what is next to go? The Maryland Flag?
  20. Yeah I asked about the same thing. What right do they have to be here illegally? Do US citizens have the right to be in Mexico?
  21. Why? If the people in the state want independence who are we to say no? We don't own them.
  22. True, the same way and reason they object to giving Montgomery and PG Counties to DC so they would have enough land to be a state.