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  1. Hilarious, you haven't read a thing about the history of the war and you want to lecture me on facts.
  2. What I believe to be true from my research of the war is no business or concern of yours. I told you what I believe and you can take or leave it.
  3. .Bruce Catton's three volume "Centennial History of the Civil War" and Shelby Foote's three volume "The Civil War" are a good start. I am not going to do your research for you. I know the stupid game you are trying to play, nothing I post will be good enough for you.
  4. I was asked what books I recommended and I gave the names of two highly respected historians. What else do you want?
  5. Well you all are going back on that aren't you?
  6. Your posts get more ridiculous as they go.
  7. Books by Bruce Catton or Shelby Foote for starters.
  8. Then why weren't any of these armed criminals arrested and charged with treason and other crimes after the war?
  9. Did they take orders from Washington?
  10. Did they take orders from Washington?
  11. It would have been illegal for Lincoln to attack states still in the union. If they didn't form their own government what were they doing in Richmond?
  12. Read a book, your ignorance is showing.
  13. If they didn't secede then why did Lincoln attack them? If a woman leaves her abusive husband and gets a divorce did she betray him?
  14. Did the federal army kill CSA soldiers?
  15. Were those states under the authority of the US during the war?
  16. That is only your uninformed opinion. Lee fought FOR his country which at the time was the CSA. If Lee and the other Confederates were traitors why weren't any of them charged with treason after the war?
  17. I see the coward couldn't pick on an able person.
  18. What rights would you add?
  19. Yes to see what evidence was presented in the sites that were linked.
  20. Did you even read the post I was responding to? My post was in response to this: They were referring to southern soldiers.