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  1. Lmao @ “bmoreking”
  2. Wow. The blatant lack of self-awareness, hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance in this crap post is truly astounding.
  3. Not doubtful they were picking cotton somewhere else. What’s your point?
  4. Good stuff!
  5. Yes, because everyone who lives in Jersey today's ancestors were there back in 1776. Such common sense...
  7. He doesn’t directly but he has the ability to promote incentivize and influence it.
  8. Who says they aren’t? It’s a multi prong approach. You have to treat the illness and the symptoms of it simultaneously.
  9. He mentions the gambling money...
  10. It’s not that they don’t like him, but he doesn’t seem to stand out with the few people I’ve had discussions with.
  11. Can’t get nuthn past you...