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  1. Well he wasn’t dead at first so it wasn’t “a body”. I would’ve done the same thing for my friend. Especially knowing UMAB/shock trauma is right down the street.
  2. No one said no effort, but it's obviously not the same level of effort.
  3. It breeds resentment when these all out efforts are done for cops, but not for regular residents who are victimized by Baltimore's criminal element. Imagine if we put this much effort into solving every murder. We might not be at 300.
  4. I am. I'm on a conference call. Go back to sleep.
  5. Some people can't walk and chew gum at the same time.
  6. Hmm. I dunno you tell me. When should the march have occurred? My city may suck to you, but apparently it offers a forum that your city doesn't.
  7. Yes they have. His wasn't a black life?? They're not BLMMC (black lives matter minus cops)
  8. They already have. His black life isn't an exception to BLM just because he was a cop. He could have just as easily been pulled over for a minor offense and been beaten, maimed or killed by other officers for the crime of DWB. We've seen it happen to black officers time and time again. Perhaps you could start another thread about it instead of attempting to derail this one?
  9. Uhh... if you click on the link there's a note that says edited by Baltimatt reason "personal attack"
  10. He shoulda stayed there. What an embarrassment.