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  1. Yes, ‘cause the White House has been proven so much more credible.
  2. Black parents in mostly white jurisdictions would need to be careful. They’d be the first targeted.
  3. I don’t understand what part of “well regulated” militia is so hard to understand?? No one has an unabridged right to guns. Regulate the hell out of it...
  4. The same place anyone else would? Most high schoolers can read, are pretty darned resourceful, and highly opinionated. Jus sayin'...
  5. Why is everything either/or with mouth breathers?
  6. WTH are you talking about? The only blame I put on the Trump administration is the budget they’re proposing. That’s a FACT. No one ever said the Patapsco doesn’t contribute pollution it’s a tributary to the bay that’s why as I pointed out earlier bay tributaries are being treated in virtually all bay watersheds. You just co-sign with anyone who’s attacking me cause I so regularly Embarrass you here.
  7. So how do you explain the belief in conspiracy theories and the perpetual pathological lies?
  8. What do you think??????????????????
  9. I already told you what the money does. Here’s an example of what two govt agencies do with the money. Oh and you look foolish is not a personal attack especially not when you actually do look foolish.
  10. Blaming the current administration for proposing cuts. Who else is proposing them then? What strange logic?? No wonder you don’t make any sense. As for the rest of your tangential diatribe. While the Susquehanna does provide about 60% of the bay’s freshwater that’s not the sole focus of recovery efforts. How dumb is it to say the bay would be in better shape if not for man made changes?? Well no kidding?? And let me guess water is wet too?? What was the point of this pointless post? Seriously you would’ve made out better not saying anything More obfuscation, deflection and diversion in a pathetic desperate attempt to defend the indefensible. DEPLORABLE.
  11. Yes. Among many other bad things.
  12. You don’t think the country’s in turmoil now??
  13. Run with that sack, call me Boobie (run with it) When I'm on stage show me boobies (ayy)