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  1. Do you realize how ridiculous this sounds??
  2. Attack the poster. Typical...
  3. Further evidence that Trumppets have sold their souls to the alt-white debil.
  4. Gee. I dunno. Maybe we just have to give him a chance...
  5. Why do you think he's asking if he can pardon himself?? AndTHAT writing on the wall. why is he ticked at Jeff Sessions?? That's sposed to be his homie. Only thing blowing up in anyone's face is reality in yours...
  6. Has he said how'd he'd govern? I haven't heard anything. Link?
  7. Yes, corruption. He wants to fire everyone not in on his Russian collusion cover ups. You don't have to believe it but the writing;s on the wall. Stay blind if you choose to.
  8. Yes. 6 months has felt like 6 years. Corruption, lies and bad manners is all we've gotten from this pig so far...
  9. Psychic? You don't know what Ben Jealous would bring to the table, but he's the only black person in the race thus far so he must be attacked first
  10. Obama never had disapproval/approval ratings like Trump. Most of the opposition to Obama was typical partisan stuff. Trump is an unmitigated disaster to all types that have the capacity to think of the ir own free will We don't know how much damage he's going to do. We're screwed for decades to come...
  11. No the problem is he's a disgrace, an embarrassment and thee country is in danger with this fool leading from behind. There's nothing petty about it. He shouldn't be allowed to address kids. The boy Scouts should be ashamed for letting this man speak. They should have pulled him off the stage with a cane.
  12. Let us know when he cures cancer...
  13. What a disgraceful pathetic excuse of a human being.. SMH. America is a disaster and an embarrassment right now...
  14. Pretty broad brush you're painting with there. Really?? All this over people crossing the street???