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  1. I think that's why they teach different subjects in school.
  2. Wow. So that's what you take from this? Not surprised...
  3. Kenyans "sent their own"? What exactly does that mean? Is it a tribal thing. The concept of race is a European construct used to give themselves an advantage in European dominated societies. With tribalism people of the same "race" don't see other tribes as their own.
  4. Oh, so you think it's good for business to have citizens of Baltimore die in police custody? Gotcha. They deserve a raise.
  5. Could you imagine the apoplexy if Obama had retweeted something like this??
  6. Dumb thread, but expected and oh so typical...
  7. You're the main one here with that problem.
  8. They were acquitted of breaking laws, not of being negligent of their professional duties.
  9. Maybe the commish thinks it's bad practice for citizens to mysteriously die in police custody??
  10. Horrible story. RIP Ms. Wallen. I pray that her fam friends and students find some sort of comfort and peace of mind. The perp should be charged with the murder of both mother and child and be left to rot beneath the jail.
  11. Whatever happened to Saticon?
  12. My Queen B? You're the one who's obsessed with her.
  13. Like a Beauregard Sessions DOJ would've had it any other way. Really... In other news it's been determined that water is wet...
  14. No. It just is what it is. posters don't get to decide what's news. That includes you.
  15. The news cycle cared.