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  1. Sweden had maybe the worst performance against 10 men I've seen. Kept inviting pressure, made no attempts at just possessing the ball. Absolutely pathetic.
  2. Hard to believe. These have been around since I've been using the internet. Has been interesting to read them over the years as my own politics changed quite a bit. They pretty much killed the place dead when they put the entire forum behind a paywall(even to just read it!). It did rebound a little once that lifted but never to what it used to be. Maybe some sort of subreddit is out there that can fill this place's niche. Hate using reddit but forums are kind of a dying thing sadly.
  3. They played like it was game 7. That was a win worthy of the cup. Glad I could finally see my first pro sports team win it.
  4. Gotta wrap it up asap. No resting on laurels thinking we have cushion, can win at home, etc. Don't let then find their footing or figure out something that works.
  5. This team looks like they might actually pull it off. Cautiously optimistic.
  6. Hope he does things similarly EXCEPT at WR.
  7. Football is a declining game. If another league didnt take off when its popularity was surging, its unlikely to happen now.
  8. Some really bad playcalling by Haley. Steelers should dump him.
  9. I dont want anyone named wink in charge of anything. Bring back pagano
  10. You can literally like slide or take a knee you dont have to get hit. P Manning did it all the time
  11. He has to have blown more late leads than any active coach. I refuse to believe anyone could have a worse record. Christ he might have it with Pittsburgh and Cincinnati alone lol
  12. Newsome has some weird fascination with "Speed" receivers that I cannot understand. These guys rarely work out for us. Guys like Mason and Boldin have been way more successful(well Boldin mostly after Cameron's dumb *** was sent away). Our best WR taken in the draft has been Torrey Smith, BY FAR. And I think lots of teams might even consider him kind of disappointing if they drafted him.
  13. Harbaugh is an idiot ...and so are the refs apparently...
  14. The loss itself won't derail the season--anyone who watched against the Browns could see the team had some real problems that were going to become apparent when a QB wasn't playing like complete garbage against them. This franchise has some major retooling to do. I do think it's the worst loss in franchise history.
  15. Harbaugh might skate by due to bad injury luck