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  1. None really. My son didn't say anything either...just that he was the Principal when he was there and that he was pretty shocked...
  2. He was the Principal at FSK while my oldest son was there.
  3. No...
  4. anyone going to see the parade on Saturday?
  5. lol... oh man...
  6. I am always writing, well typing thoughts and feelings, and other misc. things. I write letters to my kids when I am upset and can't talk (which has maybe been 3 times ever) I write letters to my husband and I have written to both of my bosses when I had to get myself safe because I wasn't safe with my own self. I probably write way to much on public forums but I am very passionate, raw, and real about things that are very important to me. Because of events beyond my control I started writing at a very early age (I ended up burning all of my childhood diaries when I was around 15...I really wish I hadn't done that). I do love to write, I prefer not to talk (except to my immediate family and good friends). Eye contact makes me uncomfortable and sometimes getting words out of my mouth seems impossible. I write for my job, and it has to be perfect, so when I free write I don't really care about punctuation. I used to do have to speak to about 300 people on a yearly basis for an hour about policy issues. This would happen every April or May. I would start to freak out in January. I hated it and it never got easier. I did always ask to be the first on the agenda to that I didn't die of panic by the end of the day. I shook so bad the day before and day of the presentation that I probably looked like I was being electrocuted. I was sooooooooooooooooo happy when the conference was cancelled because of funding issues. Whew. I'm still super happy that I don't have to do that anymore. It's not because I didn't know my stuff because I know my stuff... I just don't like to talk (especially in front of hundreds of people!) and I'd rather punch myself repeatedly in the face than to ever have to do that again. so short story made long... I do write. The crisis hotline was so great for me because its a texting 'hotline' thing. You don't have to talk to anyone. It really helped me so much. thanks again everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
  7. What kind of beer???? j/k lol.
  8. Happy Friday!!!!
  9. Happy Wednesday! lol. Sorry I missed the Friday thread.
  10. LOL!!!! My oldest would love that. My 13 year old would be like, "really Mom?" lol.
  11. No bonnets no frills... Easter egg hunt for the boys, who are big now, so it's like a contact sport. They tackle each other for the eggs. It's pretty hilarious. Salmon on the grill, steamed shrimp, asparagus, broccoli, grilled sweet potatoes, and sweet Hawaiian rolls... I guess I should figure out a dessert. Just our little family this year. super chill
  12. Pink Flamingo- Thanks. Just needed some advice, I wasn't doing well. I wasn't finding to much with Google searches where my situation would fit in. I didn't want to bother my doctor, especially because for almost a week I couldn't even talk to anyone. I really didn't want my parents to call with a million questions and comments that would just hurt me more. I never let on to how much pain I have been in. I really appreciate everyone's words of support and kindness. It really means a lot. Thank you. <3
  13. Hmm. May have to check into Ryan Adams. Thank you for the heads up, naive. I will keep you in mind if I hear of anyone that has tix but may not be able to go to the show for some reason. Thank you, alienrace for the really nice words, words help a lot. I didn't want my parents and extended family to know because I just couldn't talk (and I just didn't want to talk about it with them). It has been way easier for me to type and text. Anyone who is having a hard time and just can't talk (because words are to hard to speak) should text the crisis text line. Crisis text line-- text "home" to 741741 and someone will be texting with you in about a minute.
  14. You have to get a ticket for parking at MW now...
  15. Yep! Going to see Dave and Tim! I was watching the clock big time when Dave and Tim Reynolds went on sale. I was right on top of tix for Guster too, of course, because they are still my fav. Ryan Adams and MMJ sshould be amazing! When is that show?