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  1. I love this game of convoluting personal opinions with state sponsored persecution. Very tricky there, soulflower. Very tricky indeed.
  2. Except for Israel. Have a gay pride parade in Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc., and report back. That is if you live to speak of it.
  3. I wonder what the problem would be for reporters/journalists to simply take a bit more time verifying information before reporting it as fact? Curious times.
  4. I look silly for providing a report that makes you feels silly for suggesting that the government persecution in Syria and Iran against Jews is just like racism here in the U.S.? Try again.
  5. So Syrian Jews just up and one day decided, "Hey, let's go on an adventure other lands?" It's all a just big lie about Jews in Iran, right? There is no government persecution of Jews (and others) in Iran. http://www.uscirf.gov/sites/default/files/2017.USCIRFAnnualReport.pdf
  6. I am seeing a pattern here and on other threads. No one else in the world can be accused of poor behavior, stupid actions, illegal behavior, etc., because, well, Trump? He's your excuse? Really? SMH
  7. Crimes rates are certainly better. Murder rate for sure. Housing is better. Schools are better. Kind of boring otherwise.
  8. There are around 50 or fewer Jews left in Syria. Want to take a look back in history for the reason?
  9. Was the guy representing WaPo? Did he use WaPo's tagline? Sounds like great big nothing burger to me except that it's further proof of a lack of impartiality in journalism. No surprise. And the POTUS needs to shut up. Often.
  10. Suspects in bartender's killing charged in Baltimore BALTIMORE — The suspects arrested in connection with the killing of a popular Baltimore bartender last month have been officially charged in Baltimore. Tivontre Mouzon, Tonya Hayes and Marquese Winston were charged with first-degree murder and are at Baltimore's Central Booking, city police said. http://www.wbaltv.com/article/suspects-in-bartenders-killing-charged-in-baltimore/14382139?src=app
  11. Your country had a big hand in creating the problems that exist in the Middle East to this day.
  12. Why do you continue to repeat that falsehood? Do you really try to present the side that isn't fairly represented in the U.S. media? Really, soulflower?
  13. You will go to any length to defend Iran's treatment of Christians and Jews. I wonder why? No, I do not agree that minorities are persecuted by the United States.
  14. Don't claim that they are not persecuted in Iran. That is a lie. Like saying that Christians in Iran are not persecuted. Fortunately, a majority of Jews left Iran after the revolution. Therefore, there are not many left for the intolerant Iranian leaders to persecute, are there? http://www.iranfocus.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=31613:iranian-persecution-of-jews&catid=5&Itemid=110 http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450383/irans-religious-minority-persecution-christians-jews-zoroastrians-need-help https://www.forbes.com/sites/dougbandow/2013/05/13/the-perils-of-religious-persecution-in-iran/#138f2647241d
  15. Habib Elghanian would likely disagree. That is if he was still alive instead of dead - murdered by Iran's leaders.