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  1. Well, Bill Maher is kind of miserable person so who is surprised by his curmudgeon comments? Not me.
  2. Yeah but for the fact that the U.S. doesn't get a pass, you would be right.
  3. It's a day of thanks. Give thanks for whatever you want. Or don't. That's freedom.
  4. Kind of but it was white men proclaiming their freedom from other white men who sent slaves to this land. For some reason, GB always gets a pass for its role in the global slave trade.
  5. Maybe some British immigrants were offended.
  6. I didn't notice rudeness. The part about the kids, I thought, was unusually positive. For him.
  7. No one is wondering what the hell I am talking about.
  8. Perhaps you should clearly state your point instead of making insinuations for the rest of us to guess.
  9. I asked and Meghan said that she doesn't recall having a conversation with you about her wants, needs, and goals. Odd that you post as though you actually know.
  10. Watching a royal wedding (mostly because I happen to have been up early as usual), and in part, because I like this newer generation of the royal family, is hardly being "obsessed with the Royals."
  11. Side comments: Does Victoria Beckham ever smile?
  12. lol A political ad may just work. We are a country of voters who might believe that clap trap. That's how we got the current POTUS.
  13. Yes. Edith Head designed the clothes but Givenchy designed the gowns. Beautifully understated elegance. The only kind.
  14. Charles walked her. Like most of us, her family seems to have issues.