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  1. So, if you're an American citizen, as I am, what makes him "my" leader and not your leader?
  2. I think there is enough hypocrisy to go around.
  3. I don't think that we have become a nation of apathy. But I do think that we have to learn to trust but verify since we can't depend on the media for it.
  4. Knew it!!
  5. More like you're still smarting from the defeat of your candidate.
  6. I think good examples are "entertainers" with humble beginnings who, through hard work or luck, or a combination of both, acquire financial success, and then blow it all.
  7. Overplayed. Isn't that what you started posting prior to the election at which time he became Governor of the State of Maryland.
  8. Well, YouAreSmarterThanAnyone so you would know this.
  9. I agree with the first part. The term "fake news" was around before Trump -- actually since WWI. It's propaganda. And it's become increasingly difficult for the average person to discern between accurate reporting of the news and propaganda. We now how to work triple hard to discern the truth - and even then we can't be sure.
  10. I had hoped that you would answer without blaming Trump for something that started way before he became POTUS. How can you not hold the news media responsible for not adhering to journalist code of ethics? Does objective journalism even exist?
  11. I agree with you that the reporter didn't deserve to be assaulted. But, I have a question. What do you think the reason is that our citizens do not trust the news media? Has it failed us? There was a time when we depended on the news media for the truth. Now? Not so much.
  12. And people wonder why this country is so divided. Example one hundred right here.
  13. Gianforte is a punk. He was charged with assault, wasn't he? (I hope.) And does it really matter that he is a Republican bully or a Democrat bully?