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  1. No, I am not "realizing" that. I don't think he will win a second term.
  2. Oh good Christ. No. It's not "quite the same." Nothing is "quite the same."
  3. Same here. My friend's Mom and rest of her family live there. Nothing. And now the dam. Damn.
  4. Remember when I said that Obama should have kept his opinions to himself during certain events? Same here. No one is ever going to control this ego maniac's mouth. It would take too long to impeach him but I might even go back to religion and pray fervently that people wise up and not vote for him the next time around. I am so sick of his cringe-worthy appearances. While watching the news this morning, I actually yelled "STFU" at my television when I saw videos of his recent rants. I am sick of this man's embarrassing representation our country.
  5. I have a friend whose Mom and the rest of her family live in Puerto Rico. She hasn't heard from anyone either - nothing works. And now the dam.
  6. Stop lying and I won't have to tell you that you're lying.
  7. And here you are lying again. Perhaps one day you will stop being a liar.
  8. "My ilk." What exact is MY ilk? No one is defending this jerk. What many of us are warning against is vigilante behavior. If you say you're okay with it, fine. But don't say a word when someone decides that you and your attitude are offensive and punches you in the face because you offended them.
  9. Did he? Where does it say that he assaulted people?
  10. No where in that story does it say that he assaulted anyone.
  11. See, that's the point. People cheering the stalking and beating of individual because he is clearly a hateful jerk, don't understand or care that by doing so, they are opening the door for more "justified" violence. Antifa indeed.
  12. Note: Get a job moderating the forum and then tell me what to do.
  13. I don't recall that she gave birth to her husband. Aren't we constantly being told that Bill's behavior is not a reflection on Hillary? Or has that changed?
  14. It hasn't even been established that the teacher was being racist in giving the test. I'm not sure that you are a teacher. I just have to be honest and say that.