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  1. I'm sorry. I also lost a friend to the disease. She was only in her 50s. She lived for a couple of years after having her eye removed, chemo, etc. only to have the disease spread. Ultimately she made the decision to stop treatments and leave this Earth.
  2. His body sure has had it tough over his life. Best wishes for him.
  3. It's still going to require that the adult do something to activate the system. I'm thinking if you're too dumb to not leave a child in the car on a hot day . . .
  4. He may be a gentle flower, I wouldn't know, but he's mocking me by saying that to you. It's what he does. Don't take it to heart.
  5. It could be that they are looking for a pay day. Yes, I agree, and there have been some successful disruptions of cults (involving children) but not enough.
  6. Then again, women of cults often do not see themselves as victims. Sooner or later the truth will come out.
  7. Does it say that? I guess I need to repeat a prior comment. The point is that there is enough legitimate stuff to go after him instead of making up nonsense.
  8. Yeah. The allegations against Kelly should be ignored because, well, other women are being held and nobody cares.
  9. To drive you crazy is the obvious answer. Can't ignore it, can you?
  10. I don't think anyone asked for your sympathy. Please calm down. Sheesh.
  11. Not sure why you suspect that. Plenty of posters live in Maryland. I know many of them personally.
  12. (I was not born here.)