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    Inducted into class of 2008 MLF HOF(www.mlfhof.com) and now Coaching HS Football.
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  1. AACS have made team plans, and will not be able to play week 4. We might stay with a 9 game schedule.
  2. Not very well liked...
  3. Congrats to Coach Carey on becoming the new Atholton HC.
  4. Pikesville never had a HC name Justin Payne
  5. Interesting that you would say you helped him get to the Gophers. Did you know that Howard has a coach that played at Minn. and was already in contact with them ?? But, Kudos to you..... "It Takes a Village"
  6. Had a coach come into our building, and inquire if Terps had offered our 2015 kid. When we said no... He was totally shocked.