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  1. Betting both Mubtaahij and International Star in that order across the board. Latter is a fighter and keeps improving. The former put on quite a move in last. Had a grueling 20 hour flight to get to the States and doesn't have his feed because it is not approved by the FDA. World class top trainer is a huge plus. The horse looks terrific and reports say he is eating well. Deep field, a few strong contenders. Dortmund's big frame could hinder. He better be near or in the lead the entire trip. Should be a great race. Saying hello to old friends on this once great board.
  2. This story is getting a lot of national attention. It's currently search #6 in the "Trending Now" on I'm wondering where was the security? The harrassment of the young couple who were on a date kept up for an hour. Expect to see the Orioles named in a lawsuit but above all else I hope the gentleman who is in the hospital, Matt Fortese, will be okay. He faces a long rehabilitation assuming he makes it. it's a shame these thugs, Gregory Fleischman and Michael Bell made bail and are currently enjoying their freedom. Can't say that about their victim.
  3. Good luck betting against Orb. My selection and the obvious one to beat.
  4. Goldencents could not handle the sloppy track. He struggled throughout. I just missed hitting the exacta. I used both Goldencents and Orb on top. If only Normandy Invasion could have held on to 2nd I would have had a big day. I also had third place finisher Revolutionary under the winner, Orb.
  5. I predict no Derby victory for him. I'm using 2 of his horses - Revolutionary and Verrazano on the bottom of my exactas only. There is no entry. The 2 horses I have on top, Goldencents and Orb are currently co-favorites at 7-1. I'm counting on Goldencents to get out to a long and lonely lead down the stretch, kicking mud on the horses behind him. His bloodlines concern me a bit but I was so impressed with this last victory in the Santa Anita Derby that I kept coming back to him. I will be disappointed if he doesn't at least hit the board.
  6. Goldencents. Also possibilities and playing exactas with: Orb, It's My Lucky Day, Normandy Invasion. The sloppy track that is expected will be a concern.
  7. Zio's rocks!
  8. I'll be shocked if that happened. I can't believe you are not picking Animal Kingdom. His performance in the Derby was dominant. I'll be betting him to win. If he doesn't get at least 2nd I will be stunned.
  9. Both of the horses I bet on ran very well. Too bad Shackleford couldn't hold 3rd but I'm not complaining! I did win some money. Nehro was my main bet. Congratulations to Animal Kingdom.
  10. I've got both Nehro and Shackleford in across the board bets. Hopefully one of them will at least hit the board.
  11. Nehro. If he fails to hit the board I'm going to be disappointed. I'll be putting an across the board bet on him.
  12. User CP (near the top left of this page) Edit Ignore List Add a member to your list (type the name) Okay
  13. That speaks volumes of ones character.
  14. You either still don't get it or you are just playing with me. Well, (bolded) that's the reason why I'm asking now. I'm a bit surprised you would still be defending him after all of this. I do not know a better way to say it. We are going nowhere with this since you are (and have the right to) refusing to discuss the reason. Starting a poll is pointless and would cause me further embarrassment. You know damn well I'm not going to do that as I am way more mature than that. So go ahead and keep defending him. It doesn't make you look good at all but then again you do not care either. Carry on...
  15. What is confusing about it? I'll try and make this even simpler for you: I stated that I thought after a full understanding of your buddy stealing Bird Braine's identity you would come around and realize it was wrong and stop defending him. I was wrong and I'm embarrassed that I thought more of you than I should have. I was called out and I deserved that. Understand now? You have brought up a number of times that you "explained a long time ago." Well, I do not remember as I do not read every thread and there are newer posters that may be interested why you are defending an identity thief. I can't think of a rational reason why you would do this so I'm asking you. It's a simple request but you can and it appears that you will ignore it. I shouldn't be surprised.