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  1. Nothing. If he had just not nixed the Red Line, he would have a different opinion of the man.
  2. Consider the source bro.
  3. If they're at face, you got a buyer here
  4. Most people drive cars in a circle at over 200 mph?
  5. I really don't care either. I never even watch the anthem or the introductions.
  6. Why would they have to change player introductions? They get introduced. When the anthem is announced those who don't want to stand walk back to the tunnel. Eazy Peazy.
  7. As I said on the Ravens forum, the players can take control of this by staying in the tunnel as a protest. I'm pretty sure the owners will take notice when only 12 of their 53 players are on the field for the anthem in keeping with their new policy.
  8. I don't see that happening. Hogan has consistently high approval ratings ignoring Trump and focusing on Maryland. Just the fact that the dem candidates focused on Trump is why I think none of them can win. Maryland focused.
  9. Nope stand behind what I say. Chinese wages and 1% Americans greed work hand in hand. You really don't know how the world works, do you?
  10. You have an extremely warped view of the real world. What I stated was true, the point you're missing is that American companies can make plenty of profit without outsourcing to to the lowest bidder. The problem is the 1% can never have too much money. Since I'm about to turn 53, I won't see it, but it's just a matter of time before the 1% get theirs. I just wish I was around to see it.
  11. Bingo!!!!!!!
  12. Gotta make sure they upgrade that yacht every year.
  13. Your link basically agreed with me that it's Congress and the 1%. It's the 1% outsourcing jobs that could be done here if they would just give up buying that new yacht every year
  14. This is your main retirement activity?