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  1. It would be no different if the roles were reversed.It's politics.
  2. Of course. So since they didn't , you think a shutdown is the better alternative?
  3. Shutting it down is a better way to run it.
  4. Looks like I have some time off. New York City, here I come.
  5. When Ed was in charge crime was falling everywhere
  6. Yes yes and yes
  7. Who depends on Facebook for news?
  8. Tell me what? He didn't correct anything I posted.
  9. Shortly before the House vote, the Freedom Caucus said a majority of its members would vote to support a stopgap spending measure, a key sign that holdout conservatives who had been undecided earlier had come on board. Whether the Senate can pass such a measure ahead of a Friday midnight deadline is a different issue altogether. Because the measure will need 60 votes to pass the chamber to break a filibuster, Republican leaders need as many as more than a dozen Democrats. Dummy
  10. You don't need 60 votes for a CR dummy unless it's filibustered
  11. How old was it Bart? Seagates are pretty reliable. I have a 500GB model that's 10 years old.
  12. Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly is the second Democratic Senator to say he will vote "yes" on the short term spending bill. He said in a floor statement, “Keeping the government running is our job, and I will vote to keep the government running." Donnelly continued: “Today we face a deadline to fund the government. It’s the most basic duty of Congress to keep our government running. I was elected by the people of Indiana to work every day on behalf of Hoosiers to do my job as United States Senator. Keeping the government running is our job, and I will vote to keep the government running. I hope that Republicans and Democrats will join together to reach an agreement and avoid a shutdown. We still have that opportunity to prevent a shutdown, and I stand ready to work with anyone.” He joins Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, as yes votes on the continuing resolution.
  13. I think you're going to be disappointed
  14. That makes two of us