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  1. Didn't a certain poster call him the biggest reach in Oriole history?
  2. Funny how you could find a story about an African, but couldn't find something like this I wonder why? Actually I don't.
  3. Agree 100%. The think that intelligent people understand that less intelligent people don't understand is the good things don't get the press.
  4. You obviously don't. I already posted a link that says she charged the officers. I'm sure you have one that says the Sheriff's dept did. I won't hold my breath though. Have a nice day.
  5. The sherrif's office does not charge anyone. Charges are filed by the SA
  6. Don't you know Bart? Because I moved from the city I'm not allowed to say good things about it. Anyway on to a more positive topic. Cool deal on your Vegas return. I actually started seeing a new lady and she wants to spend her birthday in Vegas in September. If you don't mind as it gets closer I'll be picking your brain for some suggestions
  7. I know. I really should take my own advice sometimes
  8. You truly read on a third grade level. This is not an opinion That's not an opinion , it's a statement that you claim me and others stated. And as usual, incorrect. You should get some English lessons.
  9. Then perhaps you should stop making inaccurate statements. I'm getting tired of correcting them you make so many.
  10. So you have no quote of me saying BC was a wonderful place? Big surprise
  11. Where did I post that BC was a wonderful place? Please provide the quote. I've stated many times on this board over the years why I moved to White Marsh. Do your own homework.
  12. You truly read on a third grade level
  13. Read the comment I responded too genius
  14. I never agreed to that. In fact I said As far as what state I live in. Pretty much everyone that posts here knows I was in born and raised in Baltimore City and currently live in White Marsh. The only thing we agreed on is most most murders in Baltimore are thug on thug. Oh and that your zero statement was bogus after I called you on it and you manned up and admitted it. I have no dog in the CCW law fight. If the law stays as is, I'm fine with that. If the law changes to unrestricted CC I'm ok with that too. I own two guns that are loaded and ready at all times if someone attempts to invade my home. I have no need or desire to carry either of them and I couldn't care less if you were allowed.
  15. It needed a new clarification because that's what I challenged and you tried to change the narrative. Just confirming that your statement was bogus.