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  1. An opinion piece? Well that certainly settles it.
  2. That guy is still around? I remember he had some classic exchanges with Larnell the Afro centric feminist. Talk about some good radio
  3. Don’t feed the racial troll.
  4. Another gun law that will be challenged and ruled unconstitutional if it passes.
  5. Maryland has no such. Law. Even if it did if it went down that way, it is what is. It’s why we have A Supreme Court. If this law survives a constitutional challenge, you won’t hear a peep out of me about it. I just doubt it will.
  6. Sobriety checkpoints were ruled constitutional in a 1990 Supreme Court case. Sitz vs Michigan Department of State Police. Look it up.
  7. Plenty of Democrats voted for the Patriot Act and the democratic president signed off on extending it. How exactly do republicans own it?
  8. At least for a Confederate, I guess he’s more entertaining than Jeff Davis.
  9. You’re probably also too old to be a drama queen but you don’t let that stop you.
  10. He still pretty partisan. He just doesn’t want the troll attributed to his side.
  11. Dude get over yourself. You’re absolutely comical
  12. I'm all for sensible changes. Sensible to me doesn't include violating the constitutional rights of Americans
  13. You must not watch the news. Or is that what Faux News is reporting?
  14. Come on woman, stop with the pesky details.
  15. You think it's ok that a cop gets to make a determination of who's crazy?