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  1. This is just one link as I don’t have access right now to my saved links to disprove the bogus notion that a lot of innocent people are being killled. I’ll post the other links tomorrow
  2. The numbers show there are few innocents caught in any crossfire.
  3. All that needs to be said about your dumb posts is that there are about four back up qbs now starting, Miami pulled Jay Cutler out of retirement, and Kaepernick still has no job. Get real troll. If the Ravens were ever considering signing him, his dumb a wife ficked that up. Kaepernick is done.
  4. No one said that. Just about everyone who posts here has criticized Flacco when warranted. Flacco does plenty of over and under throwing, as well as making his share of bone head plays. The point being made for THIS SEASON, is the play calling sucks and he doesn't call his own plays.
  5. Let me hit a couple of your points Pep. Overcrowding? Build more prisons. There are too many bad people on the streets that shouldn't be. My taxes built schools and infrastructure in Iraq. My taxes are paying for strategically obsolete military bases in Europe. My taxes are paying to prop up Israel.Take my money out of those and put them in more prisons to keep these monsters away from society, Juvenile definition? Bump that. Build a juvenile prison. You're 14 and convicted of robbery? You go to Juvenile prison for 5 years. Eazy Peazy. Oh and no sealing juvenile records. Your conviction at age 14 or 15 stays with you when you turn 18. Lock up enough of the bad teens and the other potential bad teens may get the message. The problem is to get any of that done you need pols who aren't worried about their next election as much as they worry about the communities they serve. Not going to happen in my lifetime.
  6. No way that’s true. Come on bro
  7. You beat me to it
  8. You beat me to it
  9. I'll take "why the O's won't sign him" for 200 Alex.
  10. They could have hired me for that, forget the best
  11. It never ends on this site.
  12. I didn't post anything about him being a miracle worker. Hyperbole much? You can't argue with results. Well you can , but most other people know better.