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  1. That would be really funny if I thought it was completely impossible
  2. Possibly, but that leads back to ncbirdfan's comment about question marks.
  3. Likewise matt. If I don't pick up and you don't leave me a voicemail, you're probably someone I don't want to talk to.
  4. Great platform to run on.
  5. No it wouldn't. Front line starter does not equal star pitcher.
  6. Arrieta. Garza, Darvish,Cashner,Cobb. And I'm talking about solid reliable starters, not necessarily stars. There are no Sales, Sherzers, or Kershaws up for bid in the off season.
  7. There's no guarantee that Britton is going anywhere or that he's bringing a king's ransom.
  8. The team can literally be fixed with two free agent signings of front line starters. Something the team has never done including before DD.
  9. I'm obsessed with Trump but you're the one who brought him up? Seek some help bro
  10. I'm obsessed with Trump, but you brought him up? Dude seek some professional help.
  11. I quoted your post and that's not what it says. It still says banner's right. You won't admit you're wrong so I'll stop wasting my time.
  12. You would be correct. Just like he's back peddaling on his statement that I post a lot about what Trump wants.