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  1. Meltdown Alert!!!!!!!!!
  2. Agreed BB. I was just a kid when it was happening. But just watching the first episode, I have to wonder what kind of nonsense was being fed to Truman by his advisors. And I'm still convinced it was the reason Kennedy was killed.
  3. That's what happens daily.
  4. Your answer was bogus. I asked why the troops couldn't be brought home. You said not overnight. I didn't ask if they could be withdrawn overnight. I've been a part of a large scale troop movement. I already knew that. So let me ask you again and maybe you'll have a better answer? Why can't the troops be brought home?
  5. What's your point? Every redeployment has a starting point. Trump is putting more in.
  6. Who said anything about overnight?
  7. Good to see you sir. I was getting worried.
  8. Why not? And before you get started with your partisan BS I had the same criticism of Obama.
  9. I have to agree. Every man to hold the office has probably made a few similar type gaffs.
  10. What effect has that had?
  11. Don't bet on it. It's 2017. Trump probably told him Americans will continue to die for them as long as he's in office, which is whyhe's so full of praise. Realistically, what's changed in Afghanistan since January?
  12. I'm not on the coaching staff or taking the snaps so I can't answer that. I posted a Flacco quote earlier where he said the offense has to be patient because the defense is playing so well. I would hope they'll be more involved when we play better teams than we have thus far.