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  1. I suppose , although it's not a done deal. From the story his advisors are advising against it.
  2. It is to me. The two sides are so partisan today that I never thought another republican would consider a challenge to Trump. Not that they all necessarily agree with him,but party over all else.
  3. Another one with reading comprehension issues. I said I don't know that he'll do better or worse, but I suspect I know a 5th grader who can help you
  4. In fairness, if he passes an O's physical, he's probably pretty healthy.
  5. It's not a statement, it's an opinion as I've stated. Many people consider Maryland a southern state. Have fun obsessing over me. I'm moving on.
  6. You have your opinion, I have my mine. How about addressing the topic and not me?
  7. Since you missed my previous post P.S. I can find it on a map. P.S.S, When my family and I ate at a Staten Island pizza place two years ago, the clerk said we must be from the south because we had southern accents
  8. Again you need reading comprehension lessons. I stated previously that I don't know that he would do any better than last time. Did you graduate high school?
  9. Totally agree
  10. No but deductive reasoning fails you. Getting rid of Dump in a primary means no Dump in the white house and possibly a democrat in the white house. Because Kasich wins a primary doesn't mean he wins the general. Either way Dump is gone. Even if Kasich wins the general the country is better off without Dump.
  11. Trump's base is about 35%
  12. You don't read English well, do you? I said
  13. I don't know that he'll do better or worse, but I suspect better because just in conversations I've had with them, a lot of republicans aren't happy with Dump. Anything that can possibly get Dump out of office is good for this country. IMO
  14. Million Dollar Man RAIFU MAKANJUOLA: 2017 total pay – $206,320 2017 base vs. overtime – $82,326/$123,994 2012-17 total pay – $1,057,094 2012-17 base vs. overtime – $437,034/$620,060 Makanjuola is an ordinary Baltimore patrol officer with an extraordinary amount of overtime pay. In 2017, the $123,994 he earned in overtime, on top of his $82,326 base pay, meant he finished the year with $206,320. Over the last six years, the Eastern District officer has racked up more than $600,000 in overtime. Combined with his regular pay, the 52-year-old earned more than anyone else in the police department or in City Hall (including the mayor and other elected officials) between 2012 and 2017 – $1,057,094.
  15. I think everyone considers it midwest except me.
  16. It's the south, I'm not surprised
  17. So let me get this straight. Teacher has a gun in her classroom at the north end of the school. The shooter comes in the south end of the school shooting people. The teacher is going on a search and destroy mission to find the shooter like a Navy Seal??
  18. Anyone with an ounce of compassion is frustrated by innocent people dying for no reason. But when you start arresting people simply based on for facebook posts or neighbor conversations, you're starting down a real slippery slope that can possibly ruin other innocent lives. A lot of dumb stuff is said on the internet.
  19. Ok Broward County police and the FBI don't know the law. Is that what you want to hear? Seriously I'm not trying to be a smartass. Is that what you really think?
  20. I'm not being acerbic. I'm guessing if there were grounds to arrest him, he would have been arrested. The reality is local police and the FBI don't generally arrest people based on Someone calling in a conversation someone had with them. If I post on my Facebook page, I want to kill one of my neighbors, what am I being arrested and charged with that will result in a conviction?
  21. Apparently you're the lawyer but I don't have a law degree. If I call the police and say "my next door neighbor told me he's planning to shoot up THE school" will they come arrest him? and what's the charge counselor?
  22. mlatoman killed someone? Which one was he?