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  1. Interesting you have such definitive truths of the Clintons marriage and their thoughts. Are you a close personal friend or maybe housekeeping staff?
  2. Actually it was posted by you for all to see......
  3. What kind of injection pens exactly are you referring to?
  4. So you are familiar with flight of ideas?
  5. Link? i wonder how Trump can piss Putin off when his lips are firmly placed on two of Putin orifices.
  6. Are you familiar with 'flight of ideas'?
  7. What does that have to do with Spicey's resignation?
  8. I don't use alternate facts.
  9. It's his 'go to' that and Benghazi.
  10. Stunning isn't it?
  11. The TRUTH is that Callista was a homewrecker. What alternate facts do you believe?
  12. I didn't know she was injured during the shoe throwing incident. Was she receiving combat pay? And there was those mug
  13. Mostly with grace, especially Earnest.