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  1. Writing a book, a 'How to' take down a Fox 'personality'.
  2. It would appear that most see the Trump's and their inner circle as easy marks.
  3. Yes, and it appears that there is much attempts at deflection from your gang.
  4. Do you think this was a rational response from the police?
  5. Sad the police did such a poor job, taxpayers deserve better than that.
  6. WICHITA, Kan. ― Three anti-Muslim domestic terrorists who plotted to blow up a Garden City apartment complex where many Somali Muslim immigrants lived were convicted on Wednesday on federal charges that could send them to prison for life. Five weeks into the trial, jurors deliberated for less than a full day before finding Kansas militiamen Patrick Stein, Curtis Allen and Gavin Wright guilty on all charges. But it wasn’t just the trio on trial. So too was Dan Day, the FBI informant whose hours of recordings ― which featured vile discussions of planned violence against Muslims, who the men called “cockroaches” ― were the centerpiece of the federal government’s case against a group that dubbed themselves “The Crusaders.”
  7. Anyone can, it has been noted that Trump chooses not to read.
  8. You believe in witches? How childlike. Children also believe in Santa, The Easter Bunny and Casper.