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  1. I know who Obama is, who is this Jeb person?
  2. Rose McGowan needs jail time? Damn what a deflection attempt... You know you dont have a leg to stand on when you can't defend something by deflecting to another. You do that alot.
  3. Too bad Michele's healthy food initiative isn’t present anymore, that Tub of lard Trump could benefit from it. Looks like fried chicken, cheeseburgers, taco salads and the most beautiful chocolate cake will be offered under Trump.
  4. That is the Trump legacy, he trashed the nations standing in the world community, well, minus Russer and NK. The Art of the Deal, what a crock.
  5. You forgot the ability for superior sucking up.
  6. I like it!!!!! Do you want royalties for that gem?
  7. Please post reputable link for any criminal wrong doing by the Clinton Foundation. As you can see, Trump Foundation is being investigated for broad violations.
  8. So Trumpesque blaming others for your words......
  9. I rest my case. Otta the kitchen!!
  10. I am referring to you who quoted it.... If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen....
  11. You focus on Clinton who doesn't have the power of the Oval Office. I will focus on Trump who does have the power of the Oval Office.....with many of those closely surrounding him pleading guilty, indicted and now jailed. Priorities.
  12. Said one former top not named agent......
  13. Didn't they also have personal opinions about other politicians?