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  1. I know TA stands for Talk Admin. However, wheneve I see it I always think of "T & A" I know, I'm weird.
  2. Lots or morons out there, of all colors and races. The ones that get me are the ones with the ear buds. The first time I ever saw anyone talking on one of those, I didn't see it at first and just thought the gal was crazy and talking to the air!
  3. One called "The Amateur (where some guy avenges the death o his girlfriend) "Charley Varrick" with Walter Matthau "Little Nikita" with Sidney Poitier "Secrets &Lies" Brenda Blethin "Shall We Dance" Richard Gere & Susan Sarandon "Three Days of the Condor" Robert Redford Guess you can tell I like action flicks
  4. Well, haven't heard the term "uppity" in a really long time! The last time I really heard it was in a comment someone made about blacks being 'uppity'. It's amazing that in a country where we claim that "all men are created equal" there should be certain groups of people who are always the exception to that! There really is a lot of hate in our country. I think that if God ever gets really sick of the way we behave, it will be the HATE that He punishes us most severely for.
  5. At least we will not have to worry ay longer about global warming!