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  1. Well folks now that Joe is healthy and has so much speed along with great pass catchers, don't be surprised if Joe throws for 40 TD's and 50,000 yards this year
  2. Zuck just gave billions to charities. No people this was once a silly little company but now competes with Google for many things
  3. Okay you Flacco bashers, now you can see how much he is missed
  4. Joe Kernan is definitely Right Wing. Cabrerra is definitely Right Wing . Santelli is said to be the father of the Tea Party. Andrew is what the left is all about. Afraid to stick up for what he believes and afraid of confrontation. Kernin walks all over him. As for the rest ,yes they try to stay fair but the biggest Republicans on here are Kudlow a Cabrerra and Kernin.
  5. You may get more people to reply if they knew what this company did. I never saw this before I wrote about the Chipoltle incident with E Coli. Now after reading they have a way to see E Coli better and faster, maybe these foof places will hire them to do their testing. The stock is a penny stock now had ipo of $9 so where did this company go wrong. Kind of risky too.
  6. One would think they would hire a company like GBSN to do their research and test.
  7. Flacco can't do it all but man Peas is just got to go,
  8. No No No....We cant let this die. Joe was good against Denver and you watch ...when his line wakes up he will be elite
  9. Everyone expects Joe to do great this year but really. The receivers he has are unproven, even the two young studs from 2 years now are still learning. The new kid has yet to catch a pass and the tight ends are really unknown at this time. If Joe does do great he should be the MVP of the league this year. The only receiver he has with real experience is Smith and look what he did at the end of last year. Age may have caught up with him
  10. Matusz should take a lesson from Britton. Use one or two pitches and throw low. He is to up in the zone and doesn't change speeds very well. He only needs to get three outs. Why pitch like a starter
  11. Just think if the O's had been able to keep Miller and with Zach Britton as well the need for 3 other pitchers would be no more. You could use them interchanging between set up and closer and use only one other as another set up man. You would only need a long man and a specialist pitcher. Give you your 4 or 5 starters and you come out with 9 pitchers. Use this logic and Miller could have been had.
  12. Where are Sammy Baugh, Sid Lockman or the greatest of all. Jim Thorpe. Thorpe may have been the greatest in all backfield positions. The offense they ran had him plaing every backfield position and wr position. Not only this but he was also a great kicker as well.
  13. Now zfter all is said and done we will see the Ravens have two very capable replacements ready to shine in Aiken and Brown. I will say this as well Brown will make the Pro Bowl in a year
  14. I though you had to have at least 5 guys from 50 to 79 line up. If you have 6 or 7 they must than declare eligibility.
  15. Than nothing still will be done. The Krafts are considered God's in the NFL.